7 Most Important Post-Quarantine Fashion Trends 2021 You Should Be Aware Of

Do you know the new fashion trends 2021?

As we move toward a more open society with the quarantine restrictions slowly going away in most places, the average fashion-oriented person faces a difficult conundrum.

fashion trends 2021
Cristian Dior Fashion Show

With no major social gatherings allowed in 2021, how are we supposed to know what styles will be all the rage this coming Spring season? Look no further, fashionistas, as we have done the heavy lifting for you ahead of time, digging through what limited info we have as of yet which may clue you in, so you’ll have a better idea of how you might direct your wardrobe budget as the flowers come to bloom.

=1= Step Back from your Own Country and Take a Look at the Globe

Steff Yotka at Vogue correctly points out that a cosmopolitan, internationalist approach will be the way to go, as the global community recovers in chorus following the impact of Coronavirus on people everywhere, no matter their nationality, origin, color, or creed.

Show your legs in mini skirts! Get ready to summer! Be brave and go to the bright feature.

2021 fashion trends
2021 fashion trends
Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2021
new fashion trends 2021
Miu Miu 2021

You can choose any fashion skirt 2021 of this list too.

=2= Great denim 2021 fashion trends for Everyone

It seems totally obvious, but if you’re able to rock a pair of wide leg jeans in a traditional, agrarian setting or comfortable flare jeans or trendy baggy jeans at a photoshoot event, then you’re on the right track.

jeans trends 2021
Alice + Olivia Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show
flare jeans 2021
Chanel’s Cruise 2021 Collection

We’ve all suffered in one way or another from COVID-19, even if it only affected us in the form of dullness and the total lack of social life.

Keep your style, because at 2021 fashion trends women choose individuality. Treat yourself to comfort by choosing any of the trendy jeans of 2021-2022.

=3= A headwear classic revival—”Une baguette et un café, sil vous plait.”

If you’re not feeling a Japanese or Rockabilly inspired look, perhaps you could say bonjour to the normal society with a French beret. The possibilities are endless, really, but the key is to wear something that signifies a worldwide perspective.

2021 fashion trends women
Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear Collection
trends 2021

Our top recommendation for headwear this coming season is the beret because it’s simple, can augment so many different outfits, and it’s the perfect way to provide an elegant accent to your first afternoons out to the newly reopened coffeeshops.

2021 fashion trends
Sonia Rykiel

=4= Be Brave! Shimmer and Shine Into an Optimistic Future

As the Bard of Avon once wrote, “fortune favors those who dare.” Maybe a metallic clothes or mirror coated garment seems like a bit too much to you, depending on how traditional your approach normally would be. This could be the season to finally challenge yourself to go for something a little more hyper-stylistic and aesthetic.

fashion trends 2021
Paco Rabanne Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show
2021 fashion trends women
Louis Vuitton Spring 2021

If Cosmopolitan is saying it’s the number one trend to look out for, could it really be that risky? The world needs hope, optimism, and rebirth now. What better way to express this through fashion than a silvery and reflective piece to compliment a specialty wardrobe dedicated to gala events only? If you’re less into gala culture, you could opt for a windbreaker or fitnesswear which incorporates the style – it’s going to be huge in 2021, so whichever route you go in terms of formality, you’ll be in good company.

Fashion trends 2021
Versace Fashion Show

=5= Best New Fashion Tends 2021 for Casual Pants

As is the case many times for the spring season, a great insurance policy is to own a pair or two of fashionable loose pants. It lends an inexpensive yet intellectual style which doesn’t ever really fail to impress in casual settings.

fashion trends 2021
Nasty Gal
2021 fashion trends women
Jacquemus Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
2021 fashion trends women
Otocyon Spring 2021 Fashion Show

=6= Dip Your Toes into These Chelsea Rainboots

trends 2021

Totally pragmatic, and yet so sleek and comfortable as well, these Cloudy Waterproof Chelsea Rainboots come highly recommended as a striking balance between drab and affordable. Thanks to their satin-olive finish, your toes will be proofed from water through even the most oceanic of puddles.

fashion trends 2021

=7= Ditch the Turtleneck for a Second Gen Alternative

Who What Wear reported on the recent Prada collection which featured the heavy use of second-skin tops for layering purposes. They’re artistically presented, they cling close to the skin, and something tells us these are going to be a staple of dance-club culture in the post-pandemic landscape.

2021 fashion trends
fashion trends 2021
fashion trends 2021
2021 fashion trends women

Read about anti-trends 2021 and be stylish this year!