women carrots pants

In the new season fashionistas do not have to dress in tight jeans in order to be in trend. Fashion 2020-2021 offers women more comfortable models of trousers – loose palazzo, banana styles, shortened culottes or wide leg gauchos. Comfortable, versatile carrot pants come back again too.

What are the carrot pants?

In everyday life the style is called “carrots” because this pants silhouette resembles this vegetable due to pinches or folds at the waist that add volume to the hips. Unlike bananas, carrots do not have “filling” in the knee. These trousers taper to the bottom, but they sit freely on the hips.

carrot pants

Women love carrot for their undoubted advantages. They are functional, convenient, combine the classic features and elements of modernism. The aesthetic component is also important: carrot pants visually slim a figure and lengthens legs, a high fit emphasizes the waist, and a voluminous top can even hide the protruding tummy.

fashion carrot pants
Armani 2020

It should be noted that in the new collections of some couturiers (for example, Giorgio Armani and Max Mara) there are fashionable carrot 2020 with an average fit in addition to the usual “carrots” with a high waist.

carrot truosers 2020-2021

Carrot Pants 2020-2021: A Variety of Styles

The uniqueness of women’s carrot pants is that they can be part of a costume in any style and they are suitable for any life situation.

Office style is usually a straight tapering cut with arrows. Trousers are made of suit fabric of calm colors – the image is quite strict and noble. Pants are worn with a blouse or shirt tucked inside and can be complemented with a classic jacket or vest.

carrot pants 2020-2021
Giorgio Armani 2020-2021

Casual style – a more complex cut is allowed, as well as decor. There is more freedom in choosing fabrics and colors. Shirt, bright T-shirt, cardigan – this combination will be appropriate for every day. And for a romantic date, choose pastel colors and silk blouses.

carrot pants 2020
Alberta Ferretti 2020

carrot pants

Evening style should provide expensive fabrics: silk, satin, velvet. A particularly elegant look from carrot pants made of these materials with a tight top or light elegant blouse. Another option is trousers made of other fabrics in a combination with a satin or velvet top, often of a complex style.

carrot pants
Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2020
fashion carrot pants 2020-2021
Giorgio Armani 2020-2021

Sports style – this is an option for outdoor activities. Such clothes are made of soft elastic fabrics.

carrot pants for women

carrot trousers

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Women carrot pants: one style, different details

Keeping the main silhouette of the carrot trousers, stylists add diversity to it due to some details – length, design of the belt and bottom.

Shortened carrots

Along with the usual trouser length, 7/8 length is also relevant. This is a fashionable trend. Many women love this option because it looks very elegant.

shortened carrot pants

Belt modifications

The classic model emphasizes a waist with the help of a belt buckle of which is made of trouser fabric or leather.

white carrot pants

carrot trousers

Bottom decoration

The lower part of long carrot trousers made out with a narrow or wide elastic band, not only in sports models but also in every day and even evening looks.

carrot pants

carrot pants

Actual fabrics

The versatility of carrot trousers is caused by a variety of fabrics. Products sewn from various materials may differ in texture and decorations depending on the purpose and time of the year. The summer casual style involves fabrics of light colors.

These are costume fabric, knitwear, jeans in cool autumn and winter.

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carrot pants 2020
Chanel 2020

jeans carrots

carrot pants 2021
Giorgio Armani 2021

Carrots don’t ignore the all-weather leather, which is loved by many ladies.

leather carrot pants 2020
Hermès 2020
leather carrot pants 2020
Agnona 2020

Fashion carrot pants made of satin, velvet, fabric with lurex and other “festive” materials are an important part of a glamorous evening look.

satin carrot pants
Armani Privé 2020
lurex carrot pants 2020-2021
Giorgio Armani 2020-2021
velvet carrot pants 2020-2021
Giorgio Armani 2020-2021

Carrot trousers: your favorite trendy colors

The fashion of the new season does not limit women in choosing a color for fashionable carrot pants. Restrained and bold, gentle and bright all shades can be involved. And of course, basic colors.


It is easy to create a variety of ensembles with black trousers, beginning with casual and business, and finishing with chic. This versatile color harmonizes with any shade, emphasizing the waist.

carrot trousers 2020-2021
Giorgio Armani 2020-2021


This basic color has proven itself in trousers. This is a trendy shade for creating stylish outfits and a wonderful backdrop for various color combinations.

carrot pants
Giorgio Armani 2020-2021


The white color is versatile. It is combined with many colors, but experts advise to combine it carefully with too aggressive shades and select the color nuances of white according to their color type.

white carrot pants

And white with black is a classic.

This winter has already allowed wearing white trousers with warm clothes and a coat, and carrot trousers continue this trend.

carrot pants 2020
Emporio Armani 2020

Bright palette

From light and delicate to rich and deep shades  choose carrot pants to your liking.

carrot pants
carrot trousers

women carrot pants
Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2020


The outfit gives a special sophistication  a combination of ensemble elements of the same color and texture.

womens carrot pants
Giorgio Armani 2021

carrots women's pants


Various prints are not alien to carrots  a cell, floral and abstract ornaments.

print carrot pants

print carrot pants
Giorgio Armani 2020

fashionable carrots pants

How do you wear carrot pants?  main rule

To preserve the beauty of the silhouette of the carrot trousers,  stylists advise not to cover the upper part of the trousers. To do this, in warm weather, you should either wear a short top, or tuck it in the belt.

Stick to this main rule when you create carrot pants outfits.

carrot pants
Elyssa Olive 2020
carrot pants
Jogging Sarah

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