серый кардиган

Of all things of the basic wardrobe, first of all, the gray cardigan comes to mind. “It’s boring …” – you say? “Stylish!” – the designers claim! What is the secret of his popularity? How to make an image vivid and memorable? How to avoid dullness and boredom? Do you know any ways to wear a gray cardigan? The authoritative stylists of the site “Ksistyle.com” will answer all the relevant questions.

Gray cardigan: main advantages

We are sure that 95% of modern women have a cardigan in the wardrobe. And these elongated sweaters are so diverse that they allow each girl to find her own style and uniqueness.

A gray cardigan is a universal thing that can easily adapt to any image. If you are still wondering whether to buy this stylish wardrobe item, we will outline its main features shortly.

– The popularity of gray in 2021-2022 broke all records. It is not associated with inconspicuous mice today. Now it symbolizes intellectuality and depth of thinking.

cardigan gray, woman's grey cardigan

– The universality of the gray cardigan is manifested in the fact that it easily adapts to any style: everyday or romantic, grunge or boho, and even business. To compete with him on universality can only beige cardigan. See the original examples in our photo gallery in the continuation of the article.

– Play on the texture of the fabric. Neutral gray color allows you to focus on the structure of the material. Charming gray knitted cardigan with large relief patterns, delicate mesh net, warm dense or thin summer models! Stylists of the site remind us that the combination of contrasting materials is an actual trend of 2022.

серый кардиган

– Designers have developed many different models, each of which has its own characteristics. But it is very important to take into account your individual characteristics of the body, to highlight the virtues, and to hide the shortcomings. In our next article, you can learn important tips for choosing a cardigan depending on the features of the figure, and also how to choose a cardigan for fat women.

Cardigan gray outfit ideas: a combination of colors

All gray. Fashion continues to debunk myths about greyness in gray. And now experts suggest creating fashionable images in gray tones. Dressing in cold steel from head to heel, and you will look extraordinarily stylish! Important: it is necessary to combine different shades, and select items of different textures.

all grey cardigan outfits

Gray plus green. A discreet set is full of mystery. Modern fashion pays attention to beautiful muted shades, such as emerald, mint and khaki, but not a daring green color. To lighter shades of greenery choose the same light steel and vice versa. In the photo you see a non-standard combination of camouflage t-shirt with an elongated sweater. This look is very harmonious and soft, with notes of stylish light negligence.

серый кардиган с белыми брюками

Gray and pink. This bow certainly can not be called sad. A calm gray color slightly dampens the courage of pink. The ensemble of these flowers has long been called trend, and now no one is surprised.

серый кардиган с розовым платьем

Gray and blue. Cold shades, such as blue and blue – an excellent company for steel. Moderately bright, a quite representative outfit. Especially if you choose pure shades of blue. Continue the theme of cold shades can purple, as well as turquoise and aquamarine.

серый кардиган с кружевом

Gray and white. A universal, win-win combination brings a feeling of tenderness and romance. Gives the appearance of solemnity, so it is often used for festive events.

серый кардиган

Gray and black or silver metallic. The most popular combination for everyday life, which does not need additional advertising. We get a strict and slightly conservative, but very elegant outfit. In order to make it more original, add some unexpected detail: a hat or a modern bag, shoes of another shade, a long chain around the neck.

серый кардиган с черным платьем

silver metallic clothes

Gray and red. This is a novelty in the design world, which was opened simultaneously with the ascent to the top of the popularity of both colors. Two cardinally different tones perfectly complement each other. Just let the gray still be the main on the pair. Red color only puts accents. Such a duet does not smell of dullness, but only optimism and confidence.

серый кардиган с красным платьем

Gray and orange. Such an interesting combination – for those who love to stand out from the crowd. Terracotta, ocher, and copper are also used with success.

Gray and yellow. Another cheerful ensemble causes associations with the beginning of spring and sunlight. Incredibly refreshing, bright and moderately vivid image. If you choose contrasting combinations of colors, then try to avoid the ingenious rich relief patterns on the tissues. Play either on the contrast of shades or on the contrast of textures – one of two.

With a yellow thin sweater, a light gray cardigan will play better.

серый кардиган

How to wear a gray cardigan?

Cardigan and trousers

– Jeans and a T-shirt – the most usual standard variant, clear to all.

In winter, wear jeans of a dark color to the cardigan, in the summer – light color. Fans of youth models with scrapes and cuts, too, say “Yes” in a similar image. Perfectly suit cropped jeans, which are on the list of fashionable trousers 2021. As a shoe, sports shoes or slip-ons are allowed.

серый кардиган с джинсами

– Try fitting leggings with a gray cardigan. The classic combination of a voluminous top and a tightening bottom visually balances the figure. Even a cardigan in the style of oversize will look good with leggings.

темно-серый кардиганA few seasons ago it was the combination of “oversized sweater and tight pants” that was considered to be the only true one. However, professionals – stylists revised their prohibitions and allowed to combine a sweater-oversize with free trousers in the same style. For example, it can be carrot pants or palazzo.

модный длинный кардиган 2017

Straight pants, chinoses, cigarette pants and a white blouse will form a business image. A gray cardigan 2022 will not go against the strict rules of the dress code. If after work you have an appointment with friends in the coffee house, then you can simply complement the outfit with stylish accessories – a massive necklace or a fashionable necklace-choker.

серый кардиган с брюками и рубашкой

Cardigan with dresses

With what to wear a gray cardigan on holidays? Of course, with dresses! And not only on holidays! We offer you several trendy modern images.

– If you want to provide yourself with comfort and warmth with a knitted dress, let it be loose, and the pattern – simple, so as not to oversaturate the image.

серый кардиган с платьем

– A gentle romantic summer dress or a tight-fitting dress is perfect. The contrast of textures of fabrics will only benefit.

– Have you chosen a dress with paillettes for the evening dress? Or maybe a delightful linen dress? The cardigan is also great for this!

– In the wardrobe of a modern beauty there must be a lace dress. It’s impossible to pass the ranks with exquisite lace in mass markets! On top of the lace charm, put on an elongated sweater. In the harmony of contrasting fabrics, modern stylists find a special taste. A romantic girl in the bohemian style can complement such a set not only with elegant shoes but also with coarse shoes.

кардиган с кружевным платьем

– Do not forget about the fashionable dress with floral print made of light fabric. Here’s how a dark gray cardigan with a belt and a dress with a light material with a fine floral print look modern. In cold weather, we advise you to throw a round scarf-snud. Add heeled shoes!

кардиган шарф снуд

– To a simple striped navy dress, slightly longer than a cardigan, almost any footwear will do.

– With a gorgeous dress, a short sweater looks better, which will not hide the beauty of the shape.

кардиган с платьем

– A long black dress and a steel cardigan. Photos of such a plan can often be found on the Internet. A similar image is also adored by the stars, for example, Jessica Alba.

серый кардиган с черным длинным платьем

Cardigan with skirts

– A strict pencil skirt at all times will occupy its segment in fashion. It is ideal for forming a business image. Be modern!

серый кардиган и юбка-карандаш

– Leather skirt known for its strength and durability. To a steel elongated sweater is suitable as a leather “pencil”, and a flirtatious skirt-the sun. Recall the trendy combination of “skirt and sneakers and give preference to sports shoes.

серый кардиган и кожаная юбка

Read about fashionable leather trousers in new articles.

– Pleated skirt, sun-skirt and other lush skirts can be combined with a short top, and fashionable suede boots are perfect shoes.

серый кардиган с юбкой

– Cheerful skirts with floral print (this will be a flared skirt or a pencil skirt) will bring a touch of optimism and charm to your image. And to such a festive garment will not be redundant with a massive decoration around his neck.

серый кардиган с юбкой

серый кардиган с юбкой с принтом


This outfit is recommended for tall girls with slender legs. Stylists advise: shorts should be made of denim or other dense fabric, but not of wool. And the cardigan to them choose not dense and relief, but thin and long (below the knee).

серый кардиган с шортами

Shirts and blouses

You can not miss the shirt, because she must be in the wardrobe of a woman in the new season. Cardigans do not have a collar, so they combine well with shirts. For a business image – a simple light, for a casual style – favorite denim, for a feminine image – with a floral print.

серый кардиган с джинсовой рубашкой

серый кардиган с рубашкой

– Exquisite lace blouses wear with a cardigan that necessary contrast of fabrics about which we already spoke. And do not be confused by the cardinal difference between objects. In the image (in the photo) the thin lace dense knitting and comfortable denim coexist calmly.

Dress shirt

Add shirtdress above the knee, any of the above colors. An additional vertical line of buttons visually makes the silhouette slimmer.

серый кардиган с рубашкой

What to wear with a gray cardigan: trend tips

As a bonus, we offer you valuable tips from authoritative stylists of the site on how to wear different types of cardigans.

– A knitted gray cardigan is one of the most popular in the new season. It can be trimmed with fur, have buttons or go complete with a belt.

knitted gray cardigan

– A gray long cardigan will suit tall, slender girls because it makes the figure a little squat. A short cardigan is worn with trousers and skirts with an overestimated waist so as not to freeze in cold weather.

серый кардиганplus size cardigans

– If you want to diversify too simple (in your opinion) image, then choose models with short sleeves, asymmetrical hem or youth cardigan with a hood.

серый кардиган с брюками и рубашкой

серый кардиган с капюшоном

– Look at оriginal drawings and prints fabrics, especially a cage or strip. For girls of low growth cardigans with the thin strip is recommended.

серый кардиган с полосами

– A special festive mood will give anybody an exquisite lacy cardigan. If desired (and skill), it can be crocheted at home. It is better to combine it with things from smooth fabric. But lace cardigan and lace dress outfit can not be called successful.

– It is permissible to add a wide (or on the contrary, thin) girdle to the elongated sweater. Sometimes the strap can go in the kit. And if this is not the case, then select from your collection a strap of neutral beige, white or the same gray color.

серый кардиган

Now you do not think the gray cardigan is dull? Cast out melancholy and despondency! In the next publication, read about all the features of the red cardigan and its combination with other items of the wardrobe.