trendiest skirts 2023

Top-11 Trendy Skirts 2023

Skirts have been in style since people started wearing them and they’re here to stay. But just because skirts have been around forever doesn’t mean that they always have to be the same! Skirts come in many different styles and fabrics. It can be hard to keep track of what’s hot right now and what’s going to be on trend in a few years. If you love wearing skirts (and why wouldn’t you?) but are tired of looking the same as everyone else, check out these 11 trendy skirts for 2023!

skirts 2023 fashion
Badgley Mischka Spring 2023 RTW

Skirts have always been in style, but the styles vary from decade to decade, and even from year to year! With our lives moving faster than ever before and global fashion trends shifting constantly, it can be hard to keep up with what’s going to look good years from now. Fortunately, we at KSISTYLE.COM have done all of the legwork so you don’t have to! Check out these trendy skirts that will be in style as far out as 2023 and make sure you’re up-to-date on all of the newest trends!

trendy skirts 2023
Zimmermann SS23 |Ready-to-Wear

2023’s Trendiest Skirts to Keep You Fashion-Forward

What skirts are in style for 2023?

1. Wide, voluminous skirts

The wide skirts 2023 trend has taken over this season with a fresh, new spin on fuller skirts. It’s all about big, chic shapes in rich fabrics. Fullness is your friend with this silhouette: think loads of fabric gathered in elegant folds so that you get all the style without any cling. Wide skirt 2023 is also ideal if you’ve got an event coming up because they give you more coverage while still being super fashion-forward.

trendy skirts 2023

2. Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are perfect to wear in the summertime. They’re comfortable, and they can be styled with both casual and dressier outfits. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty because they can easily be wiped down. If you want a high-fashion look without spending too much money, then maxi skirts are perfect for you.

skirts 2023 fashion
Max Mara Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

3. Mini

So if you want to be the center of attention at your next event, opt for mini skirts 2023. Show off your slender long legs!

skirts 2023 trend
Carolina Herrera Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

4. Flared and tube denim skirts

Trending skirts in 2023 are going to be either flared or tube denim skirts. A flared skirt is a skirt that flares out from your hips, whereas a tube skirt does not. Flared skirts are perfect if you want a more dramatic look and if you want to show off some leg. Tube skirts are more modest and perfect if you’re not comfortable with showing as much skin.

skirts 2023 fashion
Paco Rabanne Spring Summer 2023

5. Slight A-line flares

Trending skirts in 2023 are anything but basic. A style that is trending this year is a flared skirt with a slight A-line flare. The flared skirt creates a full and flattering silhouette while still looking trendy and on-trend. It also pairs well with any type of shoe, making it an easy go-to option. Pair yours with a solid color top to add some contrast or a patterned one to keep things fun.

skirts 2023 fashion
Valentino Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

5. Lightweight and sheer fabrics

Trending skirts in 2023 are made with lightweight and sheer fabrics. This look is chic, trendy, and comfortable. The most popular fabric types include lace, tulle, and chiffon. All lengths remain in style including mini-skirts, maxi-skirts, and flared skirts. One key fashion trend will be wearing a skirt over pants or shorts to create two looks in one by pairing it with a jacket or cardigan.

skirts 2023 trend
Paco Rabanne Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

6. Lace skirt

Lace skirts are one of the most popular skirt trends this season. They come in a variety of fabrics, such as rayon, and can be worn with various tops or dresses.

The lace skirt trend is perfect for those who love to mix it up by trying new types of clothing every day.

trendiest skirts 2023

7. Leather skirts

While leather skirts have been popular in recent years, they’re expected to make a comeback in 2023. Not only are they trendy and flattering, but they also have a timeless quality to them that will make them appropriate for many seasons. Pair it with boots or flats depending on your desired look. A tight leather skirt with thigh-high boots is perfect for winter while wearing it with sandals and a loose top will be perfect during the summer months.

trendy skirts 2023

8. Fitted skater styles and pencil skirt

There are a number of trendy skirt styles that can be worn in any season. The best part is that these skirts are versatile and can be styled with all sorts of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. For instance, you could wear a stylish black pencil skirt with an oversized t-shirt and cool sandals.

trendy skirts 2023
Carolina Herrera 2023

9. Printed and patterned skirts

Printed skirts have been around for a few years now, but they are still going strong in 2023. The key to these skirts is getting them in bright, eye-catching colors that will stand out on your body and add a little more color to your wardrobe. Plus, there are so many different styles you can choose from – high-waisted or low-waisted, flowy or tight – so you’re bound to find one that suits your personal style.

skirts 2023 trend
Ralph Lauren Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

10. Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts of 2023 are sure to be on trend and make you look stylish no matter where you go. This style covers everything from casual daytime skirts to formal evening wear, so there’s sure to be something that fits your personal style whether you’re dressing up or down. When it comes to pleated skirts for 2023, the style is all about beautiful pleats, whether you’re looking for a midi-length or maxi skirt.

trendy skirts 2023
Christian Dior Resort 2023 collection

11. Shiny skirts

If you’re this bright outfit then opt for a more shiny option such as a gold or silver fabric skirt. You can’t go wrong when it comes to skirts this year!

2023 skirt trends
Alexis Mabille Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear fashion show

You know the latest fashion skirt trends for 2023. Read about The Best Current Jeans Trends 2023 for Women now.

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mom fit jeans

What Are Mom Fit Jeans And Why Are They So Popular Now? How to Wear It?

The humble pair of mom fit jeans are the most timeless and versatile pieces of clothing. Mom jeans are the best with baggy legs to the cinched waist, and you should add them to your wardrobe. You can wear them out with friends on the weekend, wear them to work on a casual Friday, or dress them up for a date night.

mom fit jeans
mom jean

This trend, of course, is not the newest, but now it is gaining momentum, as it is part of the global fashion trend of the 90s. In recent years, the world has been ruled by comfort and freedom of movement. (Think of the widespread sneakers!) Mom’s jeans are not tight that’s why perfect for the modern girl.

Mom Jeans Meaning and Definition

So what are these magical jeans? These “mom jeans” are just your average jeans with extra room in the thighs and hips. Also, they have plenty of giving, so they will move with you as you walk and sit down.

Are mom fit jeans flattering for women like they were back in the day? Let’s find out!

Mom Jeans Meaning and Definition

Mom jeans are the hight waisted casual, laid-back pair of pants that moms wear while hanging with their kids. They’re the ones that often have extra room in the waist and hips, plus they have plenty of stretches so you can bend, sit and walk without looking like you are wearing a tent.

mom jean outfits

You’ve probably already heard about Mom jeans and the new wave of popularity for this item. What shape are mom jeans?

Mom’s jeans were popular in the 90s because they were very comfortable and perfect. They hide a few extra centimeters at the waist and hips.

These hight waist jeans can be rolled up.

мама джинсы

Are mom jeans in style 2022?

Mom jeans are in style 2022; they are great cycle fashionable pants! The best thing about mom fit jeans is that they are easy to accessorize, like shoelaces or belts, making your legs look longer. You can wear this trendy jeans at work or at a party.

mom jean
mom jean

How to find the perfect mom jeans body type?

Are mom jeans flattering on different body types?

Hight waist mom fit jeans are one of the very flattering styles for all women’s body types.

mom jean style

Regardless of your body shape – slim, plump, skinny, tall, or medium – mam jeans are for you. A free cut allows you to hide the fullness and all existing imperfections of the legs. Fashion jeans with a high rise visually make the waist thinner. So you don’t have to give up trendy jeans, especially since they are so comfortable! But this modesty looks interesting, attractive, and even sexy.

mom jean outfits

The fashion style allows you to hide a small tummy and imperfect hips and other figure flaws under the clothes. Look at the photo.

How to find the perfect pair of jeans depends on your body type?

Do you have an hourglass figure or a pear shape? Here’s how to buy the best pair of jeans for your body type.

If you’re an hourglass, choose your favorite jeans. Straight leg, boot cut, wide leg, or cigarette-style will do.

mom jean

If you have a more curvy hourglass body type, choose mom jeans that are skinny on the bottom and wide at the waist. They will emphasize your legs and hips if you wear them right with a belt. When your top is not too tight, it will make your waist look slimmer.

mom fit jeans

If you have an inverted triangle body type, then choose mom jeans that are fitted on the bottom and loose on top to balance out your hips and thighs. You can also wear a boot-cut style to give yourself some volume at the bottom.

Mom jeans are very suitable for an inverted triangle shape.

mom jeans body type

Mom jeans make you look fuller if your thighs are very large compared to other parts of your pear body shape.

how to style mom jeans plus size

Therefore, for obese women, you need to pick mom jeans carefully. When it comes to wearing mom jeans plus size, the key to flattering is choosing the right pair. You need to read it now!

how to wear plus size mom jeans

Learn about dresses that hide your tummy.

What to wear with mom jeans?

Mom fit jeans are a classic, and you can wear them as much as you want. Learn main styling tips about what to wear with mom jeans. You can wear them in all seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

mom jean style

How to wear mom fit jeans in summer?

Shirt plus jeans

How to wear mom’s jeans with a shirt? This is one of the most successful images. The shirt can be tucked fully or half into the trousers, depending on fashion trends. This will help to showcase all the features of the jeans in the best possible way. And be sure of your great taste! For a modest, casual look, choose a white or colored shirt and plain jeans.

mom jeans with mom jeans

Ripped jeans

For more daring fashionistas, we offer ripped jeans that look like boyfriends. Add a simple plaid or wtite shirt to your jeans. Heeled shoes or flats complete this look, showcasing other styles full of contrasts and femininity.

mom jean outffits

Vintage style

Do you feel a little retro beauty girl today? If you want to add a touch of vintage to your fashionable mom jean outfit, then wear a silk or cotton blouse with jeans. Grab a retro leather tote bag and classic high heels just like the old days.

business mom jean outfits

Simple and familiar

Wear mom jeans with a basic slim t-shirt or roll-neck to lengthen your body to streamline your silhouette. A typical mom jean outfit can be dyed in different moods depending on which T-shirt you choose. Add some sneakers or shoes to it and you are ready for any turn of life.

mom fit jeans with t-shirt

Grey mom’s jeans

 Do not think that fashionable denim is presented exclusively in blue. In addition to the usual heavenly range, you can choose alternative options: black or gray. Gray (slightly faded) looks especially original, which allows you to instantly change the usual representation of a denim ensemble.

mom jean outfits

White mom’s jeans

Mom’s white jeans are perfect for summer! The loose fit does not hinder movement, the white color reflects the sun’s rays. And at the same time it does not look fat and does not give extra centimeters on the hips. To be one hundred percent confident in your slimness and originality, add heels or wedges.

wear mom jeans in summer

Sport girl

If you want to create a trendy sporty look, then you can wear a crop top or t-shirt with mom fit jeans. Denim will support a slight casualness of the image. A pair of sneakers are suitable for this image.

mom jean outfit

Business outfit

The next photo is an image with a touch of officialism: jeans with a strict blouse that will look good even with a pencil skirt. Are you saying that jeans are not business attire? If your boss thinks so, then alas … But all over the world, there is a tendency to soften the strict rules of the business dress code, more and more loyal administrators appear, neo-business style is becoming fashionable.

mom jean outfits

Your youth

The owners of the perfect tummy can wear mom jeans with a crop top. Due to the fact that the trousers fit snugly at the waist, they further emphasize the features of the female figure.

mom jeans with crop top
mom jean style

How to wear mom jeans in winter?

Leather jacket and mom fit jeans

A leather jacket with a shirt or t-shirt creates a layered look that is favored by the modern fashion industry. Standard thinking suggests adding sneakers, heeled shoes, or ankle boots to this look. We create a slim and feminine light rock style for women who are ready for new adventures.

mom fit jeans with leather jacket

Sweater or short cardigan

Of course, mom’s jeans complete with a sweater are one of the typical for the cold season. If you get bored, choose a handbag or shoes of an unusual color, as in the photo. And one more tip: if the sweater is not too tight, tuck it into jeans to define the waistline and demonstrate the beauty of the trouser cut.

winter mom jean outfits


The coat is suitable for outerwear. A long or short coat, a spacious cape is suitable for the perfect denim look.

мама джинсы

Use fishnets under the ripped jeans for high-fashion twists in winters.

mom jeans in winter

What are the trendy mom jean outfits?

Here are a few of the trending mom jeans style.

The best way to wear them is to stay simple and navy blue. You can pair it with simple pieces of denim, sneakers, and pastels. Mom jeans may be given a new twist depending on current needs, like all the basics. They come in high-fashion variations such as pleats at the side, gussets in the rear, and rinsed-out colors.

mom jean outfits
moms jeans

What shoes to wear with mom jeans?

What shoes to pair with mom jeans?

– Pair them with baggy sweaters and kitten heels during transitional seasons for casual meetings.

– Wear it with sneakers or moccasins to make it a sportier look.

mom jean style

-Create mom jean outfit with a basic t-shirt and white sneakers.

– You can also try oversized blazers and sneakers for a more stylish look. Choose chic blazer and ankle boots for stylish mom fit outfit.

mom fit jeans

– You can also wear them with heels for a little extra style.

What shoes to pair with mom jeans

– Choose wedges over heels to keep your feet and ankles supported.

– Try a booties with a knit sweater to pair with mom jeans.

– Experts recommend wearing heels and ankle boots for short girls.

мама джинсы

– Tall girls can pair jeans with sneakers, flat loafers or sandals.

What shoes to wear with mom jeans

After examining all the photos in the article, it is easy to conclude that you can wear jeans with almost any shoe.

The only thing that our stylists crossed out from the list of suitable shoes is high boots. Rolled-up jeans cannot be tucked into boots, and if you put jeans over boots, then all the beauty of the shoes will be hidden under the fabric.

Read about how to wear mom jeans plus size in another article on our website.

mom jeans plus size

In short, mom fit jeans are a great go-to wardrobe addition for any occasion. So, add a few to your collection now.

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ripped jeans 2022

Women’s Ripped Jeans 2022 – Should You Wear Them?

Women’s ripped jeans are coming back in style for the 2022 season – and it is no surprise for seasoned fashion lovers and media representatives and brand promotion teams. We are seeing a resurgence of older fashion coming back into play in 2022 from the late 1980s and 1990s. 

ripped jeans outfit for women

Baggy ripped jeans in 2022 will be a signature look that you can dress up and dress down. Anyone can wear ripped jeans no matter what age they are, and you can achieve many different looks. We will go over that in this article so keep reading to learn more about how women’s ripped jeans in 2022 are coming back in style!

Are ripped jeans still in style 2022?

Yes! Women’s ripped jeans 2022 will be in style, and it could be one of the biggest fashion trends of the year. We first saw jeans in the early 1900s as a staple piece for (mostly) men doing labor work as it was a durable fabric. They bought and wore jeans because they didn’t rip easy – how ironic now!

Are ripped jeans still in style 2022

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was the height of punk rock and grunge music. Wide-leg torn jeans, baggy clothes, and flannel were staples in many wardrobes. Pairing all of these elements together and destroying the clothes was in fashion and was a sign of anarchy and rebellion. Going against the normal fashion trends and against that status-quo was the important statement.

Now, we see brands of distressing jeans for their customers before they purchase them. Denim material can be hard to distress and rip on your own while making it look good. That’s why brands do it for you – so that they can make it look good and so their brand won’t look bad. 

At what age should you not wear ripped jeans?

You can wear ripped jeans at any age! This trendy jean style 2023 is for everyone, from teenagers to someone in their 60s – you just need to know what to look for in torn jeans. Companies make jeans that are only slightly ripped, to jeans that have almost your whole leg exposed. You just need to know what style you want and where to find the right jeans for you.

Are ripped jeans in style 2022

How does someone younger wear ripped jeans?

Someone who is a teenager to their late 20’s and even into their 30’s can wear very distressed jeans. You want to look for jeans that are a bit looser if there is a lot of distressing, as sometimes when the ripped are stretched over your skin it can look bad. 

ripped jeans 2022

Make sure you pay attention to your body shape and pick jeans that will not only look good with your body shape but also your height and have the right amount of distressing.

How does someone older wear ripped jeans?

We recommend someone a bit older – from the mid-’30s to ’60s and even older – tame down the ripped jean look. You can certainly still wear ripped jeans, but wearing jeans where the whole leg is showing is considered a younger style. 

At what age should you not wear ripped jeans

Many jean companies will have jeans that are just slightly distressed or only have small holes around the knees. Some pants will have distressing with patches on the backside of them – meaning there won’t be any skin showing. This is a great option if you want the edgy ripped look, but you want to be more modest as well.

How to wear women’s ripped jeans 2022?

You can dress up or dress down ripped jeans easily. Jeans in general are such a staple piece in any wardrobe. Adding ripped jeans to your wardrobe can be a fun way to make this classic piece a bit more fun and edgy.

Jeans have been a staple piece in most wardrobes for generations – well after the working man used them for a staple uniform piece. Jeans are now so common, that they are worn almost every day by many people.

Wearing ripped jeans is almost like wearing any other pair of jeans – you just need to know how you want to style them, and what will look good on your body type. 

ripped jeans for plus size

Read about the best jeans for plus-size women.

Best Outfits For Women’s Ripped Jeans 2022

Punk Rock Look

You can go all out and style your ripped jeans in a classic punk rock or grunge style. Grab a pair of really ripped and distressed jeans, an old oversized band t, and a long sleeve flannel shirt. Tie the flannel shirt around your waist and also pair it with a pair of sleek black Dr. Martens boots. 

Women’s Ripped Jeans outfits

Classy and Edgy

If you want to keep the style classy but add a bit of edgy-ness with the ripped jeans, we’ve got you covered. This style will work best with jeans that are only slightly distressed.

Pair this look with a button-up ¾ sleeve-length blouse – white is always a classic button-up color. If you are wearing black or dark blue jeans you can pair this with a colored cropped cardigan if you wanted a pop of color. If you want to keep it more professional, pair it with a blazer like in the photo above. You can also pair this look with boots or heels.

ripped jeans 2022


The casual look is always the easiest, and nothing says casual like an old pair of torn jeans. You can pair your ripped or distressed jeans with basic white or black T and white sneakers. 

ripped jeans 2022

Pop Of Color – Or All White/Black

Try finding ripped jeans that are a fun color – like maroon or army green. These are fun colors that are also more on the neutral side. You can pair them with a white or black T for a classic look, and add army boots for the extra bit of edgy style. 

You could also go for a pair of white or black jeans for the same effect as a colored pair of jeans – it is definitely different from the typical blue jean that we are used to seeing. You could also go all one color for a monochromatic look.

how to wear with ripped jeans?

If you decide to go with colored jeans, it is best to leave the rest of your wardrobe plain – but you can add more excitement with your accessories.


Nothing is more sporty than rocking a pair of ripped blue jeans, an athletic t-shirt or crew neck, and a pair of white sneakers or converse shoes. You can pair your jeans with Addidas, Nike, Champion, Puma – any athletic brand T-shirts, sweaters, or coats and sneakers! It is an easy outfit to throw together quickly for a very casual look.  

how to wear ripped jeans

What shoes to wear with ripped jeans?

Any shoes can be paired with fashionable ripped jeans. If you have the right length for your body shape and height, you could wear these jeans with any boots or heels. 

women's ripped jeans 2022

Wearing ripped trendy jeans with boots is a classic because they both are from the same fashion era. Wearing heels with ripped jeans is a fun twist that pairs professional/sexy with punk rock.

What shoes to wear with ripped jeans

If you want the ultimate comfort, you can’t go wrong with pairing ripped jeans with a sneaker or a loafer-style van shoe. You could also wear jeans with sandals, espadrilles, and slides as well, as these are both very casual footwear. 


You can wear any type of ripped jeans, whether you are a younger person or an older person. You just have to know what kind of style you are going for, and then you can incorporate age-appropriate wear. However, if you want to wear something that others may think isn’t age-appropriate – that is okay too! You can wear whatever style you feel most comfortable in.

You can wear a punk rock style, classy and edgy, casual, colorful, and sporty ripped jeans! Women’s ripped jeans go with any fashion style and any footwear. The only thing we recommend is checking the weather before wearing ripped jeans – they can be quite cold in the winter months! Ripped jeans expose a lot more skin, so make sure to wear layers in the winter(or avoid ripped jeans if it’s really cold), and wear sunscreen on exposed skin in the summer!

Thanks for reading our article! 

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fashionable bootcut jeans 2022

Are Bootcut Jeans In Style 2023? How To Wear Them For Your Shape?

Bootcut jeans have made their comeback and they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Skinny jeans have been the chosen style for just over a decade now – but with styles like the boyfriend and baggy jeans of the 90’s coming back into style for the younger generations – we needed more sophisticated jeans to come back into style. 

fashion bootcut jeans
Zimmermann Denim

Enter the bootcut jean. Bootcut jeans were first introduced in the early 1960s as “The perfect cowboy jeans” because your pants could go over your cowboy boots. Soon after the bootcut came bell-bottom jeans with an extremely wide flare at the hem. Bootcut jeans have stayed on the back burner since and got pushed back when the skinny jean because popular around 2006-2010. 

Are bootcut jeans in style 2023?

Yes, they are! We predict they will be in style for a long time. The skinny jean had their moment and now the bootcut is set to return to popularity.

fashion bootcut jeans
Coach’s Spring

Women’s bootcut jeans are great because not only do most retailers carry them (they did all along, we just may not have noticed), but you can get different styles of bootcut jeans.

fashion bootcut jeans
Coach’s Spring

Bootcut jeans do not come in a one-size-fits-all style.

You can get fashionable bootcut jeans anywhere from high-rise to low-rise, from an almost straight leg to a wider-flare leg. With any fashion jeans 2023, you will have to try them on to see what looks best on you. Whatever you feel the most comfortable in is what you should get. 

If you are feeling your best in jeans, then you are going to look your best too.

Who can wear bootcut jeans?

All slim or plus size women can wear bootcut jeans! That is the beauty of them! There are some factors that you can look out for depending on your body type, and we will go over those below.

Straight/Slim/Athletic Build

Anyone who has an athletic build is usually a bit of a rectangle shape. There isn’t much definition between the hips, waist, and bust area – they are all close to the same size. 

When looking for a pair of bootcut jeans, try to find a pair that gives a bit more flare at the bottom. You don’t want a full-on bell-bottom – this isn’t what’s in style right now. A nice flare will give you some shape when it tapers out from the knee. 

bootcut jeans 2022

You will also want to look for bootcut jeans that are either mid-rise or low-rise, preferably low-rise. Low-rise jeans will hit right at your hips, which can give the illusion that your hips are larger than your waist size. This is a good thing and will give you an hourglass look.

Apple Shape

Apple shape tends to be rounder up top – broad shoulders and a larger waist with smaller hips. Bootcut jeans are great for this shape because they can make your shape look more proportioned but give you the look of longer legs.

You will want to avoid low-rise jeans. A mid-rise that fits well and has some tummy control will be perfect for you. Also, if you plan on wearing anything with a heel with these jeans, make sure you get them at least an inch longer. This way they will sit at the right spot on your boot or heel. If you can, bring or wear the shoes you want to wear with your jeans to the fitting.

Look for a pair that has a regular flare as well – not too much but not too straight. It is a bit of a balancing act.

Learn more about flattering jeans for plus size women.

Pear Shape

Pear shape can, unfortunately, be a bit difficult to find pants for because you hold more weight in your hips and your thigh area while having a smaller waist and shoulders. The good news is that bootcut jeans are a perfect solution for your shape!

how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

Try finding mid-rise bootcut jeans, this will sit at or just below your hips, and look for a wider flare at the bottom. With a wider flare at the bottom, this helps to make your hips look smaller and even out of your shape. 

Another tip is to look for a bootcut jean that has a good amount of stretch to them. That way you won’t be getting a loose-fit mid-day in the thigh area. We don’t want saggy thighs or saggy bottoms!

Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape is just what it sounds like – your bust, waist, and hips make the shape of an hourglass. This is the shape that most women are trying to achieve when they are selecting clothes so if you have it – flaunt it! 

how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

Bootcut jeans look exceptionally well on this figure. You can wear them high-rise to low-rise, and almost straight to a bit more flare at the bottom. Just make sure that they fit well with no muffin tops. 

Bootcut jeans hit perfectly at the hip and the flare at the bottom will accentuate the curve of the hip – which then shows the smaller waist and the bigger bust. Bootcut jeans can be anywhere from sexy, and casual, to classy!

What top or shirt should I wear with bootcut jeans?

Women’s bootcut jeans can be styled from sexy, and casual, to classy! 

For a sexy look, try pairing it with a tucked-in top, crop top, or a bodysuit. If you are comfortable showing off some skin the crop top will be perfect, while a bodysuit can still show off your curves while providing more coverage.

how to wear bootcut jeans
how to wear bootcut jeans

For a casual look, go with a classic white or grey T-shirt, or you could make it a bit edgy and pair it with a graphic T. Either way, this simple and comfortable style will look effortless.

women's boot cut jeans

Finally, for a classy look, you can dress up bootcut jeans with a button-up shirt, or a blazer.

how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

You can wear your blazer over top of your white-T or graphic T for a business-causal look. Opt for a darker wash of jean if you are going for a business look.

bootcut jeans 2022

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans 2023?

In 2021, we saw the bootcut style come back to life, and we can bring these trends into 2023. 

Bootcut jeans are meant to be worn with boots; who would have thought?

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans 2022

BUT we can style so much more than just boots with our bootcut jeans. They are great for any heels to be worn underneath them. This can be a boot with a heel, some ankle booties, mules, or a chunky sandal. 

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans
how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

You can also wear your favorite sneakers with bootcut jeans.

women's bootcut jeans 2022

You can also roll up your bootcut jeans as well, or have them hemmed about 2 inches above your ankle for cute capris jeans. 

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winter culottes outfit

What to Wear with Culottes in Winter? 22 Best Winter Culottes Outfits

You also appreciated the comfort of the culottes? How comfortable it was in summer! You do not want to give up the culottes when the cool days came? Also, it is not necessary! Fortunately, winter culottes pants, made of dense fabric. And nothing that they are cropped. We will show you how to warm up for the winter so that the legs do not freeze. winter culottes outfits

How to wear culottes in winter?

We have already told you how to wear culottes in one of our publications, which enjoys an incredible interest among women. And now consider the actual options for creating winter culottes outfits.

winter culottes outfit

Culottes with sweater

This is one of the most relevant combinations for a cool season. An oversized sweater, liked by many girls, will perfectly suit to the culottes. A dense turtleneck is also suitable.winter culottes outfit

This image does not require a high heel. This is one of the most significant advantages of this outfit. Therefore, in the fall, you can wear sneakers, moccasins or losers. And in winter – flat shoes.

culottes with sweater

You know that the culottes visually shorten the figure if you wear comfortable shoes with flat soles. High slender girls can not worry about it. But plump women prefer to wear shoes on the heel or platform.

Culottes with boots

Another twenty tips on how to choose and wear plus size culottes for women read on our website.

Culottes with jacket

Until recently, jackets could be worn only with classic trousers. But modern fashion is much more liberal. Wide trousers look great with elongated jackets not very strict shape. And if the Indian summer unexpectedly comes up, then the jacket can be quickly removed.

Such an image has a light tint of officiality.

culottes pants outfit

Pants with a leather jacket

The leather jacket has become 100 percent versatile. There is no such category of clothing that would not be combined with a leather jacket. She perfectly suits both lace dresses and pants-culottes. However, this same definition is suitable for a denim jacket. This incredibly stylish, versatile, modern image is suitable for a young energetic girl.

winter culottes outfit

To the ensemble with culottes, sneakers are usually worn. But you, as modern women, think wider! With wide trousers, you can wear anything: both a wedge and heels shoes.

Look at all fashionable pants 2022 on our website.

Culottes with coats

Not with all the styles of the coat will look good wide pants. Most preferred is an overcoat or military-style coat.

To maintain a harmonious image you can add massive shoes.

winter culottes outfit

If you want to create a feminine image, then you can choose a light pastel pant or coat and wear it with heels shoes.

winter culottes outfits

Cardigan with culottes pants

A warm cardigan is the first thing a modern woman takes out of the closet with the advent of September.
Elongated sweaters in the style of casual boldly combine cropped pants, adhering to the simplest rules of color combinations.
Again, it is preferable to heels.

winter culottes outfit

Vest with culottes

Such an ensemble looks at the same time youthfully playful and luxurious. In the image on the photo, the emphasis is on the contrast of materials and colors. We advise you to take an example from these excellent winter culottes outfits.

Culottes with boots

How to wear winter culottes: choose shoes

What shoes to wear with culottes in winter?


Still reigns early autumn, and not too cold, you can wear sneakers with culottes. This comfortable and stylish. Universal white sneakers fit any color of trousers.

winter culottes outfit

Successful images of a skirt with a sneaker look in a separate publication.

Pants with shoes

Wide trousers can be worn with different styles of autumn shoes. It can be short boots with lacing, graceful heels and even massive high rocker shoes on a thick-soled shoe. The choice of shoes depends on what kind of image you want to create and what kind of thing you picked up as the top. It turns out that part of the leg from the shoes to the edge of the trousers will be open. If you are afraid to freeze, wear tights in the same color shoes. Read more about this at the end of the article.

Culottes with boots

Culottes with boots

Choose high boots, so that they fully covered ankle. This set is for a harsh winter. High boots protect feet from cold. And here you can play with colors and materials. Excellent will look and suede and shiny patent leather boots.

Culottes with boots

Color culottes and shoes will be radically different? It’s okay if it’s within reason! Women ask how to wear black culottes in winter so that the image was original? Boots of both a dark and light shade, black or another bright color, will suit them. The main thing is that the shoes should be in harmony with other items of the fashionable outfit.

winter culottes outfit

Do not change your own style. Wear culottes trousers with boots with heels and without a heel, or try a comfortable wedge.

Winter culottes outfits: what to wear and what to choose?

What pants did culottes recommend for winter? Which winter culottes are called the most fashionable and modern?

– Valuable advice from the site’s stylists: choose the culottes with a high waist for the winter. First, it’s fashionable. Secondly – your waist will always be warm. And thirdly, this style eliminates the problem of shortening the figure. We know that one of the drawbacks of a tricky trend is that they visually hide a few centimeters of growth.

culottes in winter

Leather pants create a stylish original image for the autumn. Combine them with sweaters or leather jackets.

winter culottes

– Under the autumnal mood, choose tight denim culottes. But wool will still be warmer.

winter culottes outfit

– Designers offer to fashion women acquire dark pants for the winter. They are most practical in terms of combining with outer clothing and shoes.

winter culottes outfit

– If you want to be more original, then pay attention to the prints, especially trendy tartan. And be sure to learn what to carry the cage with.

winter culottes outfit

– Pants made of tweed and other dense materials are perfectly combined with jackets, cardigans, sheepskin coats or an elongated coat.

winter culottes outfit

– Experts advise wearing in the winter very wide trousers, which are as much as a skirt-pants.

winter culottes outfit

Culottes with tights

Experts of the site have collected the most frequent questions about the culottes, which asked modern women. One of the first in this list is how to combine tights with culottes. We repeat once again: you can wear tights with wide trousers, and in the winter it is necessary to do this without fail. There is no need to expose your feet to frost. Choose tight tights that are identical in color to the shoes or trousers.

winter culottes outfit
For a plus-size figure, we recommend choosing culottes that do not tightly enclose the hips. The length of the trousers should be below the middle of the shin so that the figure visually seemed slimmer.

culottes pants plus size

What culottes are the most stylish in 2022? Read about fashionable culottes now!

Learn stylish ways to style long skirts in winter on our site.

how to wear loose pants

The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Palazzo Pants 2022

 As our fashion industry progresses day by day, the designers are biased towards creating style out of comfort. And palazzo pants are the most functional and iconic apparel that never goes out of trend. Don’t worry about how to keep your style up-to-date this season because fashion palazzo pants 2022 are going to be your ultimate Rescuer!

Incredibly loved in the 60s and 70s, people of all ages still admire these palazzos because of their versatility. If you’re confused about fashion palazzo pants 2022, then take a plunge and jump right in!

palazzo pants 2022

Are Palazzo Pants in Fashion for 2022?

No matter what year it is, palazzo pants have made their way from the beginning until now because people mostly prefer comfort over everything else. And these wide trendy pants 2022, while being so roomy and stylish, are the go-to choice for teenagers, adults, and work women. Our celebrities, media personalities, social media influencers, fashionistas, and pretty much every lady out there seem to love wearing these. 

This loose-cut pants style typically flares from the waist or hips and goes all the way down your legs to give you a secure and stylish feel. Palazzos are hitting the streets, and even designers like Coco Chanel are creating a different version of fashion palazzo pants to complement the modern-day style.

It’s a common myth that palazzos don’t suit Petites, but the fact is that you can rock your palazzo look with a little effort and the right choice of tops to pair up with. So, without further ado, let’s get to your favorite part – STYLING.   


Best Ways to Style Women’s Palazzo Pants 2022


Minimal Look with Flared Hem Palazzos

Here we have the simple yet elegant look for you to style with any of your favorite pairs of palazzos. The feminine cut of flared hem creates a cute look. For teaming flares, you can follow the no-rule rule that means you can pair up anything with these pants, which turns out to be amazing.

We’ve paired a black crop top with these super comfy and stylish flared pants in this warm look. To elevate the look more, a loose cardigan is perfect. Also, a leather cross-body bag adds up a little spice to this whole look. Ground this look with your favorite pair of sneakers, and you’re ready to slay the look. 

Fashion Palazzo Pants 2022

Be the Boss in Straight Palazzos

A white top is mandatory no matter what bottoms you are going to wear. This look is so soft and comfy with all the heavenly apparel. The pastel green flared pants are all you could wish for to give you that angelic vibes. Perfectly crafted, these pants showcase the shape of your booty perfectly and make an amazing silhouette down to your feet.

White is the epitome of perfection and class. And here, the white top is just enhancing the whole look while giving you the boss-lady vibes. A beige clutch is the best choice with these pastel pants. Accessories can never be more than enough, so this outfit is paired with some chic golden jewelry.

When this look is paired with a cowboy hat, voila, you got yourself a killer look!    

Palazzo Pants 2022

Belted Palazzos flatters Women of All Ages

Belted palazzos are the must-have classic wardrobe stables. The super loose cut complements you perfectly regardless of your body shape. The belt is a great way to keep your waist cinched. And the extra-wide legs here allow the fabric to swirl as you move around to make you look more graceful and elegant.

Here the mustard palazzos make this look go over the top, and the white turtle neck is there to balance the whole look. With its subtle fit, the white top cuts out the extra-wide flares of the pants and gives the whole outfit a fine structure. Moreover, the distressed denim adds more style and life to this look.

You can accessorize this look with a pair of white high heels to look classy and sassy. Also, you could wear a pair of neutral shades to rock this look.

Palazzo Pants 2022 Fashion

Sleek Look with White Palazzos

White color is the epitome of class, style, beauty, fashion, and whatnot! Anything that pairs up with white goes over the top. And in this sophisticatedly hot look, we’ve paired a buttoned white palazzo with a sexy black crop top.

This top features a squared neckline with a V cut-out to show your skin beautifully and add more femininity to this look. Spaghetti straps are the go-to choice with crop tops as they take your feminine beauty to the next level.  

You can team this look up with a pair of layered necklaces or fashion choker and earrings. High heels are our top choice with this outfit. 

Palazzo Pants 2022 fashion

Go Monochrome for a While

Monochrome fits are the most effortless staples to wear because they are minimalist. Go for a monochrome look if you want to create a continuous thin silhouette that makes you appear taller. Palazzo pants come in many colors, including pastels, white, black and other muted shades.

But this outfit right here is the Choice of the Day!!! It’s a perfect combo of class, sexiness, and style! If you aim to get a rich, elegant and sophisticated look, these beige outfits are the way to achieve it.    

For a put-together look, opt for a blazer, and an oversized blazer is perfect to choose if you want to look fashionable. Lock this look up with a pair of heels and a little jewelry piece.

Fashionable Palazzo Pants 2022

Which is the Best Fabric for Palazzo?


Choose the right fabric for your palazzo pants fashion to get the best out of you.

  • Stiff fabrics like brocade or raw silk work best for skinny and petite women.
  • For plus-size or plump women, flowy fabrics like chiffon and georgette are better as they make a good fit.
  • For winters, denim or knitwear is a great choice.
  • And fabrics like cotton and linen works well for summer and casual wear. 
Fashion Palazzo Pants 2022

Final Verdict

Palazzo pants fashion has been a hot sensation for women of all ages throughout the decades. From celebrities to upper fashionistas to teenagers, these pants have been flared by all.

Worn with proper considerations, flared pants are a hit in every single way you choose to go out with.

So, are you ready to steal the show with our favorite looks with palazzos?     

pants to hide tummy

The Best Women’s Pants To Hide Tummy

Everything you need to know and more to choose the right pants ; )

“I know what I want. A full belly, a contented heart, and a place in this world.” (Karen Cushman)

Hello, welcome on, and thanks for stopping by!

In this article, I will explain which are the best choices of pants to hide tummy, to feel comfortable even with trousers at any time of the day.

Do you finally want to be sure of yourself and feel beautiful on every occasion of your life? Having a pronounced belly and not knowing what to do has always been your problem?

Pants To Hide Tummy

Do not worry! I’m here for you : ). Ready to get started?


What are the tips for hiding your belly with pants?

High-waisted trousers to hide the belly

One of the best tricks to cover your tummy is to use high-waisted pants! They are of great help, make the figure more slender and do not tighten in the abdominal area. Choose fabrics like cotton, satin, and jeans for a soft effect.

pants to hide belly fat
Pants To Hide Tummy

Wide-leg pants to hide the belly fat

Plus size wide-leg pants are perfect for those looking to hide some tummy or the unsightly muffin top, and for those who unfortunately don’t have long legs. They are really comfortable, super versatile, and will focus attention on your hips, taking them away from the abdominal area.

how to wear loose pants
wide-leg plus-size pants

Belts to hide the tummy

Wearing the belt properly can help cover the belly. Use high-waisted belts, the best ones are those to tie and not too tight so as not to excessively mark the abdominal area. Not overtighten the protruding abdomen. Avoid belts that emphasize the hips, but choose those that emphasize the waist.

pants to hide belly fat
pants to hide lower belly pooch

Choose the right pants size to cover the belly

Choosing the right size of pants for big belly is one of the keys to success. Opting for sizes that are too small or too large emphasizes the tummy, and you will certainly not be comfortable. Trousers that are too tight or too loose focus attention on the abdominal part.

Pants To Hide Tummy

Choose the right fabrics

The watchword is softness! Avoid all stretch and polyester fabrics. They are not friends with your belly. Prefer soft and light fabrics such as lace, chiffon, cotton, and satin.

pants to hide belly

Emphasize a beautiful part of the body

The simplest trick to remedy this problem is to focus attention on the rest of the body. Hide your belly, focusing attention on your body’s strengths. For example, you can wear a beautiful high collar to emphasize the neck. If your arms are toned, uncover them! If you have beautiful breasts, choose V-necklines that show them proudly and a bra that lifts the breasts, so they will appear further away from the abdomen. If genetics have given you wonderful legs, go for those. Don’t cover your whole body just because you want to cover your pronounced belly!

Pants To Hide Tummy

Tummy control pants

All Hollywood celebrities use them! Why shouldn’t you? Control pants have tons of benefits! They help you feel more confident, you will look much leaner and fitter, improve your back posture, and goodbye bacon, muffin tops, and love handle!

pants to hide the stomach
hiding belly pants


Do you want to always feel beautiful, but do you want to hide your belly? Here are some fashion pants styles that will help you look your best even with a few extra pounds.

Straight pants

Straight jeans with a high waist are perfect! Do not emphasize them with a belt too flashy, but combine them with a nice soft chiffon blouse or other flattering hiding belly tops.

pants to hide the belly
pants to hide the belly

Flare pants

Flared trousers are back in fashion and if they have a high waist, they enhance the waistline, lengthen the legs and accompany the shape of the hips. If you want to cover your stomach, opt to combine them with a soft blouse to leave out of the pants.

pants to hide belly fat
Pants To Hide Tummy

Palazzo pants to hide belly fat

Palazzo trousers have a long, soft cut and are flared at the waist. Match them with slim fit t-shirts for a casual and always trendy look. They make the body look thinner and hide the pronounced abdomen.

Best Wide-Leg Pants for Plus-Size Women
Pants To Hide Tummy

Culotte Pants

Perfect for you! They look like skirts but are much more comfortable. Thanks to the high waist, they slim your figure and hide the extra pounds. Pair them with a nice heeled shoe and choose dark colors like black, burgundy, raspberry, and coral. You will feel really elegant!

culottes pants plus size
High-waisted wide-leg pants

Paper bag pants to hide lower belly pooch

Women like this pair of ankle pants featuring an elasticized paper bag high waist. They fit very comfortably and have enough room at the waist to stretch. Those paper bag pants are loose around the waist and hide the stomach very well.

pants to hide belly fat
pants to hide lower belly pooch

Wide-leg jumpsuit

Convenient, and comfortable! There are really so many types to choose from. The best for you are those that accentuate the waistline, just above the stomach. Choose soft and light materials. Elegant, but with simplicity.

Don’t forget to check all the tips about plus size clothes choosing and read a popular interesting article about dresses to hide a tummy!

Dresses for big belly and hips
Pants To Hide Tummy

See you soon; )

skirt outfit for winter

7 Best Winter Skirt Outfits 2022. Midi vs Mini

We all know that winter is well and truly upon us, the temptation is to bring out the woolly clothing and cover-up. However, there is no reason to abandon your sense of style just because it’s winter. Indeed, one of the benefits of living in a nation with four distinct seasons is that you may experiment with a larger range of styles and ideas.

How do you wear skirts in the winter? How to create stylish winter skirt outfits?

midi skirt outfit for winter

Fashionable Skirt Winter Outfits

In this blog post, our goal is to provide you with tips, guidance, and style ideas to help you keep your outfits looking adorable, classy, and current while warm in the winter. We will help figure out what’s in style for the current season. Check out the best winter skirt outfits 2022 to add to your wardrobe as the winter is fast approaching.

What do you wear with a mini or midi in the winter?

You may obtain completely different styles for various occasions depending on the kind of skirt you choose – mini skirt 2022 or midi skirt 2022.

Watch and make up your mind!


During the winter, over-the-knee boots are a must-have since they keep you warm while also elevating any dress, even skirts. This kind of footwear was formerly deemed vulgar, but that is no longer the case. The key to wearing over-the-knee boots stylishly is to make sure you don’t show a larger part of your skin; this means they look great when paired with a skirt. Pair yours with a faux-wrap corduroy mini skirt that pairs perfectly with over-the-knee boots and a turtleneck.

winter skirt outfits

These boots come in a variety of materials, including leather and suede. If you want to seem really stylish this season, opt for suede boots with a midi check skirt.

Don’t be scared to combine your skirt with some over-the-knee boots. You’ll be pleased with the outcome!

midi skirt outfit for winter


A midi skirt is one of the most flexible pieces you can possess, being both versatile and elegant. A midi skirt can be dressed up or dress down and can take you from the boardroom to the bar, and with a little layering, they can be worn all year! Midi skirts have unquestionably become a must-have wardrobe essential, and we’ve got all the advice you’ll need to wear them all year! Wear a midi skirt with a camel wool long coat and boots, depending on the length and print you like. During the winter, a duster coat is your greatest friend since it gives warmth and coverage to your entire body, including your legs.

midi skirt winter outfits

In addition, you can combine your mini skirt with a cropped jumper. This will give you a corporate touch. When you choose this, you appear more elegant.

best winter skirt outfits


Midi skirts with jackets are one of the great winter styles. Midi skirts come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns but If you’re going for a bomber jacket, go for flowing, flowing skirts to create a beautiful feminine vibe.

winter skirt outfits
winter skirt outfits

You may even match your mini skirt with a leather jacket. You don’t have to go looking for shirts that match with long skirts and leather jackets any longer; all you need is a well-fitted black, white, or striped top. Allow your leather jacket and mini skirt to take the spotlight!

Opaque tights are the best choice if you don’t want to be cold.

skirt outfits for winter


Tulle skirts of the midi length may convey volume and style to any winter outfit. If you’re looking for fashion advice on how to wear a midi skirt in the winter, we recommend choosing a bright color, high-quality fabric, and attractive shoes. Combine it with a pink or black blazer, a bow top in a different shade, and glittery flat footwear to complete the look.

skirt outfits for winter

Do you want to look edgy and rebellious? Go for a black jacket and team it with a light mini flared tulle skirt for a rebellious outfit. Complete this look by adding block-heeled black leather boots and opaque tights.

skirt outfit for winter


Knit oversized sweaters are a must-have cloth. It is one of the most popular clothes of the winter season because of its wide range of applications. They’re warm and inviting, and they make you feel like you’re still in bed with your favorite blanket. So why not wear them with a mini skirt or midi skirt of your choice? Wear them over your skirt or tuck them in for a laid-back yet polished style. If you prefer to combine your light sweater with mini skirts, wear thick black tights and you won’t catch a cold. This costume is perfect for days spent with friends or a partner.

winter skirt outfits
best winter skirt outfits


As winter approaches now are the greatest time to break out your turtlenecks, which will not only keep you warm but also elevate your style game. One of the trendy ways that will give you a glamorous appearance is to combine your turtleneck with a wrap-style mini skirt with over-the-knee boots.

mini skirt winter outfits

You may layer your midi skirts in a variety of ways to get the most out of your turtleneck, for example, a trendy metallic skirt. This style is a great touch for a cute work outfit or a date night in the winter.

skirt winter outfits


Pencil skirts are ideal for the workplace since they can be worn with sweaters, blazers, and button-down shirts. Try tucking a collared shirt or turtleneck into a high-waist skirt or wearing an oversized jumper that reaches beyond your waist. Style your red check midi skirt with a simple black turtleneck and complete it with black patent ankle boots or knee-high leather boots.

skirt winter outfits

Each alternative has a completely distinct aesthetic, yet both are quite stylish. Complete leather red mini skirt with a simple black turtleneck and black suede boots.

skirt outfit for winter

The most important thing to remember is that there are a million different methods to combat the cold without abandoning your sense of style, all you need to look elegant in that skirt of your choice is to pair them with appropriate tights and a loose jacket or coat. Create your winter skirt outfits. What you choose: a mini or midi skirt?

skirt winter outfits

Have you been wondering how you can combine long skirts to create a stunning winter look? Don’t worry anymore! We are going to tell you how to wear long skirts in winter to ensure you still keep up with that trendy look. Read now!

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how to wear long skirts in winter

How to Wear Long Skirts in Winter: Comfortable Outfits

Do you ever stay clueless in front of your closet, wondering how to wear your long skirts in winter while it’s freezing outside? Well, it happens most of the time…!

Long skirts are always in fashion in every season, whether it’s winter or summer. These pieces of clothing are your go-to choice whether you’re going to an office dinner or a family gathering, or a girls’ night out. It’s always a good idea to accessorize your maxi skirt with some blingy statement pieces to elevate your whole outfit.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Today, we’ll walk you through different stylish ways to wear your long skirts in winter. Without further ado, let’s dive in!  

how to wear long skirts in winter

Different Tops to Style with Long Skirt in Winter

Warm Sweater and Maxi Skirt

This white sweater is our favorite staple that goes with every color of the skirt. This plain light top allows your printed maxi skirt to stand out. Team your look with some statement jewelry and a stylish bag.

long skirts in winter

Teaming your white top and printed bottom with high boots completes your winter look.

If you add on a pair of statement shades, then you’re going to slay the day – smart, chic & warm!

High Neck Knit and Split Long Skirt

There are fashion skirts in all types of shapes and cuts, but a split skirt is the Queen of all! Split long skirts are always in trend, and pairing them up in winter is so fun because you can style them with sweaters, tees, or even oversized knits.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Here, we have dark and bold colors that are just perfect for colder days. The most beautiful and flashy combination is to pair this split skirt with a high black neck knit. To make it well-cut, it is ideal to tuck your top in and accessorize with a waist belt. If you want to be a bit more comfortable when it comes to footwear, always go with black ankle boots.

Black Top and Coat with Pleated Skirt

Another great skirt is the pleated one. If you want to look glamorous while walking down the street, this look is undoubtedly for you! You can wear this pleated skirt with a crop top, sweater, or your favorite blouse.

how to wear long skirts in winter

This black textured knit looks incredibly awesome with this shimmery metallic skirt. To prevent the freezing weather, a tailored black coat is perfect to have with this look.

Long Skirts and Jackets

Stylish jackets are always a favorite detail of clothing for all elegant ladies.

how to wear long skirts in winter
Carolina Herrera Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Why is denim jacket always in fashion? It’s versatile, easy to style, and incredibly comfortable. This look is effortless and classy.

long skirts in winter

You can pair a plain top up with this feminine fashion pleated skirt in bright metallic color and put your leather jacket on effortlessly. To enhance the look, add a statement jewelry piece. To exhibit your comfy vibes, put on any affordable sneakers, boots, or espadrilles here. 

how to wear long skirts in winter

What shoes go with your Maxi Skirt in Winter?


Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots are best to wear with long skirts in winter, especially with a split one (of course, you don’t want to hide your boots). Try wearing these boots with printed or patterned skirts.

long skirts in winter

Heeled Boots

The best compliment to your maxi skirt is heeled boots. This conventional yet contemporary khaki skirt looks perfectly chic with these black heeled boots. Heeled boots add more femininity to your whole outfit.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Flat Boots

Flat boots are for the ones who look for both comfort and style. Here, the black leather boots complement your animal printed maxi skirt amazingly.

how to wear long skirts in winter

You can view stylish long skirts outfits with boots now.

Chic Heels

You can absolutely pair your maxi skirt with heels, and yes, you must make sure you don’t cover up your heels, right!

Wear opaque thick tights for chilly weather.

how to wear long skirts in winter


Sneakers or Running Shoes

Sneakers and any outfit – a perfect match. Sneakers are versatile to pair up with any outfit. And pairing your maxi skirt with sneakers is heavenly comfortable and stylish.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Stylish winter outfits with midi and mini skirts you will find on our site.

Final Thoughts

These are the simple ways to style your long skirts in winter. Sometimes, it becomes a little tedious to decide what shoes to wear with a long skirt or what tops you should wear in the winter. Don’t stress yourself! We’ve guided you through some classic long skirts winter outfits; the rest is up to you!    

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how to wear loose pants

How to Wear Loose Pants – The Complete Guide

Women’s fashion loose pants are a hot trend in 2022 and one we can get behind. The loose pants are an insanely comfortable trend and a fantastic alternative to leggings or sweatpants when you want to be comfortable but still look fashionable.

women's loose pants

The best part about the women’s loose pants trend is the ability to transform the outfit from slouchy and comfy to polished and presentable.
We will go through a comprehensive list on how to wear loose pants, what to wear them with, and ultimately, how to pull off this comfy trend.

Types of Women’s Loose Pants

First things first, there are a few different types of loose pants you can opt for to own this trend, let’s take a look at some of the options.


Culottes are cropped trousers that have large, billowy pant legs that almost resemble a skirt when you stand with your legs together, you can see our complete guide to wearing culottes.

loose pants
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Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are re-emerging in fashion in 2022. Originally this style of jeans gained popularity in the early 1990s to mid 2000s. You can see our full guide to wearing and styling wide leg jeans here.

What Shoes to Wear with Wide Leg Jeans
loose jeans

Harem Pants

Harem pants are tulip-shaped trousers, often made with lighter weight fabrics making them especially breezy and movable. These pants are ultra-comfortable and great for a day on the go or just lounging around.

loose pants

Palazzo pants

Palazzo trousers are flared from the hip, high-waisted, and wide leg pants. The trousers can visually resemble a maxi skirt. Wide palazzo pants are more often positioned as summer trousers. Light flowing fabrics are more suitable for this model. Palazzo can be designed not only for the warm season, for the cool weather they are sewn from fine wool and synthetic fabrics.

Women's loose pants style

Read about all trendy pant styles 2022 now!

How to Wear and Style Loose Pants

We will go through how to style baggy pants for a casual day as well as how to style them in a business-friendly way.
Here are some top tips to keep in mind while styling loose pants:
● Keep the balance – balance your silhouette and don’t overwhelm your shape with too much baggy fabric.

how to wear loose pants

● Check your fabrics – although we can dress up loose pants for more formal or business settings, be mindful of the fabric of your wide leg pants as some fabrics appear more casual than others.

loose pants

● Tuck in your top – generally, with loose-fitting pants, you want to tuck in your shirt to accentuate your waist to avoid looking larger than you are.

how to wear loose pants

● Try a belt – if after you tuck in your shirt, you still feel like you need to accentuate your waist further, try adding a belt for more emphasis.

loose pants with belt

A Simple Tee

There’s nothing like the classics. A tucked-in tee paired with your loose pants is the perfect comfy, low-maintenance look without looking frumpy. It’s functional and comfortable but still looks way more put together than your leggings or sweatpants.

how to wear loose pants

A Tank Bodysuit and a Blazer

This is a stunning, minimalist, business casual look for women. A pair of loose trousers, a fitted bodysuit and boyfriend-fit blazer is the PERFECT trio to look like an effortless girlboss.

how tp wear women's loose pants

A Fitted Crop Top

As mentioned in our quick tips for styling women’s loose pants, balance is key. Having a fitted crop top will balance nicely with the baggy pants, and the cropped nature of the top will accentuate your waist. It really doesn’t matter what sleeve length or style you opt for, a fitted crop top will always look amazing with loose trousers.

how to wear loose pants
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Front-Tucked Sweater

For cooler weather, a sweater may be your best option. When pairing a baggy sweater with loose pants, it’s important to remember to tuck in the front of your sweater, like in the photo above. Adding a belt may also be an excellent option for extra cinching at the waist. This is an adorable outfit idea, but bigger girls beware, this outfit may not be as flattering. Try a lighter fabric for your sweater to reduce bulk for a slimmer look.

how to wear loose pants

Ultra Crop with a Flannel Shirt

The ultimate sporty and comfy combo is an ultra crop (or a sports bra) paired with high waisted loose pants and an oversized flannel shirt. This look is the definition of cozy and still cute.

how to wear loose pants

A Button Down

This look will take you from casual Friday at work to Friday Night Drinks. Partially tuck a classic button-down into a pair of cropped loose pants, wear with flats or sandals for daytime and add more jewelry and a cute pair of heels and a clutch for the evening for the perfect nighttime look.

how to wear loose pants

Can You Wear Loose Pants if You’re Plus Size

Many women fear loose clothing, especially loose pants if they are plus size. Often women believe loose trousers will make them look larger and look unflattering on their body. However, you can absolutely wear loose pants if you’re plus size, in fact, they can be very flattering on plus size women. With the proper styling, wide leg pants will enhance and flatter curves instead of making you look bigger.

How to wear loose pants if you are a curvy girl?

plus size loose pants

If you’re still unsure, stick to darker shades like black, charcoal grey, dark brown, or navy, these shades tend to be more slimming. We also have an entire section on our website dedicated to plus size style – so take our word for it.

how to wear loose pants

Add a flattering top for plus size figure – tuck in your shirt or criss-cross top.

wear plus size loose pants

Read about 7 best-wide leg pants for plus size women on our site.

How to Choose and Style Loose Pants if You’re Plus Size

Plus size women can still wear loose pants, a great option for loose trousers are high-waisted pleated trousers with a belt.

loose pants plus size

A high waisted pleated trouser with a belt not only works for the office but also a night out.
These trousers also look amazing on plus size women. The belt cinches in the waist at the smallest part to get an hourglass look, while the wide pleated pants are flattering as the lines of the pleats create an illusion and allow for a slimmer look.

loose pants plus size

Can You Wear Loose Pants if You’re Petite

Petite women tend to look great in clothes. However, finding pants that properly fit can be a challenge. Some petite women may feel worried about finding wide leg pants that fit them in a flattering way, without the pant legs being too long or too wide and visually consuming them.

how to wear loose pants

However, this does not mean you can’t wear loose pants. It simply means you need to find the proper cut and style for you, or perhaps finding brands that carry petite sizes. A general recommendation for choosing loose pants for petite women is choosing a high waisted, cropped pant to create the illusion of longer legs.

how to wear loose pants

How to Wear Loose Pants if You’re Petite

Try choosing a pair of loose pants that have a seam or pleat down the font, center of the leg.

how to wear loose pants
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This detail may seem insignificant, but visually this line will give the illusion of longer legs. This is also a very small but intricate detail that adds some depth to the trousers. A pair of trousers like this pair perfectly with a pointed toe heel.

What Shoes To Wear With Loose Pants

For a more casual look…

● Flat sandals

Flat sandals are a nice contrast to women’s loose pants and are perfect for a daytime casual look.

loose pants with sandals

● Mules

This may be in the casual section but a cute pair of mules look great with women’s loose pants for both casual or dressier events.

What Shoes To Wear With Loose Pants

● Sneakers

Tried and true, in 2022 you can pair pretty much any outfit with sneakers, women’s loose pants are not an exception.

how to wear loose pants

● Chelsea boots

These flat boots are a wardrobe staple, they can be casual but also can be worn with a blazer and look classy business casual.

For a more dressy look…

● Pointed toe

Whether they are heels or flats, nothing adds class to an outfit like a pointed toe shoe.

how to wear loose pants

● Strappy Heels

A strappy heel is a nice delicate shoe, perfect for an evening out, also consider accessorizing with a clutch for a fancier evening event.

how to wear loose pants

● High-Heel Booties

You want to avoid chunky boots with wide pants, however, a classic and simple pair of heeled booties are the perfect option for dressing up women’s loose pants in cool weather.

how to wear loose pants

● Wedges

Wedges are a super cute option for dressing up in the summertime. Paired with a pair of culottes in a light-weight fabric this look can go from day to night.
Do you know all secrets of how to wear loose pants now?

When it comes down to it, women of all shapes and sizes can take part in the fashion trend of women’s loose pants with a bit of styling and direction. With these tips and styling inspiration, you can finally jump on board with this 2022 fashion trend and start wearing loose pants.

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Flare Pants 2022

Do You Dare to Flare? Women’s Fashion Flare Pants 2022

That 1970s fashion is hitting the streets once again! Today, you probably look to social media, street style, youth culture, nostalgia, and celebrities for fashion inspiration about what’s in trend. Flared pants made their way from sailors to mainstream fashion when in the 70s, Sonny Bono and Cher wore flare pants during their television show – and there began an ICONIC flare era!

Bell Bottom Pants 2022

In this article, we’re going to shed light on how you can pair your fashion flare pants 2022. We see hundreds of variants of flare pants these days, all thanks to our designers who keep introducing new trends. Now very wide bell bottoms, pants enriched with ruffles and other embellishments, boot-cuts, wide denim flares are popular among fashionistas.

Flare Pants 2022

10 Chic Ways to Style Your Flare Pants 2022


1.    Bold Runaway Look with Flare Pants

Sometimes, it’s alright to go bold and let the people around you know that you can be anything you want. If you’re going to go to a party, a girls’ night out, or a date where you want to be the center of attention, this Red Hot outfit is for you.

Women’s Fashion Flared Pants 2022

Paired with a bright color or dark grey top, these hot red flared pants are full of femininity and class. The incredible thing about this outfit is the sleek fit up to the knee and the extra-wide bells that flow with every step you take.

Accessorized with some jewelry and shades, this look is a pinnacle of effortless chic yet well-put-together. You can go with heels, Chelsea boots, or ankle-high boots with this outfit.     

Flared Pants 2022
Prabal Gurung Resort 2022 Collection

2.    90s Retro Outfit with Flare Pants

Who doesn’t want a nostalgic outfit? Of course, every fashionista today is fond of 90s retro. A chequered flare pant with a cool tee would give you the Tumblr vintage look. This funky look remains faithful for eternity.

Flared Pants 2022

This look is going to buy you a lot of glances and appreciation. Putting together a 90s look with striped high-waisted flare pants is undoubtedly a bold move, but it’s the comfiest and elite approach. As of now, when everyone is in a rush, making people stop and stare at you is actually an achievement. Sleek boot-cut with heels is definitely a perfect choice for a sunny day.

Women’s Fashion Flare Pants 2022
Moschino Spring 2022 Menswear Fashion Show

3.    Romantic Pastel Touch with Ribbed-knit Flares

It won’t be wrong to say ribbed-knits are the second name of home because they’re incredibly comfortable. And when you get flares in ribbed-knits, then it’s all about – easy, breezy, comfy, style!

Lavender flare goes hand in hand with a white top and a tailored corset. Meticulously paired, this outfit is over the top of all the bell-bottom pants 2022 for ladies. And obviously, sneakers are going to be your go-to choice when comfort is your utmost preference.    

Add on a pair of chokers and a handbag to increase the charm of this outfit.

Women’s Fashion Flared Pants 2022

This outfit is exquisitely put together; everything about this look is breathtaking and delicate. Go soft yet elegant this season with this fantastic pastel flare pants outfit.

4.    Glare the Night with Flare Combination

The perfect attention-grabbing look for both the hours of day and night is here. Sequenced flare pants enriched with sparkles are perfect for highlighting the beauty of your booty and shapely legs on a date night, anniversary dinner, or a night out.

Women’s Fashion Flared Pants 2022

Paired with a classic satin top, this look is to die for. The tucked-in top gives you a streamlined, sleek look. A turtleneck, crop top, chiffon blouse are other amazing tops to wear with these flare pants. Once you try on this look, you’re going to beat all other women flare pants 2022.  

5.    Classy Street Style with Cool Flared Pants 2022

Don’t be afraid of wearing simple tees. The fashionistas quickly jump over the bell-bottom pants as the leg-lengthening pants are set to be huge this year. The coolest way to wear your funky bell-bottom pants is with casual tees.

Here, we have soft, soothing baby pink bell-bottom pants paired with a cool t-shirt. You can go casual by teaming these adorable bottoms with a fringed bad and ground this look with a pair of white sneakers.

Women’s Flare Pants 2022

6.    Elegant Office Monochrome Look Pulled Together

Bell bottom pants are perfect for the office if you go monochrome with white or pair with solid colors. So that you have a strict and at the same time fashionable image.

The professional environment welcomes these perfectly beige flare pants. You can wear bell-bottom business styles even with a crop top. This body-hugging look is professional and sassy both!

fashionable pants 2022
Rubeus Milano 2021-2022

For a business-like manner, this monochrome flared pants suit outfit is best suitable. Light this look up with solid black shades and an adorable modern bag. Heeled shoes are ideal for wearing with this look.    

Women’s Fashion Flare Pants 2022
Moschino Resort 2022 Collection

7. Be Bold in Leather Flare Pants

You can have this style of leather pants look for informal outdoor events. As long as you feel confident and comfortable with your look, your style is equally reflected – a celebrities’ cheat sheet!

Women’s Fashion Flare Pants 2022
Women’s Zeynep Arçay Resort 2022 Collection

8.    Be a Charming Sophisticated Lady in White Bell Bottom Pants 2022

Sober and elegant chic look both at the same time, how? A sparkly embellished, well-tailored see-through top with seamless plain white flare pants radiated divine energy around you.  

The luxury feels that this top provides you is irreplaceable. The tucked-in top shows off your skin perfectly to represent the bold side of you.

Fashion Flare Pants 2022

These women’s flare pants 2022 look is perfect for luxurious events.    

Women’s Fashion Flared Pants 2022
Zimmermann Resort 2022 Collection

9.    Vibe with Animal Prints Combinations

When we say animal prints, what comes to mind? Cheetah and leopard, right!

This is a fun, cozy look with wide cheetah printed bell-bottom pants. Paired with a white or black crop top, flawlessly exhibit your skin in a unique style.

Women’s Fashion Flared Pants 2022
Women’s Fashion Flare Pants 2022

A khaki hoodie or neutral-color top and some minimal jewelry add more life to this outfit to rock your everyday street style. Also, this outfit is versatile to wear whether you’re going for grocery or hangout with friends. 

10.    Effortless Denim Look

Denim is not a category but a mainstream style. This multidirectional look is easy to carry anywhere. Denim rules the fashion industry no matter what time of year or what trend it is.

flare jeans

Women love to wear denim as it represents the chic, effortless and comfortable style. Here, you supplement your denim flare pants with a white top and some funky jewelry. These bell bottoms are perfectly paired with the style of hippie.

Women’s Fashion Flare Pants 2022

Carry a black leather bag, vintage sunnies, and a pair of heels with this outfit; you’re ready to slay the day.

You can read about The Best Fashion Flare Jeans 2022 now. Let us know what your favorite style from these is? 


Women flare pants 2022 have been an integral part of the wardrobe for decades. Their demand and popularity keep on increasing with time. The most exciting feature of bell-bottom pants 2022 for ladies is you don’t have to worry about how to style them. Just pair them with anything you have, and you’re ready to rock it.

Learn all new pant styles for 2022 now!

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grey cardigan outfits

How to Style a Grey Cardigan 2022: The Complete Guide

If you are looking for a simple piece to add to your wardrobe this fall, then a grey cardigan is the way to go. Grey cardigan outfits for women are one of the easiest outfits that a woman can own in her closet. They are the perfect addition to your closet. You gain so many options when you choose to add a cardigan to your outfit of the day look and learn how to style a grey cardigan 2022.

grey cardigan fashion 2022
Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show

What Color to Wear with a Grey Cardigan?

Sometimes when we own a dark or light grey cardigan, we tend to ask ourselves what would go best with this, and then pick our choices with the main focus being on complementing the cardigan. Thankfully, there are so many options that we have to choose from! Here are a few options of colors and patterns that are great to pair with a grey cardigan.

  • White
  • Bright/Bold colors – red, pink, purple, yellow.
  • Navy or black – when you are wearing a light grey cardigan.
  • Plaid
  • Denim
  • Light and dark grey
Grey Cardigan Outfits
Grey Cardigan Outfits 2022
Short Grey Cardigan Outfits

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan? Grey cardigan outfit for women

Grey cardigans are a neutral tone, which gives you the fun, different options that you may not have had before. By having this extra choice, you can give your look and yourself that extra boost of confidence that you deserve.

How to style a grey cardigan?

Classic look – White Shirt

               This look is the easiest style in the history of women’s fashion. By adding a white shirt underneath a grey cardigan, it gives your look a natural pop.

I honestly prefer to wear the darker grey cardigans, that way when you pair them with your white tee or skirt, you will have a huge pop of difference instead of wearing a light grey which will blend your cardigan and shirt.

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan

You can choose a simple grey cardigan and pair it with a white crop top, tank top, or T-shirt.

grey cardigan outfits

               If you are wearing a grey cardigan during the summertime, you should pair this with some denim shorts to give you a natural cozy summer style.

grey cardigan outfits

On the other hand, if you are wearing this cardigan during the fall and winter seasons, you should look into pairing it with some boots and jeans. Gives you a warm yet simple style for when the seasons begin to cool off.

long grey cardigan outfits

Mix it Up with Plaid

               When you get into the fall and winter seasons, cardigans are the best accessory to add to any look. Flannels and plaids are some of the most popular looks to wear when the seasons begin to get cold, which makes adding a grey cardigan to the mix the perfect combination. When combining plaid print with a grey cardigan, gives your look some extra interest. It’s a combination of the plaid lines mixed with the solid color that will catch people’s attention.

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan

               If you are wanting to capture more attention, then you should try mixing a dark grey cardigan with either: red, green, or blue plaid shirts. Some of the styles you can do with this is leaving your cardigan open, that way you can show off your shirt or you can button up the plaid shirt to give yourself a more professional/sophisticated look. Mixing the plaid shirt with a cardigan gives itself a little bit of dimension and makes the person who’s wearing it more interesting.

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan

               Now adding another note on the styling for the fall and winter, it’s a great idea to pair your cardigan look with some boots and even a beanie or hat. This will give you that warm, cozy, and lazy look that will have you stylish and comfortable at the same time.

long grey cardigan outfits


You can pair a grey cardigan with any kind of jeans, ie: flared, cropped, boot-cut. There isn’t a style that doesn’t look great with a cardigan

grey cardigan outfits
Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

Grey cardigan with a metallic dress

A fun way to style a short grey cardigan is by pairing it with fun metallic dresses or skirts, especially a silver dress. These are always fun to wear to weddings and galas because it is simple, elegant, and stylish. You look dressed up but also at the same time, you are slightly dressed down as well.

grey cardigan outfits
grey cardigan outfits

Long Grey Cardigan Outfits Perfect for 2022

               If you are like me, as soon as the temperature drops I’m grabbing my dark grey cardigan and throwing it on. I’m not one for the cold and I love to be warm 24/7, but sometimes it’s a struggle to find the perfect look to go with that one piece of your outfit. So here are a few cute options that will help you find that perfect fall or winter look.

long grey cardigan outfits

Silk top

               Silk tops are perfect to pair with any dark cardigan in your closet. It is the perfect choice for either a fun, relaxing night out with your friends or if you are doing a fun date night. The cardigan allows you to dress down a little bit but the silk top allows you to show that little bit of skin to be sexy if you want.

Grey Cardigan Outfits 2022

Basic t-shirt

               Another option mentioned previously is a basic t-shirt look. It is just a simple and easy look that everyone loves. Some fun examples are if you pair a fitted tee with a statement necklace and cardigan to give yourself a more feminist look. There is another more relaxed look, try pairing a relaxing shirt with a long necklace to give yourself a more of a boho look.

long grey cardigan outfits
long grey cardigan outfits

Leather pants

               If you are wanting a more fun and daring outfit then you should try pairing leather pants. You will have so much contrast going on from the fabric of your pants to the knitted cardigan. This is the perfect outfit if you are going out to an informal concert or some outdoor occasion.

long grey cardigan outfits

Printed dress

               Grey cardigans go along perfectly with fun patterns like floral dresses, polka dot prints, and even striped shirts, skirts, or dresses. The reason that this is even possible is that the neutral tone of the grey cardigan helps show off the patterns that it is paired with. I would recommend pairing your grey cardigan with a floral dress if you are going to a semi-formal event where you want to look elegant.

dark grey cardigan outfits

Wearing a polka dot print with a grey cardigan would be a fun outfit to wear on either a night out with your friends or even if you are going out on a date. Polka dots can be a fun and flirty choice to wear anywhere.

When it comes to wearing striped prints, I envision that to be more of an office look where you can throw your cardigan on for the comfort level of being in an office, plus sometimes those office buildings can be cold sometimes. While at the same time you have that look of professionalism to your office look.

Cardigan Outfits for 2022

Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

               Shirt and dress

The one great thing about short cardigans is that they are perfect for every occasion. Cardigans are perfect for an office look,  especially if you pair them with a pants suit, dress, pencil skirt, or fashion pleated skirt. The main color schemes that you can pair with a grey cardigan will either be pastel, black, or navy blue.  Of course, if you pair any color with a grey cardigan you are going to be looking great.

Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

High waist jeans and pants

The cute informal outfit is the sleek buttoned cardigan with high waist jeans or pants to give a modern and feminine look.

Grey Cardigan Outfits 2022
Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

Other fashionable outfits with crop cardigans you can watch on our site.

All-grey outfit

               Another great look you can try is an all-grey monochromatic outfit. Throwing together different shades of grey for your pants, top, and even coat may seem weird to you but to others, you will look well put together. This outfit would look great going to either a fancy brunch or a museum. If you need to add that pop of color, then you can add a cute colorful handbag or shoes.

grey cardigan outfit


Neutral bag

               One other fun way to style a grey cardigan is by adding a cute neutral handbag. This will help your grey cardigan stand out.  You can always use either a white, black, or grey purse to style your look while not taking too much attention away from your cardigan. A way you can go with a more modern look for a grey cardigan and handbag is by choosing either a black satchel or fanny pack. It’s a different look than what many people would choose, which gives you more of a choice to stand out from everyone else.

long grey cardigan outfits


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Dad sneakers with dress

How to style a black dress with sneakers?

Sneakers have always been trending since forever. They are preferably the only type of shoes that can go with almost every type of dress and still make your outfit of the day flashing. Not only are they comfortable enough to wear all day, but they also show the sense of style you have and that is DIFFERENT.

black dress with sneakers outfit

Leaving sneakers aside for a while, let’s talk about dresses. Summer is here, uppers are off. The most important thing in your outfit is probably your shirts or the dresses you wear because there is no hiding anymore. People nowadays tend to go for a single color dress or apparel. And the most worn color? Black.

So, why not talk about the combination of black dresses with sneakers?

black maxi dress with sneakers outfit

What color sneakers would go with black dresses?

Black is an elegant color to go with on you. Shirts, pants, glasses, watches. Black is a MOOD. But, what color sneakers would go with them?

Surprisingly, every color would work if you have a full-on black dress. But, every color would give out a different sense of style.

dress with sneakers outfits
black dress with sneakers outfit


There is no doubt that white sneakers are ideal for a black dress and for any other outfit. They are the most relevant shoes and are suitable for women of any age. It is only about choosing a quality model for the upcoming season.

black dress with sneakers outfit
black dress with sneakers outfit

Red or pink

Red or pink color sneakers go along with black dresses well. They give off a positive vibe, show off you as an energetic person. Red itself is a really exciting color.

black dress with red sneakers
black dress with red sneakers