how to wear coral cardigan

Don’t be surprised if you find a coral cardigan in plain sight in a boutique – fashion trends suggest making this choice. Among gray, black and beige cardigans it looks more attractive, a lot of femininity and romance are concentrated in it. And no boldness!

how to wear coral cardigan

Coral color is fashionable in 2021

«Living coral» is the main shade of 2019 named Pantone by Color Institute. This color actively manifested itself in the fashion shows of “spring-summer 2019”. When it becomes warmer, this cheerful color will be everywhere in the streets of the cities – mass market brands have completed their collections with clothes and accessories of coral and peach puff shades. One of the easiest ways to adapt to the trend and to make your outfit brighter is to buy a coral cardigan.

Due to the similarity of shade with a well-known juicy fruit, people often call it a peachy cardigan. Expert stylists identify peachy and coral color by certain criteria but for most women this isn’t so important.

Peculiarities of coral (peach puff) cardigan

If you analyze the entire range of coral cardigans, you will notice that the most common knitted cardigans are made from:

– natural wool (alpaca, cashmere, camel and sheep wool);

– imitations of knitting from synthetic yarn (polyester, viscose);

– cotton;

– variations of lace;

– chiffon.what to wear coral cardigans with

Natural fabrics are optimal for spring and summer evenings, and thin, translucent knitting. Also, you should pay attention to models with shortening sleeves. A loose-fitting cardigan of thick yarn will warm you in autumn and winter.

Many models can be regarded as «casual» and the comfort of the clothes is the most important. Its distinctive features are a simple silhouette, pockets and buttons, elements of sport style, original design solution (cardigans with hood or collar).

Romantic cardigans are becoming more and more popular. They are characterized by feminine fitted silhouettes and decor: accessories, embroidery, fringe, lace. In 2019, the “bohemian” and vintage styles are especially popular.

coral cardigan

Coral cardigans are represented in different lengths. In 2019 the most relevant models are just above the knee – they fit the outfit of casual style, can be combined with dresses and sundresses. The classic length below the belt also does not go out of fashion – it’s suitable for office and official meetings.

Shortened cardigans should be put away in the closet or only wear with dresses with high waist.

A coral cardigan is suitable for afternoon walks or you can wear it in an office without a strict dress code. In the evening this piece of clothing can be worn for a romantic date if you add a light dress, a thin belt or a small trendy bag. This is a bright, warm, self-sufficient color, and therefore it looks best in warm weather.

In which shades are coral cardigans represented

Coral shade can be described as a rich orange with an admixture of white and pink. Color nuances can change: color temperature, intension, depth of tone. The color can be cold, with a slope of pink or red, or warm – with a slope of peach and orange.

The following colors are close:

– peachpuff;

– orange;

– salmon-colored;

– pale-pink;

– ruddy.

coral cardigan outfit

The choice of a shade should be based on the color type, which is formed from a combination of the color of skin, hair and eyes.

Whom does coral cardigan suit?

Bright, rich shades of coral suit girls with a “warm” color type: golden or peach skin, hair with a golden sheen.

If your type is «cold» (very light skin, dark or light hair with ashy seen), then you should wear pink or light shades of coral.

The most advantageous coral color looks on blondes and girls with light-brown hair and with tanned skin.

what to wear coral cardigans with

how to wear coral cardigan

Raven-headed women are advised to pay attention to darker shades of color or try on a red cardigan.

Can plump women wear coral cardigans? The answer is yes. But they should pay attention to the long asymmetrical cardigan. You should choose thin not loose material. The cardigan should cover the upper part of the thighs.

All the secrets of choosing a cardigan for plump women are described in a separate article.

how to wear coral cardigan

The combination of colors of related range:

  • brown;
  • orange;
  • beige;
  • warm pink.

coral knitted cardigan

how to wear coral cardigan

All pastel colors can be combined with light coral shade: pastel-blue, pink, lilac, minty.

what to wear coral cardigans with

The combinations of such colors look bad:

  • citreous;
  • crimson;
  • saturated green.
  •  all neon shades.

It is necessary to refuse dark deep tones ( wine, dark gray, dark green).

Black clothes can be combined with a coral cardigan of a darker shade.

what to wear coral cardigans with

What to wear coral cardigans with? Best coral cardigan outfit

Fashion bloggers often prefer «oversized» cardigans or long and loose, not fitted models. They are comfortable to wear and can be combined with things of any style. They look good with skinny jeans and flat shoes: sneakers, massive trainers, loafers and flats.

how to wear coral cardigan

coral cardigan

 Yet thin cardigans of coral color are represented in large numbers because light peachy-pink colors are more suitable for spring and summer.

how to wear coral cardigan

Classical jeans are cross-functional pieces of clothing. The coral color matches pastel blue, white, gray and blue jeans. You can choose jeans shorts as an alternative variant.

what to wear coral cardigans with

coral cardigan with white

You can complete your look with a light top. A successful trio will be provided by pink, blue, mint, white or gray.

See how to wear a mint cardigan.

– In autumn you can wear a peachpuff cardigan with dark trousers and with a wrap scarf.

coral cardigan outfit

White has been an absolute favorite of stylists for several seasons. You can refresh your look with a white T-shirt, blouse or dress, worn with a coral cardigan. At the same time you can combine a cardigan made of any fabric with a white top: natural and reclaimed wool, cotton, chiffon and lace. You can finish the complement with shoes of beige, light-gray, clue, white color or with jewelry (coral matches perfectly with gold and turquoise).

what to wear coral cardigans with

Coral cardigan

Floral design will complete gentle and feminine look. Large and small flowers look best of all on a white, turquoise, beige background.

what to wear coral cardigans with

–  The classic stripe will make the ensemble more playful and informal. Add a regular striped T-shirt to your cardigan.

 coral cardigan with stripped T-shirt

what to wear coral cardigans with

– The best combination: a coral cardigan and a romantic dress of any length. Midi is best combined with knee-lengths cardigans. They will also polish the skirt that is too short, making the image more sophisticated.

coral cardigan

coral cardigan outfit

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