winter culottes outfit

You also appreciated the comfort of the culottes? How comfortable it was in summer! You do not want to give up the culottes when the cool days came? Also, it is not necessary! Fortunately, winter culottes pants, made of dense fabric. And nothing that they are cropped. We will show you how to warm up for the winter so that the legs do not freeze. winter culottes outfits

How to wear culottes in winter?

We have already told you how to wear culottes in one of our publications, which enjoys an incredible interest among women. And now consider the actual options for creating winter culottes outfits.

winter culottes outfit

Culottes with sweater

This is one of the most relevant combinations for a cool season. An oversized sweater, liked by many girls, will perfectly suit to the culottes. A dense turtleneck is also suitable.winter culottes outfit

This image does not require a high heel. This is one of the most significant advantages of this outfit. Therefore, in the fall, you can wear sneakers, moccasins or losers. And in winter – flat shoes.

culottes with sweater

You know that the culottes visually shorten the figure if you wear comfortable shoes with flat soles. High slender girls can not worry about it. But plump women prefer to wear shoes on the heel or platform.

Culottes with boots

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Culottes with jacket

Until recently, jackets could be worn only with classic trousers. But modern fashion is much more liberal. Wide trousers look great with elongated jackets not very strict shape. And if the Indian summer unexpectedly comes up, then the jacket can be quickly removed.

Such an image has a light tint of officiality.

culottes pants outfit

Pants with a leather jacket

The leather jacket has become 100 percent versatile. There is no such category of clothing that would not be combined with a leather jacket. She perfectly suits both lace dresses and pants-culottes. However, this same definition is suitable for a denim jacket. This incredibly stylish, versatile, modern image is suitable for a young energetic girl.

winter culottes outfit

To the ensemble with culottes, sneakers are usually worn. But you, as modern women, think wider! With wide trousers, you can wear anything: both a wedge and heels shoes.

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Culottes with coats

Not with all the styles of the coat will look good wide pants. Most preferred is an overcoat or military-style coat.

To maintain a harmonious image you can add massive shoes.

winter culottes outfit

If you want to create a feminine image, then you can choose a light pastel pant or coat and wear it with heels shoes.

winter culottes outfits

Cardigan with culottes pants

A warm cardigan is the first thing a modern woman takes out of the closet with the advent of September.
Elongated sweaters in the style of casual boldly combine cropped pants, adhering to the simplest rules of color combinations.
Again, it is preferable to heels.

winter culottes outfit

Vest with culottes

Such an ensemble looks at the same time youthfully playful and luxurious. In the image on the photo, the emphasis is on the contrast of materials and colors. We advise you to take an example from these excellent winter culottes outfits.

Culottes with boots

How to wear winter culottes: choose shoes

What shoes to wear with culottes in winter?


Still reigns early autumn, and not too cold, you can wear sneakers with culottes. This comfortable and stylish. Universal white sneakers fit any color of trousers.

winter culottes outfit

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Pants with shoes

Wide trousers can be worn with different styles of autumn shoes. It can be short boots with lacing, graceful heels and even massive high rocker shoes on a thick-soled shoe. The choice of shoes depends on what kind of image you want to create and what kind of thing you picked up as the top. It turns out that part of the leg from the shoes to the edge of the trousers will be open. If you are afraid to freeze, wear tights in the same color shoes. Read more about this at the end of the article.

Culottes with boots

Culottes with boots

Choose high boots, so that they fully covered ankle. This set is for a harsh winter. High boots protect feet from cold. And here you can play with colors and materials. Excellent will look and suede and shiny patent leather boots.

Culottes with boots

Color culottes and shoes will be radically different? It’s okay if it’s within reason! Women ask how to wear black culottes in winter so that the image was original? Boots of both a dark and light shade, black or another bright color, will suit them. The main thing is that the shoes should be in harmony with other items of the fashionable outfit.

winter culottes outfit

Do not change your own style. Wear culottes trousers with boots with heels and without a heel, or try a comfortable wedge.

Winter culottes outfits: what to wear and what to choose?

What pants did culottes recommend for winter? Which winter culottes are called the most fashionable and modern?

– Valuable advice from the site’s stylists: choose the culottes with a high waist for the winter. First, it’s fashionable. Secondly – your waist will always be warm. And thirdly, this style eliminates the problem of shortening the figure. We know that one of the drawbacks of a tricky trend is that they visually hide a few centimeters of growth.

culottes in winter

Leather pants create a stylish original image for the autumn. Combine them with sweaters or leather jackets.

winter culottes

– Under the autumnal mood, choose tight denim culottes. But wool will still be warmer.

winter culottes outfit

– Designers offer to fashion women acquire dark pants for the winter. They are most practical in terms of combining with outer clothing and shoes.

winter culottes outfit

– If you want to be more original, then pay attention to the prints, especially trendy tartan. And be sure to learn what to carry the cage with.

winter culottes outfit

– Pants made of tweed and other dense materials are perfectly combined with jackets, cardigans, sheepskin coats or an elongated coat.

winter culottes outfit

– Experts advise wearing in the winter very wide trousers, which are as much as a skirt-pants.

winter culottes outfit

Culottes with tights

Experts of the site have collected the most frequent questions about the culottes, which asked modern women. One of the first in this list is how to combine tights with culottes. We repeat once again: you can wear tights with wide trousers, and in the winter it is necessary to do this without fail. There is no need to expose your feet to frost. Choose tight tights that are identical in color to the shoes or trousers.

winter culottes outfit
For a plus-size figure, we recommend choosing culottes that do not tightly enclose the hips. The length of the trousers should be below the middle of the shin so that the figure visually seemed slimmer.

culottes pants plus size

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