Women’s Gaucho Pants 2021. How to Wear Gaucho Pants?

Fashion is everything to 21st-century women. It is as important as water to them, why it shouldn’t be? Because fashion helps to define our personality and image. For years, skinny jeans have been dominating the fashion market but now it is time for wide leg pants. One of the types of wide leg pants that is making headlines this year is Gaucho Pants.

What are gaucho pants?

Women's Gaucho Pants

They are high-waisted, wide leg and calf length pants and they look absolutely stunning.

Gaucho pants look really cool and make the wearer feel comfortable. A high waist hides a small tummy and other flaws, so gauchos are also suitable for plus size women.

Difference Between Gaucho Pants and Culottes

A lot of people are confused, and they think they are the names of the same type of clothing item. The difference is that Gaucho pants are wide trousers that are high waisted and are of calf-length, they look nothing like skirts. Whereas culottes totally look like a skirt, but they are pants actually. They are sometimes called split skirts as well.

Gauchos Women's
Gaucho Pants
Women's Gaucho Pants
Culotte pants

Are gaucho pants in style 2021? What types of gauchos in fashion?

Now, we are going to tell you some fashionable Women’s Gaucho Pants of 2021.

Floral Printed Women’s Gaucho Pants

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We can assure you that you will see a lot of floral printed gaucho pants in the streets in the year 2021. Floral prints look cool and they can be easily paired with many things. You can wear any color of the top as long as it matches the base color of the pants. You can also wear the same floral printed jackets with the outfit to look stunning.  

Women's Gaucho Pants
Women's Gaucho Pants
Women's Gaucho Pants

Seamless White Gaucho Pants

White gaucho pants will also be worn by women everywhere. The best thing about white gaucho pants is that you can pair them with any type and color of the top. You can use a crop top with white wide pants. If you want to look high-end then you can pair the white gaucho pants with a white top and shoes.

White Gaucho Pants
Women's Gaucho Pants

Plaid Print Gaucho Pants

Want to look dramatic? Then plaid printed gaucho pants will save the day. Plaid print gaucho pants will make the wearer stand out from the rest of the crowd and will make you the center of attention. Most types of the top will go with these pants. Just remember don’t wear printed tops with these pants.

Women's Gaucho Pants
Women's Gaucho Pants
Women's Gaucho Pants

Jeans Gaucho Pants

This type of gaucho pants is worth mentioning as it will surely become everyone’s favorite gaucho pants in 2021. Jeans Gaucho pants are quite easy to style, and they literally go with anything just like our normal jeans do.

Women's Gaucho Pants
Women's Gaucho Pants

Pleated Gaucho Pants

Pleated Gauchos promise to make you look fashionable and high-end. No matter what color of pleated gaucho pants you are wearing they will make every head turn and you will look marvelous. They can be used to dress up and dress down as well.

gauchos women's
Gauchos women's

Do you want to know about other wide leg pants? Read about fashion culottes.

How to style gaucho pants?

Personal style is everything as new trends come and go but personal style remains always. If you are not a fan of wearing skinny jeans or tights and you love wide pants, then the good news is that Gaucho pants are in fashion and they are making a headline everywhere. What to wear gaucho pants with?

what to wear gaucho pants with

When it comes to styling gaucho pants, there are infinite options. You can use them to dress up and dress down as well. Gaucho pants are also quite comfortable to wear and are best for all seasons. You can wear ankle hugging boots in winters to protect your feet and legs from getting cold. If you love gaucho pants, then you are at the right place because we are going to tell you how to wear gaucho pants. Let’s get started!

how to wear gauchos pants

Length of Gaucho Pants

The first thing you need to consider before buying gaucho pants is the length. You need to know which length is right for you. Is wearing just below knee gaucho pants make you look shorter or not? Try on different lengths of gaucho pants and buy ones that suit you the most. The length should also be considered when it comes to seasons. Wear short length ones in summer and long ones in winter to protect your legs from harsh winters.

how to wear gauchos
gauchos women's

Right Types of Tops

The length of tops you have must also coordinate with the gaucho pants. Crop tops are big no because your pants are already cropped, and they will make you look odd. Also, don’t wear long tops with gaucho pants as they will make you look chubbier. The medium length of the top is great, and you can even tuck in your shirt if you want.

gauchos women's
how to wear gaucho pants

You can also decide by yourself whether you should wear loose tops with gaucho pants or not. Both loose and fitted tops look great with gaucho pants and you can wear them both.

Women's Gaucho Pants

Monochromatic Dressing

The monochromatic dressing has been in fashion for so long and it is still not going anywhere. If you can’t decide what to wear with your white gaucho pants, then the answer is quite simple. Just wear it with a white color top and you are good to go anywhere. You can wear the same color of top and bottom everywhere and it will look good on you.

gauchos women's
what to wear gaucho pants with


You can literally wear any type of shoes with your gaucho pants. If you want to look more feminine team them up with stilettos or flats and if you want to look sporty then you can wear sneakers. It totally depends upon you.

what to wear gaucho pants with
how to wear gauchos
what to wear gaucho pants with

Gaucho pants are the coolest clothing items and they can be easily paired with almost all types of tops and accessories, no matter what color or print of gaucho pants you are wearing.