Velvet Dresses Plus Size

Designers have returned velvet to the podiums in the new season. This fabric is quite capricious in care. Disadvantages and dignities of fashionable velvet we have already described in a recent article. Chubby women sometimes find it difficult to choose a suitable style plus size of the many modern velvet dresses. Stylists of the site selected the most successful styles, which are perfectly slender and visually lengthen the figure.

Velvet dresses plus size: stylists’ tips

Royal velvet dresses look luxurious and stylish. They are suitable for women of every age and figure. Experts strongly recommend plump women to pay attention to dresses from this material. We have selected 9 good styles for you.

V-Neck Dress

Women with a plus size figure usually have a beautiful chest . It is possible to emphasize this virtue with a V-neck, but not too deep and open. Such a triangle visually makes the neck more elongated, and the shoulders more graceful. Excellent complement to a stylish image is a beautiful fashionable decoration of medium size.

velvet dress plus size

Long velvet dress

Try on a luxurious trendy long dress, which has no extra folds on the hips. The skirt can be straight or expand to the bottom. The waistline can be cut or solid. You do not need to use belts in addition, so as not to focus on the hips.

velvet dress


velvet dress plus size

High waist

To hide the belly and full hips, choose velvet dresses with high waist or A-line style. This method is used and both in a long and a short dresses for plump figure. This is one of the most popular styles, which advantageously highlights the beautiful breasts.

velvet dress plus size


Draped dress

If you want to hide your belly under the dress, then pay attention to the light drapery, as in the photo. Neat folds can visually fix this flaw.

velvet draped dress plus size

velvet dress plus size

Slit velvet dress

You have plump figure, but beautiful slender legs? Without a doubt, buy a dress with a slit. Longitudinal lines always visually extend the silhouette. This style will draw attention from the rounded waist to the elegant legs.

velvet dress plus size
Velvet dress with wraps

In this style the vertical line runs from the waist, which further lengthened the figure. A few neat folds in front (not on the sides!) еnhance the effect of lengthening. The degree of foot nakedness should be selected individually. And that the cut is not too frank, move gracefully and slowly, straightening his back. Do not run and stumble!

velvet dress plus size


velvet dress

Dress with lace insert

Velvet fabric is perfectly combined with lace. Accurate openwork inserts, lace sleeves revive the style, distract attention from the lush hips. Large lacy patterns add to the general image of even more femininity.

velvet plus size dress with lace insert

A simple, moderately fitting dress without a cut-off waistline smooths the “problem” areas. This style will hide a few centimeters on the waist and upper thighs, will make the silhouette lines round and appetizing.

velvet dress plus size

Velvet bustier dress

This feminine style is able to hide the fullness of the shoulders. The upper part of the dress in the form of a thin dark mesh or lace makes the arms and shoulders more elegant.

Velvet Dresses Plus Size

Dresses from velvet for plump women: frequently asked questions

Is it possible to wear short velvet dresses?

If you have beautiful legs, you do not need to hide them under the long skirts. It is possible to wear a dress slightly above the knee. Choose styles with a V-neck, a dress-case or with an overstated waist.

velvet dress plus size
What color of velvet is it preferable to choose plump women?

– Blue, burgundy, dark red, trendy violet and dark green or aquamarine are the best. Black velvet plus size dress is one of the most practical for women, but it is recommended to complement it with decorations or to choose dress styles with lace inserts.

velvet dress plus size

What shades do you need to give up?

– Be careful with dresses of light colors, because they can visually fill the figure. White, beige, yellow is preferable for slender girls.

What kind of shoes to choose?

– The perfect solution – shoes or closed sandals with heels. In extreme cases, wear shoes with elegant platform. In everyday dresses it is permissible to wear flat shoes or sneakers, but this image should be carefully thought out in all details.

What kind of jewelry to use?

Choose a beautiful necklace that looks presentable and expensive. It can be gold or silver chains with pendants, a shining necklace with precious stones. Cheap jewelry will create a strong unacceptable contrast with luxurious velvet as well as too long ones. Do not wear it, because velvet dress itself is a bright foundation of the image.

Velvet Dresses Plus Size

If you doubt the advisability of using a certain decoration on the neck, then put on a beautiful elongated earrings.

velvet dress plus size