best wide leg pants for curvy

Whether you want to create a casual look for a fun evening with your friends or an office meeting, wide-leg pants are an excellent choice. If you are someone with a curvy figure, these pants can help you add versatility to your ensemble. Wide-leg pants for plus-size women are trendy and comfy.

Here, we will look into the best wide-leg pants for curvy women and different types of loose pants. We will also delve into some of the questions that most plus-size ladies have.

wide-leg pants for plus-size ladies

Can plus-size women wear wide-leg pants?

Yes. Plus-size women can wear wide-leg pants as they work well for curvy women. They have a relaxed cut and can narrow your waist.

Besides that, these trendy pants can offer extra comfort while you indulge in day-to-day activities. Plus-size wide-leg pants can offer ventilation too.

These showstoppers can be styled up and down based on the occasion. You can top it off with tailored jackets or a crop top. However, wide-leg pants look great if they run down your angle. Outfits with wide-leg pants can work well for any occasion and season.

best wide-leg pants for plus-size women

Do wide-leg pants make you look fat?

No. Generally, wide-leg pants are excellent choices for curvier women. However, it depends on the ensemble you create. The type of top and how you decide to accessorize the whole look can play a crucial role.

Try to team it up with fitted tops or sleek jackets. It is also beneficial to opt for pants that have thick fabrics. When it comes to shoes, heels, flats, and even sneakers work well with wide-leg pants. You can style them up based on the look you wish to create.

Best Wide-Leg Pants for Plus-Size Women
wide-leg plus size pants

Avoiding lightweight materials can also be helpful. However, it is all about your comfort. If you find wide-leg pants with light fabric as comfortable, there is nothing wrong with wearing them.

Types of wide-leg pants for plus-size women

Wide-leg pants are available in a plethora of designs and trends. From high-waisted to torn jeans, you can find numerous patterns and styles.

Besides that, there are different fabrics to choose from as well. Here, we will walk you through some of the best plus-size wide-leg pants

High-waisted wide-leg pants

High-waisted wide-leg plus-size pants are the perfect choice for an everyday look. They are flattering and can make you look tall, slim, and lean. These pants can hide your tummy and accentuate your outfit with ease.

best wide leg pants for curvy
wide leg pants plus size

Teaming your high-waisted pants with fitted tops can also glam up your ensemble. They are highly fashionable and trendy clothing for plus size women.

Wide-leg jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are excellent breezy wear when you are traveling or hustling through a busy day. There are different varieties of wide-leg jumpsuits available. When it comes to plus-size, you can choose a jumpsuit that stays above your natural waist.

best wide-leg pants for plus-size women
plus size jumpsuit with wide leg pants

While shopping for wide-leg jumpsuits, try to go for those with high-quality soft and stretchy fabric. They can add elegance to your look with ease.

Paper-bag wide-leg pants

Paper-bag wide-leg pants can help you in creating an edgy look. They have ruffles above the waistline and are well-structured.

You can tuck the top into the ruffle while wearing paper-bag pants. Since they could shorten your torso, you can opt for a slim-fit shirt. It can bring balance to your entire look.

best wide-leg pants for plus-size women
best wide leg pants for curvy

Wide-leg jeans

Wide-leg jeans are available in different designs. There are high-waist jeans that you can pair with graphic t-shirts for a casual yet trendy look.

There are plus-size wide-legged cropped jeans you can style with crop tops. You can complete these outfits with wedges or block heels.

wide-leg pants for plus-size women
High-waisted wide-leg pants

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You can also opt for ripped wide-leg denim.

Wide-leg pleated pants

Plus-size wide-leg pants are available with pleats as well. They have a classy and trendy look. Wide-leg pleated pants are mostly high-waist pants and go well with shirts and jackets.

best wide-leg pants for plus-size women
wide-leg pants for plus-size women

Culottes and gaucho pants

Culottes are wide-leg pants that are similar to skirts. Culottes and gaucho pants have large pant legs and are comfortable to wear. You can complete your look with a culotte by wearing fitted tops.

High-waisted wide-leg pants
Gaucho pants
Plus-size wide-leg pants
Culottes pants

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Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are similar to wide-leg pants. But, they have a comparatively long and loose cut. These pants have a flowy fabric and flare from the waist. Styling them can enhance your look aesthetically.

These are some of the best wide-leg pants for plus-size women. They work well when teamed up with slim-fit shirts and t-shirts. So, why not get trendy with wide-leg pants?

Best Wide-Leg Pants for Plus-Size Women

Plus-size wide-leg pants are available in different styles, ranging from high-waist to pleated pants. They work well for curvy women and don’t make them look fat.

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How to wear plus-size wide-leg pants?

Wide-leg pants are essentials that can help you create a go-to look in every season. Having a pair of these comfortable and functional pants in your wardrobe can be highly beneficial. They are an excellent alternative for skinny jeans and leggings as well.

Here, we will walk you through how to wear plus-size wide-leg pants. We will also look into how you can accentuate your look with them.

How to wear wide-leg plus-size pants?

Most women fear that wide-leg pants can make them look curvier. But, the truth is that they won’t. Teaming your wide-leg pants with the right top, footwear, and accessories can assist you in curating an elegant and flattering look.

Wide-leg pant outfits for plus-size women have been in style for a while. If you love to experiment with your looks, you can create a fashion statement with this trendsetter.

Here are a few tips that you can consider while selecting wide-leg pants as your outfit.

  • Opt for wide-leg pants made from thicker fabric like jerseys.
  • If you are curvy and want to look slim, you can choose dark shades like brown, black, grey, or navy blue.
High-waisted wide-leg pants
  • You can make yourself look tall by choosing pants with vertical stripes. Whereas on the other hand, if they are horizontal, wide-leg pants can make you look short.
Best Wide-Leg Pants for Plus-Size Women
  • When you wear wide-leg pants, tucking your top can also accentuate your outfit. It is best to choose a slim-fit top to maintain the balance.
  • Bold print is another option for you to consider while selecting wide-leg pants.
how to wear plus size wide-leg pants

What to wear with wide-leg plus size pants?

Wide-leg pants are easy and breezy as they are comfortable. They can help you create a casual look or formal workwear with ease. It is all about how you style them.

Tops to wear with wide leg pants plus size

You could pair wide-cut pants with a cute, simple top that is tucked in. This way it is flattering and you can show yourself off in comfort. You want to make sure that your outfit is one part flowing (aka the pants) and one part that is a little bit tighter, otherwise, you may just look like a flowing piece of fabric being blown away in the wind. Here is the best idea for what to wear with wide-leg plus-size pants.

Create a formal look with jackets or blazers

When you have a business meeting with your client or a presentation, wide-leg pants are an excellent option. You can throw on a fitted jacket or a woolen blazer over your top.

how to wear plus-size wide-leg pants

A classic tie-neck blouse with minimal makeup and accessories can finish your look. Another alternative is to wear a tank bodysuit with your blazer.

Crop tops and t-shirts for a casual look

Plain crop tops work well with wide-leg plus-size pants. However, their sleeve lengths do not matter. A crop top can create a balanced look when you team it up with your favorite wide-leg pants.

How to wear wide-leg plus-size pants
how to wear wide-leg plus size pants

Besides that, t-shirts are yet another excellent option as they are comfy. You can create a casual day outfit with a graphic shirt with ease. Geometric patterned tops also look fabulous with wide-leg pants.

Style it up with sweaters for the winter season

You can complete your ensemble with an overlapping, loose fit, or cropped sweater. Such an outfit can keep you warm during the winter season.

How to wear wide-leg plus-size pants

You can tuck your sweater in the front to enhance your look. Try to add a clutch and wear boots to keep yourself comfy. Don’t forget to accessorize with the right set of jewelry.

How to wear wide-leg plus-size pants

Denim jackets to the rescue

A denim jacket can style your outfit in seconds. Whether you opt for a plain t-shirt or a simple wide-pant look, a denim jacket can take it to the next level. It is an excellent solution when you are in a hurry or not in the mood to dress up.

High-waisted wide-leg pants
How to wear plus-size wide-leg pants

So, if you do not have a denim jacket, gift yourself one while you go shopping next time.

Form a workday casual look with a shirt

A button-down shirt teamed up with wide-leg pants looks great as workwear. You can throw on a cardigan over your shirt as well to complete your look.

how to wear plus size wide leg pants

What shoes to wear with wide-leg plus-size pants?

Apart from tops, you have to focus on your footwear too. Try to go for flip-flops or sandals in summer or while you have a busy day.

What shoes to wear with wide-leg plus-size pants

When you are off to a party with your friends, spice it up with stilettos or heels. Wedges are yet another excellent option.

What shoes to wear with wide-leg plus-size pants

You can curate a casual look with mules or sneakers. When it comes to winter, wear your boots as they can keep you warm.

Best Wide-Leg Pants for Plus-Size Women
What shoes to wear with wide-leg plus-size pants

These are what you can wear with wide-leg plus-size pants. They are comfy and, at the same time, trendy.

So, why not get ready for this season with a wide-leg pants outfit for plus-size?

Create a wide-leg outfit for plus-size with ease for a formal, casual, or party look with us. You can select the perfect color, design, and fabric that works well with your style.