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Some girls were brave enough to buy this novelty, others have been unwilling to deal with their fancy image. However, designers claim that culottes are a fashionable trend that won’t just go away.

Even now, when short trousers are extremely popular, women keep asking fashion experts about culottes to create a fashionable look with these pants.

In one of our recent publications, we have already written that culottes are wide cropped trousers, which are mid-calf length or slightly lower.

about culottes

The acknowledged experts of the site have collected the top 10 most frequently asked questions about culottes. These brief answers will help women to find out how to wear culottes.

What do you want to ask about culottes?

How to wear culottes?

Briefly speaking, culottes can become the basis of any style: casual, romantic, sport and business. You can combine them with practically the same things that you wear with ordinary trousers. You can choose practically any footwear, it depends on what look you would like to create and where you would like to go. But there are some rules about combing culottes with other things which you can’t break. You can read valuable advice on our website in the current article of the authoritative experts.

about culottes pants
about culottes

Which advantages do culottes have?

Women adore culottes because their wide pattern allows moving freely. These fashionable trousers hide all the flaws of your body perfectly. They can be made of fabrics of different density and you can wear them in any season of the year. Also, you will be pleased with the variety of shades and colors.

Do culottes have any disadvantages?

We couldn’t think of any significant disadvantages of the culottes. Still, some women are worried about their non-standard patterns. You should study the rules of combining culottes and other items (which you’re doing right now). Culottes make you look a bit shorter than you are and make your figure more rounded. But you can fix it with the help of high heels.


Whom do the culottes pants suit?

Experts claim that culottes suit absolutely everyone as well as jeans and pencil skirts. Another thing is that you have to choose the right model to assert yourself. Slim and high girls don’t have to worry about anything, they will look great in every thing! But short girls should be careful with culottes not to make themselves look even smaller. So «Thumbelinas» should better wear culottes with high heels. Plus-size women can wear culottes if they choose the right model. You can find out how to choose plus size culottes for women in the separate publication. And one more time, you’d better combine culottes with high heels.

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What shoes to wear with culottes?

They answer is unoriginal: with any footwear you like! You can wear them with high heels shoes, sandals and with flat flip-flops in summer. Don’t forget about fashionable espadrilles and comfortable mules. In winter feel free to combine loose trousers with high boots and warm shoes.

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culottes pants
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How to wear culottes if you are short?

Let us calm you down: culottes do fit short girls! As we have said before you should just wear high heels or wedge boots not to look even shorter. Short girls are recommended to wear nude shoes and sandals which will make them look a few centimeters higher.

how to wear culottes
culottes pants

How to wear culottes with flats?

You already know that we recommend wearing culottes with high heels. But what about comfort? Don’t worry, you can wear culottes with flat shoes: sandals, flip-flops, mules, boots and sneakers. In this case, you shouldn’t cover your belt with jackets and blouses. This will visually extend the line from the waist to the ankles, thereby making the figure more proportionate.

culottes with  sneakers
culottes with shirts

How to wear culottes in winter?

Culottes of dense fabric can be combined with high boots so that trouser legs cover the top of the boots. You can wear them with boots on heels or massive styles on a flat sole. Short jackets (leather or denim) are preferable as your outer clothing. You can wear culottes with certain types of coats. Our authors have published an article about how to wear culottes in winter.

culottes in winter

culottes with coat


All about leather trousers you can read in another article.

Can you wear culottes with tights?

When the cool days come you can wear culottes with dense tights to match color your shoes ( and trousers color, which will be even better). Experts recommend choosing dark culottes in winter.

culottes with tights
culottes with tights

What you can’t wear culottes with?

Culottes are not used as a part of an outfit in classical style, so you can’t wear them to official meetings. They don’t correspond to the rules of strict dress сode which is necessary in official institutions.

Which culottes are the most fashionable?

In 2019, apart from the culottes of the usual black, gray and white tones, contrasting bright shades appeared: red, blue, yellow. Designers often use a variety of prints, starting with simple strips and ending with an extravagant snake coloring.

You can see all the most fashionable culottes of 2021 in the latest publication of our site authors.

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culottes 2019
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