Culottes have not lost their popularity for several years. At the fashion weeks of 2020 this model doesn’t appear as often as palazzo pants. However, the stars of «street style» keep on creating new outfits with this well-loved thing.

Culottes for women: whom this style suits

Culottes are suitable for almost all types of figures because they visually correct flaws. Girls of short stature are recommended to wear models with a length just above the ankle. Tall ones can wear any length.

culottes 2020

Frame Resort 2020 fashion

culottes 2020

Very plump girls, especially those with an apple shape body and rounded belly, must wear them carefully. The concept of culottes  is a narrow waist and wide from the very bottom legs. On wide hips, the oversize effect will be lost. Tight culotte pants will look like flared trousers.

However, this applies to girl with lots of excessive weight. If the girl is only a little plump, it’s recommended to wear culottes. They will make legs look visually slimmer. Wide culottes resembling a skirt are perfect. Important tips for choosing culottes for plus-sized women are described in a separate article on the site.

culottes for plump women

culottes pants plus size

Culottes 2020: photos of the relevant models

There are standard and cropped culottes. The classic model with the length up to the ankle and average width of legs is still relevant. The Fendi brand has given the classics a more modern look due to the actual colors.

culottes 2020

Fendi 2020

The «fresh look» at culottes are cropped models just below the knee. They do not distort the proportions of the legs, but rather emphasize the elegance of the calf. The Christian Dior fashion house and Disquared 2 brand has represented such models in their collections of 2020.

Culottes 2020 photo

Disquared 2020

Culottes 2020 photo

Christian Dior 2020

The photos demonstrate perfectly how to wear culottes in winter and autumn. Women ask a lot of questions about culottes. How to wear culottes with tights, which shoes fit wide trousers? Search for answers on our website!

culottes with tights

We should give special attention to culottes flared below the knee. Models with creases or with a wrap in the front are suitable for a business image. For everyday life, you can choose models from soft fabrics. Thin tops and shirts should be slightly worn outside or not tucked at all. In tandem with flare, choose loose jackets with sleeves and a wide shoulder line.

culottes 2020

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What culottes in style 2020: colors and fabrics

Clothes made of eco-leather were seen in almost all collections at the fall fashion weeks of 2020. Dense rough matter matches well with light, thin fabrics: silk, cotton, viscose. Airy organza blouses – the absolute trend of this year, they are suitable for an evening look with leather culottes.

Culottes 2020 photo

Frame Resort 2020

culottes fashion 2020

Brown, white and black models are suitable for office outfits. They can be combined with classic shirts and plain turtlenecks.culottes 2020

Relevant dense fabrics:

  • denim;
  • suede;
  • suiting cloth;
  • cotton and linen.

Culottes 2020

Frame Resort 2020

Tops of any fabric are combined with culottes from a material that holds well in shape. The contrast of textures is in fashion. For example, soft velveteen or coarse linen can be combined with smooth satin tops.

Although satin is extremely fashionable, it’s not the best fabric for culottes, it strongly emphasizes the hips and rumples quickly. It is better to choose a long satin skirt for the modern fashionable look of 2020.

Also, flowing chiffon is the thing of the past.

Dimmed natural colors are in fashion in winter of 2020: khaki, beige, brown, gray. They are versatile and suitable for basic wardrobe.

Fashionable culottes 2020

Fendi 2019-2020

culottes 2020 fashion

Hedi Slimane 2019-2020

Lovers of colorful stylish images with culottes are recommended to try on models in the most relevant colors of 2020:

  • mustard;
  • brick;
  • dark turquoise;
  • aquamarine.

fashionable culottes 2020

Bright accent will be the culottes with prints. Animal print (leopard, snake, tiger), floral and small geometric prints are still in fashion. All cell variations are relevant – especially in the fall-winter models.

culottes 2020

Hedi Slimane 2020

Fashionable culottes 2020

Ted Baker

how to wear culottes

White will be an absolute leader in the summer of 2020. A plain white look – «total white look» – looks excellent. It can be complemented with accessories in beige or brown. It’s great if they will imitate natural materials: embossed leather, straw weaving, wood.

Fashionable culottes 2020

Also, white culottes are combined with black, beige, gray and blue things.

Culottes what to wear them with

What to combine culottes with in 2020? What looks are the most stylish? Read in detail in the next article and see new photos.
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