skirt to hide the tummy

Belly fat is completely normal and something that a lot of women have but is often the cause of insecurities. If you are a little self-conscious of your belly bulge but still want to feel sexy and confident in your clothes, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some of the best skirts that will help you hide your belly.

maxi skirts for big tummy
Flattering skirts to hide tummy

Have you already read about the types of dresses to hide your tummy? It’s high time to find out about the skirts that can give you a similar effect.

How you can hide belly fat in a skirt? How do you wear a skirt with a big stomach?

How to choose the skirt to hide the belly? 10 skirts to hide tummy

Women with ample curves are very gracious and seductive, so they need to choose the clothes properly that will hide the belly and show the advantages of the figure and your individuality. The choice of the skirt depends on your taste but it’s better to listen to the stylists’ advice.

Experts are convinced that it’s possible to find a perfect variant for every type of women’s figure despite its peculiarities.

– It’s better to use dim models without large flower prints, abstractions or big patterns. Only skirts of saturated colors with small fragments will be suitable but in this case, you should choose other elements of the ensemble carefully.

to lose belly fat

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–  The main criteria are regular or high waisted which allows you to visually hide your stomach.

– Large patch pockets or other details at the area of hips or stomach will add some extra volume and draw attention to the problems are. Enormous buttons, coarse zippers, huge patch pockets and fancy décor are totally unacceptable.

–  Speaking about the fabric, you should choose smooth textures without any reliefs and ridges. The best fabrics are denim, crepe, wool, viscose, knitwear. Such things provide a good waist and conceal extra kilograms.

skirt to hide the belly

–  It is best to wear high heel shoes because they make plus size figure slimmer visually. But it can be tiring for every day. Therefore, stylists are advised to wear comfortable shoes: flat shoes or sneakers with a skirt.

You can read about skirts that are not suitable for plump women at the end of the article.

Types of skirts for plump women

Which types of skirts can use women with a protruding belly? What is the best skirt style to hide a tummy?

What best skirt style for a big belly you can wear?

Such patterns include the following skirts:

– pencil skirt with a high waist;

– A-line or tulip skirt for fat tummy;

– flared or maxi skirts;

– pleated or draped skirts;

– skirts to tighten the belly;

– skirt pants;

– summer loose skirts from light fabrics.

skirt to hide the stomach

Change stylish looks with pants that hide the tummy.

Pencil skirts that hide the tummy

The first of course is a high-waisted pencil skirt. This is the best skirt for the figure with any size of the belly. This model is included in the list of the most fashionable skirts 2023. It’s always in fashion and its ability to totally conceal flaws is fascinating. A loose-fitting skirt with a high waist will show your slim legs, make curves seductive and create a thin silhouette.

Pencil skirts that hide the tummy

The outfit will look adorable and sexy and show tempting buttocks, seductive curves, beautiful calves and slim ankles. You can wear a jacket or cardigan with a pencil skirt on a cool day.

It will suit perfectly those who work in an office or women who prefer strict classical style but have some extra curves in the abdomen. Fitted straight skirts should be slightly above the waist. Such models must be knee-length or a bit lower, it depends on the height of the girl. A strict skirt, suitable for the working day, can be perfectly straight or narrowed down.

skirt for big belly

Ideally, straight skirts for women with a protruding belly and wider hips should have at least a small slit in the front. This detail will make legs visually longer and will conceal the volume of your stomach and mask big hips.

A-line skirts that hide the tummy

This is a universal outfit for women with ample curves because they provide perfect waist-level, fit perfectly and make the figure more feminine.

These skirts are sewn from lightweight and draped fabrics. These models place emphasis on your waist with the use of a tight belt or elastic band. This model is suitable for women with thin hips because they help to cover belly fat and make hips look and add pomp to your hips.

A-line skirt to hide the belly

Tulip skirts for a big tummy

This model is suitable for women with thick hips and a plump belly. Skirts of dense fabrics lay beautifully, visually correct figure, and hide plump stomach and hips. It’s important to combine all the elements of the ensemble harmoniously, then the ladies will become the most attractive and irresistible.

tulip skirt to hide tummy

Flattering skirts for big belly

These medium or maxi skirts will look perfect on any figure and make plump women look more feminine and give them a special charm.  Cute and gentle outfits can be easily created with the use of a flattering skirt decorated with lace along with the hem or lace inserts. It will create an elegant look for women with ample curves and a slim waist.

Pleated skirt for fat tummy

How to wear a pleated skirt with a tummy?

Pleated skirts have been in fashion for a long time. In the photo, you see various models of different lengths and colors which make your figure more attractive and hide extra kilograms. These models are perfect for women with pear-shaped bodies or for women who have a «slender column» figure. The main advantage of these models is to optimize body proportions and add brightness.

pleated skirt to hide the tummy
pleated skirt to hide tummy

Your outfit will only be perfect when choosing a suitable hiding belly top. Read about it on our site!

tops to hide tummy

 Maxi skirts that hide a tummy

Color can be various – from monochrome dimmed tones to bright colors. It’s possible to use models with flower print, abstractions and geometric patterns. Light and flowing fabrics are used to sew these skirts, and they fit the silhouette beautifully and add grace to the gait.

maxi skirts to hide belly fat
skirt to hide the tummy

 Models to tighten the belly

Special skirts of elastic fabric correct the body perfectly and tighten your belly. Such models are used for silhouette modeling.

Summer skirts to hide belly fat

For summer, rest, and just a pleasant pastime, you can choose one of the models of skirts for women with a protruding belly of chiffon or any flowing light fabric. You can choose voluminous puffed skirts of light fabrics with folded pleats in the front (if the lady has wide hips) or on the sides (if the hips are narrow).

skirts for big tummy
maxi skirt to hide the tummy

Models of skirts for women with a protruding belly, photos of which you can see in the photo, are not limited to the above-mentioned ones. Nowadays asymmetrical skirts that are much longer in the back than in the front are extremely popular and perfect to cover the tummy.

 skirt to hide the tummy

If you wear them as wrap skirts, they will be priceless. The width of the model depends on your will. Wide and narrow skirts with different length and wrap in the front are equally good.

skirt to hide the tummy

 Skirt pants

Culottes have become very popular today. These are wide cropped trousers which resemble a skirt-pants. They are very comfortable and fashionable. And most importantly – they are great for women of any stature and hide the hanging belly very well.

How to choose the best culottes for obese women? Read important tips on our site.

culottes pants plus size
skirt to hide the tummy

Draped Skirts

Look for high-quality fabrics that keep their shape well, lend themselves to light drape, and also differ in plasticity. They are in great demand this year.

A neat drape on the front masks the fat on the abdomen and sides, making the outfit more original and feminine. But the folds on the sides can add volume, be careful with these models.

draped skirt to hide tummy

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What skirts are not suitable for women with protruding tummy?

There are some details you must consider while choosing a skirt that hides the tummy and sides. Which types of skirt should you reject if you have such type of figure?

– Mermaid skirt (long, narrow to the knees, and wide at the bottom) will make your hips look even thicker.

– Loose baggy skirts that don’t have a strong silhouette line aren’t recommended.

– The skirt mustn’t fit too tightly or be too big. It must fit perfectly.

– Girls with plump hips and belly just shouldn’t wear skirts with horizontal stripes or spotted skirts.

– As for the fabric, you must avoid skirts of glossy, gold, silver, and fleecy materials.

– Women with wide hips must avoid pleated skirts because they add volume to the stomach and hips.

– Skirts for women with a big stomach mustn’t be too short. Otherwise, everything depends on the woman’s height, degree of completeness, and peculiarities of the figure.

skirts to hide tummy

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No matter what fashionable outfit you choose, believe in your own awesomeness, and others will believe you and your body.

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