polka dots

Polka dot material will never be out of fashion. It was worn by our grandmothers, mothers, us and will be worn by our daughters. The only thing that changes — the style and the cut of such clothes. What kind of polka-dot things is fashionable this year and how to wear polka dots – a brilliantly simple print?

how to wear polka dots clothes

Trendy polka dots: the main features of the print

The polka-dot print can be considered the most universal. Clothing in dots is suitable for romantic dates, business and evening meetings and even for outings with friends.
Also, polka-dot print is great for both young girls and more mature women. You should only decode the image for appropriate age groups, and the fashion look is ready.

polka dots dress

polka dots dress
In this season, the legislators of the fashion offer to draw dots prints against a background of different colors:
– coral;
– lemon;
– saturated red;
– pink;
– all shades of green — from salad to deep emerald.

red polka dots dress

polka dots color

Polka-dot clothing will make a beautiful composition with things in a strip. Moreover, designers recommend combining couple of polka-dot things in one image, but disassembling them in large with medium, large with small, small and medium.

fashion polka dots dress

polka-dot clothes

What are the dots?

– Classical combination — white dots on a black background is right for women of all ages. Such a dress or skirt visually make the figure slimmer and hide disadvantages.
-Gentle and romantic girl are advised to choose a dress of pastel shades with a small dark dots print.

polka dots
– For adult business-ladies a shirtdress or modern A-line dress will ideally suit. In this case, the color of the background will be more stringent, such as dark brown or black, and the dots — white or light beige. The more daring ladies can add a bright red belt to the image.

polka dots dress

– Recently, it was considered that ladies with lush forms shouldn’t wear polka-dot things. However, designers have proven that this is a big mistake. The main thing is that you must remember when choosing an outfit — an ornament. For plump women, the following dots are recommended on the next fabrics:
– chaotic;

polka dots dress plus size

– in strict geometric sequence;

– alternative forms — oval, round, in the form of an ellipse;

– dots of different sizes, combined in one dress;

plus size polka dots dress
– applied with any density.
– Those who have problems with overweight should avoid clothes with large dots. It visually increases the volume. The same make dots of any size on the white clothes. It’s worth remembering when choosing fashionable outfit.

Polka- dot calico dresses
– What style of polka-dot dress is suitable for plump women? Any of the ones recommended for a lush figure. Read the entire list in an interesting article about dresses to hide tummy on the site.
Relying on the above points, you can make a great look which does not reveal the disadvantages of the figures, but only emphasizes its merits.

Fashionable polka-dot clothes. How to wear polka dots?


Also, polka-dot blouses have been popular for many years. Such print gives a positive mood to the image, even some kind of playfulness.
– Blouses in dots can be worn in any occasion, but the most important is to choose the right print and style. Even in the strict dress code there is a place for such element of wardrobe.

polka dots blouses

– Free variants of blouses in dots can be worn by absolutely all women with any build. But the blouses with slitting tailoring fit girls with a thin waist.
– More daring ladies can combine blouse in dots with jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts. More stylish looks tucked blouse.
– To create a beautiful image with fashionable trousers 2020, it is better to pick them in tone of the main tone of cream blouses or dots.

polka-dot clothes

Skirts in dots

This season, a skirt in dots are not inferior to the popularity of blouses. The element itself is called up to hide the flows of the shape and to emphasize its advantages. True, this type of skirt will not fit all.  Polka-dot print on this item of clothing looks good on girls with thin hips and waist. In this case, the skirt may be of any length. Most often, the skirts have a light background and dark dots, but  it can be vice versa.

Skirts in dots

polka dots mini skirt

Polka dots trousers

They look actual and stylish, but you should be careful with trousers with such print. They are more suitable for slim girls. In this way it is better to choose a monotone top, preferably in the color of the trousers.

polka dots trousers

Overalls and costumes

Also, designers recommend not to be shy and boldly chose evening overalls. They have been popular for several years. Polka-dot prints are present in summer free styles. Put these shapes in vivid elements and catch admirable men’s sights.

polka-dot overalls

trendy polka dots

Polka dots dress

Dresses is the most popular kind of polka-dot clothes. There are hundreds of variations of them for any occasion: cocktail for parties, office dresses, light romantic sundresses, oversized and many others. They are suitable for women of any age.

How to choose and what to wear a polka dot dress with read in the next article.

polka dots dress

polka dots dress

What to wear with dots: ideas for stylish women

Comfortable minimalism

A light dress in dots will ideally match with heelless shoes for long romantic summer walks. Those who have tried the combination with snickers know how convenient it is. If you change shoes with a complete sole into a high heel, then you can go to a business dinner. Image will look more profitable with red and beige accessories.

polka-dot clothes

For all occasions

Different blouses and shirts with polka-dot print allow you to create a huge number of images in any situation. A polka-dot blouse with narrow elongated skirt is worn out. But with a mini-skirt it is better to tuck the blouse.

polka dots blouses

Modern versatility

Polka-dot things are ideally combined with jeans of different styles: short, high and medium waist, skinny, loose mom jeans.

polka-dot blousesPolka dot modesty

Skirts in dots can be worn by all. Thin girls can wear them with dots of any size, and girls with a curvy complexion — with small peas. Trendy midi skirts can be used to create a strict look, when a classic dark background with white dots is worn.

polka-dot skirt

Color change

To make a style freer, one should prefer a blue, red  yellow or pink color clothes with dots. For these colors, a white top should be selected or either in the color of the skirt.

polka dots

Playful mini

Short skirts and dress are perfect for an easy look. Skirt can be combined with different tops, adding bright accessories. Modern designers can wear them even with sa contrasting texture of the material, for example, with a free sweater.

pink polka dots

Mix of prints

The combination of polka-dot prints with other prints is possible this season. Only women with impeccable taste can afford such courage. When choosing an image, it is important to remember that:
– dots with animals, floral prints and various inscriptions on clothes will look stylish;

polka dots

– dots go very well with stripes;

dots go well with stripes

polka dots with stripes
– two-color plant drawings are always cool if they are not too bright and do not overload the “dots” image;

 polka dots with floral
–  different sizes of dots, combined in one outfit.

polka dots of different sizes

polka dots of different sizes– the perfect look is one in which there are no more than three colors, in so doing one base color should be common to all items of clothing and accessories;

Clothing with a polka-dot print is a classic, versatility and originality in one image. Reserve the right to look stylish, regardless of the occasion.

polka dots

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