jeans trend 2023

The Best Current Jeans Trends 2023 for Women

You can’t wear jeans the same way that you used to wear them back in 2000. Due to this, we’ve put together all the trending jeans just for you! 

Current Jean Trends 2023

Welcome to the future of denim! It’s 2023, and the jeans are having a moment. They are comfortable AF (and arguably the best pants ever), but they’re versatile enough to wear with just about any top. 

What makes this denim trend 2023 special is that there are so many styles right now. From ultra-high-waisted straight legs to flared jeans, we’re bringing you the hottest pairs for women this season. 

jeans trends 2023
Women’s Hellessy Resort 2023 Collection

Why are Jeans Still Popular in 2023?

Although jeans have been around for a long time, they’re still quite popular in 2023 because:

  • Jeans are Comfortable: Whether you’re wearing them to work or to go out, jeans will keep you feeling comfortable all day and night.
  • Jeans Go with Almost Anything: It’s easy to mix and match pieces with denim to achieve the look you want without having to spend a lot of time shopping for the right outfit. In a later section, we’ll look at ways to dress up your favorite pair!
  • Lasts for Long: Jeans are made from sturdy materials; they last longer than other pants and don’t need replacing as often, saving money. If cared for properly (read: washed less often), your favorite pair could become an heirloom piece that lasts several generations!
jeans trends 2023
MFW_ ANNAKIKI Fall Winter 2022_23 Collection

Main jean styles 2023 for women

So, what jeans are in style 2023? Look at the latest trend in jeans now!

Wide-leg jeans

Wide-leg jeans are the latest trend in women’s jeans. This style of jeans is bell-bottomed, with a wide cut. The hemline covers your shoes, and these jeans look great with boots.

These jeans are stylish and comfortable and look great on most body types. If you want to change your skinny jeans and try something new, wide-leg is the way!

Wide-leg jeans
Versace Resort 2023 Collection

Pleat-Front Pants

Pleat-front jeans are a good option for both men and women. Pleats give an extra flowy and relaxed look, making your legs seem longer and leaner, particularly if you’re wearing pleat front skirt jeans.

If you need to wear them to work or a party, make sure the crease is pressed down flat. You could even pair them with a vest or jacket if needed! 

trendy jeans 2023
Ports 1961 Resort 2023 Collection

Boot-Cut Jeans

Ah, boot-cut jeans. There’s no doubt that the long and lean silhouette of a pair of well-fitting boot cuts will always be in style. 

Choose a pair made from premium denim with minimal stretch for a classic feel and cut, or go for a more relaxed, slouchy vibe with oversized girlfriend jeans. 

Boot-cut jeans are incredibly versatile, too! Wear them cuffed over your favorite ankle boots on casual weekends and at work during the week.

Another reason boot-cut jeans will never go out of style is that they’re comfortable and easy to wear. Whether you dress up or down your favorite pair, you’ll always be cozy yet still put together when you don these timeless denim classics.

jeans trends 2023
Nili Lotan Resort 2023 Fashion Show


Do you want to look brighter? Choose jeans with decor. Rhinestones and other shiny details will appeal to young girls. But remember that denim with decor requires special care.

jean trends 2023
NYFW_ Fall_Winter 22-23 Denim

Color jeans

All presented styles are now even more diverse due to new trendy colors.
Women’s jeans in non-traditional denim shades look very bright and original. This time, in addition to blue, dark blue, black, and white classics, jeans in gray, yellow, pink, green, purple, and khaki shades are in trend. You can wear colored jeans not only in spring and summer but all year.
Two-tone jeans look interesting, where one leg is decorated, for example, with stripes, etc.

jeans trends 2023
R13 Resort 2023 Fashion Show
jeans trend 2023
Women’s Victoria Beckham Resort 2023 Collection

Flare jeans

Flared jeans are universally flattering as well—women of all shapes and sizes look fantastic in them! With their flare at the bottom, these jeans elongate your legs and create a nice balance between their top and bottom.

flare jeans trend 2023
Zimmermann Resort 2023 Collection

Raw Hem Jeans

Raw hem jeans are current jean trends 2023 for women. They are a great alternative to high-waisted jeans and come in different bleached, distressed, ripped, and frayed styles. 

These jeans are very versatile and can be worn with various tops and accessories.

jeans trends 2023
Milan Fashion Week_ Fall_Winter 2022-2023
jeans trends 2023
Etro Resort 2023 Collection

Сargo jeans

Pay attention to cargo jeans with additional voluminous pockets in front or on the sides. Free original style does not constrain movements.

jeans trends 2023
Isabel Marant Resort 2023 Fashion Show

Low-Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans come under the current jeans trend 2023 for ladies because they are stylish and trendy again, they come back to fashion now.
But it flattering for not all body types. These trendy jeans sit low on the waistline, making them perfect for anyone who has if you have a thin waist. It may be the sexiest thing in your wardrobe.

jean trends 2023
Diesel Resort 2023 Collection

What jeans are suitable for plus-size women? Read here.

Jeans with Turn Ups

These jeans are very versatile in terms of length and fit. For example, you could wear them cropped above the ankle if you want to highlight an especially cute pair of shoes. You can cuff them at the ankle (or roll them) to show off some footwear style.

jeans trend 2023 women's
Saks Potts Copenhagen Spring 2023 Collection

Baggy jeans

Volumetric baggy jeans do not hinder movement and are comfortable to wear. Nowadays, the trend has been slightly improved. This model traditionally had a low waist, but today baggy jeans are increasingly high-waisted and voluminous tucked down the legs.

Most of all, such a model is suitable for girls who want to hide their extra weight, in their opinion: baggy legs will smooth out the volume, and a high waist will emphasize the curves and visually lengthen the legs. You can combine the baggy with a classic shirt and jacket, a simple loose T-shirt, a fitted blouse, a plain top, a wide sweater, and other things.

trendy jeans 2023
Diesel Runway 2023

High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted styles are the way to go if you’re looking for a slightly more structured fit than boyfriend jeans. They look great with crop tops and can also be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. 

These jeans are designed for all body types and popularized by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. A slightly higher waistline will give you an elongated silhouette with a long torso, while a wider belt can work wonders if you have wider hips.

These trendy jeans will work with almost any top: tuck in lightweight shirts or blouses for a more formal look, or keep them out to pair with your favorite crop top or casual tee. 

You can accessorize with a belt to create definition in your waist, but don’t overdo it—the high waist generally needs little help in creating flattering curves. 

If you buy new jeans online, make sure they’re either stretchy (to avoid saggy knees) or have adjustable waistbands (for extra comfort).

jeans trends 2023
Nili Lotan Resort 2023 Collection
jeans trends 2023
Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Spring 2023 Menswear Fashion Show

Cropped Jeans for Fashionistas

You’ve got a pair of cropped jeans with the hems just above your ankle. This on-trend style is great for warm weather, but not so much when it gets colder outside. They’re also ideal for emphasizing your thinner legs, as they flow down from the narrower part of your calf muscle. You’ve got a pair of mid-rise Capri jeans that hit the middle of your shin. This look is perfect for women with wide hips who want to accentuate their hourglass figure. They’re also versatile enough that you can wear them with flats or heels and still look stylish!

trendy jeans 2023
Zimmermann Resort 2023 Fashion Show Collection_ See the complete Zimmermann Resort 2023 collection
Officine Générale Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Maximum length

Women are offered not only cropped styles but also fashionable jeans with maximum-length legs.
Keep in mind that long wide jeans lengthen the legs, but cropped or tucked jeans show the beauty of the thinnest part of your leg, making your figure more refined.

trend in jeans 2023
Givenchy Resort 2023 Collection
jean trends 2023
Victoria Beckham Resort 2023 Collection

Skinny Jeans for Women

If you’re not sure about which jeans to purchase for the new year, why not consider trying a pair of skinny jeans? Skinny jeans are slowly making a comeback. 

Skinny jeans can be paired with almost any top, from graphic tees to blouses and everything in between. 

They can be dressed up or down, so you can wear them to work and then go out on the town at night without worrying about looking too formal or casual. 

jeans trend 2023
Diesel Resort 2023 Fashion Show

Jeans with Big Cuts 

While you can find jeans with cuts in the back this year, it’s not a big part of the denim trends 2023. Most of the cuts will be in front. Some of these cuts were small and circular, while others were larger and straight, creating a large rectangle.

Some models will also be cut non-traditional out to add some flair to your jeans. You may note that the cool thing about these jeans is that they all use negative space.

Small slits in the front, back, or side of the legs are gaining more and more popularity. Trendy slit jeans 2023 don’t have to be wide cut. Very stylish with slits on the side, and from the inside, straight classic styles of jeans will look.

jean styles 2023
Versace Resort 2023 Collection
jeans trends 2023
Reese Cooper Spring 2023 Menswear Fashion Show

Mom Jeans 

Mom jeans have been all the rage recently, especially among model-types and teenagers—but we love them. 

These classic denim bottoms are high-waisted, straight-legged, and roomy through the hips and thighs. 

Unlike skinny jeans, they’re more relaxed and comfortable, a trend that never goes out of style! Whether you prefer to dress up or dress down for a casual look, you’ll be in style every day of the week with mom jeans! 

We think mom jeans look especially cool with sneakers; try pairing them with chunky kicks for an effortless streetwear vibe that we can’t get enough of.

jeans trends 2023
Bottega Veneta 2022-2023

Slouchy jeans

These trendy jeans sit low on the waistline&&&, making them perfect for anyone who has trouble finding jeans that fit properly or has trouble moving around freely in their pants.

Slouchy jeans are voluminous jeans with a pintuck at the waist, a narrow top, and a narrow bottom. These are “relatives” of the popular mom and banana jeans. All of them give a characteristic volume to the female hips.

jeans trends 2023 women's

Classic Women’s Jeans Style

Classic Style Women’s Jeans are the most popular jeans for women in 2023. The best options are made from organic cotton and soy denim, with a slight stretch. They give a flattering and comfortable fit that lasts all day.

The Classic Style is available in several styles, including bootcut and flared, which both balance out your figure by accentuating your waist without being too tight on the hips or thighs. 

The flare is subtle enough to be stylish but not so drastic that you’ll have trouble finding shoes to wear them with.

jeans 2023 trend

No matter which denim trend 2023 you choose, the bottom line is that you should always go with whichever style feels most comfortable and looks best on your body type.

We have collected all the trendy pants just for you! Read about the trendy skirts of 2023 now.

maxi skirts 2022

Which Trendy Long Skirts 2022 Are The Most Popular?

Are you looking for trendy long skirts 2022? Look no further because we have all the answers with our post. View the 10 best maxi skirts styles!

Are Long Skirts Still in Style 2022?

Yes, maxi skirts are in style 2022.

Have you ever seen a woman wearing a long skirt and thought to yourself, “Wow, she looks so stylish!”? If so, you’re not alone. Long skirts are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their ability to flatter any figure and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

skirts 2022 fashion trends
Elie Saab Resort 2022 Fashion Show

Maxi skirts are a favorite detail of clothes of elegant ladies. They did not go out of fashion in past seasons. And here we are, long skirts are in fashion in 2022. Grand couturiers have already presented the new products of this year’s season, and even made forecasts for 2022-2023: a new influx of popularity is expected.

Keep reading to learn more about this fashion trend and find some examples of stylish long skirts that will have you looking great in 2022!

maxi skirts 2022 trends
ToryBurch PreFall 2022 NewYork

Fashionable Long Skirts 2022 Styles

In the latest collections of 2022, you will find the fashions that were popular in the past, such as pleated, split skirts, and other styles. Also, new techniques for trendy skirts 2023 were revealed in the form of eclecticism (mixing styles) and asymmetry, vibrant patterns, accents of design, frills, and ruffles.

long skirts 2022
Christopher John Rogers Resort 2022 Collection

Long skirts can be worn in various ways, so you can find the perfect look for your style. 

High-Waisted Skirts 2022

This skirt is ideal for petite women who like to flaunt their slim waists. The skirt is secured by a band around the waist and stylishly.

long skirts 2022
Chanel Pre-Fall 2022 Paris

A-Line Skirt

A-line skirts are positioned at the hips and abdomen. They increase in size nearer to the hem. If you glance at how the skirt is made, you will notice it resembles the letter A, hence the name. 

It’s a fitted flared model that emphasizes the waist, visually balances the proportions of shoulders and hips. Due to the wide variety of such models, the best option can be selected for any figure. The A-shaped skirt is in the list of top 10 skirts that hide the stomach.

flared long skirt 2022
Staud Resort 2022 Fashion Show

Bubble Skirt

Bubble skirts are unique in that they come with a highly articulated fixation that creates a puffed-out style that resembles one with an air pocket. The puffiness of the trim makes a unique appearance that is difficult to ignore.

fashion long skirts 2022
Christian Siriano 2022

Pleated Skirts

If you want to put on a skirt that attracts attention and is a bit sexy, then the pleated skirt might be for you. 

The pleats are usually slim in size and give this skirt a simple melodic style that exudes elegance. That is one of the most fashionable long skirts 2022 for women.

trendy skirts 2022
Hunter Abrams’s Best Behind-the-Scenes Photos of New York Fashion Week Spring 2022

You can view popular pleated skirts in 2022 now.

Button-up Skirt

These are available in various materials, but they are generally denim, knit, tweed, and cotton. Depending on the style, secure skirts are ideal for casual or business clothing.

fashion long skirts 2022
Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2022


Original asymmetrical skirts have many ranges of variations and stunning colors that make them more adorable for women to wear. If you’re looking for an elegant, casual skirt for the movies or out, an asymmetrical skirt might be just what you need. Those are fashionable long skirts that are perfect for women.

fashion skirts 2022
Alice and Olivia RTW Spring 2022 New York
long skirts 2022 trends
Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Men’s Spring 2022

Flare skirt

A skirt known as a flared skirt is designed to flare off the seam. The fabric is typically silk, cotton, shiny cloth ribbons, silk, or nets. The fashionable women’s long skirt’s unique shapes are best worn in casual, formal, or gathering outfits.

A flared skirt flares out a lot more than A-line. You must wear flared skirt with a fitted or crop top.

trendy skirts 2022
Erdem Spring 2022

Split Skirt

A split skirt will make the figure more slender and seductive.

long skirts 2022
Peter Do 2022


This style is suitable for women who are not afraid to emphasize their hips. It’s important that the pencil skirt is suitable for both plus-sized and slender women. A tight-fitting, narrow skirt is usually made of knitwear, either with a slit or a wrap, so as not to hamper the movements. The pencil skirt is on the list of the top 10 skirts that hide the stomach.

That is a timeless fashion statement that will be worn for a lifetime and never lose fashion.

trendy long skirts 2022

Layered Skirts

A layered skirt will give originality and uniqueness. This maxi skirt has cut with layer elements that differ in length. It is appropriate for everyday or festive occasion.

skirts 2022 trends
Stella Jean Resort 2022 Fashion Show

Décor and prints of fashionable maxi skirts 2022

Fringe Skirt

A fringe skirt has been one of the fashions in recent years. It is not going to change in 2022. It’s a rainbow of hues and a variety of textures.

long skirts 2022
Chanel Pre-Fall 2022 Paris
trendy long skirts 2022
Chloé Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Floral Skirt

The floral prints are individual in design and will undoubtedly brighten even the most tedious and dull day. 

This skirt is great when worn with a top in any color, but it is black and white which is ideal to go with. Be ready to dance today in this gorgeous skirt!

fashion long skirts 2022
Marras Rimavera Estate 2022

 Leopard Skirt

Animal prints remain the hot trend. Changeless leopard and tiger coloring remain in demand in the models of long skirts 2022.

fashionable long skirts 2022
Roberto Cavalli Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Checkered Skirt

It is retro and classic. It has been especially in demand during the past seasons, it combines casual style and romance.

maxi skirts 2022
Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Spring 2022 Menswear Fashion Show

Netted Long Skirt

Select this dress for your special evening and let your Prince charming be enthralled by you every time. 

A netted skirt can transform the most ordinary woman into Her Royal Highness. It’s best paired with a V-necked blouse and a pair of stilettos to make a statement. It looks exquisite and costly too.

fashion long skirts 222
Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2021-2022 Fashion Show

Shiny Long Skirt

The long shiny skirt is available in various styles. It is a perfect option for a warm summer or spring evening. Gold and silver metallic color is the most popular.

fashionable skirts 2022
Brandon Maxwell Spring 2022 RTW Collection


Denim skirts are very fashionable always. They create a casual outfit that is ideal for everyday wear.

long skirts 2022 trends

Leather Skirts

A leather skirt stubbornly remains the hot new trend. The darker colors can be used for an everyday stylish outfit. Choose from black, warm rust-brown, or tan color.

long skirts 2022
Staud Resort 2022 Fashion Show

Read about all leather pants styles 2022 in the new post.

Fashionable skirts for every season

Winter Trendy Long Skirts 2022

In the cold season, warm trousers or jeans can be successfully replaced by a long skirt. Maxi skirts from wool, tweed, drape, and cashmere retain heat well, while your winter outfit remains feminine and stylish.

Long skirts are now more beautiful than ever for fall and winter. Maxi trapeze skirts are ideal for women with curvaceous forms, and for women of small stature, long skirts, in conjunction with high heels, are a great option.

long skirts 2022 winter
Coach Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection
long skirts 2022 winter
Chloé Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

 Look at the best combinations of long skirts with boots on our website.

For Summer

The long summer skirts symbolize boho, ethnic fashion, and sports in keeping with the central romantic theme.

Experts advise sewing summer maxi skirts from natural fabrics – linen, cotton, chiffon. Such material is water-absorbing and cools the body in the summer heat.

Long transparent skirts are very suitable for summer ensembles. Made of light, flowing fabrics – silk, chiffon, or organza, they create the impression of lightness and grace.

long skirts 2022
Chanel Pre-Fall 2022 Paris

A striking detail of an evening dress can be a long flared skirt made of heavier materials – satin, thick silk, velvet, and brocade. In this case, it is necessary to find a balance of proportions, since these fabrics can visually add volume.

For Spring

After a long winter, you may want to quickly hide warm things, but spring is changeable and in our climate is not always sunny and warm. In this transition period, maxi skirts from less dense fabrics are worn – knitwear, denim, leather. The color scheme is more appropriate for spring, it’s diverse and bright.

At the beginning of spring, it’s possible to keep the spring feeling by using vibrant hues and vivid shades. For spring maxi skirts, fabric with patterns is recommended, and ornaments, extensive checks.

long skirts 2022 trends
The Best Looks Straight Off the Paris Runways

For autumn

At the beginning of autumn, you can prolong the feeling of summer with the help of bright colors, and saturated shades. For autumn maxi skirts, fabrics with a pattern are also recommended – ornaments, large check. For these models, not too dense materials are used – wool, denim, knitwear.

long skirts 2022
Chanel Pre Fall 2022

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest long skirts trend now! There’s no reason not to be fashionable this season with so many options to choose from.

The long skirt trend is set to continue in the future. If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of the fashion game and still be comfortable, then investing in one or two new pieces of trendy long skirts 2022 will help you do just that.

What do you think? Do you have any favorite long skirts from those we shared with you today? Share this post with your friends!

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What are Women's Relaxed Jeans

What are Women’s Relaxed Jeans and How to Wear Them for Your Body Shape?

Jeans are a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. They can be worn any time of the year – it does not matter what the season! Women typically wear fashionable jeans as a casual outfit under a cardigan or tank top for summer and dress up an outfit for winter.

What are Women's Relaxed Jeans

To spice up your overall look, you should add women’s relaxed jeans to your wardrobe. Women’s relaxed jeans are a type of clothing style that is generally looser than tight jeans but aren’t baggy like the old-school bell-bottoms. Instead, they are slim-fit, just like your mom jeans or boyfriend jeans.

What are Women's Relaxed Jeans

What are women’s relaxed jeans?

Women’s relaxed jeans are typically light-wash denim with distressed details. To create a look that stands out, pair them with a blazer, a blouse, strappy sandals, or a pair of cute heels. You can also wear them with sneakers for a casual and comfortable look.

Relaxed fit jeans

Relaxed-fit jeans are classic that will never go out of style. It’s a good idea to have some in your wardrobe since they are comfortable and worn for many occasions. Zip-up jeans and bootcut jeans are also very popular.

How to wear women’s relaxed jeans?

Pair it with a cute T-dress and matching heels to make a more stylish statement. You can also pair it with your favorite jeans and wear statement accessories such as a mink bag or statement jewelry. Women’s relaxed jeans are very versatile in terms of how you can wear them. The possibilities are endless!

Women's Relaxed Jeans

What’s the difference between relaxed and loose jeans?

Most people, especially women, confuse relaxed jeans with loose jeans. Relaxed jeans have a slim fit, meaning that it’s not tight and not baggy. In other words, it’s the middle ground between skinny and loose jeans. You can make a more stylish statement with the right outfit and accessories.

What are Women's Relaxed Jeans
Relaxed jeans

On the other hand, the loose jeans are baggy jeans that you can wear mostly for casual outfits. Women’s loose jeans are becoming a very popular jean style of this years because of their comfort and versatility.

loose jeans
Loose Jeans

Who can wear relaxed-fit jeans?

Women searching for a new wardrobe staple that is comfortable and versatile should try out women’s relaxed jeans. They are perfect for women of all ages, sizes, and body types.

Also, relaxed-fit jeans are not limited to any particular demographic. Many women and teenage girls wear relaxed jeans for casual and business occasions. They tend to be best suited for those who like a more comfortable roomy fit, usually with straight legs.

What are Women's Relaxed Jeans

Look fashionable by pairing relaxed jeans with accessories such as statement jewelry, shopping bags, or glittery shoes.


Do you have a hard time finding jeans that fit well? Are you always pulling up your pants because they’re too tight in the waist? If so, you should try relaxed fit jeans.

Now we will discuss how to wear women’s relaxed jeans for your specific body shape. We will also provide some tips on shopping for relaxed fit jeans. Keep reading to learn more!

Ripped Women's Relaxed Jeans

How to wear relaxed jeans for each body shape?

How you can choose different relaxed jeans for each body type?

Relaxed fit jeans for petite

Ladies with slim-fit bodies can wear relaxed jeans because the baggier fit makes the waist look slimmer. The extra room in the hips and thighs allows for more movement.

Relaxed jeans

Relaxed fit jeans for pear

Pear shapes can wear relaxed fit jeans that are more fitted in the waist and hips but looser in the thighs on top. These help to accentuate your curves and make you look slimmer.

Women's Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed fit jeans for hourglass

Hourglass shapes can wear relaxed jeans with a more fitted waist and more room in the hips. These make your waist look slimmer, especially if you wear your pants with high heels.

Women's Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed jeans for plus size women

Plus size women can wear both slim and relaxed fit jeans. Relaxed jeans can help make the figure look slimmer, especially if you go for a darker wash.

Women's Relaxed Fit Jeans

Relaxed fit jeans are the best way to flatter your body type. They are specially designed for petite, pear, and hourglass women who have difficulty finding jeans that fit well.

You can find different types of jeans for all body types online. Just make sure to measure yourself before ordering a pair of relaxed jeans!

Tips on Finding Women’s Relaxed Jeans Online

If you are comfortable wearing a looser fit, you can wear jeans that are more relaxed at the waist. However, if you have a larger waist or hips, choosing a looser fit in the thighs and legs is better. Your choice depends on your body shape.

Choosing jeans is as easy as 1,2,3.

1- Measure Your Waist and Grab Your Size

Do not simply measure your waist because it might be too small or too big. Instead, measure both your waist and the circumference of your hips. Make sure that you get different measurements from each side.

How to wear relaxed jeans for each body shape

2- Choose Your Size

After taking measurements, you can choose your size properly. Make sure that you take the correct measurements. Some women may choose to buy more than one size depending on their preference and needs.

3- Check Fit and Fabric Content

Check to see if the jeans fit well and are made with high quality fabric. The best way to find these is by reading reviews online or asking other customers.

How to wear relaxed jeans for each body shape

To sum up, always choose a pair of women’s relaxed jeans that compliment your figure type. It is always best to look for a pair of jeans that are comfortable and fit in the places you want them to.

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trendy shirtdress 2022

Fashion Shirt Dress 2022 | Detailed Review

The first shirt dress model was made similar to the male one, the only difference was the length. But modern trends have transformed it turning into a charming outfit.

2022 shirt dresses
Valentino Spring 2022

Are shirt dresses in style 2022?

Yes! A shirt dress is still fashionable in 2022!

fashion shirtdresses 2022
Zimmermann resort 2022

Women are not tired of such a simple style once borrowed from men.

Having broken the boundaries of simple casual clothes, it confidently continues to gain popularity. It’s turning into an elegant fashion outfit today.

Designers have been paying much attention to a women’s shirt dress. They add new elements, changing successfully colors and length. Which fashionable shirt dress styles to choose from? How you can make it play in your favor? Which models are the most popular?

2022 shirt dresses
Mc Queen SS2022
shirtdresses 2022 fashion
Kiton, RTW Spring 2022

What is a shirt dress?

A shirt dress is a complete outfit that combines elements of a dress and a shirt. It often has a collar and buttons along the entire length. The waist can be accentuated with a belt.

2022 shirt dresses
Zimmermann Resort 2022 Fashion Show

The most important features of the outfit are comfort as well as an ability to lengthen the figure and make it slimmer. This is one of the most successful dresses that hide the belly.

shift dress trend
Akris Spring 2022 RTW Paris

Shirt dress 2022: photos and features

Different styles, materials, colors, and prints give girls an opportunity to look original choosing their own style in accordance with the character as well as individual features of the figure.

shirtdresses 2021 fashion
Y Project SS2022

Which main features does a women’s shirt dress have in 2022?

  • Ample cut but the waist is often indicated by a strap.
  • Knee-length is popular as well as maxi and midi. Extremely short mini is rare.
  • Calm shades are popular but there are also models with intense colors. Neon hasn’t touched this kind of clothes yet. But unusual prints began to appear.
  • Natural fabrics are often used, that is linen, cotton, denim.
shirtdresses 2022 fashion
Kiton Spring 2022 RTW MILAN

Shirt dress 2022: news from the world catwalks

Original details

Some elements have been added to the simple model this year. For example, the unusual shape of sleeves and upper part and huge pockets as well.

shirt dresses 2022 fashion
Moschino 2022

The original style of collar

It’s not necessary for the collar to be in a classic form. Sometimes, it’s even absent or contrasts to the main color.

fashionable dresses 2022
Moschino RTW Spring 2022


There are models with cutting parts that allow you to create something interesting. The lower part of a shirt dress may have asymmetric elements. It refers to many fashionable dresses.

shirtdress trend 2022
Marques’ Almeida 2022

Pleated or draped

If you are looking for a trendy outfit, get inspired by pleated shirt dresses. These dresses are suitable not only for an evening look but also for every day.

Among the latest models, one can notice pleating and drapery.

2022 shirt dress
Proenza Schouler Resort 2022 Collection
shirt dress 2022 fashion
Alexandre Vauthier 2022

Ruffle dress

Ruffles are fashion trends in 2022. They are also shown in a shirt style. The selection of the lower part and sleeves remove the excessive austere of the model.

fashionable shirt dress 2022
Paul Costelloe SS2022
ruffle pink shirtdress 2022
Moschino Spring 2022


A leather shirt dress looks definitely cool! It’s a hot trend among celebrities. Fashion leather dress has presented in monochromes of beiges or bold colors like a brick red.

leather shirt dress 2022
fashionable shirtdresses 2021
Rochas Resort 2021-2022 Fashion Show


Upgrade your wardrobe with a denim shirt dress. Fashionable denim clothes hide the flaws of the figures. Check out pastel blues or black designs perfect for any age woman.

If you want to see more trendy jean styles, read the article on the site.

denim shirt dress 2022
Red Valentino 2022

Shirt dresses without sleeves

Some new versions of shirts without sleeves have appeared. The same trend is observed in fashionable cardigans in 2022. Similar models – safari shirt dresses – are excellent outfits for a hot summer.

Fashionable shirt dresses 2022
Zimmermann Resort 2022

Dresses and trousers

Use a modern style like a shirt. Wear it with trousers and jeans. This combination is possible with shirt dresses of different lengths, including maxi.

shirt dress with pants
Kiton Spring 2021-2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show
shirtdresses 2022 with pants
Bevza RTW Spring 2022

Cape shirt dress

If you want to look original and elegant, then you can wear a cape shirt dress. Capes are on their high peak right now. Even plump women can wear these amazing clothes.

shirt dress 2022
Valentino Spring 2022
cape shirt dress 2022
Valentino spring 2022

Shirt dress length

Having carefully considered shirt dresses that are relevant in 2021 we can conclude that woman romance came in top place. The absence of any hint of vulgarity was not unique to shirt style but also to common fashion trends of this year.

2022 shirt dresses

Midi dress

Midi dresses have been taking the lead for not the first season. Returned from the past the trend was given a new life in shirt style. As we can see, this trend isn’t going to leave the catwalks.

fashion shirt dresses 2022
Zimmermann Resort 2022

Long shirt dress

It’s a great and smart look! Buttons on the shirt may be not buttoned up to the end. The fashionable maxi dress opens slim women’s legs which draw men’s eyes.

long shirtdress 2022
Brandon Maxwell Spring Summer 2021-2022


A monochrome shirt dress is an especially good outfit for petite girls. Minis look sexy and stylish.

white shirt dress 2022
2022 shirt dresses
Staud Spring 2022 RTW

2022 Fashionable Shirt dresses: Relevant Colors


Most people associate the word “shirt” exactly with a pure white color which looks nice in summer and spring and it’s cooler in it. Several seasons ago the most relevant thing was a short seductive shirt as if it was taken off a tall boyfriend for a girl. Now the long interpretation sear in vogue, and they can’t be confused with the men’s ones.

white shirt dress 2022
Bottega Veneta Resort 2022 Fashion Show


Despite the see simplicity, the beige color is very seductive as it creates an illusion of a naked body from a distance. However, the loose style doesn’t allow us to blame its owner for vulgarity.

2022 shirt dresses
Elisabetta Franchi 2022


There is a special attractiveness and mystique in the natural tints. Probably that’s why modest khaki colors move confidently from one season to the next to find their buyers.

shirtdresses 2022 fashion
Kiton Spring 2022 RTW MILAN

Sky blue and navy blue

It will be the perfect option for people who love minimalism. The saturation range of the tints is wide: from sky-blue to dark blue.

2022 shirt dresses
Victoria Tomas SS 2022


It has lots of contemporary tints: coffee, chocolate, terracotta, brick-red, chestnut, bronze, burnt clay color. Choose any!

shirt dresses 2022 fashion
SACAI Spring Tokyo 2022


This is a very practical color for every day. To prevent the black dress shirt from looking too gloomy, complete it with accessories or shoes in contrasting colors.

black shirt dress 2022

Red and pink

Also, there are options for girls who are fond of brightness in clothes. These temptresses can’t see their wardrobes without it.

shirtdress 2022
Laura Biagiotti Spring/Summer 2022
shirtdress 2022 trendy
Zuhair Murad Spring ’22


Sunny yellow color can add more positivity and energy to your look. Long one-color dresses which are widened to the bottom and hide the fatness perfectly are especially adorable.

trendy shirt dress 2022
Kiton Spring 2022 RTW MILAN

Relevant prints

Plaid shirt dress 2022

Plaid print keeps staking the lead in the fashionable prints list. This year large colorful or black-and-white plaid or small plaid of different colors is relevant.

trendy shirt dress 2022
Paul Smith Spring Summer 2022


We wrote about the extraordinary popularity of striped dresses. A similar trend continues in shirt style too. We can observe a fantasy on a topic of vertical, diagonal, horizontal stripes and even their combinations in the collections of the most famous couturiers.

2022 shirtdresses
Hyke 2022
stripped shirt dress 2022
Erdem Resort 2022 Collection

Flowery print

The options of flowery shirt dresses can be described endlessly. We attribute here not only flowers but also floral patterns with leaves and branches, large or small, single flowers or their bunches on the backgrounds of different colors.

Laura Biagiotti Spring 2022
2022 shirt dress
Laura Biagiotti Spring 2022

Abstract prints

An increasing trend we’ve seen coming through in fashion has been a shift for abstract prints. Use amorphous shapes to express your individuality.

printed shirt 2022
Max Mara Resort 2022

Geometric prints

It may be predicted, that shirt dresses with geometric prints would appear in the new collections as bright patterns are back in fashion in 2022.

2022 shirt dress
Duro Olowu Spring-2022

Shirt dresses 2022: a variety of styles

Minimalism style

Everyone knows that sometimes the best thing is the simplest one, for example, an A-line dress. If pithiness is your essence, then you can feel comfortable putting on clothes that are not burdened with unnecessary details.

shirt dresses 2022 fashion
Christian Dior Resort 2022 collection


The standard characteristics of the daily style are calm colors, classic cut, stripes, and polka dots, and also monochrome styles, democratic length. Such garments can become your favorite clothes for walking around, shopping, and other daily routines. Comfort is at its highest degree!

2022 shirt dresses
Windsor RTW SS22


Bright er tint patterns, midi- or maxi-length, original decorative insert ruffles, flowery print make up a nice outfit for a holiday event or a date.

2022 shirt dresses trend
L’AGENCE Spring 22 Collection


A strict style of military gear is appropriated from men and motivated by the features of the shirt cut. Determined and self-confident women will be fond of somber but nice khaki clothes.

shirtdresses 2022
Victoria Tomas SS22


Courageous shiny multifarious style is drawing the attention of other people. The woman in that outfit looks as if she leaps from the pages of a glossy magazine. You can use catchy accessories, shoes, and jewelry to complete the look.

2022 shirt dress
Alice McCall 2022
glamorous shirt dress
Alice McCall Resort 2022

Sports style

Mobility, natural fabrics, simplicity of combining with sports shoes are appreciated by the modern youth especially.

Dad sneakers with dress

Business style

Dresses of a simple cut and somber colors are suitable for formal settings. It is about below the knee or midi-length garments. Too short length will not be approved by the administration of the institution.

fashion shirt dress 2022
Duro Olowu Spring 2022 RTW London


Long dresses with bright patterns made from lightweight material or monochrome styles of courageous tints are used for these purposes.

2022 shirt dresses
Georges Hobeika 2022

Plus size style

Special admirers of the shirt style are precisely the representatives of plus-size figures. After all, its main ability is to correct the figure with the help of clothes and to hide its flaws.

dresses for big tummy bulge
Dresses for big buts and tummy

What shoes go with a shirt dress?

For different styles of clothes you can make combinations with these shoes:

  • summer open sandals;
  • stylish espadrilles;
  • sports slip-ons;
  • simple style gumshoes or sneakers;
  • comfortable flat shoes;
  • high heels;
  • jackboots;
  • trendy mules shoes.
What shoes go with a shirt dress
Laura Biagiotti Spring Summer 2022
What shoes go with a shirt dress
Victoria Tomas 2022
shirtdress trend 2022
Marques’ Almeida 2022
fashion shirtdresses 2022
Kiton Spring 2022 RTW MILAN
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fashion capes 2022

Graceful Fashion Capes 2022 for Сontemporary Ladies

A cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which covers the back, arms, and sometimes chest. We have already told you about all the features of fashion capes for confident and elegant women. If you missed the post – read it again.

Cape has no sleeves. But the wide slits for the hands make it quite practical in everyday life. On a cool evening, you can completely hide your hands under a spacious cloth.

Are capes in style for 2022?

capes 2022
Paul and Joe Fall 2021-2022 RTW Credit-Emma-Summerton
cape clothes 2022
Monique Lhuillier Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

We present you a full review of the fashion capes styles from fashion shows of famous designers in 2022.

Trendy Cape: Fashion 2022 surprises

What are the main features of fashionable cape novelties?

Capes have different lengths. You can find both long cape dresses and short capes coats which perfectly suit a modern outfit.

– The fabric of different thicknesses and textures are used: thin transparent tulle for dresses, dense materials – for winter coats.

trendy capes 2022

– Fashion capes clothes are presented in different shades:

1) restrained black, brown, dark blue colors for every day;

cape clothes 2022
Elie Saab Fall 2021-2022

2) white, beige, and other tender pastel colors;

capes 2022
Courreges SS22 RTW Paris

3) bright shades for holidays;

fashion capes 2022
Georges Hobeika 2022

3) with fashion prints: leopard, tartan, floral, strip.

capes fashion 2022
Valentino Collection-2021-2022
cape dress 2022
Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2021-2022
raincoat cape

– In addition to the restrained intelligent colors that we are used to seeing, there are bright colored capes of “festival” themes, as well as a fashionable shiny gold or silver metallic, lace cape.

fashion capes 2022
Naeem Khan Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show
cape 2019 fashion
Saint Laurent
capes 2022 fashion
Naeem Khan SS 2022

Let’s look in detail at all the most popular styles, presented in 2022.

Popular Types of Fashion Capes 2022

Coat Cape

The most common type of clothing is one from which the history of the capes began. Young girls will choose short capes which expose slender legs. Short dresses and pencil skirts suit them perfectly.

fashion cape clothes 2022
Luisa Spagnoli 2021-2022

Older women wear spacious knee-length capes. You can wear them not only with dresses but with tight-fitting trousers. Elegant high-heeled shoes or spectacular jackboots add this fashion outfit.

cape coat 2022
Bottega Veneta David Roemer 2021

Cape dress 2022: photo news

A cape dress is an exquisite dress with a cape, which is cut together with the main part of the clothes. The cape is made from the same material, most often it has the same length.

What cape dresses are in fashion 2022?

cape trends 2022
Gemy Maalouf Bridal 2022
cape dress 2022
Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2021-2022

Short Cape Dress

This modern version of the cap carries notes of seductiveness and severity at the same time. Clear laconic lines and thick fabric are characteristic of classic dresses. Frank mini and long bare legs – one of the main “magnets” in the female appearance, which attracts men.

cape trends 2022
trendy cape dress

Look at the accessories in the next outfit. There are round earrings and a massive pendant choker. If you want to learn about fashionable chokers in 2021-2022 and consider the most relevant options, then read the publication on the site.

dress cape

Long cape dress

Amazing evening dresses are sewn from fine expensive fabrics. A long cape dress beautifully emphasizes the waist and hips. Cape covers shoulders but does not hide the charm of the female body. When walking, a thin flying cape flutters, creating an incredible lightness effect.

trendy capes
Elie Saab
fashionable cape dress
fashion capes 2022
Daalarna Spring 2022 Wedding Dresses

Wedding Cape Dress

As you noticed, a long wedding dress-cape turns a girl into a princess. The royal train of the Victorian era makes the girl’s shoulders more graceful, hides the fullness of the hands, tightens the silhouette. Experts recommend wearing a wedding cape dress with a wreath of flowers or a tiara, but not a veil.

fashionable cape dress
fashion capes 2022
Pollardi 2022 Wedding Dresses
fashion capes 2022
Viktor&Rolf Spring 2022 Bridal Collection

Capes 2022: News of the Season

Сape Raincoat

Modern ladies will not miss the opportunity to hide from the rain in a fashionable cape raincoat in an impressive red or pink shade.

trendy capes
cape clothes 2022
Women’s Safiyaa Resort 2022 Collection

Jumpsuit Cape

The most progressive women changed their dress to evening overalls. This outfit will fit not only for a birthday dinner, but also for a prom, and even a wedding. Therefore, the designer’s experiments with overalls capes are quite predictable. Festive styles are presented most often in bright or light colors.

Caped Jumpsuit
Caped Jumpsuit in White

Cape Jacket

A jacket is a basic thing for many women. Of course, every woman wants to choose her style so as to be different from others. Perhaps a Cape jacket is your choice? The cape is tightly connected to the jacket and has the same length.

fashion cape clothes 2022
Valentino Fall 2021-2022

Cape Cardigan

Cardigan has no zippers, wear unbuttoned. It can be worn with a plain T-shirt, blouse or shirt. The stores feature more dark or white practical capes that fit almost any item from your wardrobe.

cardigan cape

You have seen that fashion approves 2022 cape? Do not forget to tell it to your friends on social networks.

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skirts 2022

The Best Skirt Trends 2022 – How to be Different

The days when all the girls looked like each other are gone. Now you can get confused about the variety of skirt trends 2022. You can not choose only one item from the long list of fashion skirts styles 2022. They are so different that I want to buy everything at once!

trendy skirts 2022
Louis Vuitton Resort 2022
best skirts 2022
Gucci 2021-2022

What skirts are in style for 2022?

One common feature for all the skirts this season is a loose cut and maximum comfort. Finally, you can forget about the tight clothes, and think about something sublime!

pleated skirts 2022 fashion
Elie Saab Resort 2022 Fashion Show

Choose the right skirt length for 2022

Extra mini skirts style 2022

The number of long skirts considerably exceeds the short ones. But the girls with slim long legs have the opportunity to demonstrate their advantages. For greater effectiveness wear mini skirts with beautiful shoes, for example, high boots or espadrilles.

skirt trends 2022
Valentino-Spring 2022 RTW Paris
skirt trends 2022
Miu Miu Spring 2022 RTW Paris

Midi trending skirts 2022

Midi skirts will make a woman tender or sensual, extravagant or proud. These fashion skirts perfectly complement the business, romantic, everyday style. We are surprised by the experiments with the types of materials. Do you like a midi skirt made of leather, denim, or dense wool?

fashion skirts 2022
Alexander McQueen Spring 2022
skirts 2022
Michael Kors Spring 2022 RTW New York

Long skirt style 2022

A long skirt creates a certain grandeur of the image. “Mood” attire depends on the material and additional components of the outfit, as well as accessories and shoes.

fashionable skirts 2022
Brandon Maxwell Spring 2022 RTW Collection
fashion skirts 2022
Alice and Olivia RTW Spring 2022 New York

Main skirt trends 2022

Pleated skirts

The popularity of neat pleating was quite expected. There was a lot of talk about it in the last seasons. It makes the figure more gentle and graceful. Designers advise women to choose a length below the knee or maxi so that the image is not too playful.

See the full list of fashionable pleated skirts for 2022 on our website.

trendy skirts 2022
Brandon Maxwell Spring 2022 RTW Collection
Fashionable Pleated Skirts 2022
Christian Dior Resort 2022 Collection

Pencil skirt

A classic pencil skirt will never go out of fashion. It perfectly demonstrates the ideal figure and makes the body slimmer visually. You can combine a strict pencil skirt not only with blouses. It can be combined with a leather jacket and sneakers.
And if the laconic form seems boring to you, then choose a model with huge pockets, rows of buttons, or other additions.

skirts 2022
Vetements Spring 2022 Paris
Carolina Herrera resort 2022

How to choose a pencil skirt that hides the belly and big hips, read the article of the site experts.

Wrapped skirts

The wrap skirt can be of any cut and length. Such skirts are wide or narrow, simple or with decorative elements. They are made from materials of various textures and colors and can be worn at any event in any season.

A wrap skirt will make a woman more sensual, extravagant, and proud.

2022 skirt trends
Carolina Herrera Resort 2022
fashionable skirts 2022
Colville Spring 2022 Ready to Wear Fashion Show

Sarong skirt

Sarong skirts are also in fashion and you will probably see them everywhere on the beach and at pool parties. If you want to look great without showing skin, then you choose from sarong skirts this summer. These skirts can also be paired with tops and can be worn on picnic dates.

trendy skirts 2022
Lydia Lavin Spring 2022
2022 fashion skirts
Mossi Spring 2022 Paris

A-line skirt

This simple form of the year finds its admirers. Its main feature is the shape that surrounds the waist and expands to the floor. It is not limited to one long and can be either a maxi or a mini (midi) skirt. Skirt-trapezium is ideal for the embodiment of the image of a business woman.

fashion skirts 2022
Christopher Kane Spring 2022 RTW London
skirt 2022 trends
Dior Resort 2022

Ruffle skirts

Coquettish ruffles, voluminous flounces are most often represented in monochrome skirts, so as not to overload the image. Such elements will emphasize the thin female waistline. Or hide the narrow hips. You need to choose the right style.
It looks good on slender girls. They can afford a skirt with a variety of flounces.
The skirt will correct the inverted triangle figure with narrow hips and broad shoulders. The proportions are smoothed out.
Do not wear a skirt with flounces, if the figure resembles an apple and a pear. A girl with wide hips will look even wider.

skirts 2022 trends
Stella Jean Resort 2022 Fashion Show
skirts trends 2022
Molly Goddard 2022 RTW London

Cutout skirts

This is a new trend that will continue for several more years. A narrow piece of skin, visible at the waist, visually makes the silhouette more graceful. Cutout skirts add spice to the outfit.

2022 skirt trends
Chanel Spring 2022 RTW Paris
fashion skirts 2022
N21 Milano fashion week

Pants with skirt attached

True femininity is usually associated with a skirt or a dress. Nowadays, these boundaries are erased, now you can be feminine and feel comfortable wearing both skirts and pants. The pants with skirts overlay are popular at fashion weeks and in everyday celebrity looks.

skirts 2022 fashion
Chanel Spring 2022 RTW Paris
2022 skirts trend
Chanel Spring 2022 RTW Paris

Slit skirt

Why slit skirt is so popular? They are comfortable when walking. Longitudinal lines visually extend the silhouette, making the figure slimmer. Skirts create an image of seductiveness, slightly opening the legs. We noticed actual styles with one deep side incision, and also with a small incision in the front, which is visible only when walking.

skirt styles 2022
Louis Vuitton Resort 2022
skirt styles 2022
Chanel Resort 2022

Fringed skirts

Eccentric women will like fringe skirts. If the decor is expressive and voluminous, then we calm the image with a simple top.

skirt styles 2022
Chanel Resort 2022
skirts 2022
Dolce & Gabbana RTW Spring 2022

Transparent skirt

This is one of the most feminine types of women’s skirts 2022, which fashion in the new season has put forward in the forefront. Young eccentric girls will definitely not overlook the most fashionable transparent tulle or chiffon skirts. Surprisingly, this image is presented as romantic, without a touch of audacity and vulgarity.

Combine the air skirts with leather jackets and warm sweaters. This outfit will look more modest.

skirts 2022 trends
AlexanderMcQueen Spring 2022 London
trending skirts 2022
Maryam Nassir Zadeh RTW Spring 2022

Netted skirts

Netted skirts trend is not going to give up! Net became thinner and more transparent in the new season. In the most effective variations of netted fashion skirts 2022, designers forgot about the lining fabric. Now you see slender legs! Experts say that you should not be too shy!

2022 skirt trends
Chanel Spring 2022 RTW Paris
skirt styles 2022
Elisabetta Franchi Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show

High waisted skirts

Skirts with a high waist are the main trend of this year. This also applies to trousers and fashionable jeans. Skirts from dense tissue can slightly correct the shortcomings of the body, for example, a bulging belly. This style is suitable for girls with any type of figure.

A distinctive feature of fashionable skirts 2022 is a high waist. It is able to visually lengthen the figure, neatly outline the hips and make the waist look thinner. These are excellent characteristics!

skirt styles 2022
Tory Burch Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection
long skirts 2022
Erdem Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Ultra low waisted skirts

skirts style 2022
Chanel Spring 2022 RTW Paris
skirt styles 2022
Miu Miu Spring 2022 RTW Paris

Asymmetric skirts

Additional details on the dress, ragged hem, asymmetric edges – these are the main methods to “break” the standard cut of the laconic style. If you focus on the form, then the color should be neutral. Only in monochrome skirts, all the nuances of the form can be easily considered.

skirts trend 2022
Mossi Spring 2022 Ready to Wear Fashion Show
skirts 2022
Stine Goya Copenhagen Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Sequin or metallic color skirt

Shiny gold and silver metallic skirts are in fashion 2022. Bold sequin skirts stay headlines and we can enjoy them this year.

2022 skirts trends
Victoria Beckham Resort 2022
Versace-x-Fendi 2022

Read about fashion pants 2022 and look at unexpected new trends!

5 popular fabrics for trendy skirts 2022


The color palette and styles of wear-resistant skirts made of leather will really please fashionists. The most numerous, most likely, are leather pencil skirts. And they are not only suitable for strict looks in business style. To create an everyday image, you can wear an oversized sweater and a jacket, heels, or sneakers.

Although leather pants and skirts can only be worn in winter or fall, you must have at least one leather skirt in your closet.

skirt styles 2022
Louis Vuitton Resort 2022
skirts style 2022
Hermes Spring 2022 RTW Paris


Modern jeans skirts have a high waist, like fashion jeans. And still – more interesting form. Asymmetric bottom, large pockets, different lengths.

fashion trendy skirts 2022
Y_Project Spring 2022 Fashion Show
trendy skirts 2022
Carolina Herrera Resort 2022


For summer, natural fabrics are selected: linen and cotton. On a hot day, the body will breathe! Light shades are appropriate in the summer!

trending skirts 2022
Tory Burch RTW Spring 2022


It is not necessary to wear pants in the cold season. Frost is not terrible if in your wardrobe there is a knitted or tweed skirt. They are great for high boots.

skirt styles 2022
Chanel Resort 2022
skirt styles 2022
Chanel 2021-2022 Paris


In 2022, you will see skirts made of silk everywhere. Silk skirts look glamorous and they can make a boring outfit look amazing.

2022 fashion skirts
Tom Ford Spring 2022
2022 fashion skirts
The Row Spring 2022

Cute Women’s Print Skirts 2022

Printed skirts also look cool and they were widely seen at Milan and Paris fashion runways. Printed skirts are trending and the following are the prints that are in fashion in the year 2022.

Tartan skirts

The real favorite among all prints is tartan. Especially impressive were long skirts for cold seasons. There is a feeling that the girls came to the podiums in warm plaids. In winter, you can also look stylish in Scottish tartan, and do not tremble with frost!

2022 skirt trends
Tory Burch Spring 2022-RTW New York
trending skirts 2022
Moschino RTW Spring 2022

Floral print skirts

Big floral prints and small floral prints, both are in fashion and you can choose any print for your skirts.

Dresses and skirts with floral patterns – femininity in its pure form! Do you like small vegetable patterns with a two-color version or a large decor with carved petals? Choose according to the situation and personal tastes. And in one, and in another you will look stunning.

skirts style 2022
Carolina Herrera Resort 2022
skirt styles 2022
Ulla Johnson Spring Summer 2022

Animals prints

A more recent innovation could not bypass the fashion trends skirts 2022. Familiar and understandable to many options with animal skins (tiger, leopard) no longer surprise anyone. But the snake print is still not everyone will try on. Skirts with funny drawings of animals on the fabric – trendy print, with which the stylists play with pleasure.

fashionable skirts 2022
Dolce & Gabbana RTW Spring 2022 Milan
skirts 2022 trends
Dolce & Gabbana RTW Spring 2022 Milan

Striped skirt

One of the fashion trends of the season is a stripe. This print is a passion for many designers. It can be vertical, horizontal, oblique on the fabric.

The objects of our image have a different direction of the stripe. A strip at the bottom and a monophonic top fit well, too.

2022 skirts trends
Calvin Luo Spring 2022 RTW Paris
trendy skirts 2022
Chanel Spring 2022 RTW Paris

Ethnic print

Original ethnic print skirts were fashionable a few centuries ago, but this print did not go out of fashion for a day. What is its uniqueness? It is possible that it is universal and is able to decorate the image of a woman at any age, and maybe in something else.

skirts 2022 fashion
Women’s Andres Otalora Resort 2022 Collection
trendy skirts 2022
Adeam Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

This is all from fashion skirts 2022, if you want to know about the long skirts trend more then check out our blogpost on fashionable skirts for plus size women by clicking here.

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fashion pants 2022

New Pant Styles for Women: Trendy Pants 2022 Fashion Alert

When it comes to styling any outfit, eight times out of ten it will involve wearing pants. They are pretty much the most practical piece of clothing that women have in their closets. The great thing about women’s fashion is that there is so much room for exploration and trying out all the fun new trends that come along. Pants for women in 2022 are so different and honestly that is what makes fashion trends so great!

trending trousers 2022
Alberta Ferretti Spring 2022 RTW
pants 2022
Philipp Plein Spring 2022 Menswear Fashion Show

So, if you are ready for some helpful tips on styling pants for 2022, you have come to the right article. Draw inspiration from 2022’s main pants trends in order to give your wardrobe a new year’s refresh.

fashion pants 2022
Louis Vuitton Resort 2022 Collection
trendy pants 2022
Philipp Plein Spring 2022 Menswear Collection

The Main Trends of Fashion Pants 2022

Let’s start with the main trends that continue from previous seasons. After that, let’s talk about the news in fashion collections.

The High Waisted Pant

A classic pant style, perfect for all occasions. Choose light, flowy fabrics like linen and cotton for a sophisticated look in spring and summer. Choose high waisted pants made from heavier fabrics like wool or denim for the winter months. Pair with a t-shirt for a casual look and add a blazer and
jewelry for a dressed-up evening look.

pants 2022
Zimmermann Resort 2022 Collection
fashionable pants 2022
Rubeus Milano 2021-2022

Cropped Pants

Perfect for spring days, shortened pants are essential in anyone’s wardrobe. Ending at the knees, shorted pants are an alternative choice to traditional shorts. Take inspiration from Dior’s Spring 2022 Resort collection and choose a pair of shortened pants for a perfect summer evening look.

trendy pants 2022
Dior Resort 2022
womens pants2022
Dsquared2 Resort 2022 Collection
fashionable pants 2022
Elisabetta Franchi Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show

Wide Pants 2022

This is a cool fashion trend that is starting to become popular in women’s pants. Wide-cut pants are normally made with soft, flowing fabric.
Fashion designers started playing around with some different sorts of fabric, like leather. Leather wide-cut trousers style is perfect!

When you are looking to style this kind of look, we highly recommend you let your pants be your bold statement.
Wide trousers, contrary to common perception, look fantastic on all body shapes, create an hourglass look.

fashion womens pants 2022