jeans to hide tummy

Many women experience aesthetic dissatisfaction because of their bulging abdomen. The causes of this phenomenon may be a disproportion of internal organs, weakness of the abdominal muscles, age-related changes. In addition, the bulging belly is a common sign of women and girls with the “apple” type of figure, in which all excess body fat accumulates in the waist area.

Don’t worry! Choose flattering Jeans to Hide Belly!

How to choose the best jeans to hide belly?

In order to hide this flaw, women wear shaping underwear, elongated tunics, sweaters, cardigans and other clothes that hide their stomach. This is correct, but at the same time, there is an opinion that plus-sized women shouldn’t wear fashion jeans, since the peculiarities of this clothing reveal all the flaws of the figure.

Jeans that hide the belly

jeans to hide tummy

To dispel this prejudice, designers advise following certain rules when you choose to hide belly jeans.

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to lose belly fat

Let’s speak about tummy control under jeans.

How to hide belly fat in jeans? Which jeans hide the stomach best? How to hide lower belly fat in jeans?

Best jeans for women with a belly: choice rules

Earlier on the site, we described the most successful and convenient models of jeans for plus-sized women. However, a curvy figure doesn’t always imply a protruding abdomen. And vice versa, women who don’t have many extra kilograms still can have a bulging belly. What are the main rules of choice of jeans for lower belly fat?

  • You shouldn’t tighten the bulging abdomen, otherwise the effect will be the opposite: volume fat rolls will appear above and below the waist. A finger should pass between the belt and the body (without pulling on jeans and squeezing the abdomen).

Jeans that hide the belly

  • Women with a big belly can only wear jeans with high waist (see the previous rules). Such models will provide support and tightening of the problem area. This rule is also suitable for skirts that hide the tummy.

tummy control under jeans

jeans to hide tummy

Jeans for women with a belly

  • Too massive a belt will draw attention to exactly what you want to hide.
  • A zipper (especially with a decor) “works” in a similar way – layering is formed, the stomach bulge even more. Therefore, experts advise choosing jeans with buttons when it’s possible.

Note: some designers have the exact opposite opinion. To find a way out of this contradiction, it’s necessary, apparently, to evaluate the advantages of the model based on the degree of bulb of a zipper.

Straight and flared jeans

Women with a big tummy can wear pants and jeans of these styles, but remember: only a high waist and not too wide flare. They should be made of sufficiently dense material.

Jeans that hide belly fat

jeans that will hide your tummy

Jeans that hide belly fat


Slightly narrowed jeans with high waist will also fit.

Jeans to hide tummy

Mom jeans that hide the belly

Mom jeans are loose-fitting jeans, the main features of these models are a high waist, the hip line is not accepted. Unlike other styles for plus-sized girls, these jeans allow you to wear a crop top, moreover, this option is preferred: the waistline is closed, a correctly selected hiding-belly top doesn’t make the figure visually heavier.

mom jeans

jeans that will hide your tummy

Mom jeans can be called a retro model, since they appeared in the late 80s – early 90s. But in the 2020-2021 season, they firmly entered into fashion and became the trend of the season. This is one of the styles that will help hide the protruding belly.


Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans, borrowed from men’s clothing, due to the volume of the model can hide both extra kilograms and protruding belly. However, classic boyfriends have a hip fit. If you can find models with a normal or high waist, you should choose either loose-fitting jeans (loose around the hips and slightly tapering to the bottom) or wide leg jeans along the entire length. The shortened version with turn-ups or ripped jeans also looks good.

jeans to hide tummy



An alternative to jeans can be jeggins – clothes that have the advantages of jeans and leggings, but without their flaws in terms of figure. They are made of a denser, more elastic fabric, have a special belt that tightens the stomach. High waist tightens the waist without creating fat rolls. The absence of zippers and buttons also helps to hide the protruding abdomen.

Jeans that hide the belly

jeans to hide tummy

Boot cut hiding belly jeans

This style is characterized by the straight cut legs. Although jeans fit the buttocks, the pockets are quite high, and therefore the effect of “fitting” the buttocks tight is created. There are boot cut jeans with low, medium and high waist, but for plus-sized women, as you know, it’s better to give preference to the latter.

Jeans for women with a belly

Your outfit will be perfect only when you choose a suitable hiding belly top. Read about it on our site!tops to hide tummy

New technologies

A bulging stomach is a very common problem for women. Therefore, designers use various tricks, creating under belly jeans.

  • For the corrective effect, an elastic stretch-denim material is used, which has a dense texture and has tightening qualities.
  • Especially for the protruding abdomen, jeans with the zipper on the back were invented. It’s recommended to wear shaping underwear under them.

Jeans that hide belly

  • For the same purpose, models without fasteners were created. Instead, a special belt with an elastic band made of stretch denim is used.

 jeans that will hide your tummy

  • There are jeans with corrective panels. In their manufacture, innovative tension technologies of fabrics and special patterns for cutting are used. So, in the line of Revel Levi’s special jeans, stretch threads are located unevenly – in areas that need correction, the stretch is denser, it’s tightening. And the Portuguese company Salsa offers the Push-In model – jeans made of super elastic material with a high waist, they tighten the hips, buttocks and, of course, support the abdomen.

Which jeans hide the stomach

Jeans for women with figures with problem areas and, in particular, with protruding belly pooch exist. A correctly selected model can change the proportions of the body and hide problem areas. A high waistline, a dense stretch fabric with a silhouette-modeling effect, an elaborate zipper and decor will make the figure visually slimmer and delicate.

Jeans that hide the belly

So choose the right jeans and you will hide your belly! And if you want to look stunning on holidays, then see the popular review of our authors about dresses that hide the belly.

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