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 Two or three years ago only the most fashionable women knew about fashionable culottes. But experts predicted that these pants will gain incredible popularity and will not leave the leadership positions! Take a closer look at the fashionable trousers. If there is not this stylish thing in your wardrobe yet, then it’s worth thinking about buying!

how to wear culottes

What are culottes?

Culottes are wide short pants, usually knee-length or calf-length. Some bloggers compare them to trousers-skirts, others – to clown pants. Some fashion experts scare women by the fact that they are not suitable for everyone, and the selection of clothes with culottes should be carried out with incredible scrupulousness. KSISTYLE decided to make a new look at the fashion trend, answered the main questions about culottes and made its own conclusions!

red culottes

culottes pants

How to wear culottes trousers?

The non-standard length of the culottes (to the middle of the shin) visually shortens the figure, making it more rounded. Therefore, girls with fluffy hips should be careful in choosing these pants. But this does not mean that chubby women should completely abandon them! Culottes for full women is a great solution! All the secrets of combining things have already been revealed by our experts. Look at great culottes outfits for plus size women.

culottes pants plus size

– How to wear culottes if you are short? High heels shoes are the most suitable for culottes outfits. So you can make legs longer visually, which will slightly improve the situation. If your figure is perfect, then boldly combine wide trousers with flat soled shoes.

===For short girls, we recommend pairing culottes with high-heeled shoes.===

culottes 2019

print culottes– The culottes can be sewn from a fabric of varying density. There are jeans-culottes or light pleated pants. Accordingly, you can select culottes for any season of the year.

denim culottes

– Culottes can be combined with many items of the wardrobe, creating stylish modern images. Fashionable trousers will be suitable for daily use and for holidays, for official meetings and visits, for travel and workdays. It is important to consider the texture and coloring of the fabric, to correctly pick up all the things in the kit. Read the article to the end, and you will know all the secrets of successful combinations of fashion trousers in a harmonious manner.

print culottes

– Appreciate the sufficient versatility of culottes trouser in terms of selection of shoes. Check it by viewing the presented photos. By the way, women have more freedom in combining shoes and fashionable trousers today. Culottes can be worn at any time of the year, but in the fall and spring, when the weather is cool, they are most in demand.

All about fashionable leather culottes you can read at another article.

What to wear leather trousers with

With what shoes do you wear culottes?

High heel shoes

The figure will look slim visually, and the image will be pretty feminine and harmonious. It is heels shoes that are most suitable for fashionable short trousers. Such an ensemble is recommended by stylists: the proportions of the figure will be perfect, and with the heels you will look slimmer.

 culottes trouses

how to wear culottesFlat sandals

How to wear culottes with flats?

Most often, you can see the culottes in combination with the heels. But this does not mean that pants can not be worn with flats. Of course, your legs will not look as long as with heels. But you need to know a simple secret to create a harmonious image.

=== Demonstrate the waistband of the culottes, picking up the short top. So you visually extend the line of legs from the hips.===

culottes pant

blue culottes

Incredibly convenient! An excellent ensemble for long walks. High slender girls can easily choose this option. To light pants made of thin fabric, you can put on sandals on a wedge or high heels.

white culottes
Culottes with trendy mules

Stylish mules shoes, which we have already described in our publications, will further strengthen the versatility of wide trousers. Selecting the top will determine the style that you want to create.


Culottes outfit with sneakers

This combination is quite acceptable. It is recommended to use the ensemble “culottes-sports shoes” for slender girls with a good figure. It will be to around the body line, which will benefit them.

culottes with leather jacket
High boots with heels

Warm culottes will cover the top of the shoe. The ankles will look quite elegant. You will demonstrate all the advantages of high boots.

culottes + High boots with heels

Women’s boots

The image is very harmonious. Heels, wedge or flat? It all depends on your personal style.

how to wear culottes

Replace tight shoes to comfortable espadrilles in the summer. Experts advise you to choose the platform espadrilles or wedges.

culottes with espadrilles

Best culottes outfit

Culottes are becoming more popular with every season. They appear on the catwalks and in the fashion sets. And even in business images! Do not believe me? Look at the photo!



Fashionable culottes trousers were part of the casual image recently. Today wide pants have expanded the scope of application. They can be worn on a date. Culottes may be a part of the business style. But not classic!

If you want to make a stylish image with wide trousers, you must adhere to the generally accepted rules.

Сulottes can be worn with the same things as trousers.

+ Warm sweater

Designers offer this fashionable outfit very often. It is very practical for cool weather! You can wear culottes even with voluminous oversize sweaters!

how to wear culottes

culottes 2019

+ Shirts

It is perfect set for a summer walk! You can wear dark color trousers with t-shirt any shade: white, bright, with pictures. Print trousers are combine with monotonous t-shirts. Create a sea image with a striped t-shirt. Get a playful, joyful mood!

culottes trouses

blue culottes

+ T-shirts

It is the perfect outfit for a summer walk! Dark color trousers combine wish t-shirt any shade: white, bright, with pictures. Print trousers wear with monotonous T-shirts. Create a sea image with a striped t-shirt. Get a playful, joyful mood!

white culottes

red culottes

white culottes

+ Blouses

Form an outfit to go on holiday, meet with girlfriends and visit the cafeteria with a childhood friend. Culottes is a worthy company with semi-transparent and lace blouses.

pleated culottes

+ Jackets

In this case, we will get the official style. Not strict, but very interesting! Choose slightly elongated jackets to make the image harmonious.

black culottes

Сulottes pant and leather jackets will be a perfect pair. Do you like jeans jackets? Feel free to combine them at light youth image!

how to wear culottes

how to wear culottes

+ Over-coat and raincoat

Winter ensemble complement the outer clothes of medium length. Too short coats will be inappropriate. А coats in a military style is a good choiсe.

Read an article about wearing culottes in the winter.

white culottes

More culottes outfit ideas you can view on the video. Fashionable stylists advise to combine things exactly like that! Enjoy watching!