How to Hide Tummy in Clothes: 10 Best Advice

You do not have enough time for sports training, and your favorite fashionable outfit is still not perfect on your figure? Then you should learn about some of the secrets of choosing trendy plus size clothes that will help visually hide your stomach. And you’ll look much better in slimming clothes for a big tummy.

What to wear to hide a big stomach? How to hide tummy in clothes?

1. You need to pick up things of your size. Do not try to squeeze into clothes for a size smaller than the real one, as this will be very noticeable and inappropriate. Do not think that in this form you will look slimmer. Dresses small size will not drag you down, but will only squeeze out the imperfections of the figure, as in the photo.

How to hide tummy in clothes

How to hide tummy in clothes

2. Corrective underwear – an excellent way to look better without much expense. Modeling body and panties with a high waist will help to hide a couple of extra centimeters. With corrective underwear, clothes from thin fabrics and knitted things will sit much prettier. Such underwear gently corrects especially problem areas, creating a smooth silhouette line.

Corrective underwear

3. The oversize things is a good idea. Free-style clothing isone of the main trend of fashion now. This does not necessarily have to be voluminous things, enough will be a few loose shirts from cotton, loosely fitting to the figure of sweaters and dresses. Oversize loose things can smooth out the silhouette and hide flaws.



4. How to hide tummy in jeans and trousers? It is worth choosing high-waisted models. It is a fashion trends of 2020. Overstated waistline can not only hide the tummy, but also create the appearance of an ideal figure. However, these styles are not only for plump girls, but also for slender. They pull out the figure, visually narrow the waist and make the legs look longer and slimmer.  You can choose wide leg hiding tummy pants such as culottes or gauchos.

Read about how to choose trendy jeans for plus size women.

to hide a big stomach

high waist, fashion trends 2018

To Hide Tummy in Clothes

5. Pick up a jacket or waistcoat so that they are fastened on the protruding part of the abdomen. If the buttons are placed above or below the abdomen, then you risk only highlight the lack of shape. The rounded shape will protrude even more, as in the photo.


6. Accurate drapery can work as an optical effect. Folds can distract on yourself all attention. Things are effectively presented with features of the female figure. Appreciate how charmingly the clothing hides the belly, the photo of which is presented below.

Look at the site 9 styles of velvet dresses plus size.

clothes to hide belly

7. Pleated skirts or dresses also work in the same way. Vertical lines visually draw out any silhouette, creating the appearance of a long and slender figure.

Learn the top 10 styles of skirts that hide the tummy for plump women.

pleated skirt

fashion skirt 2018

8. Cardigans perfectly cope with the function of figure correction. It is better to choose an elongated, rather than a shortened style. Cardigans of thin fabric are preferred, it is possible with an asymmetrical cut. And do not necessarily zip it. Wear it unbuttoned, because the verticals lengthen the silhouette. In that case, you can even combine it with straight plus size pencil skirts. All the secrets of choosing a cardigan in accordance with the features of the figure read in a separate publication of experts.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

красный кардиган

9. Stylish loose-cut shirts are worn, not tucked into trousers and skirts. Excellent hide the belly of the shirt with fashion prints, especially the cage and vertical strip.

бежевый кардиган
10. Trapezoidal dresses and A-line dresses are excellent assistants in the difficult matter of “masking” the abdomen. Such models are preferred by pregnant women, and for good reason. Free, comfortable (but not shapeless) things help create the illusion of a slender figure. But put aside dresses with detachable high waist. They cut the figure sharply under the breast, pushing the stomach outward.

Slimming Clothes for Big Stomach

Slimming Clothes for Big Stomach

This is the best clothing for women with big stomachs, which will make you slimmer visually.

Want to know what dresses perfectly hide the protruding tummy? At the request of the subscribers of the site, fashion experts are preparing a separate publication on this topic. After all, dresses are best able to demonstrate your femininity.

Now you know how to hide tummy in clothes. So you can forget about this shortcoming and feel confident! As you can see, there are many ways to hide tummy clothes, just need to avoid tight-fitting items, as well as those sharply cut into the body. It is better to choose free styles and flowing materials.

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