culottes for plump women

What are culottes? What features do they have? How to wear plus size culottes? Learn more!

About culotte pants

Culottes are fashionable cropped trousers casual with wide leg openings. Stylists of the site described in detail all the features of the fashion trend and answered the top 10 questions about culottes in a separate publication. Surprisingly, in the new season, they became even more popular! Culottes actively replacing skinnies. And it’s not just blindly following the trends of the catwalk. In free pants, you feel extremely comfortable. Just look: trend pants are loose cut models! Here and culottes gradually moved to 2021 and firmly took their place in a trend list of the year. Culottes are in fashion in 2021! And every woman has the right to be fashionable, regardless of the particular shape!

Now it is time for wide-leg pants. It can be not only culottes but also long palazzo and stylish gaucho pants.

In the end of the article – a bonus tip: best ideas to wear culottes in the summer.

About plus size culottes

For whom culottes are suitable? Do culottes suit plus size women?

What plus size culottes goes to you? Do culottes make you look fat? How to wear culottes if you’re plus size?

Despite the interesting shape of pants, some designers say that everyone can wear them without an exception. And yet, notice that the cropped wide-leg trousers can also be shortened shape. Authoritative experts of our site have advice, how to wear culottes.

Girls with medium and low growth should combine culottes with heels. But tall women can combine them with any shoes, even with flat shoes.

Chubby women can also wear, and even encouraged to wear culottes! Wide ones, they hide not so perfect hips, so annoying the thought of losing weight already not pursuing girls every minute! Evelina Chromchenko, a Fashion expert, says: culottes suit women with any figure, including the chubby ladies. It is important not to cause the effect of shortening the shape. How to do it?

Plus Size Culottes

How to wear culottes plus size: 25 experts tips

How to wear plus size culottes? How to wear them to balance the proportions of the figure and appear slimmer? Read more!

Culottes for plus size ladies: choosing shoes

  • The main rule: wear heels with culottes! If you do not like high heels, wide stable heels will suit you too. It is desirable that the noses of the shoes were neat, but not rude.
  • For cropped trousers, there is a perfect choice to wear boots or shoes with fine leather. Model shoes attract all attention. And all the accents are right!

Plus Size Culottes

  • Do cropped pants reveal full legs? Again, heels will save the situation. On warm days choose a pair of beautiful sandals of any color. Even the open sandals will balance the proportions of the figure in the right direction. The ankle is a very beautiful part of the female body. Therefore, it has to remain open.
  • Most stylists claim that it is permissible to put on tights identical to the color of shoes while it is cold outside. They will make the legs much slimmer!
  • Fashion mule heels are a choice for stylish women. Moreover, the practicality and comfort of these shoes will pleasantly surprise you. You don’t know what are mule heels? Read our publication!

culottes pants plus size

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Culottes plus size: texture, color, fabric

  • Plus-size women should choose the culottes of a light fabric. They will gradually flow over the body, hiding all the creases on the thighs and abdomen.
  • The dark color pants are versatile. Definitely worth buying these pants for any occasion. Black culottes will fit nearly any top. Proven by experts: dark colors are slimming. But it is not necessary to forget about other colors!

culottes pants plus size

  • The full width of the pants looks more advantageous. how to wear culottes for curvy women? Culottes look like skirt pants from a distance. Looks very nice! Loose, flowing trousers will hide all defects. They’re also incredibly comfortable!

culottes pants plus size

  • It does not mean that bright colors must be abandoned. It is not necessary to wear sadly black every day, ‘cos the mill apathy is quite near. Remember: you won’t look fat in the following colors: burgundy, dark shades of red, trendy marsala, eggplant, coral and raspberry. The most daring beauties choose pink and delightful sky blue. And they are absolutely right!

culottes pants plus size

  • Choose a style with a laconic waist, without excess folds. An additional “decor” on the belt will attract a lot of attention. But the folds on the trousers can benefit you.
  • An overall culotte is an excellent option, which can create an evening image when using the right fabric. So such a fashionable option is acceptable for plus size women. By the way, overalls are in trend today!

culottes pants plus size

  • Be sure to pay attention to the texture of the fabric. Choose matte, not shiny, fabrics. Very harmonious in the figure will look relief jersey.

Attention! Modern original fashion sets with culottes have already been published!

culottes plus size

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Culottes for plus size women: choosing the top

  • Do you have a small tummy? Then combine loose trousers with a sweater, not tucking it. But the top should not be too cumbersome. The length of the sweater should be slightly lower than the pelvic bone. Learn the top 10 styles of skirts that hide tummy for plump women.
  • A loose shirt will hide your full hands. Tuck it in the culottes to create a business image.

culottes pants plus size

  • Be sure to choose not too wide top. It should be less voluminous than the bottom. After all, culottes already add “freedom”. Too wide clothing can turn you into a shapeless square. Avoid this combination.
  • Desirably wear a monochrome belly-hiding top. Remember, culottes are the main part of the image, and everything else is just an addition to it.
  • A little loose blouse with culottes is already a festive outfit. As you can see in the photo, the white color of trousers can also be used with success!
    culottes pants plus size
  • You have wide hips, but a thin waist? Then buy culottes with a slightly overstated waist and combine them with short tanks or shortened blouse. The crop top is also suitable for plus size women if you choose it correctly. If you have broad shoulders, then give up the open top clothes.

culottes pants plus size

  • If you choose light, cream-colored pants, then they are more suitable for a darker blouse.
  • Do you have too large hips? Then cover them with a blouse until the middle of the thigh. It would be good also with the belt.
    culottes pants plus size
  • Too wide sides are to be covered with a jacket (but not too long) with a coat or a cardigan. It is the side view that can be too full. Valuable advice on choosing plus size cardigans for women read in our new article.
    culottes pants plus size
  • Complete the image of fashionable accessories. Choose chains with pendants or medallions. It visually longer the figure.

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How to wear culottes in the summer?

The warm season has come. Culottes are also relevant on hot days. Can you wear culotte trousers in your fashionable outfit, with what to wear in the summer? This question is interesting to many women! We have a few tips. The women with any figure can take advantage of our tips.

  • You should choose cotton and other thin fabrics, it is not hot.
  • Pay attention to single-color models of trousers. Although the black color is universal and loved by many women of fashion, try also culottes of other shades in the summer. The white culottes look very elegant in a festive. Use the moment, because in autumn and winter white trousers are hidden far into the closet. Complement the image of delicate lace blouses and short tanks.
  • You can put on a blouse with a floral print for monophonic culottes. Although in general, experts advise a monochromatic top to shortened trousers. On hot days this rule does not always work.
  • There are interesting models of wide trousers with ornament, patterns, prints, for example, polka dot culottes. They were created especially for the summer. The outfit becomes more original and more fun.
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tops to hide tummy

  • Knitted culottes are successfully combined with T-shirts, which are better to tuck into trousers. Slender girls can wear knitted tops. Tte texture of fabrics will perfectly harmonize.
    Do not forget about free shirts. They will help create a perfect look! More original women’s images you will find in the reviews of our authors.
    how to wear culottes in summer
  • And the last piece of advice – pick up to culottes a firm bag with the precise form. So you will create the necessary contrast with shapeless shortened trousers.

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Pants-culottes are a symbiosis of femininity and comfort. You become a real style icon with the right combination of wardrobe items and a successful selection of styles! See the video collage from the authoritative experts “How to wear culottes?”.