pleated skirts for plus size women

A woman must feel good in order to look nice, and wearing something that makes her feel good defines her mood for the day. It is critical for every plus-size lady to identify her unique fashionable pleated skirt that flatters her form. Research has shown that more than half of all women do not fit into the conventional sizes used by the fashion industry. This is why plus size women’s apparel is in demand, and designers are responding with new patterns and fashions.

plus size pleated skirts
pleated skirts for plus size

When it comes to plus-size pleated skirts for women, the key to looking beautiful is finding the appropriate fit and style. However, in today’s blog post, we will give answers to your top 10 frequent questions about pleated plus-size skirts.

plus size pleated skirt

Can curvy girls wear pleats?

Let’s start with the first question. Can curvy girls wear pleat skirts? The answer is yes. However, it is entirely dependent on the pleats. Women with a little stomach fat should avoid the very thin and thick variants, as they will accentuate it.

Do pleated skirts make you fat? 

Do pleats add weight? Yes, they do. But finding the right type of pleat that flatters your figure is the key. Out of the different types of pleats, Box pleats are by far more slenderizing.

plus size women wear pleated skirts
plus size women wear pleated skirts
Box pleats

Why do my pleated skirts make me look fat?

Pleats can add bulk to your big stomach and large hips, making you appear fatter than you are. Pleated skirts are not suitable for women with big hips.

How do I look thinner in a pleated skirt? 

Fashion skirts with a high waist are ideal for hiding your stomach and making your shape look smaller.

Stitch-down pleats lay flatter than other styles of plus size pleated skirts, which flatters women with big tummies.

plus size pleated skirt

How to wear a pleated skirt with stomach? 

No reason to refuse from wearing pleats if you have a belly.

Pleated skirts with a high or middle waist are ideal for hiding your stomach and making your shape look smaller.

You can wear a high-waist pleated skirt for a flattering outfit. But stay away from very tight waistline skirts because they will squeeze your stomach. You can use a belt.

How to wear a pleated skirt with stomach

How do you wear a pleated skirt with big hips? 

Pleated skirts are not recommended for ladies with large hips since they might make you appear larger. The skirt’s pleats add bulk and make you appear larger than you are. As a result, it’s recommended not to wear them. If you want a plus size pleated skirt, go for a maxi length with small pleats. 

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Can pear shape women wear pleated skirts? 

Certainly, yes! Pleated skirts suit pear shapes perfectly. Narrow pleats, rather than box pleats, are the most effective technique to lengthen your figure. Your shape will be elongated by wearing heels. A pleated skirt would most likely make you look thinner if you have a pear-shaped physique.

plus size pleated skirt
pleated skirt for plus size

Can an hourglass shape woman wear a plus-size pleated skirt? 

Yes! Accordion pleats look great on hourglass figures (curvy with a well-defined waist). Why?

Accordion pleats will accentuate your figure.

plus size pleated skirt
plated skirts plus size
Accordion pleats

Can apple shape women wear pleated skirts? 

The apple shape is the second most popular (for plus-size ladies). Apple-shaped ladies have a bigger top and middle, including their stomachs.

They’re generally bigger-busted, with wider upper arms and shoulders. If you’re going for pleated skirts, we recommend you choose a knee-length pleated skirt. They are one of the best styles for any apple-shaped body.

pleated skirts for plus size

However, if you want to hide your midsection, knife pleats are the perfect option as they tend to provide a look that doesn’t concentrate on size.

pleated skirts for plus size women
pleated skirts for plus size women
Knife pleats

What tops go with pleated skirts for plus size women?

Pleated skirts are versatile in that they can be worn tucked in or out to hip length. For a runway vibe, wear it with a T-shirt and a light bomber jacket.

What tops go with pleated skirts for plus-size women

Tucking your shirt in can draw attention to your waistline. T-shirts and blouses are both tucked in to slim the figure. One of the reasons pleated skirts are so popular is because of this.

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What tops go with pleated skirts for plus-size women


Pleated skirts are a classic style that never goes out of style. Pleated skirts are flattering on everyone if you select the correct style for your body shape.

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