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 An oversized dress: season by season!

Enduring interest in the oversized style hasn’t subsided for several years. Loose, bulky clothes at first glance looks like it is several sizes larger than required. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s fashionable to wear the clothes of your sister who is much plumper than you. Dresses, sweaters and even pants are cut in that way that they fit perfectly, emphasizing fragility and femininity.

green oversized dress

black short oversized dress

If you decided to get an insight into this topic, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll learn everything about popular types of the loose dresses and will get some valuable advice on choosing fashionable things and you will see the best modern outfits which will show you what to wear them with.

Modern dress: loose fit and any length

What is an oversized dress? It’s a dress with a loose fit and it suits the figure that way like it’s several sizes larger than required.

First of all, let’s say that some bagginess still helps to show the advantages of your figure, to hide a plump belly under your clothes.

Short loose dresses will suit women with slim legs. Dresses with puffed shoulder line usually get narrow to the bottom. There are dresses that become wider from the line of the breasts but the upper shoulder line is tailored to fit. Women have the possibility to hide wider hips or tummy, if they have a need. And forget about the diets!

Short loose dresses

red oversized dress
Dice Kayek Resort 2020

Fashionable maxi loose dresses are incredibly popular. Especially summer models which are so light to wear! Long oversized dresses are created in soothing colors. The main focus is on the texture of the fabric.

Long loose dresses

Midi oversized dresses are taking over a growing segment. They combine femininity and modesty which attract men more than low necklines and mini!

Midi oversized dresses

Loose fitting dress styles: variations for every season

Designers have already fantasized a lot on this topic, so the list of types of oversized dresses turned out pretty solid!

Knitted oversized dress

This is one of the most relevant types of our time. Dresses of the loose cut, photos of which you can see below, demonstrate that there variations for women of any age and with any type of figure. Warm models with an expressive relief pattern for a cold time look especially beautiful. Even the neutral gray dresses look original!

knited oversized dress

oversized knited dress

Summer oversized dress

Usually such a dress has an open cut, it’s made of plain, soft fabrics: white, beige, brown, coffee, olive or khaki. You can find some interesting variants with soft prints and patterns, similar to the oversized dress in the photo. Such a dress forms a casual outfit with sneakers and an elegant ensemble with toeless shoes.

oversized polka dots dress

oversized pleated dress
Brandon Maxwell Spring 2019

Sweater dress or hoodie

Young girls liked oversized sweater dress: it looks both like a short dress and a long sweater. However, you can use it both ways. You can combine this dress with fashionable sneakers or flat shoes.

sneakers with sweater hoodie dress

sweater dress oversized

T-shirt dress

Long loose T-shirts can serve as a short dress. Certainly, they aren’t suitable for every occasion. You can go to the nearest store in it or gossip with the neighbor-girlfriend on the bench or to the beach. The T-shirt can serve as a dress if you have slim legs, if you’re young and beautiful…

oversized T-shirt dress

Shirt dress

Incredibly effective and fashionable option! Except for the wide boyfriend shirts dress, which are sewn on a classical pattern, a lot of charming models for women have appeared in 2020. The thing that unites them is a row of buttons and a collar.  All modern styles of shirt dresses are described in a separate article and they enjoy an unprecedented popularity among the readers. Take a look at all the fashionable interpretations!

Alexander Wang 2019-2020
Alexander Wang 2019-2020
oversized shirt dress 2020
Alexis Mabille Resort 2020
oversized shirt dress
Jil Sander Pre-Fall 2019

Linen dresses

Seductive dresses of satin, silk or cotton, reminiscent of a nightgown, is not a novelty for women. Loose fit is one of its main characteristics.

white oversized dress
Deveaux Resort 2020

Oversized print dress

oversized striped dress

oversized dress
Dice Kayek Resort 2020

oversized polka dots dress

Loose fit dress: how to choose to look your best?

Which oversized dress is better? How not to get lost in the abundance of styles? Our experts suggest following several rules.

– The dress must be 1-2 sizes too large but not 3-4 sizes! Don’t go overboard!

– To visually stretch the figure, choose a dress with a V-shaped cut.

– If you want your figure to look visually thinner, look for models which are a bit narrow towards the bottom. Dresses in a sixties style fit slim girls.

oversized dress

– If you don’t look your outfit to look massive and heavy, choose models with a partial oversized effect. This model can have a baggy bottom with more or less narrow sleeves or a bulky shoulder line with a narrowed bottom. This outfit won’t hide your perfect body lines!

стиль оверсайз, платье оверсайз

– The most cross-functional variant is a gray or black loose dress. Shoes and accessories of any color will suit it.

long oversized dress

Co Resort 2020

grey oversized dressOvesized dresses 2020

A review of modern oversized dresses 2020 suggests, designers focus not only on the texture of the fabric but also on the color.

Pastel, soothing shades in combination with relief fabrics and patterns prevail.

Bright colored dresses have ruffles. An oversized dress, a photo of which you can see, has exact this format.

You can see other recent options in the next publication of our experts. Investigate them, if you want to choose the most fashionable dress!

womens oversized dress
Carolina Herera 2019-2020
oversized dresses 2020
Daniel Pryce 2019-2020
oversized dress 2020
Lela Rose Resort 2020
oversized dress
Carolina Herrera Spring 2019
oversized dress 2020
Nina Ricci 2020

– How to choose an oversized dress for plump women? Baggy outfit can hide problem areas of your body: hips, tummy. However, take into account the fact that the open areas of the body should be beautiful. Don’t show your shoulders if they are a bit plump. Don’t choose a short dress, if your legs are far from perfect.

oversized dress plus size

oversized dress plus size

oversized dress plus size

An oversized dress: what to wear with?

Loose fitting dress without waist are the basis of the outfit, its main component. A certain bagginess of the dress requires that all other details be elegant and sophisticated. What to wear a loose dress with? Which footwear can you combine with an oversized dress? What do fashion trends say about it?

–  Flat shoes are the most relevant variant for such an outfit. Loose clothes combine perfectly with comfortable ballet shoes or with heel-less shoes, which constrict your movements and don’t cause discomfort.

oversized dress with flat sandals

oversized dress

–  Shoes or sandals with heels also can be used. Such footwear can add elegance for every festive occasion.

oversized dress

–  An ankle boots is an excellent addition to a fashionable outfit. A knitted dress with suede over-the-knee boots that look very intelligent and feminine will make especially beautiful combination.

dress oversized

–  Vans and sneakers – is a stylish youth variant which is loved by modern young girls. No you can walk tirelessly all the evening.

oversized dress

loose dress with sneakers

Slip-ons – as you can see, even famous designers choose fashionable sport shoes for their fashion shows. A rather high rubber sole makes the silhouette look more elongated and at the same time it gives you comfort.

–  Feminine over-the-knee boots can make a good match to an oversized dress. We recommend you to choose sophisticated over-the-knee boots, although coarse models are now in fashion.

knited oversize dress

 Dresses of loose fit and accessories: to wear or to forget?

Although large jewels are in fashion and they are worn at the same time in several pieces, in this case you should refrain from the abundance of accessories. You can only choose a pendant with a long cord. A baggy outfit already attracts enough attention. For a festive occasion it is permissible to wear several rows of beads, preferably long but also they can be short.

white oversized dress

 dress oversize

– Often dresses have a low neckline, that shows neck and collar bones. In this case, experts recommend wearing a choker neckless – the most modern version of choker in 2019. It is large and has a variety of subtle forms.

oversized dress

– And do not forget about the fashionable bag and hat! And it will give a sweet zest to a fashionable outfit!

oversized dress
Valentino Spring 2019

oversized dress

white long oversized dressMany women admit that if you’ve tried to wear a comfortable oversized dress, you wouldn’t want to take it off. Continue the fascinating journey in the world of fashion by examining the fresh models of loose dresses presented at fashion shows.