fashion jeans plus size

It is always harder to choose trendy clothes for plus-size women. But the fashion industry is developing rapidly, and the number of plus-size clothing variations has increased. These items are good for any other type of body. Read the publication to find out which trendy jeans for plus size girl are offered by modern designers.

fashion jeans plus size

fashion jeans plus size

What does a bulky type of body mean?

There’s a discussion about what «bulky figure» means exactly. Some people confuse it with excessive weight. But they usually forget that a bulky figure doesn’t always mean being overweight. Some women can be a bit muscular but they still have an attractive figure, for example, an hourglass figure. The same can be said about the bulky body type. Plus size women can be even more seductive, then slim ones. It’s all relative.

jeans for plump women

fashion jeans for plus sizes

Fashionable jeans for plump women

Boyfriend jeans for plus size women

If you’re not a fan of jeans that are too tight, you should wear jeans with a regular waist that will fit your body measurements. These cropped jeans are tight at the top but become freer at the bottom. You need to consider one thing – boyfriend jeans usually have 7/8 lengths and can be patrolled. This model will suit high girls and girls of medium height. Plump and short girls should «add» a few centimeters by wearing platform shoes and wedged boots if they don’t want to look squat.


Let’s point out that cropped jeans are fashionable nowadays, as well as embroidered, ripped, and worn. Visit our website to see the whole list of fashionable jeans in 2023.

Many people worry if ripped jeans are acceptable for plump women. Why not? Of course, scuffs and holes attract attention to your legs. So what? If you’re brave then choose ripped boyfriend jeans confidently. The models which have vertical scuffs will suit perfectly. But avoid models with big holes in the fabric.

fashion jeans plus size

2. Black jeans for plus size women

Do you have a small height and not perfect legs? Don’t you want to parade these body flaws? Then you need jeans that will make your legs elongated, slim and contoured. The jeans you choose should be elegant. Choose black and you will never make a mistake. Black or dark blue jeans are most suitable for full legs.

baggy women's jeans

  1. High-waisted fashion jeans plus size

This model can definitely be regarded as «jeans for ample curves». These stretchy high-waisted denim trousers take the shape of your body. However, they don’t look like you were struggling to fit into them. This is because of the high waist. You can wear high-waisted jeans even with a short top, shuffling on a cardigan or a leather jacket. These are the most fashionable jeans for plump women in 2022. We wrote about them in the article «Top-10 things which help to look slimmer».

How can you hide your belly in high-waisted jeans? Read all about it!

fashion jeans plus size

fashion jeans for plus sizes

  1. Jeans with regular waist

Plump women often avoid wearing jeans with a low waist, because it seems like they can’t fit into them. And that’s true. But there are some good alternatives to high-waisted jeans. Bootcut, mom jeans and boyfriend jeans – your perfect variant when we’re talking about the regular waist. They aren’t too tight and don’t show too much.

fashion jeans plus size

jeans for plump women

  1. Flared jeans for plump women

If your hips are the bulkiest part of your body, you should definitely choose flared jeans. Probably, you know that after the triumphal return from the past now they are regarded as the most fashionable jeans.

If you have a pear-shaped body then it’s an ideal choice for you because they visually balance the proportions of your body. Flared bottom aligns the curves of your body slightly. If your hips are too bulky, you should pay attention to the models that are flared from the middle of the thighs. However, some plump women look gorgeous in jeans flared from the knee. If your flare jeans are high-waisted and you match them with high heels, that makes them the most suitable variant for bulky hips.

Bell bottom jeans are not recommended to short girls. They will «steal» a couple of centimeters which is totally unacceptable.

fashion jeans for plus sizes

  1. Jeans with straight legs

Straight jeans – is a «safe bet» for plump women. We strongly recommend this variant. They are perfect for your body shape, they don’t create bulges and don’t cling to your body. Probably this is the most important thing that every plump woman should have in her wardrobe. They fit your waist and then become wide and straight.

jeans for plus size women

 jeans plus size

  1. Wide-leg jeans for plus size women

Somebody can say those wide leg jeans can’t be identified as jeans for a plump figure. But if you have an attractive hourglass figure, you have to show it when you have the possibility. And the best way to do it is to wear skintight waist jeans.

Please wear baggy jeans with heels.

plus size wide leg jeans

Look at the best wide-leg jeans for plus size women on our site.

  1. Bootcut trendy jeans for plus size women

Bootcut jeans are a model that fits your thighs and they become a bit wider from the knee. The fans of the country style adore this model. You don’t have to tuck your jeans into your boots, they’ll just cover them. They stretch in the right place and give the right shape. However these jeans usually have a low waistline, you can find models with a regular and high waist. The last ones will suit you if you have a small belly. But if your «top» is really bulky, then Bootcut jeans will not suit you.

To make your legs visually longer, wear these jeans with high heels.

jeans for plus size women

  1. Mom jeans for plus size women

The signs which were considered boring earlier returns nowadays and becomes even more fashionable. And that time (luckily for women with all types of the figure) these jeans suit practically everyone, especially plus size cuties. They are extremely stylish and will suit your figure. Mom jeans for plump women perfectly fit their opulent figure even though they aren’t very elastic.

fashion jeans plus size

fashion jeans plus size

  • White jeans for plump women

    Some people think that plump women can’t wear white jeans. But this is a misbelief, not a fashionable rule. If you also believe in this, then look at the plump women, sashaying in white jeans. Look for jeans with a regular waist, fine texture and with enough place for your hips. You will definitely like the models for plump below despite the «risky» white color.

    White jeans for plump women

    1. Jeggings

    Is your closet is still full of shapeless leggings because they’re stretchy and you can fit in easily? Let us remind you that there’s a more stylish and universal variant – jeggings. They are made of elastic fabric and they are easy to put on. This variant is more acceptable for going outdoors. Take into account that jeggings are tight in your hips and you need to choose an elongated top for not to emphasize your bulky hips.

    Jeggings plus size

    1. Sideline jeans

    Have you noticed, that sideline trousers have appeared in the boutiques? This fashionable trend (also from the past) still isn’t accepted by everyone. But you’re a progressive and stylish woman and you need to pay more attention to them. Vertical lines lengthen the silhouette and that will suit the plump figure.

    jeans for plus size women

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Which jeans don’t fit plump women?

  • The modern fashion industry gives every woman an opportunity to look attractive despite her type of figure. But there some models which are not recommended to plump girls.

    – Jeans with a low waist can’t hold your excessive centimeters and your belly

    – It is not recommended to wear models with large holes, it may not look quite aesthetically pleasing.

    – You should buy jeans of your size. Don’t think that things that are one size smaller will make you look slimmer. That’s not true. The bigger thing will fall and won’t emphasize your figure.

    –  Small back pockets can make your buttocks look bigger.

    –  Wide patch pockets will create excessive bulk. For the same reason, we do not recommend to choose jeans with large expressive decor. You can wear jeans with small decor or flat embroidery.

    jeans for plus size women

    – Too thin fabric jeans will create unwanted folds and give out roughness on your hips and waist.

    – Short girls are not recommended to wear cropped jeans.

    jeans for plus size women

    Look at the good fashionable image with jeans and a gray cardigan, which covers the thick buttocks.fashion jeans for plus sizes

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    You have made sure that you can choose the best fitting jeans for plus sizes, so don’t deny comfort, feel confident and make your own modern stylish look. Change your jeans from time to time to wide cropped culottes. All the secrets of choosing fashion culottes for plus-size women are in the popular article on our website.