tops for big tummy

            There’s a taboo in women’s fashion where you can’t wear nice, trendy clothes unless you are pin-straight and have no curves.  Not only is this frustrating for those with realistic bodies (as 99% of us do), but it’s also a total myth!  There are tonnes of ways for realistically shaped women to enjoy fashion and style without the necessity to have all of their undesirable features on display.  Below, you’ll find great suggestions for tops to hide belly.

tops to hide belly fat

What tops to wear to hide a tummy?

There are a few approaches to hiding your tummy in a plus size outfit.

            Whether you are looking for tops to hide the tummy, you can approach your mission from three different perspectives.  There are some women that prefer one over the others, and there are women who enjoy combining these approaches in the same outfit! Here they are:


You can easily distract anyone’s attention by drawing their eye to another part of the body that you would like to accentuate.

tops to hide belly
tops to hide belly

Obscure with ruching and patterns

Another way to consider is to obscure the stomach with either ruching or pulls.  There are many ways that you can use patterns and other textures to help cover that you have a belly in the first place!

For obese women are recommended patterns with vertical stripes that lengthen the silhouette. A small floral print and polka dots will look amazing.

tops to hide belly fat
tops to hide belly fat

Choose your fabrics wisely

The last detail is to pick your fabrics very carefully.  Both tops and bottoms should use knits and other fabrics that are designed to hang loosely.  The goal here is to choose a fabric that is “forgiving”: it doesn’t show off those little “imperfections” that you’d rather keep to yourself.

tops for big belly

            There’s no better way than to put these into action.  Take a look at some of the best tops and bottoms to help you get that slim and chic look you’re going for.

Cute tops to hide a big tummy

            Without further ado, here are some of the slimming tops that you can consider to look cute and keep your belly or muffin top to yourself!

Casual wear tops for big belly

Loose tunics

These kinds of tops are designed to offer you varying kinds of necklines and sleeves and they will drape down over your stomach and waistline.  They often will go to mid-thigh and are great to pair with leggings or skinny or flare jeans or another kind of form-fitting pants. They are great at making you look tall and thin.

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top to hide belly fat
tops to hide belly

Draping tops and blouses

A top that drapes is going to be one that simply falls from the chest to the waist and drapes with ruching or ruffles.  It is a standard length and when it drapes, it created that obscuring look that is so great.

tops to hide tummy

Swing tops

These will range in length but they will go anywhere from the waist to the knee.  Swing tops are designed to hang loose and, well swing around as you move. These are often asymmetrical which is another great perk to helping hide your belly.

tops to hide belly fat

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Professional wear tops to hide belly fat

Criss-cross tops

There are many tops that will criss-cross over the tummy and use the folds of the fabric to hide a stomach.  These are popular for those that like to wear skirts or traditional work pants as well.

tops to hide tummy

Waist-tying tops to hide a big tummy

If you don’t have a waistline that you want to show off, create your own using waist-tying tops!  It’s an effective way to accentuate the smallest part of you and will effectively trick the eye into displaying your thin stomach.  This is especially nice for those that want tops to hide a muffin top.

tops to hide tummy

Empire-waisted tops to hide belly

This kind of summer top has its “waist” just under the bust and then drapes down from there.  For those that have mostly belly weight they want to cover, this is especially comfortable.

Choose pants that hide your stomach for a perfectly modern look.

tops to hide stomach

Layer with a cardigan

Whether you have a cross-cropped top or a standard blouse that you are using, you can always obscure and distract by adding a comfortable but professional cardigan to the mix.

Do you know how to choose a cardigan for curvy women?

top to hide stomach
tops to hide belly

Asymmetrical blouses to hide stomach

An asymmetrical hem will hide the stomach. The unusual design distracts from the figure flaws.
The style of a blouse needs to be selected, focusing on the type of figure. Women with big hips need to choose the right blouse length. The hem of the blouse should reach the middle of the thigh, covering the widest circumference of your body.

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Emphasis can be placed on the neckline, for example with a little draping. The waistline can be emphasized with a belt, but this is not necessary.

tops to hide stomach

If your figure resembles an apple, then the task of the blouse is to hide the protruding belly. Tunics with a high waist or fashionable blouses for smell are suitable for this purpose. Choose a loose or straight silhouette.

tops to hide belly fat

An asymmetric or oval neckline, as well as a lite decorating neckline, will help smooth the massiveness of the upper part and shoulders of the figure. The original poncho blouse looks beautiful.

tops to hide belly fat

A tulip and trapeze skirts are suitable for an inverted triangle body shape. These skirts mask the stomach very well.

The original poncho blouse looks beautiful.

tops to hide tummy

But blouses for full of any style should be exactly the right size. Too large will look like a shapeless hoodie, and close – to fold in under the chest and on the back, and emphasize all the problem areas.

Shirts that hide the tummy

Shirts for plus-size have a free cut and different styles. These are not only ordinary shirts but also dress shirts, tunic shirts, and blouse shirts. The choice is simply huge.

shirt to hide stomach

Women’s shirts of large size are very comfortable, as they do not constrain movements, and are convenient in every way. This is a universal option for everyday clothes.

But pockets, cuffs, a collar of various shapes, and the use of decors perfectly distract attention from problem areas. A vertical row of buttons visually lengthens the silhouette, and also allows you to adjust the depth of cut in the neckline.

top to cover belly

We can wear a shirt not only with trousers but with a shirt. Combine it with a high-waist pencil, A-line, or other hiding-tummy skirts.

A-line skirt to hide the belly

A long skirt is a modern and stylish outfit for any occasion.

maxi skirts to hide belly fat

You can learn the best maxi dress style for plus size women in a new publication on our site.

            From loose tops to careful ruching to fun patterns and every combination you can find, there are so many ways that you can embrace your shape and still enjoy fashion in both tops to cover the belly.  All that’s left is to figure out which combination you want to try first and enjoy the confidence it brings!

            Most women have a belly or a muffin top they’d rather not show off to the world.  There are plenty of styles you can explore in tops to help you look your best and still be comfortable with how you look.

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