butterfly print dress

Designers presented different types of clothes with butterflies. These are dresses, blouses, suits, T-shirts and skirts. The most interesting outfits with butterflies you can see in a new article on our site. Dresses are the most spectacular. This is our new review about them.

Dress with Butterflies: types of prints

The greatest number of dresses with butterflies we see in spring and summer, when bright colors are most appropriate. Their variety surprises. We will tell you about the most popular kinds of butterfly prints.

Big butterflies

Butterfly wings look impressively on a monochromatic light or dark fabrics. Usually large winged insects on the dresses are placed a little, so that you can clearly see the picture.

 butterflies print dress

Small butterflies

From a large distance they are like flowers. And only close we can consider them well. Butterflies can be located evenly over the fabric or brisk to the edge of the dress, as in the photo.

butterfly dress

Butterfly dresses

The woman in this dress is very similar to a butterfly. The fabric is painted with realistic patterns, like on wings. Dress often has a non-standard edge, and this supports the idea of transformation.

butterfly dress

 butterflies dress

3d butterfly print

A spectacular dress with 3d butterfly is an outfit for a special festive occasion. It’s a little impractical to use, but the woman looks fantastic! We saw amazing dresses with 3d prints in the collections of Valentino and Moschino 2018.

butterfly print dress

3d butterfly dress
Moschino Spring/Summer 2018

Monochrome butterfly print

This dress suits modest girls who do not like to stand out, but also want to be elegant. Dress with monochrome butterflies can be worn even in winter.

butterfly dress

Lace butterflies

Lace with flowers is familiar to us. But lace butterflies – this is a curiosity. It’s simply charming!

lace butterflies print dress

Вutterflies and flowers

 Experts do not recommend combining butterflies with other fashion prints. The only exception is flowers and leaves. Butterflies on fabric can be combined with a floral print. It looks very harmonious.

short butterfly dress

Stylized butterfly print dress

The pictures are blurry and confusing. At first glance, it is impossible to understand what is depicted: color spots and lines, flowers or butterflies? Nevertheless, this feature makes the outfit exquisite!

butterfly print

butterfly evening dress

Butterfly Dress Ideas

Long butterfly dress

Beautiful long dresses open the picture well. It can be luxurious evening or ball dresses. And everyday summer outfits from light fabrics give a good mood on a weekday.

long butterfly dress

Short butterfly dress

Charming dresses usually have a flared bottom. They create an airy, light summer image. They will emphasize a slim figure.

short butterfly dress

 Everyday dress

On a weekday, girls want to look elegant too. Dresses with butterflies for everyday wear are sewn from natural fabrics, have a simple cut, are very practical. Butterflies can be of varying sizes, but using a small number of shades.

In the photo you can see the A-line dress, which hides body imperfections. See a new article: 14 best dresses to hide the belly.

 butterflies print dress

Wedding dress with butterflies

On the day of the wedding, you have the opportunity to be feminine and original, if you choose a white dress with butterflies. Multicolored wings in this case are not appropriate. Better will look white (or other monochrome) voluminous butterflies from a dense fabric on a light tulle. Lovers of minimalism can choose an outfit adorned with several butterflies. And for those girls who prefer spectacularity, the designers presented models with a variety of winged creatures.

 wedding butterfly dress

 wedding butterfly dress

Evening dresses with butterflies

The effective pattern and the original form give wide opportunities for creation of evening dresses. A wide palette of shades is used, brilliant decor is added, there may be inserts of contrasting materials (fur, guipure, velvet, satin). For example, an amazing dress-wings of a butterfly on the photo – a vivid example of a dress for a special occasion: prom, carnival.


butterfly evening dress

 Transparent dresses with butterflies

Dresses that are made of transparent fabrics are one of the main trends of 2018. Wings on transparent fabric, adding tulle to butterfly dresses, combining different materials – a frequent phenomenon in modern fashion shows. Tulle adds together lightness and airiness.

butterfly dress

butterfly evening dress

Butterflies print dress: creating an image

– Combine these dresses with monochrome shoes, so that the image does not turn out to be too pretentious.

– Use in the image only one thing with butterflies. Handbags and shoes with colorful wings look, of course, wonderful. But it is better to combine such accessories with one-color dresses without a print.

– This rule applies to jewelry. Large chains with pendants and necklaces are very relevant. But combining them with spectacular butterflies on dresses is not the best solution. If you once again carefully consider the photo in the article, then make sure that there is no need to add big jewelry to the colorful dresses. You can wear only thin chains or earrings.

– It is better not to combine butterflies with other fashion prints. It is permissible combining them with floral motifs. It looks natural. But butterflies can lost in such a variety of shades and shapes. Rely on the general feeling and taste.