Pencil-skirts style for plump women

Do pencil skirts look good on plus size?

Among modern fashionistas, there is an erroneous belief that pencil-skirts are only for long-legged and slim beauties. However, this is just one of the few things that should be in the wardrobe of any plump girl. A skirt of such model will suit plump girls even more than slim ones.

Why are pencil skirts suitable for plus-sized women?

– A narrowed to the bottom model makes your figure visually slimmer and legs longer.

– Such a skirt emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. It hides fat stomach and attracts attention to curvy hips and breeches, emphasizes your calves.

– It creates the impression that your bottom part is lighter, as the proportions are rebalanced.

plus size pencil-skirts

Regardless of the type of figure, this skirt is suitable for all plump girls, without exception.

The versatility of a pencil skirt allows you to create casual, business, evening and holiday outfits. Fabrics with different textures are used for its tailoring and that allows you to choose a model for any season.

Pencil skirts style for plump women

Among all the variants for plus-sized girls, some models are the most suitable. How to wear a pencil skirt if you have a belly?

  • Classic: A standard silhouette that makes your legs look thinner. This is the basis for the business style of a modern businesswoman.

Pencil-skirts style for plump women

  • With low waistline: if you don’t have a protruding tummy, you can wear such a pencil skirt of light fabrics for a beautiful summer outfit.

Pencil-skirt for plus-sized women

  • With high waistline: a real must have for women with tummy and curvy shapes. Thanks to the special cut, it can emphasize the waist and create a trim figure and a feminine silhouette.

What to wear with plus size pencil-skirts

  • With asymmetry: new models with interesting details of the bottom are suitable for creating everyday looks, they distract attention from wide hips by creating the effect of layering.

What to wear with plus size pencil-skirts

The main task for a plump girl is to reduce the proportions of the bottom, so in addition to choosing a model, special attention should be paid to the fabric. It is better to abandon thin knitwear or satin in favor of a denser material.

Plus-sized women can wear a pencil skirt with a high waistline, low waistline is only suitable if the body sides and belly are small enough.

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How to choose a pencil skirt for a plump woman?

The first thing to consider when choosing a skirt is comfort. While trying on a skirt, sit down, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. This model is narrow enough, so curvy women should pay attention to that factor.

Plump women should abandon tight pencil skirts, leave them to skinny women. According to the photo, your variant is a skirt which is not too tight and that can hide your extra kilos.

What to wear with plus size pencil-skirts

Skirts made of shiny and glossy fabrics will visually add volume to your figure. Try to pick up skirts of thin and smooth fabric. Black, dark-blue or burgundy colors are preferable.

Plump girls look great in pencil skirts with a pattern. Geometric print, flowers or animalistic print will look very original and stylish. If you don’t know which ornament to choose – a safe pick is diagonal check; such a print will visually narrow your silhouette.

plus size leopard pencil-skirt

Plackets on a pencil skirt can also play into your hand. So, plackets in the back, on the front or on sides will make your figure visually slimmer. The same effect can be achieved with the help of fancy stitch, located from top to bottom. Vertical and diagonal lines make you thinner.

What to wear with plus size pencil skirts

Don’t choose a skirt which is too short. A pencil skirt with the length above the knee and long dresses will make your silhouette visually squat and heavy. The optimal length is to the middle of the lower leg if you have plump legs. The so called midi length is a new trend, offering elongated options below the knee. This is more appropriate for evening outfits and will make any stylish image more elegant.

plus size pencil-skirts

If you have slim legs, you can wear skirts with the length of up to the middle of the knee.

If you want to make the waist narrower, then choose the model of a pencil skirt for plus sized ones with a basque from the waist.

Pencil-skirt for plus-sized women

In the new season, leather skirts are in fashion, just for curvy girls. How the pencil skirt will look on a plump girl depends on what it is worn with.

 leather pencil skirt plus size

What to wear with plus size pencil skirts?

For everyday looks, you can pick up outfits with a sweater or turtleneck tucked into a skirt. If you chose plus size cardigan, a blouse or a top, then a neck hole must be triangular. It emphasizes the neckline. If your top is quite heavy, then you should consider the option of a top with tight effect.

A  print blouse or monochrome jacket of satin and silk with a beautiful neckline will match a leather pencil skirt. Also for a walk you can wear a tunic, gathered a little under the chest and just below the hips.

plus size pencil skirts

In the office, you can combine a pencil skirt and a shirt, which should be in the same style as the skirt. A blouse and a blouse with a strap are also suitable. The jacket will complement the look well. A straight blouse-shirt goes well with a pencil skirt for a plump figure. A white blouse and a black pencil skirt will look elegant and stylish, and the skirt can also be blue or gray. Another option is a combination with a pullover.

plus size pencil skirts

If you choose a skirt with a print, then the top should be plain and strict. Interesting and stylish plus-size outfits are obtained with a bold combination of a bright pencil skirt with prints and a laconic top.

What to wear with plus size pencil-skirts

For evening events and special occasions, plump girls are recommended to combine a pencil skirt with a smart blouse. Emerald, purple or olive pencil skirts look gorgeous combined with an elegant dark top. So, for example, a lilac blouse or a light straight shirt will also suit an purple skirt. A ruched shirt will also look harmonious with it.

plus size pencil skirts

The top with a pencil skirt is best worn tucked in a skirt. If for some reason you do not like this option, then the top worn outside requires a strap or belt. This accessory must be narrow; it will highlight and emphasize the waist.

What to wear with plus size pencil skirts?

Plus sized women should better combine skirts with high heels. Shoes or sandals with stiletto heels or stable heels are what you need. A pencil skirt looks good on plump girls combined with wedge-sole shoes. It is not recommended combining it with high boots.

Pencil-skirts style for plump women

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Modern fashion trends allow you to wear a pencil skirt with sneakers. But flat shoes, of course, will look less advantageous when it comes to curvy girls. However, during long walks, when comfort is so important, you can wear sneakers.
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