dresses to hide stomach

 Big belly? No problem! We know the best dresses to hide a tummy. Read on, and check in practice that they really will make you visually slender! And even more, we selected only those outfits that are very fashionable and modern now!

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  It’s so nice to be able to throw on a gown and enjoy the dress-up appeal right?  But what if you have a hard time finding a gown that actually flatters your figure?  If this sounds familiar, it’s important to take the time to remember what you’re working with. Do you have a bit of a stomach?  Perhaps more than “a bit”? 

Dresses for big buts and tummy

You definitely aren’t alone and don’t fear — you are still going to be able to enjoy having that delicate feel you’re going for in a gown. If the figure is not perfect, there is a small tummy, then this defect may be hidden by the correct selecting plus size outfit. What to wear if you have a belly?

dresses to hide tummy

Flattering dresses to hide belly

While you may think that it’s game over, you may find all sorts of dresses that hide a belly bulge, regardless of size. The first thing that you are going to have to do is figure out just how big your bulge is. Sure, it’s not a lot of fun, but it will make sure that you know exactly what you’re working with and where you need the most support.  That will also help arm you with the right information on what styles will work for you personally and which ones won’t.

dress for big belly bulge

Do you know the best plus-size dresses to hide stomach? Today we will choose dresses for a plump belly.

Dresses that hide belly

If your goal is to hide your tummy area, pay close attention to the dresses that you are picking out. Typically, you want to avoid tight dresses that will accentuate every curve on your body, including your belly. Instead, you should go for dresses that are loose, flowy, and take some attention away from your waist area.

So, let’s go through some really great dresses that do just that.

long dresses to hide stomach

Dress styles that hide a big belly

In fact, covering a few extra centimeters under clothes is not very difficult.

  Now let’s take a look at the kinds of styles that will hide a big belly.  Some of these may be more appealing than others, but consider all of them!

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to lose belly fat

A-line or trapeze dresses that hide belly bulge

Millions of ladies mentally thanked the creator of the trapeze dress for the fact that this style allows any woman to feel confident and feminine. It smoothly expands to the bottom and perfectly conceals the shortcomings of the figure, a bulging tummy, and wide sides.

Laconic image is suitable for women with a body such as an "apple" or "pear". The gown, which resembles a geometric figure of a trapeze, is suitable for holidays, everyday life, and office. Most often it is knee-length, but due to the free bottom line, it does not look too short for plump women. It is also characterized by restrained decor and a minimum of unnecessary details.

They’ll also stay tight on the shoulders and bust and they will look like A shape to flare out to the hem. A-line gowns are classic. But modern designers experiment: add stripes with contrasting fabric, use a belt, slightly change the hem. As a result, they get interesting outfits, which only from a distance resemble a laconic trapezoid that perfectly hides the protruding belly.

dresses to hide tummy
dress for big belly

Swing dress for big tummy

Swing dresses are great. These clothes fit in the shoulder and bust and then flare out widely to their hem. They will “swing” with you as your move back and forth, obscuring those rolls in your stomach. This is great for those with a tummy but who also have issues with hips.  Most of the time these tend to be knee-length or mid-calf-length.

dresses for big tummy

Skater Dress

A skater dress is another great choice to de-emphasize your belly fat. The fitted top and waist help to hug your curves in the right places while the flared-out A-line skirt hides your stomach area. Picking a skater dress with a pleated or textured skirt can add even more dimension to the waist area and take even more attention away from your belly.

flattering dress for big belly

Wrap Dresses to Hide a Tummy

Wrap dresses are flattering on all body shapes and will accentuate all the right parts of your body. They have a slimmer fit at the top, usually with a plunging V-neckline that will enhance your big bust area. The front wrap will cinch in your waist which will give you a slimming effect while skimming over your tummy area.

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dresses tat hide tummy
dresses to hide tummy

Shirt dress for big tummy and hips

It has a collar and a row of buttons, as in a shirt. This fashionable item is definitely worth buying in 2023. Both slim and plump girls can do it. The shirt dress has a loose cut, it fits perfectly with clothes of different styles. The elongated type will hide big hips. And if you have slender legs, you may wear a short type of shirt dress.

hiding belly dresses

Experts told important details to look for when searching for dresses that mask the tummy and big arms, large or small busts, and wide hips for plus-sized women with non-standard body shapes.

T-shirt or Sweater Dress

If you are going for a more casual and comfy look, opt for a T-shirt for summer or a sweater dress for winter. These dresses are usually cut without a seam at the waist giving you some extra room for your tummy. Pair these dresses with knee-high boots and some accessories if you would like to elevate your look.

dresses to hide belly fat

If you have rounded full hips, then this style covers volume visually.

best plus size dresses to hide stomach

An oversize dress that hides belly

Shift/shapeless dress called an oversized, this is loose clothes all over. From the neck to the hem, it is shapeless and can be great to accessorize with belts. Since you essentially create a waistline anywhere this is one of the best plus-size dresses to cover a stomach that is especially large. With these, go for a shorter hem to the knee, or take the opposite angle and go for the full length.

dress to hide tummy

Oversize dress - this is another modern variation, which likes both young girls and older ladies. This image gives comfort, freedom of movement, and the illusion of harmony because it perfectly masks the shortcomings of the figure. It, perhaps, copes with this task even better than other types of trendy plus size clothes and masks the belly very simply.

Find out what types of oversized dresses exist nowadays and how to choose a gown with a loose fit.

oversized dress to hide tummy

Empire Waist Dress for big belly fat

If you are looking for an elegant dress, try out empire waist dresses. This dress cinches just under your bust instead of around your waist. Since it has a form-fitting top half, it will enhance other features such as your bust, shoulders, neck, and collarbone while the loose-fitting bottom half will take away unwanted attention from your tummy area.

dress to hide belly

Since the line beneath your chest is often the thinnest part of your body, you may try an empire waist or similar high-waisted style so that you mask your stomach and side fat beneath the flared waist.

A non-standard waistline on the fashionable dress for a big tummy disguises excess centimeters on the abdomen and emphasizes the beautiful breasts. But only if the cut line does not get too much into the body, and the skirt freely descends to the bottom. Narrow bottom or stretch material can only exacerbate the situation, exposing the rounded "charms".

dress for big tummy

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Shift Dress

A shift dress is another great alternative to hide your belly. Shift dresses are loose-fitting and fall straight down from the shoulders. Again, these types of dresses do not cinch at the waist which will help conceal your stomach area. In addition to that, the different types of necklines and dress lengths give women lots of options and styles to choose from.

dresses to hide tummy

Plus Size Kaftan Dress

A kaftan dress is a great summer dress to wear to hide your tummy. Kaftan dresses are typically loose and hang down from your body. They are sexy, extremely versatile, and most importantly, they are loose enough to not bring any unwanted attention to your belly. A kaftan dress or scarf dress can also be easily layered which can add even more coverage over your tummy.

dresses to hide tummy

Pleated stomach-hiding dresses

While horizontal pleats don’t do anyone any favors, vertical ones will. Pleated dresses are going to be wonderful for hiding all sorts of disadvantages and they are also a great fanciful addition to your image. If you go for the gowns where the pleats are permanently sewn in so then you don’t have to do any kind of maintenance on them.

dresses to hide belly

If you take into account all the dresses that hide belly bulge, then pleating has a lot of advantages. And the main of the privileges can be called free (not tight-fitting) cut and the presence of a set of accurate vertical folds, which visually lengthen the figure. Also, pleating has now appeared in the lists of the most fashionable trends of the year.

Design houses and mass markets offer a lot of options, from air gowns from chiffon, ending with dense velvet. For plump ladies fit long or midi length.

 Pleated dress

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Ruched Dress

If you are really keen on wearing tight-fitting dresses but don’t want to bring any extra attention to your tummy area, then a ruched dress is the right choice for you. This is a great dress that hides belly bulge if you pick the right one. Go for dresses that have ruching around the waist for some added texture around that area. The ruching will distract the eyes from your tummy and cover up that area nicely.

dresses to hide tummy
dresses to hide tummy

Ruffled Dress

Applying the same principle of using texture to distract the eye, ruffle dresses are a fun option for those who don’t want emphasis on their tummy area. In addition to being nice and flowy, the ruffles on the dresses will help hide your belly even more. These dresses give off a fun and feminine vibe and would be perfect for any event.

dresses to hide belly bulge
dresses to hide belly bulge

Bat dress

These sleeved dresses are all-in-one with a base and resemble bat wings. And the bottom of the gown is a little narrower. Free tissue forms wrinkles that hide the stomach and other shortcomings of the figure. But this model can "steal" a few centimeters of growth, so it should be worn with high-heel shoes.

Long sleeve dresses with soft fabric are ideal for a lady with broad shoulders and plump hands.

dresses to hide tummy
dress for big tummy

Draped dress

Drapery - creases on clothes - will help to make a figure more slender. Especially if it is placed directly on the abdomen. All attention is shifted to thin folds. The fabric will not strongly fit the figure, because there will appear a little more free space. The length can vary from mini to maxi. But for a tight figure, it is recommended to choose long ones or trendy midi. This is another way of visual improvement of the figure.

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dress to hide tummy
best plus size dresses to hide stomach

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Peplum dress

Although the relevance of the dresses with the peplum has calmed down a little, in the fashion collections again there were vivid examples of similar styles. Fashion returned her to the women's wardrobes in a new interpretation. Now the peplum is located directly on the waist or is lowered in the hem of the outfit. The first variation is great for ladies who do not boast of an ideal body. If your tummy is more like a ball, then the peplum is unlikely to save the situation.

But if there is a slightly hanging tummy, due to recent births or New Year's holidays, then this is your image! These gowns to hide the stomach, also perfectly emphasize the waist. The peplum must begin precisely on a thin waist and the fold covers the problem areas. The figure in these gowns looks feminine and slender - this is beyond doubt.

Basque dress

Sheath dress that hides belly

The laconic image of the sheath dress has no superfluous details and elements. But it excellently hides the extra centimeters. Another trick for visual harmony is the V-neck of the neck. But it is necessary to buy an outfit precisely for a figure, and not a smaller size. You are mistaken if you think that by climbing into a miniature dress, you will seem more elegant. On the contrary, many small creases on the hips and waist, closely fitting outfit will poke out all the shortcomings of the figure and problem areas.

A very successful invention of designers is a model with dark stripes on the sides. This item allows you to visually make the figure slimmer and less bulky.

dresses to hide belly
Sheath dress that hides belly

Layered sheath dress

A fairly professional style, consider a layered sheath dress.  This is a classic model with its formfitting outline.  Then there is an added layer around the waistline that flairs out and distracts the eye while also hiding away stomach and side fat.  It’s a great option for an office look.

dresses for big tummy
dresses for big belly

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tops to hide tummy

Balloon tummy hide dress

It is very similar to a tulip dress or bell. The attire resembles a barrel, wide in the middle, tapering from below and from above. These types, concealing the fullness, are a little "puffed up" from the line of breasts or shoulders. In the shops, you will find many summer cylinders, which are not hot in the hot season. Slender girls can use the strap under the gowns to emphasize the waist, but if there is a round tummy, it is better to wear it without a belt. For sewing, soft fabrics are used, which should keep an interesting shape well enough. There are the best dresses to hide a tummy.

Dresses for big tummy

Kimono dress that hides belly fat

The dress is similar to the national clothes of Japanese women, which are sewn on the smell. It has a beautiful cut sleeve. Fabric freely falls, and loosely fits the figure. Although for him a belt is used the dress style hides the tummy. The length of the dress kimono is different. Do not necessarily cover under your clothes slender legs. A delicate floral print draws attention to itself, creating a feminine graceful image.

dress for big tummy

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Black or dark tones

One final tip when you need dresses to hide a tummy is to go for dark colors. They are forgiving and will offer you the option of going with something that may be a bit more formfitting for those special occasions.  Black is great, of course, but also go for navy or dark brown or dark blue. These are great options to offer a little bit of splash to your figure’s lines.

dresses for big tummy

Now you know, what dresses to wear to mask the tummy. You will look great!

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     At the end of it all, finding belly-hiding dresses is about remembering your shape and your needs and hiding them as best you can with the right shape, style, and color in your outfit.  Despite what others may tell you, wearing a gown is not only possible if you have a big belly, it’s a great idea!  It gives you that little kick of confidence and it helps you find comfort and power that you often miss when it comes to dressing yourself for a special day.

  Finding a dress to hide your big belly means focusing on color, shape, features, and size.  All of these come together to give you a surprising amount of options.


Wear dresses with confidence

Choosing dresses that hide your belly isn’t as hard as it may seem. With a little practice and some trial and error, you will eventually learn about your body and which dresses are most flattering for you. No matter which dresses you decide to wear, however, the most important thing to remember is to carry yourself with confidence. How you carry yourself will affect how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. So be confident in whatever you are wearing and others will take notice and focus on that and not your belly!

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