Lace Skirt — Your Seduction Weapons!

Lace was added to the list of absolute trends in 2017. Every famous designer has included charming openwork to their collections. The wave of femininity and romance has captured all of us in a new season. Translucent lace skirt entices every men!

Last year and before there was a constant interest in openwork and guipure. Dear readers, as you remember, we have told you everything about peculiarities of lace in our recent overview. A lot of women were absorbed by this article. There were not only images of wonderful dresses of lace, but also some pictures of openwork shorts and scarves. Now it’s time to review how a fashionable lace skirt looks like.

Your favorite skirt: suitable lace for any occasion

Let’s determine the peculiarities of new season’s lace skirts.

- As some experts have noticed, nowadays a slight translucency prevails on catwalk. It can’t be called vulgar or insolent. Lacy clothes just present a woman and her beauty, they show her tenderness and make an emphasis on her body;

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

- every skirt has different degrees of transparency. Some girls prefer to wear skirts of thin lace. The sun shines through these skirts. So candid skirts are fit for a perfect body. You should also keep in mind the situation and the place of communication. Underwear must be chosen carefully. Let it be body-colored. The most suitable skirts for the formal events are the skirts with a lining. Skirts with a lining are look incredibly feminine and modest at the same time. But the best choice is a skirt with sheer lace bottom;

— lace has different structure: it can be made of transparent tulle, it can be created by large knitting, etc. There you can see varied illustrations with nature, ribbon lace and geometric objects.

A lace skirt: popular colors

The most demanded colors are classic colors: black and white. High quality clothing is not cheap, but it could be worn rather long. That’s the reason why many women adhere to the principle of practicality.

A black lace skirt matches with almost any color. It allows to create a new stylish look easy and fast. A black lace skirt provides an ability to create different fashion styles: from the youth to the business one. Further, we will tell you which items of clothes should be worn with a lace skirt.

Good pictures will confirm our words. You will see that black lace makes a girl more mysterious, elegant and slim.

черная кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

A white lace skirt is an ideal summer variant. It creates the impression of airy weightlessness and angel’s purity. Styles of white lace skirts are ranging from tempting outfits to free flared or respectable maxi skirts.

кружевная юбка, белая юбка из кружева

A blue lace skirt is one of the few color options that matches with clothes of any other shade. Moreover, deep blue and celestial blue became one of the most fashionable colors in 2017. It should be noted that blue lace is the embodiment of intellectuality and elegance.

голубая кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

A colorful lace skirt is the most effective fashion solution for every woman. Most of all, these skirts have bright red, pink, sunny yellow and muted emerald shades. Such skirts usually play a role of the outfit’s foundation. The other clothing is only an addition to the general look, so it should be of relaxing color palette.

красная кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Skirts of multi-colored lace are not so wide-spread. Its fabric contains complex patterns created by using yarns of different colors. This garment you can select alternatively.

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Lace Skirt Models

In the second part of this article we will tell (and show) the most successful and modern images. Lacy skirts, photos of which you will see in the gallery — these are the latest creations of designers.

Lace pencil skirt — the most popular kind of all existing. The combination of a seductive lace and a strict style balanced the overall appearance of the product. This feminine wardrobe item does not exactly lie on the shelf of the closet. On the basis of a pencil skirt you can make a lot of images in different styles, using them for holidays and workdays. For example, you can combine a pencil skirt with an oversize sweater.

кружевная юбка карандаш, свитер оверсайз

кружевная юбка

A short lace skirt is an option for young girls with slender legs. It can be sewn from a solid fabric or from wide openwork ribbons. The most popular styles are a flared skirt or a tight-fitting mini. To create a stylish image, you can combine it with other modern things, for example, denim. White lace skirt is perfectly combined with a stylish gray cardigan or denim jacket.

кружевная юбка-карандаш

A long lace skirt is the highest manifestation of romanticism. Such styles are popular among fans of Boho style. The new season is a laudatory ode of transparency. Therefore, designers suggest that women should not be too modest and show off beautiful legs.

розовая кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

A lace skirt below the knee is an ideal solution for official meetings and work in institutions. Is it possible to include a lace skirt to a business wardrobe? We told about this in one of our publications. Following the example of developed foreign countries, a woman is allowed to be a woman at work. But still, the severity of the dress code is determined by the administration of the institution and the type of activity of the organization.

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Lush skirts are very coquettish and elegant. A short skirt, alas, is for young girls. If you are over 30, and you adore the shape of the sun skirt, then pick the bottom midi — to the middle of the shin.

белая кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Designers also presented many interesting skirts with a combination of fabrics. The skirt with a lace on the bottom looks less provocative, but rather calmly. Only a small area of ​​legs can be seen through a narrow strip of lace.

кружевная юбка карандаш, черная юбка из кружева

белая кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

And how do you like non-standard styles: asymmetry, cuts? Similar models in the new season are less than in the past. There are incredibly interesting specimens!

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

красная кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Lace skirt outfits ideas. What to wear a lace skirt with?

A contrasting top. A simple one-colored top emphasizes the beauty of the lace. It creates required contrast which modern fashion appreciates a lot. Color choices could be different. The fabric of blouses and pullovers should be smooth and plain. Again, go for the contrast! Long sleeves without a revealing neckline give you a modest restrained comprehensive image. A composition similar to one on the picture is suitable for any purpose.

белая кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

A lace top. Such compositions work well too. But you should avoid striking colors. It might be either a lace outfit or some classic combination,such as red and black or white and black.

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Short tops.The top in such compositions shows all the charm of the lace to every last detail. If you allow yourself to wear an openwork skirt that means your body is excellent! So, there is no need to hide your tiny waist!

Choose one-colored tops to not overwhelm the image. Designers also offer us outfits, such as a skirt and a top ofexactly the same color and fabric. For sure, it looks just noble.

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева, костюм

Short tanks.Simply textured and sewn tanks harmonize well with openwork skirts. It creates required contrast which makes your image more unique. Perfecttummy owners can let themselves wear tight short tanks. At the same time an almostoversizedloose top brings a little untidiness that allows you to wear lace every day. The best choice is anone-colored short tank without complicated ornaments and pictures which lets you emphasize the skirt.

кружевная юбка, белая короткая юбка из кружева

Jumpers. A jumper’n’ lace skirt combo is what you need during the cool spring. Warm and thick fabric doesn’t match fully transparent skirts. However, it is ideally appropriate for a cold evening stroll. This rule might be applied to any-length skirts.

черная кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Jackets. Ultra-modern and mega fashionable choice is a denim or leather jacket with an openwork skirt. We’ve already mentioned about a good combination of a dress with a denim veston our website, where you can also find cool photos. Use that example to create a fashionable image with a lace skirt and a denim or leather jacket.

голубая кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Shirts. Probably you know that shirts became really popular in 2017. A stylish long shirt dressis less likely to matcha lace skirt. After studying photo images created by fashion experts we’re pretty sure that it’s better to tuck a shirt into a skirt. Fully transparent material doesn’t hide the shirt tails, but it helps to avoid excessive revealing of thighs. Like the Jessica Alba’s attire learned from Valentino. The denim shirt with the openwork skirt looks especially stylish and trendy.

красная кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

черная кружевная юбка

короткая кружевная юбка, белая юбка из кружева

Blouses. It’s better if a blouse without ruffles. Neutral black or white colors work better for lace blouse. Fewer accessories are more preferred. The accent is supposed to be on one item in a composition.

кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева

Suit jackets.A traditional combination –a classic suit jacket and a lace skirt – is always relevant. Such an image is understandable for women of any age and professions and it doesn’t evoke disapproval.

белая кружевная юбка, юбка из кружева с пиджаком

Cardigans. And of course, the trend of 2017, stylish cardigan, is an excellent company for an openwork skirt. And again, choose an elegant one-colored top.

юбка из кружева

This concludes our review of what to wear a skirt with lace, but we continue the story of the fashionable clothes of 2017.

Attention! The second part of the series «Fashion Images-sets 2017″ is published! Do not miss!