grey cardigan outfits

If you are looking for a simple piece to add to your wardrobe this fall, then a grey cardigan is the way to go. Grey cardigan outfits for women are one of the easiest outfits that a woman can own in her closet. They are the perfect addition to your closet. You gain so many options when you choose to add a cardigan to your outfit of the day look and learn how to style a grey cardigan 2022.

grey cardigan fashion 2022
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What Color to Wear with a Grey Cardigan?

Sometimes when we own a dark or light grey cardigan, we tend to ask ourselves what would go best with this, and then pick our choices with the main focus being on complementing the cardigan. Thankfully, there are so many options that we have to choose from! Here are a few options of colors and patterns that are great to pair with a grey cardigan.

  • White
  • Bright/Bold colors – red, pink, purple, yellow.
  • Navy or black – when you are wearing a light grey cardigan.
  • Plaid
  • Denim
  • Light and dark grey
Grey Cardigan Outfits
Grey Cardigan Outfits 2022
Short Grey Cardigan Outfits

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan? Grey cardigan outfit for women

Grey cardigans are a neutral tone, which gives you the fun, different options that you may not have had before. By having this extra choice, you can give your look and yourself that extra boost of confidence that you deserve.

How to style a grey cardigan?

Classic look – White Shirt

               This look is the easiest style in the history of women’s fashion. By adding a white shirt underneath a grey cardigan, it gives your look a natural pop.

I honestly prefer to wear the darker grey cardigans, that way when you pair them with your white tee or skirt, you will have a huge pop of difference instead of wearing a light grey which will blend your cardigan and shirt.

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan

You can choose a simple grey cardigan and pair it with a white crop top, tank top, or T-shirt.

grey cardigan outfits

               If you are wearing a grey cardigan during the summertime, you should pair this with some denim shorts to give you a natural cozy summer style.

grey cardigan outfits

On the other hand, if you are wearing this cardigan during the fall and winter seasons, you should look into pairing it with some boots and jeans. Gives you a warm yet simple style for when the seasons begin to cool off.

long grey cardigan outfits

Mix it Up with Plaid

               When you get into the fall and winter seasons, cardigans are the best accessory to add to any look. Flannels and plaids are some of the most popular looks to wear when the seasons begin to get cold, which makes adding a grey cardigan to the mix the perfect combination. When combining plaid print with a grey cardigan, gives your look some extra interest. It’s a combination of the plaid lines mixed with the solid color that will catch people’s attention.

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan

               If you are wanting to capture more attention, then you should try mixing a dark grey cardigan with either: red, green, or blue plaid shirts. Some of the styles you can do with this is leaving your cardigan open, that way you can show off your shirt or you can button up the plaid shirt to give yourself a more professional/sophisticated look. Mixing the plaid shirt with a cardigan gives itself a little bit of dimension and makes the person who’s wearing it more interesting.

How to Wear a Grey Cardigan

               Now adding another note on the styling for the fall and winter, it’s a great idea to pair your cardigan look with some boots and even a beanie or hat. This will give you that warm, cozy, and lazy look that will have you stylish and comfortable at the same time.

long grey cardigan outfits


You can pair a grey cardigan with any kind of jeans, ie: flared, cropped, boot-cut. There isn’t a style that doesn’t look great with a cardigan

grey cardigan outfits
Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

Grey cardigan with a metallic dress

A fun way to style a short grey cardigan is by pairing it with fun metallic dresses or skirts, especially a silver dress. These are always fun to wear to weddings and galas because it is simple, elegant, and stylish. You look dressed up but also at the same time, you are slightly dressed down as well.

grey cardigan outfits
grey cardigan outfits

Long Grey Cardigan Outfits Perfect for 2022

               If you are like me, as soon as the temperature drops I’m grabbing my dark grey cardigan and throwing it on. I’m not one for the cold and I love to be warm 24/7, but sometimes it’s a struggle to find the perfect look to go with that one piece of your outfit. So here are a few cute options that will help you find that perfect fall or winter look.

long grey cardigan outfits

Silk top

               Silk tops are perfect to pair with any dark cardigan in your closet. It is the perfect choice for either a fun, relaxing night out with your friends or if you are doing a fun date night. The cardigan allows you to dress down a little bit but the silk top allows you to show that little bit of skin to be sexy if you want.

Grey Cardigan Outfits 2022

Basic t-shirt

               Another option mentioned previously is a basic t-shirt look. It is just a simple and easy look that everyone loves. Some fun examples are if you pair a fitted tee with a statement necklace and cardigan to give yourself a more feminist look. There is another more relaxed look, try pairing a relaxing shirt with a long necklace to give yourself a more of a boho look.

long grey cardigan outfits
long grey cardigan outfits

Leather pants

               If you are wanting a more fun and daring outfit then you should try pairing leather pants. You will have so much contrast going on from the fabric of your pants to the knitted cardigan. This is the perfect outfit if you are going out to an informal concert or some outdoor occasion.

long grey cardigan outfits

Printed dress

               Grey cardigans go along perfectly with fun patterns like floral dresses, polka dot prints, and even striped shirts, skirts, or dresses. The reason that this is even possible is that the neutral tone of the grey cardigan helps show off the patterns that it is paired with. I would recommend pairing your grey cardigan with a floral dress if you are going to a semi-formal event where you want to look elegant.

dark grey cardigan outfits

Wearing a polka dot print with a grey cardigan would be a fun outfit to wear on either a night out with your friends or even if you are going out on a date. Polka dots can be a fun and flirty choice to wear anywhere.

When it comes to wearing striped prints, I envision that to be more of an office look where you can throw your cardigan on for the comfort level of being in an office, plus sometimes those office buildings can be cold sometimes. While at the same time you have that look of professionalism to your office look.

Cardigan Outfits for 2022

Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

               Shirt and dress

The one great thing about short cardigans is that they are perfect for every occasion. Cardigans are perfect for an office look,  especially if you pair them with a pants suit, dress, pencil skirt, or fashion pleated skirt. The main color schemes that you can pair with a grey cardigan will either be pastel, black, or navy blue.  Of course, if you pair any color with a grey cardigan you are going to be looking great.

Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

High waist jeans and pants

The cute informal outfit is the sleek buttoned cardigan with high waist jeans or pants to give a modern and feminine look.

Grey Cardigan Outfits 2022
Short Grey Cardigan Outfits for 2022

Other fashionable outfits with crop cardigans you can watch on our site.

All-grey outfit

               Another great look you can try is an all-grey monochromatic outfit. Throwing together different shades of grey for your pants, top, and even coat may seem weird to you but to others, you will look well put together. This outfit would look great going to either a fancy brunch or a museum. If you need to add that pop of color, then you can add a cute colorful handbag or shoes.

grey cardigan outfit


Neutral bag

               One other fun way to style a grey cardigan is by adding a cute neutral handbag. This will help your grey cardigan stand out.  You can always use either a white, black, or grey purse to style your look while not taking too much attention away from your cardigan. A way you can go with a more modern look for a grey cardigan and handbag is by choosing either a black satchel or fanny pack. It’s a different look than what many people would choose, which gives you more of a choice to stand out from everyone else.

long grey cardigan outfits


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