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Best plus size cardigans for women. How to choose a cardigan for your body shapes?

The modern cardigan is unusually practical and comfortable, so women increasingly prefer to replace jackets with cardigans. In addition, a knitted sweater in 2021 was listed as a must-have for the season.

But in a variety of stylish models, it’s easy to get lost! Look for interesting images of plus size cardigans!

Best cardigan for your body shape

It’s not an easy task! First of all, you will have to answer a few questions.

– What color to choose? Recall that the most popular in 2021 was the red, beige, as well as gray cardigan. Stylists of the site described in detail their advantages and examples of combining with other items of the wardrobe.

The black cardigan is the most practical, the beige sweater also perfectly complements your fashionable image.

skater jeans outffits

– Cardigan will complement the festive or casual outfits? For casual looks, we advise you to pay attention to popular knitted sweaters. A lace cardigan will add solemnity along.

– For what time of the year and the weather should you choose a cardigan? The density of the material must correspond to external factors.

But first of all – the cardigan should approach your body! Every time looking at yourself in the mirror, you have to be sure that you look superb!

How to choose a cardigan for your shape?

How to choose a cardigan for your shape?

– Long cardigans are recommended only for tall girls because they make the body squat. And even heeled shoes can not save the situation.

grey cardigan

– Small and short girls can choose cardigans with both straight and asymmetrical cuts of the bottom. From prints pay attention to a thin (but not wide) horizontal strip.

– You can wear shoes of any style to cardigans: heeled shoes, suede boots, flat shoes, sneakers or slip ons. So, if desired, you can add a few centimeters to your height with heels.

– Thin girls can choose voluminous cardigans of light color. This style will only emphasize the subtlety and fragility of a person.

– You can use jewelry and fashion accessories, including large ones (such as a scarf-snood or necklace) to monochrome cardigans.

women's cardigan

How to choose a cardigan for plus size ladies? Women’s plus size cardigans images

A plus size cardigan in a lavish lady’s wardrobe must be sure! This is not only permissible but very desirable!

An elongated sweater can hide a few extra centimeters, give a new life to a dress or tight pants. He will allow the woman to feel more confident, as it will cover the roundness of the hips, the protruding tummy.

– Thin plus size cardigan fits curve girls very well. An asymmetrical cut of the bottom will divert attention from rounded hips, hide the tummy.

Plus size cardigan

– If you are crazy about lace, but bravely choose a delicate openwork for the holidays. Combine the lace cardigan with things of contrasting shades. But remember that too embossed patterns can make you fat. Ruches and other additional decorative is not for you.

But the cardigan of a rich red or coral color will tell about your confidence, and also will shift the emphasis from body to the color.

cardigan plus size

– Choose dark colors. But this does not mean that it must necessarily be a black sweater. Pyshechki charmingly looks and in dark blue, brown, gray, plum, burgundy, and even bright red cardigans. And even a beige cardigan plus size will do, subject to a choice of darker shades, for example, brown-nude. But the white elongated plus size sweaters fit for slender ladies.

plus size cardigans

– V-neck cut out visually makes the shape longer. This cut is recommended for women with fluffy breasts. Sleeves should be long, but not wide. Flashlights on the shoulders are categorically contraindicated.

plus size cardigans

– If you have a wide upper legs, then uniquely choose a cardigan to the middle of the thigh or to the knee of a straight or asymmetrical cut. This is the optimal length for lush women because it covers all the problem areas and pulls out the shape. Plus size long cardigan (up to the middle of the lower leg and lower) will fit only the tall women.

plus size cardigans

– Low full girls are allowed to choose short cardigan, the length to the waist. But they need to be combined with skirts or pants with an inflated waistline.

Read about the best wide-leg pants for plus-size women on our site.

  • Firstly, you will not freeze in cold weather.
  • Secondly, your waist will look slimmer, and a dense fabric on your waist will keep you toned, not allowing you to stoop.
  • Hight-waisted pants are called the fashionable plus size trends of 2021-2022.

women's plus size cardigans

plus size cardigans

– Wear a cardigan unbuttoned. Vertical lines are always visually made slender. Combine it with business pants, jeans, long and short (but not too!) dresses, skirts. The sweater must sit on the body freely. But oversized sweaters can visually make a lush woman fuller.

You can read about Jeans for Plus Size Women on our site.

plus size cardigans

– Be careful with the belts, they can accentuate the attention of others on the shortcomings of your body. Avoid the effect of “cutting” the body in half. But a thin strap, as in the photo, looks quite harmonious, but only to elongated styles.

Thus, you can correctly form and designate the waistline, placing the belt a little higher than it. Short cardigans do not need to tie a belt.

how to choose plus size cardigan

– Do not fasten your cardigan to all buttons, forming a V-neck, which visually makes the neck and faces less round. In this version, sweaters perfectly combined with trousers, and with dresses. It is acceptable to fasten the cardigan only to one or two buttons.

Plus size cardiganы

– For plus size ladies single-color cardigans will approach. But today in mass markets there are so many original long-sleeved sweaters with prints that it is difficult to resist buying!

Experts recommend plump women of fashion to avoid too expressive and large drawings on the fabric. Of all the existing prints, the best fit is a diagonal strip. She perfectly trims a body.

As you can see, women’s plus size cardigans are presented in a wide range, so you are sure to be able to choose your own option! And if you have questions about cardigans outfits, we recommend reading a series of useful publications on the site created by authoritative stylists of the site.

Read on the site: the best dresses to hide the belly.

lace dress

8 Women’s Features that Act on Men Like a Magnet

Maybe you will think that the word «magnet» is a bit exaggerated. But trust and check it that the statements below are valid!

We all heard the old proverb: «Love is blind». But this has nothing to do with attractiveness. But do not rush to take a deep breath and think with disappointment: «Yes, we have understood everything. The appearance is the magnet». Please, understand, that a woman shouldn’t be a beauty to attract men. You have witnessed it numerous times in everyday life.

Attraction is not just a result of combination of genetic lottery and good figure with high intelligence level. Unfortunately, this doesn’t determine 100% success. In real life, attraction is based on many factors which people seem to asses subconsciously in relation to prospective partner and that leads to the release of happy chemicals into man’s brain.

what men love in women’s appearance

So, if you ever wondered what makes woman a femme fatale – go on! If you want to find an answer to this question, we have a whole list. On to find out about the main women’s features which can attract men like a moth to a flame. And this is not our hunch, this is the statement of scientists!

What do men like in women: their appearance or…

1. The curve of her lumbar spine

That’s right, her spine! What do you think about it?

Not surprisingly, the curve of the lumbar spine of a woman is one of the universal standards of female beauty, which has been in the focus of people’s attention (especially men) from time immemorial. It seems that the angle of 45.5 degrees (very specific, isn’t it?) between the back of a woman and the part on which she sits is considered the most attractive for men. And sociologists around the world suppose that this attractiveness may be connected with that fact that women with such curve will have an easier pregnancy.  We know, that on a subconscious level men are looking for a partner that can become a good mother for their children.

what men love in women’s appearance

2. The length of her legs

We think we haven’t surprised you way too much. After all, there are certain reasons why models (not always fairly) are considered the standard of the beauty and usually it’s because of their long legs. Clinical psychologist Leon Zeltzer decided to prove this theory and conducted a study in which he asked male volunteers what lengths of the legs they preferred. Can you guess the answer! The longer legs! That’s what men like in girls the most.

what men love in women

And what about short women? But before you become despondent, you should know that there is an interesting tidbit for you. Zeltzer has found out that men do not necessarily prefer a tall woman, they’re looking for a girl whose legs are long in relation to the rest of the body. Such women seem more attractive to them! Girl, the whole thing in the proportions! You can lengthen your legs visually by choosing suitable clothes and footwear.

3. The length and color of her hair

French scientists have conducted a study and tried to find out which women are more often invited for the dates in the nightclubs: brunettes, brown-haired women or blondes? Well, the answer was blondes.

It looks like men prefer to have fun with the blond-haired.

what men love in women’s appearance

Don’t be upset if you’re not blond. It turned out that long hair are also very important. Such woman is perceived subconsciously more young and beautiful.

4. Her preferences in make up

A study conducted by the School of Psychology in the UK, at the University of Bangor, showed that, on average men prefer women who use make up «moderately». So, if you involuntarily become more generous, while applying your make up, then stop. «The war paint» frightens men off.

what men love in women

Read about 10 daily habits of women that repel men

5. Her eye color

The researchers of the Norwegian University have found out that the laws of genetics state that two blue-eyed parents will always have a blue-eyed child. Probably blue-eyed men unconsciously choose partners with the same eye color to provide the same genetic characteristics in the appearance of their future children.

what men love in women’s appearance

6. The ratio of her waist and hips

According to Cary Fitzgerald, a psychologist at the University of South Carolina, men seem to remember women who have a «perfect» ratio of waist and hips. Perfectly a waist volume divided by the amount of hips corresponds to the number 0.7! Among Hollywood starts Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Alba can be called an ideal.

So, women should attract attention to their hourglass figure and to sharpen their waist.

what men love in women’s appearance

And if your figure is far from perfect, then you should find out which type of dresses can hide your belly.

7. Her limbal rings

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 Limbal rings are dark pigmented rings that are located around the iris. They can seem to be not so important to influence women’s appearance but the science proves that it’s an important parameter of magnetism for men. According to researchers from the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, USA, women with wider limbal annulus seem more attractive to men.

what men love in women

8. Her smile

It’s not a secret that a smile can help you in any situation. This is a sign of good mood, predisposition to communication, kindness. If a woman smiles kindly it means she doesn’t mind getting to know a man, she approves his behavior, she likes him.

In general, the smile is the best weapon to please people. Thus you won’t be at a loss. Smile, when you meet your lover, smile after he kisses you. This is one of the most important features which men like the most.

what men love in women’s appearance

So, now you know about 8 features which, according to the scientists, attract men. Do you agree with the above mentioned?

Then take care about your stylish appearance and go quickly to the city, check the level of your magnetism on men!

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серый кардиган

Gray Cardigan Outfits: Trend Tips

Of all things of the basic wardrobe, first of all, the gray cardigan comes to mind. “It’s boring …” – you say? “Stylish!” – the designers claim! What is the secret of his popularity? How to make an image vivid and memorable? How to avoid dullness and boredom? Do you know any ways to wear a gray cardigan? The authoritative stylists of the site “” will answer all the relevant questions.

Gray cardigan: main advantages

We are sure that 95% of modern women have a cardigan in the wardrobe. And these elongated sweaters are so diverse that they allow each girl to find her own style and uniqueness.

A gray cardigan is a universal thing that can easily adapt to any image. If you are still wondering whether to buy this stylish wardrobe item, we will outline its main features shortly.

– The popularity of gray in 2021-2022 broke all records. It is not associated with inconspicuous mice today. Now it symbolizes intellectuality and depth of thinking.

cardigan gray, woman's grey cardigan

– The universality of the gray cardigan is manifested in the fact that it easily adapts to any style: everyday or romantic, grunge or boho, and even business. To compete with him on universality can only beige cardigan. See the original examples in our photo gallery in the continuation of the article.

– Play on the texture of the fabric. Neutral gray color allows you to focus on the structure of the material. Charming gray knitted cardigan with large relief patterns, delicate mesh net, warm dense or thin summer models! Stylists of the site remind us that the combination of contrasting materials is an actual trend of 2022.

серый кардиган

– Designers have developed many different models, each of which has its own characteristics. But it is very important to take into account your individual characteristics of the body, to highlight the virtues, and to hide the shortcomings. In our next article, you can learn important tips for choosing a cardigan depending on the features of the figure, and also how to choose a cardigan for fat women.

Cardigan gray outfit ideas: a combination of colors

All gray. Fashion continues to debunk myths about greyness in gray. And now experts suggest creating fashionable images in gray tones. Dressing in cold steel from head to heel, and you will look extraordinarily stylish! Important: it is necessary to combine different shades, and select items of different textures.

all grey cardigan outfits

Gray plus green. A discreet set is full of mystery. Modern fashion pays attention to beautiful muted shades, such as emerald, mint and khaki, but not a daring green color. To lighter shades of greenery choose the same light steel and vice versa. In the photo you see a non-standard combination of camouflage t-shirt with an elongated sweater. This look is very harmonious and soft, with notes of stylish light negligence.

серый кардиган с белыми брюками

Gray and pink. This bow certainly can not be called sad. A calm gray color slightly dampens the courage of pink. The ensemble of these flowers has long been called trend, and now no one is surprised.

серый кардиган с розовым платьем

Gray and blue. Cold shades, such as blue and blue – an excellent company for steel. Moderately bright, a quite representative outfit. Especially if you choose pure shades of blue. Continue the theme of cold shades can purple, as well as turquoise and aquamarine.

серый кардиган с кружевом

Gray and white. A universal, win-win combination brings a feeling of tenderness and romance. Gives the appearance of solemnity, so it is often used for festive events.

серый кардиган

Gray and black or silver metallic. The most popular combination for everyday life, which does not need additional advertising. We get a strict and slightly conservative, but very elegant outfit. In order to make it more original, add some unexpected detail: a hat or a modern bag, shoes of another shade, a long chain around the neck.

серый кардиган с черным платьем

silver metallic clothes

Gray and red. This is a novelty in the design world, which was opened simultaneously with the ascent to the top of the popularity of both colors. Two cardinally different tones perfectly complement each other. Just let the gray still be the main on the pair. Red color only puts accents. Such a duet does not smell of dullness, but only optimism and confidence.

серый кардиган с красным платьем

Gray and orange. Such an interesting combination – for those who love to stand out from the crowd. Terracotta, ocher, and copper are also used with success.

Gray and yellow. Another cheerful ensemble causes associations with the beginning of spring and sunlight. Incredibly refreshing, bright and moderately vivid image. If you choose contrasting combinations of colors, then try to avoid the ingenious rich relief patterns on the tissues. Play either on the contrast of shades or on the contrast of textures – one of two.

With a yellow thin sweater, a light gray cardigan will play better.

серый кардиган

How to wear a gray cardigan?

Cardigan and trousers

– Jeans and a T-shirt – the most usual standard variant, clear to all.

In winter, wear jeans of a dark color to the cardigan, in the summer – light color. Fans of youth models with scrapes and cuts, too, say “Yes” in a similar image. Perfectly suit cropped jeans, which are on the list of fashionable trousers 2021. As a shoe, sports shoes or slip-ons are allowed.

серый кардиган с джинсами

– Try fitting leggings with a gray cardigan. The classic combination of a voluminous top and a tightening bottom visually balances the figure. Even a cardigan in the style of oversize will look good with leggings.

темно-серый кардиганA few seasons ago it was the combination of “oversized sweater and tight pants” that was considered to be the only true one. However, professionals – stylists revised their prohibitions and allowed to combine a sweater-oversize with free trousers in the same style. For example, it can be carrot pants or palazzo.

модный длинный кардиган 2017

Straight pants, chinoses, cigarette pants and a white blouse will form a business image. A gray cardigan 2022 will not go against the strict rules of the dress code. If after work you have an appointment with friends in the coffee house, then you can simply complement the outfit with stylish accessories – a massive necklace or a fashionable necklace-choker.

серый кардиган с брюками и рубашкой

Cardigan with dresses

With what to wear a gray cardigan on holidays? Of course, with dresses! And not only on holidays! We offer you several trendy modern images.

– If you want to provide yourself with comfort and warmth with a knitted dress, let it be loose, and the pattern – simple, so as not to oversaturate the image.

серый кардиган с платьем

– A gentle romantic summer dress or a tight-fitting dress is perfect. The contrast of textures of fabrics will only benefit.

– Have you chosen a dress with paillettes for the evening dress? Or maybe a delightful linen dress? The cardigan is also great for this!

– In the wardrobe of a modern beauty there must be a lace dress. It’s impossible to pass the ranks with exquisite lace in mass markets! On top of the lace charm, put on an elongated sweater. In the harmony of contrasting fabrics, modern stylists find a special taste. A romantic girl in the bohemian style can complement such a set not only with elegant shoes but also with coarse shoes.

кардиган с кружевным платьем

– Do not forget about the fashionable dress with floral print made of light fabric. Here’s how a dark gray cardigan with a belt and a dress with a light material with a fine floral print look modern. In cold weather, we advise you to throw a round scarf-snud. Add heeled shoes!

кардиган шарф снуд

– To a simple striped navy dress, slightly longer than a cardigan, almost any footwear will do.

– With a gorgeous dress, a short sweater looks better, which will not hide the beauty of the shape.

кардиган с платьем

– A long black dress and a steel cardigan. Photos of such a plan can often be found on the Internet. A similar image is also adored by the stars, for example, Jessica Alba.

серый кардиган с черным длинным платьем

Cardigan with skirts

– A strict pencil skirt at all times will occupy its segment in fashion. It is ideal for forming a business image. Be modern!

серый кардиган и юбка-карандаш

– Leather skirt known for its strength and durability. To a steel elongated sweater is suitable as a leather “pencil”, and a flirtatious skirt-the sun. Recall the trendy combination of “skirt and sneakers and give preference to sports shoes.

серый кардиган и кожаная юбка

Read about fashionable leather trousers in new articles.

– Pleated skirt, sun-skirt and other lush skirts can be combined with a short top, and fashionable suede boots are perfect shoes.

серый кардиган с юбкой

– Cheerful skirts with floral print (this will be a flared skirt or a pencil skirt) will bring a touch of optimism and charm to your image. And to such a festive garment will not be redundant with a massive decoration around his neck.

серый кардиган с юбкой

серый кардиган с юбкой с принтом


This outfit is recommended for tall girls with slender legs. Stylists advise: shorts should be made of denim or other dense fabric, but not of wool. And the cardigan to them choose not dense and relief, but thin and long (below the knee).

серый кардиган с шортами

Shirts and blouses

You can not miss the shirt, because she must be in the wardrobe of a woman in the new season. Cardigans do not have a collar, so they combine well with shirts. For a business image – a simple light, for a casual style – favorite denim, for a feminine image – with a floral print.

серый кардиган с джинсовой рубашкой

серый кардиган с рубашкой

– Exquisite lace blouses wear with a cardigan that necessary contrast of fabrics about which we already spoke. And do not be confused by the cardinal difference between objects. In the image (in the photo) the thin lace dense knitting and comfortable denim coexist calmly.

Dress shirt

Add shirtdress above the knee, any of the above colors. An additional vertical line of buttons visually makes the silhouette slimmer.

серый кардиган с рубашкой

What to wear with a gray cardigan: trend tips

As a bonus, we offer you valuable tips from authoritative stylists of the site on how to wear different types of cardigans.

– A knitted gray cardigan is one of the most popular in the new season. It can be trimmed with fur, have buttons or go complete with a belt.

knitted gray cardigan

– A gray long cardigan will suit tall, slender girls because it makes the figure a little squat. A short cardigan is worn with trousers and skirts with an overestimated waist so as not to freeze in cold weather.

серый кардиган plus size cardigans

– If you want to diversify too simple (in your opinion) image, then choose models with short sleeves, asymmetrical hem or youth cardigan with a hood.

серый кардиган с брюками и рубашкой

серый кардиган с капюшоном

– Look at оriginal drawings and prints fabrics, especially a cage or strip. For girls of low growth cardigans with the thin strip is recommended.

серый кардиган с полосами

– A special festive mood will give anybody an exquisite lacy cardigan. If desired (and skill), it can be crocheted at home. It is better to combine it with things from smooth fabric. But lace cardigan and lace dress outfit can not be called successful.

– It is permissible to add a wide (or on the contrary, thin) girdle to the elongated sweater. Sometimes the strap can go in the kit. And if this is not the case, then select from your collection a strap of neutral beige, white or the same gray color.

серый кардиган

Now you do not think the gray cardigan is dull? Cast out melancholy and despondency! In the next publication, read about all the features of the red cardigan and its combination with other items of the wardrobe.

cape clothes

Cape Clothes 2019: Trendy News

A cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which covers the back, arms and sometimes chest. We have already told you about all the features of cape for confident and elegant women. If you missed the post – read it again.

cape coat

cape clothes

Cape has no sleeves. But the wide slits for the hands make it quite practical in everyday life. On a cool evening, you can completely hide your hands under a spacious cloth.

Are capes in style for 2019?

We present you a full review of the capes styles from fashion shows of famous designers in 2019.

Stylish Cape: Fashion 2019 surprises

What are the main features of fashionable cape novelties?

– Capes have different lengths. You can find both long cape dresses and short capes coats which perfectly suit for modern outfit.

сape clothes

– Fabric of different thickness and texture is used: thin transparent tulle for dresses, dense materials – for winter coats.

сape clothes
Couture Fall 2019

– Capes clothes are presented in different shades:

– restrained black, brown, dark blue colors for everyday;

сape clothes
Chalayan Spring 2019
сape clothes
Burberry Pre-Fall 2019

– white, pastel, bright shades for holidays;

– using 2019 fashion prints: leopard, tartan, strip. Moreover, fashionable images can be created based on a combination of different prints.

cape clothes
Tartan Wool-Melton Cape

– In addition to the restrained intelligent colors that we are used to see, there are bright colored capes of “festival” themes, as well as a fashionable shiny golden and silver metallic.

cape 2019 fashion
Saint Laurent Spring 2019
Festival Cape
Festival Cape

Popular kinds of Fashion Capes 2022

Let’s look in detail all the most popular styles, presented in 2019.

Outerwear Capes

Coat Cape

The most common type of clothing is one from which the history of the capes began. Young girls will choose short models which expose slender legs. Short dresses and pencil skirts suit for them perfectly.

cape coat
Collection RED VALENTINO – Winter 2019

Older women wear a spacious knee-length cape. You can wear them not only with dresses, but with tight-fitting trousers. Elegant high-heeled shoes or spectacular jackboots add this fashion outfit.

сape clothes
Trussardi 2019

Fur coat cape

Talented Gucci offers us a fur cape variation. Modern ladies will not miss the opportunity to warm themselves in cold in a warm fur coat. As you can see, the fur cape in the photo has a “winter” midi length, an impressive pastel shade.

fur cape coat
Gucci Resort 2019

The basis of the next image is a gray cape. The calm color of the outerwear is complemented by catchy accents – a scarf with a print, as well as sandals wearing socks.
Other fashionable images of 2019, see the recent publication of our authors.

Alexachung Frühjahr Sommer 2019

raincoat cape

Cape dress 2019: photo news

A cape dress is an exquisite dress with a cape, which is cut together with the main part of the clothes. The cape is made from the same material, most often it has the same length.

What cape dress are fashion in 2019?

Short Cape Dress

This modern version of the cap carries notes of seductiveness and severity at the same time. Clear laconic lines and thick fabric are characteristic of classic dresses. Frank mini and long bare legs – one of the main “magnets” in the female appearance, which attract men.

 Cape Dress
Short Woman Cape Dress

Look at the accessories in the next outfit.There are round earrings and a massive pendant choker. If you want to learn about fashionable chokers in 2019 and consider the most relevant options, then read the publication on the site.

dress cape
DAKS Milano – Spring Summer 2019

Long cape dress

Amazing evening dresses are sewn from fine expensive fabrics. A long cape dress beautifully emphasizes the waist and hips. Cape covers shoulders, but does not hide the charm of the female body. When walking, a thin flying cape flutters, creating an incredible lightness effect.

dress cape
Georges Hobeika 2019
long dress cape
New York Fashion Week Tadashi Shoji Spring 2019

Cape Wedding Dress

As you noticed, a long wedding dress-cape turns a girl into a princess. The royal train of the Victorian era makes the girl’s shoulders more graceful, hides the fullness of the hands, tightens the silhouette. Experts recommend wear wedding cape dress with a wreath of flowers or a tiara, but not a veil.

wedding dress cape

Cape 2019: News of the season

Jumpsuit Cape

The most progressive women changed their dress to evening overalls. This outfit will fit not only for a birthday dinner, but also for a prom, and even a wedding. Therefore, the designer’s experiments with overalls capes are quite predictable. Festive styles are presented most often in bright or light colors.

Caped Jumpsuit
Caped Jumpsuit in White

Jacket Cape

A jacket is a basic thing for many women. Of course, every woman wants to choose her style so as to be different from others. Perhaps a Cape jacket is your choice? The cape is tightly connected to the jacket and has the same length.

Cape Blazer
Cape Blazer
сape clothes
Paris SS 2019 Street Style

Cardigan Cape

Cardigan has no zippers, wear unbuttoned. It can be wear with a plain T-shirt, blouse or shirt. The stores feature more dark or white practical capes that fit almost any item from your wardrobe.

cardigan cape

cardigan cape 2019
Fendi 2018-2019
сape clothes
Sandra Mansour Spring 2019

You have seen that fashion approves 2019 (and even recommended) cape? Do not forget to tell about it to your friends in social networks.
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blue shoes women

What to Wear with Women’s Blue Shoes

If you decide to diversify your style and get away from strict classics, then you will get blue shoes. Unusual shoe color can freshen a dull look and cheer up in one second. Do you worry that it will be necessary to change the entire wardrobe so that it harmonizes with the new shoes? Do not despair! We will help you find out in your clothes outfits that perfectly look with a blue trend and look stylish!

blue shoes with dress

Blue shoes for women’s: with what to wear

The color novelty of the season has gained popularity among fashionable townspeople. The blue shoes are not as daring and catchy as the red ones. On the other hand, they are much more interesting than the usual ones. To begin with, we define colors that blend perfectly with blue.

What clothes color fit to women’s blue shoes?

White. Classical white color is relevant in the summer (and not only). You can afford to be brighter in the season of flowering nature. For any white clothes boldly wear blue shoes. Blue shoes with high heels perfectly fit for the classic image, and for free sundresses, put on blue flat shoes. But white color can make you a little fuller visually. You do not need it? Then wear heels. But to form a complete image you can add perfect pick jewelry, belt or other accessories in shades of blue.

blue shoes white dress

Black. Boredom will go away, if you put on blue shoes with exquisite black clothes. You will turn into a trendy, refined lady, adding this little accent. Black elegant clothes are in the wardrobe of any girl. But not everyone knows how to make an outfit more interesting. One of the easiest ways: put on contrasting shoes.

blue shoes women

Khaki. Soft muted natural tones will not constitute disharmony with bright blue. Sand, smoky green, clay, ashy are especially good in such a combination. They create a noticeable but not screaming contrast, which pleases the eye.

blue shoes women

Beige. If your new shoes are so good that you want to focus on them, then combine shoes with nude shades. Against the background of neutral naturalness, the shoes will become a bright accent. And the overall ensemble “smells” of impeccable taste!

Blue. The times of the reign of monochromatic kits have already passed. Therefore, a modern woman knows that you need to choose shoes a little lighter or darker dresses. And in the rest, the abundance of blue is just a plus! Forms a “serious”, memorable image, which will cause only admiration.

blue shoes blue dress

Yellow. The blue color slightly “cools” the warm sunny shades. The lighter shades of blue are ideal. This ensemble looks especially beautiful in the spring.

blue shoes yellow dress

Red. If you want to look like a TV star, you can afford a more bold outfit: a red dress and dark blue shoes. Photos of such images we often see on the podiums and festive events. Probably, too bright red will be too much, but a little muffled – just right. Especially since the red color is fashionable this season too!

blue shoes heels

Aquamarine and green. Shades of a sea wave, undoubtedly, the excellent company to a trendy footwear. This colors will look good on both the modest ladies and the fashionista. You may be choose soft green color. In this combination there is a special charm and femininity.
blue shoes women

Gray. For trendy outfits in metallic colors pick up the lighter blue shoes. Look at the stylish image with a gray cardigan and bright shoes.

blue shoes women

Continuing the list of colors that blend well with blue, let’s note a few more:

– a gentle spring pink tree;

– bright orange or coral.

Designers are not afraid to combine both these colors with blue. Look at this photo!

blue shoes heels with orange and pink

With what to wear blue shoes?

To concertize possible stylish images, we will carry out further revision of your wardrobe.

Flower prints. We do not doubt that you have several floral outfits. Here to them and wear blue shoes heels. And it does not have to be a fashion long skirt or dress. Blouses, pencil skirt or jackets can form new business image. If you do not have a very strict dress code at work.

how to wear blue shoes women

Combine the blue shoes with other prints in the same shades.

blue shoes with dress

The strip or polka dots. Naturally, the blue color reminds of the sea. And the fashionable seaman strip will not remain in the chest of drawers. Clothes with vertical, horizontal, diagonal paths perfectly complement the shoes of blue. It may be stylish striped dress or sea t-shirt.

Trendy polka dots fit very well with blue shoes.

blue shoes with jeans

Blue shoes with jeans. Here you will definitely not lose! Any clothes made of denim (jeans, jacket, shirt, dress, overalls) are perfect. So if you have doubted the practicality of blue shoes up to this point, now your doubts will instantly dissipate!

blue shoes with jeans

blue shoes with jeans

Lace dress. As experts of the site have already written, lace is in the trend. It does not give up the leader’s position. If you have a gentle translucent lace dress of white, blue, blue, black, red, beige, then you will not have a question with what to wear blue shoes with heels.

blue shoes lace dress

The blue jacket. Get a blue raincoat or a classic jacket of the same color, and blue shoes you can wear almost daily!

Evening Dress. For festive occasions, you just need to add a few bright accents. A creamy, dark red, blue, white yellow long dress with deep blue shoes will look delicious!

blue shoes yellow dress

Now you are convinced how universal can be blue shoes? With what to wear them is now understandable. But the authoritative stylists of the site wish to give you some more valuable advice.

blue shoes women

How to wear blue shoes: women’s valuable tips

– Blue flat shoes for some women are much more comfortable than shoes with heels. But keep in mind that you can not wear them on a business meeting. Unless you choose a deep, intelligent sapphire shade.

– If you are a brave and fashionable bride, you can wear blue shoes with wedding dress.

blue shoes with wedding dress

– Buy a shirt of the same color as the shoes. The complement to the ensemble can be a skirt or trousers of almost any color.

how to wear blue shoes women

blue shoes with skirts

– Blue patent leather shoes to combine with lacquer belt or clutch bag.

– Blue shoes for women – this is a fairly bright detail of the image. Therefore, choose clothes without generous decor and shiny sequins.