A-line style dresses for chubby women

It’s more difficult for plump women to find clothes. After all, they want to hide the flaws of the figure and look slimmer. For this purpose, it’s not necessary to hide under dark long hoodies – it’s better to buy an A-shaped dress. It will perfectly disguise the problematic areas of the body and emphasize the advantages of the figure. Learn about the features of the a-shaped dress, the varieties of models, the secrets of choice.

Peculiarities of A-line dresses for plus-sized women

Plump women who wear XXL clothes fell in love with the laconic loose model which is slightly flared towards the end because of its simplicity, elegance and convenience. Such a practical outfit allows you to feel confident and comfortable.

A-shaped dress for plump women

A-shaped dresses for plus-sized women have the following features:

  • a minimum of decorative elements in the form of stripes, pockets;
  •  midi, length just above the knee or maxi-length dresses for plump ladies,
  • the presence and shape of the collar, sleeves;
  • suitable cutout;
  • fabric that keeps shape.

Fashion designers develop A-line models of various lengths, with short and long sleeves, with combined textures.

Best A-line style dresses for chubby women

Properly chosen A-shaped dress helps to hide wide hips, protruding tummy and an imperfect waist. Various models of A-shaped fashionable dresses make it possible to choose the right model for your type of figure.

  • With a tight bodice, an extension line starting below the chest. With this cut, you can successfully hide your stomach, excessively wide hips.
  • Models slightly flared from the shoulder. It allows hiding the flaws of your waist.

midi A-shaped dress for plump women

  • An A-shaped silhouette begins slightly above the waist. It emphasizes the beautiful shape of your legs, disguises problem areas near the hips and abdomen.
  • An A-shaped dress with geometric, striped or figured yoke. This detail not only favorably emphasizes the line of the chest, but also it serves as a decorative element.

A-line style dresses for chubby women

  • Light A-line dress with flared patches. Hides wide hips and a protruding belly.
  • Loose boho style silhouette. It is characterized by a wide cut. It will transform a plus-sized lady, make them look more elegant and feminine.

Plus size A-line dress

  • Asymmetric models. Different hem lengths allow plump women to look unconventional, bright. The fashionable outfit seems very light.

A-shaped dress for plump women

Plus size A-line dress: suitable size and length

Some women think that the problem with extra kilograms can be covered with a hoodie two size larger than needed or, on contrary, by squeezing into a small dress. Such an approach won’t solve the problem. A-line model should be exactly of your size. Try on a dress and make sure that the selected style and length hides problem areas and emphasizes the advantages of the figure.

A-line dresses for plus-sized women

The most preferable length is midi. Girls with beautiful legs can choose a model with length just above the knee. If you want a longer outfit, then it is better to wear it with a belt. Also, do not choose too flared version, so as not to turn into a corpulent nesting doll. The best option is a slightly noticeable, smooth A-line.

midi A-shaped dress for plump women

Have you already read about the types of skirt to hide your tummy? Ok!

What color of a plus-sized A-shaped dress to choose?

Monochrome A-shaped dresses of soft colors are considered the best for the plump figure. The classic version includes: black, burgundy, blue, dark green, brown. Purple, dark-gray, wine tones, ecru, aquamarine color is perfect for girls with non-standard figures. Fashionable powdery tones look appropriate.

A-line dresses for plus-sized women

The best purchase will be an outfit that emphasizes the color of the eyes, hair, your complexion. Blue, peach, terracotta palette suits fair-haired girls with a beige skin tone. Women with light-brown hair with hazel, blue, gray eyes should prefer wearing pastel pink, beige-pearl, green, sky-blue shades. Red-haired fashionistas can afford buying clothes of dark olive and mustard spectrum. Brown-eyed brunettes and women with chestnut hair can play with contrasting tones: black, red, white. Soft purple-violet, coffee color range will suit them.

 Plus size A-line dress

You shouldn’t experiment too bravely with prints. You can choose a quiet pattern that is located vertically. Strip would be a wonderful option. The use of polka dots, geometric, floristic, animalistic patterns is also allowed. Small spots and abstraction are also relevant.

maxi A-line dresses for plus-sized women

An important nuance is the shape of the neck hole of an A-shaped dress for plus-sized girls.

Dresses with V-shaped wrap  or modern shirtdress will suit busty women. It will emphasize the sexuality of the breast and distract attention from wide hips and waist.

A-shaped dress for plump women

Plus size A-line dress

The most common shape of the neck hole is square or rectangular. It makes the short neck look longer and makes the shoulders more feminine. The exception is women with square face.

The beloved boat neck will be suitable for a summer leave. It makes the hips look smaller. Women with wide shoulders and a short neck should be careful with it.

The cowl neck is perfect for women with small breasts. It distracts attention from the problem areas. If you’re too plump then it’s better to give up on it.

Fashionable chip – an unusual sleeve

The most suitable length of sleeves for an A-shaped dress is ¾. It may be narrowed or in a form of a «bat». With the help of it, you can emphasize the graceful hands and hide the excessive volume. Set-in sleeves with small arm holes will be appropriate for business models.

Short, slightly flared flutter-sleeves are relevant for the summer. However, you’d better give up on bouffant sleeves. Recently, many models of dresses have been decorated with stylish flounces. Not very voluminous flounces are suitable on ¾ length sleeves for plus-sized women.

A-line style dresses for chubby women

A-shaped dresses of large sizes help plump girls not only to create a spectacular look, but also to feel comfortable in any weather. Such a practical outfit is a real salvation for plus-sized ladies.

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