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Maybe you will think that the word «magnet» is a bit exaggerated. But trust and check it that the statements below are valid!

We all heard the old proverb: «Love is blind». But this has nothing to do with attractiveness. But do not rush to take a deep breath and think with disappointment: «Yes, we have understood everything. The appearance is the magnet». Please, understand, that a woman shouldn’t be a beauty to attract men. You have witnessed it numerous times in everyday life.

Attraction is not just a result of combination of genetic lottery and good figure with high intelligence level. Unfortunately, this doesn’t determine 100% success. In real life, attraction is based on many factors which people seem to asses subconsciously in relation to prospective partner and that leads to the release of happy chemicals into man’s brain.

what men love in women’s appearance

So, if you ever wondered what makes woman a femme fatale – go on! If you want to find an answer to this question, we have a whole list. On to find out about the main women’s features which can attract men like a moth to a flame. And this is not our hunch, this is the statement of scientists!

What do men like in women: their appearance or…

1. The curve of her lumbar spine

That’s right, her spine! What do you think about it?

Not surprisingly, the curve of the lumbar spine of a woman is one of the universal standards of female beauty, which has been in the focus of people’s attention (especially men) from time immemorial. It seems that the angle of 45.5 degrees (very specific, isn’t it?) between the back of a woman and the part on which she sits is considered the most attractive for men. And sociologists around the world suppose that this attractiveness may be connected with that fact that women with such curve will have an easier pregnancy.  We know, that on a subconscious level men are looking for a partner that can become a good mother for their children.

what men love in women’s appearance

2. The length of her legs

We think we haven’t surprised you way too much. After all, there are certain reasons why models (not always fairly) are considered the standard of the beauty and usually it’s because of their long legs. Clinical psychologist Leon Zeltzer decided to prove this theory and conducted a study in which he asked male volunteers what lengths of the legs they preferred. Can you guess the answer! The longer legs! That’s what men like in girls the most.

what men love in women

And what about short women? But before you become despondent, you should know that there is an interesting tidbit for you. Zeltzer has found out that men do not necessarily prefer a tall woman, they’re looking for a girl whose legs are long in relation to the rest of the body. Such women seem more attractive to them! Girl, the whole thing in the proportions! You can lengthen your legs visually by choosing suitable clothes and footwear.

3. The length and color of her hair

French scientists have conducted a study and tried to find out which women are more often invited for the dates in the nightclubs: brunettes, brown-haired women or blondes? Well, the answer was blondes.

It looks like men prefer to have fun with the blond-haired.

what men love in women’s appearance

Don’t be upset if you’re not blond. It turned out that long hair are also very important. Such woman is perceived subconsciously more young and beautiful.

4. Her preferences in make up

A study conducted by the School of Psychology in the UK, at the University of Bangor, showed that, on average men prefer women who use make up «moderately». So, if you involuntarily become more generous, while applying your make up, then stop. «The war paint» frightens men off.

what men love in women

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5. Her eye color

The researchers of the Norwegian University have found out that the laws of genetics state that two blue-eyed parents will always have a blue-eyed child. Probably blue-eyed men unconsciously choose partners with the same eye color to provide the same genetic characteristics in the appearance of their future children.

what men love in women’s appearance

6. The ratio of her waist and hips

According to Cary Fitzgerald, a psychologist at the University of South Carolina, men seem to remember women who have a «perfect» ratio of waist and hips. Perfectly a waist volume divided by the amount of hips corresponds to the number 0.7! Among Hollywood starts Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Alba can be called an ideal.

So, women should attract attention to their hourglass figure and to sharpen their waist.

what men love in women’s appearance

And if your figure is far from perfect, then you should find out which type of dresses can hide your belly.

7. Her limbal rings

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 Limbal rings are dark pigmented rings that are located around the iris. They can seem to be not so important to influence women’s appearance but the science proves that it’s an important parameter of magnetism for men. According to researchers from the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, USA, women with wider limbal annulus seem more attractive to men.

what men love in women

8. Her smile

It’s not a secret that a smile can help you in any situation. This is a sign of good mood, predisposition to communication, kindness. If a woman smiles kindly it means she doesn’t mind getting to know a man, she approves his behavior, she likes him.

In general, the smile is the best weapon to please people. Thus you won’t be at a loss. Smile, when you meet your lover, smile after he kisses you. This is one of the most important features which men like the most.

what men love in women’s appearance

So, now you know about 8 features which, according to the scientists, attract men. Do you agree with the above mentioned?

Then take care about your stylish appearance and go quickly to the city, check the level of your magnetism on men!

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