pants to hide tummy

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“I know what I want. A full belly, a contented heart, and a place in this world.” (Karen Cushman)

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In this article, I will explain which are the best choices of pants to hide tummy, to feel comfortable even with trousers at any time of the day.

Do you finally want to be sure of yourself and feel beautiful on every occasion of your life? Having a pronounced belly and not knowing what to do has always been your problem?

Pants To Hide Tummy

Do not worry! I’m here for you : ). Ready to get started?


What are the tips for hiding your belly with pants?

High-waisted trousers to hide the belly

One of the best tricks to cover your tummy is to use high-waisted pants! They are of great help, make the figure more slender and do not tighten in the abdominal area. Choose fabrics like cotton, satin, and jeans for a soft effect.

pants to hide belly fat
Pants To Hide Tummy

Wide-leg pants to hide the belly fat

Plus size wide-leg pants are perfect for those looking to hide some tummy or the unsightly muffin top, and for those who unfortunately don’t have long legs. They are really comfortable, super versatile, and will focus attention on your hips, taking them away from the abdominal area.

how to wear loose pants
wide-leg plus-size pants

Belts to hide the tummy

Wearing the belt properly can help cover the belly. Use high-waisted belts, the best ones are those to tie and not too tight so as not to excessively mark the abdominal area. Not overtighten the protruding abdomen. Avoid belts that emphasize the hips, but choose those that emphasize the waist.

pants to hide belly fat
pants to hide lower belly pooch

Choose the right pants size to cover the belly

Choosing the right size of pants for big belly is one of the keys to success. Opting for sizes that are too small or too large emphasizes the tummy, and you will certainly not be comfortable. Trousers that are too tight or too loose focus attention on the abdominal part.

Pants To Hide Tummy

Choose the right fabrics

The watchword is softness! Avoid all stretch and polyester fabrics. They are not friends with your belly. Prefer soft and light fabrics such as lace, chiffon, cotton, and satin.

pants to hide belly

Emphasize a beautiful part of the body

The simplest trick to remedy this problem is to focus attention on the rest of the body. Hide your belly, focusing attention on your body’s strengths. For example, you can wear a beautiful high collar to emphasize the neck. If your arms are toned, uncover them! If you have beautiful breasts, choose V-necklines that show them proudly and a bra that lifts the breasts, so they will appear further away from the abdomen. If genetics have given you wonderful legs, go for those. Don’t cover your whole body just because you want to cover your pronounced belly!

Pants To Hide Tummy

Tummy control pants

All Hollywood celebrities use them! Why shouldn’t you? Control pants have tons of benefits! They help you feel more confident, you will look much leaner and fitter, improve your back posture, and goodbye bacon, muffin tops, and love handle!

pants to hide the stomach
hiding belly pants


Do you want to always feel beautiful, but do you want to hide your belly? Here are some fashion pants styles that will help you look your best even with a few extra pounds.

Straight pants

Straight jeans with a high waist are perfect! Do not emphasize them with a belt too flashy, but combine them with a nice soft chiffon blouse or other flattering hiding belly tops.

pants to hide the belly
pants to hide the belly

Flare pants

Flared trousers are back in fashion and if they have a high waist, they enhance the waistline, lengthen the legs and accompany the shape of the hips. If you want to cover your stomach, opt to combine them with a soft blouse to leave out of the pants.

pants to hide belly fat
Pants To Hide Tummy

Palazzo pants to hide belly fat

Palazzo trousers have a long, soft cut and are flared at the waist. Match them with slim fit t-shirts for a casual and always trendy look. They make the body look thinner and hide the pronounced abdomen.

Best Wide-Leg Pants for Plus-Size Women
Pants To Hide Tummy

Culotte Pants

Perfect for you! They look like skirts but are much more comfortable. Thanks to the high waist, they slim your figure and hide the extra pounds. Pair them with a nice heeled shoe and choose dark colors like black, burgundy, raspberry, and coral. You will feel really elegant!

culottes pants plus size
High-waisted wide-leg pants

Paper bag pants to hide lower belly pooch

Women like this pair of ankle pants featuring an elasticized paper bag high waist. They fit very comfortably and have enough room at the waist to stretch. Those paper bag pants are loose around the waist and hide the stomach very well.

pants to hide belly fat
pants to hide lower belly pooch

Wide-leg jumpsuit

Convenient, and comfortable! There are really so many types to choose from. The best for you are those that accentuate the waistline, just above the stomach. Choose soft and light materials. Elegant, but with simplicity.

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Pants To Hide Tummy

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