Everyday Outfits of 2020

8 best everyday fashion outfits 2020

The main thing in the ability to dress well is a skill of combining pieces of clothes. Many girls are familiar with the situation when the wardrobe is full of clothes, but still they can’t create at least 3-4 stylish everyday looks.

We offer a list of stylish things in images that not only follow fashion trends but also can be perfectly combined with each other.

polka dots trousers

How fashion is formed in 2020: classification of trends

Trends can be divided into two categories:

  • micro-trends;
  • macro-trends.

The first category includes non-standard clothes and accessories, which will be popular only for 1-2 seasons. A vivid example of the micro-trends of 2019 is velvet bags, neon, woven accessories, pearl hair clips. Such trends attract attention immediately but remain relevant only for 6-12 months.

The «macro» category includes global trends that will be in demand for another 1-3 years. For example, a small floral print, massive sneakers and multi layering have not disappeared from fashion collections for several years.

Fashionable Everyday Outfits of 2020

Have a look at everyday fashion ideas 2020 which will be relevant for a long time. Items from these sets are easy to combine with each other.

Checks Print Clothing

One of clearly defined tendencies in fashion collections on 2020 – is check clothing. It’s easy to fit to any look. For example, you can wear a check jacket, skirt or trench coat with plain clothes. The most famous prints of this category is «Glen Urquhart Check» (pocked small black and white check) and « Pied-de-poule» known since Coco Chanel.

Fashion Everyday Outfits of 2020

everyday outfit 2020

This drawing looks particularly appropriate in everyday autumn and office images. You can complement the black and white check with clothes of gray, black, beige, brown, red and dark-blue color. Other colors are almost always combined with white things and denim. This print, combined with «textured things», creates a nice contrast. For example, with loose knitted sweaters.

everyday fashion outfits of 2020

Oversized shirt + high waist

Loose clothes haven’t gone out of style for several years in a row. Correctly chosen «oversized» clothes can gainfully emphasize the graceful shape of the figure. Deliberately large styles are more common for the top part of the look. An oversized shirt in man’s style can be suitable for an office with a loose dress code. The main rule: the shoulder line of the thing must be only 1-3 centimeters larger than your parameters. The shirt can be worn loosely with mom jeans or stylish fashionable trousers 2020. Another option is to fully tuck into jeans, carrot trousers or high-waisted shorts. The piquant detail is a few unbuttoned top buttons plus a pendant.

best everyday fashion outfits of 2020

Animalistic print

The trend gradually began to gain popularity back in 2019. Things of leopard color could be found in the collection of any well-known clothing brand. In 2020 snake, zebra and tiger prints are also gaining popularity. Such things are self-sufficient. In other words, the image doesn’t require other bright accents. The animalistic print is best combined with black and “nude” tones: white, brown, beige, chocolate. The best complement for this outfit: leather, gold jewelry, accessories with thin straps and slings.

Fashionable Everyday Outfits of 2020

everyday fashion outfits 2020


To make the outfit look interesting, choose different textures of fabrics: chiffon, leather, satin, suede, linen and others. Accessories in a mono-look can be anything: contrasting or matching clothes, classic shades (brown, black, beige).


If 2018 is associated with all kinds of styles of jumpsuits, then 2019 was distinguished by an abundance of suits. In 2020 this trend goes even further. Except for classic two-piece suits with trousers and a jacket, the brands presented many combinations. They are suitable for both daily walks and evening outings:

  • Jackets and shorts;
  • Vest with a skirt or trousers;
  • Kimono suits;
  • Sweaters with shorts or skirts.

Fashionable Everyday Outfits of 2020

In the case of the classic two-piece suits give preference to baggy, «masculine options» – such a cut will be relevant in the following year. The fitted shortened jackets, as well as skinny trousers become a thing of the past.

Fashion Everyday Outfits of 2020

Fashionable Everyday Outfits of 2020

This item of clothing is easy to integrate into everyday outfits – a suit can be worn with any top or t-shirt. The outfit will be appropriate at work, at shopping, in the bar. You can moderate the «seriousness» of a suit by wearing sneakers or vans.

It’s important:

The ideal length of the jacket is just below the wrist of the hanging arm. When choosing a vest, the same rule applies.


Jackets and overcoats are of particular note – now they can be found on Instagram of any woman of fashion. In the following year, free, non-fitted styles are relevant. Choose double-breasted models with a minimum of decorative elements.

The undercoat is a basic piece of clothing and is suitable for lovers of a «capsule» wardrobe. Any item of clothing looks good with an undercoat: dresses and fashionable skirts of any length, shorts, trousers. The modern version of the image is to wear a wide belt of dark color on top of the undercoat or to match the fabric.

Fashionable Everyday Outfits of 2020

Fashion Everyday Outfits of 2020

As well as in the case of costumes, the seriousness can be reduced with the help of massive sneakers. For work, give preference to loafers, moccasins, classic court shoes or cropped heeled shoes.

The most relevant are fabrics of dimmed colors: beige, khaki, brown, gray, black, pistachio. Gray and gray-brown checkered jackets are especially popular.

Satin skirt with sweater

The flowing satin skirts look especially impressive with textured oversized knitted sweaters. The image is suitable for dry spring, early autumn and cool summer days. There are many wearing options: you can tuck a sweater, leave it loose over the neck, or wear a belt at the waist.

When creating everyday looks, choose massive sneakers and backpacks / shopping bags. Bags and sandals with thin straps are suitable for elegant looks.

Fashion Everyday Outfits of 2020

Fashionable Everyday Outfits of 2020

Leather jacket with a dress

Unlike other types of outerwear, a leather jacket has not lost its popularity for several years. This cross functional thing can be combined with absolutely everything: strict business clothes, gym suits, jeans, mini and maxi dresses.

Fashion Everyday Outfits of 2020

Best Everyday Outfits of 2020

The combination of a midi-dress and a leather jacket belongs to the grunge style, which combines romance and provocation. These clothes are suitable for autumn, spring and cool summer. To create a contemporary look give preference to models of dresses that are relevant in 2020: A-line, wrap dresses, midi-length, oversized style, dresses with leopard print, fashionable shirtdress, satin models.

Combine dresses with sneakers, black or brown leather accessories, boots, or classic court shoes.

Combination of prints

In contrast to the fashion for monochrome looks, a trend has emerged for a combination of various prints. In 2020, in addition to animal prints, floral and geometric prints are especially relevant. The combination of different patterns, a variety of fabrics and textures looks interesting.

Everyday Outfits of 2020

best everyday fashion outfits of 2020

Combination tips:

  • If you are just starting experiments with drawings, combine no more than 2 prints in one image.
  • Combine small and large patterns.
  • It is easier to combine prints from one color range.
  • Short girls are not recommended to wear tops with large prints.

Choose shoes, a fashionable bag and accessories according to one of the colors of the ensemble, or in a contrasting tone.
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