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The modern cardigan is unusually practical and comfortable, so women increasingly prefer to replace jackets with cardigans. In addition, a knitted sweater in 2021 was listed as a must-have for the season.

But in a variety of stylish models, it’s easy to get lost! Look for interesting images of plus size cardigans!

Best cardigan for your body shape

It’s not an easy task! First of all, you will have to answer a few questions.

– What color to choose? Recall that the most popular in 2021 was the red, beige, as well as gray cardigan. Stylists of the site described in detail their advantages and examples of combining with other items of the wardrobe.

The black cardigan is the most practical, the beige sweater also perfectly complements your fashionable image.

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– Cardigan will complement the festive or casual outfits? For casual looks, we advise you to pay attention to popular knitted sweaters. A lace cardigan will add solemnity along.

– For what time of the year and the weather should you choose a cardigan? The density of the material must correspond to external factors.

But first of all – the cardigan should approach your body! Every time looking at yourself in the mirror, you have to be sure that you look superb!

How to choose a cardigan for your shape?

How to choose a cardigan for your shape?

– Long cardigans are recommended only for tall girls because they make the body squat. And even heeled shoes can not save the situation.

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– Small and short girls can choose cardigans with both straight and asymmetrical cuts of the bottom. From prints pay attention to a thin (but not wide) horizontal strip.

– You can wear shoes of any style to cardigans: heeled shoes, suede boots, flat shoes, sneakers or slip ons. So, if desired, you can add a few centimeters to your height with heels.

– Thin girls can choose voluminous cardigans of light color. This style will only emphasize the subtlety and fragility of a person.

– You can use jewelry and fashion accessories, including large ones (such as a scarf-snood or necklace) to monochrome cardigans.

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How to choose a cardigan for plus size ladies? Women’s plus size cardigans images

A plus size cardigan in a lavish lady’s wardrobe must be sure! This is not only permissible but very desirable!

An elongated sweater can hide a few extra centimeters, give a new life to a dress or tight pants. He will allow the woman to feel more confident, as it will cover the roundness of the hips, the protruding tummy.

– Thin plus size cardigan fits curve girls very well. An asymmetrical cut of the bottom will divert attention from rounded hips, hide the tummy.

Plus size cardigan

– If you are crazy about lace, but bravely choose a delicate openwork for the holidays. Combine the lace cardigan with things of contrasting shades. But remember that too embossed patterns can make you fat. Ruches and other additional decorative is not for you.

But the cardigan of a rich red or coral color will tell about your confidence, and also will shift the emphasis from body to the color.

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– Choose dark colors. But this does not mean that it must necessarily be a black sweater. Pyshechki charmingly looks and in dark blue, brown, gray, plum, burgundy, and even bright red cardigans. And even a beige cardigan plus size will do, subject to a choice of darker shades, for example, brown-nude. But the white elongated plus size sweaters fit for slender ladies.

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– V-neck cut out visually makes the shape longer. This cut is recommended for women with fluffy breasts. Sleeves should be long, but not wide. Flashlights on the shoulders are categorically contraindicated.

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– If you have a wide upper legs, then uniquely choose a cardigan to the middle of the thigh or to the knee of a straight or asymmetrical cut. This is the optimal length for lush women because it covers all the problem areas and pulls out the shape. Plus size long cardigan (up to the middle of the lower leg and lower) will fit only the tall women.

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– Low full girls are allowed to choose short cardigan, the length to the waist. But they need to be combined with skirts or pants with an inflated waistline.

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  • Firstly, you will not freeze in cold weather.
  • Secondly, your waist will look slimmer, and a dense fabric on your waist will keep you toned, not allowing you to stoop.
  • Hight-waisted pants are called the fashionable plus size trends of 2021-2022.

women's plus size cardigans

plus size cardigans

– Wear a cardigan unbuttoned. Vertical lines are always visually made slender. Combine it with business pants, jeans, long and short (but not too!) dresses, skirts. The sweater must sit on the body freely. But oversized sweaters can visually make a lush woman fuller.

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– Be careful with the belts, they can accentuate the attention of others on the shortcomings of your body. Avoid the effect of “cutting” the body in half. But a thin strap, as in the photo, looks quite harmonious, but only to elongated styles.

Thus, you can correctly form and designate the waistline, placing the belt a little higher than it. Short cardigans do not need to tie a belt.

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– Do not fasten your cardigan to all buttons, forming a V-neck, which visually makes the neck and faces less round. In this version, sweaters perfectly combined with trousers, and with dresses. It is acceptable to fasten the cardigan only to one or two buttons.

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– For plus size ladies single-color cardigans will approach. But today in mass markets there are so many original long-sleeved sweaters with prints that it is difficult to resist buying!

Experts recommend plump women of fashion to avoid too expressive and large drawings on the fabric. Of all the existing prints, the best fit is a diagonal strip. She perfectly trims a body.

As you can see, women’s plus size cardigans are presented in a wide range, so you are sure to be able to choose your own option! And if you have questions about cardigans outfits, we recommend reading a series of useful publications on the site created by authoritative stylists of the site.

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