Everyday Fashion Look Ideas 2018

The ability to combine the clothes in a harmonized look is a true art! Even the simplest items of clothes will look creatively different and not boring. The 80’s fashion comeback in contemporary contexts formed amazing femininity of the looks; therewith the naked sexuality almost entirely has gone. Conversely, women fashion 2017 year can see […]

модные сапоги 2017, красные ботфорты

14 Valuable Rules that will Afford you to Wear Jackboots Without Looking Vulgar

Several seasons in a row we can observe growing popularity of ladies’ jackboots. Jackboots are really bold, good-looking and sexual. They help to create a bright and original image. However, some ladies don’t buy jackboots because they are afraid to look brash and vulgar. Ladies’ jackboots: advice for those who don’t want to look vulgar […]

Lace Skirt — Your Seduction Weapons!

Lace was added to the list of absolute trends in 2017. Every famous designer has included charming openwork to their collections. The wave of femininity and romance has captured all of us in a new season. Translucent lace skirt entices every men! Last year and before there was a constant interest in openwork and guipure. […]

lace skirt outfit, red lace skirt

чокер из кружева на шею своими руками

Lace Choker Diy: Step By Step Instruction

The lace choker is an exquisite jewelry, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the new season. It gives the modern image of femininity and special softness. Many modern girls have in their collections a woven choker tattoo or a ribbon choker. In addition, such jewelry is very simple to make. It will take much less […]

Women’s Beige Сardigan: Make Modern Images

The sellers say that women buy beige cardigans in the spring, when it’s still cool enough, but you already want to add light colors to your base wardrobe. An elongated sweater will replace a light jacket, raincoat or jacket in windy weather! Beige Cardigan: Main Features At first glance, a cardigan of the color beige […]

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган