short cardigan

The most versatile and humble piece of clothing is a Cardigan in your wardrobe. A women’s short cardigan is a magical item that can transform your outfit from casual wear to an expensive-looking statement piece.

women’s short cardigan

Most surprisingly, short cardigans make you look lean as they are fitted and allow your legs to look longer and mesmerizing with every footstep. The cardigan outfits can be sexy, dressy, formal, chunky, or laid back, depending on how you style them.

Fashion Women’s Short Cardigans – The Cozy Grandma Style Back in Trend

There’s no wonder we all love a good grandma trend with some spicy supplements. From vintage headscarves to slouchy knitwear, grandma’s clothing is having an incredible moment on the gram!

All the fashion women love stealing the sartorial gems out of their grannies’ closet, and one of the modish trends is – Cardigan. Today, here, we focus on women’s short cardigans that are hitting the trail back with their unmatched voguish vibes!

women’s short cardigan

No matter if it’s a chunky knit or a sweet mommy knit, fashion girls always go for these practical and chic layering cardigans to rock their day and night looks. A rebellious look in a cardigan is better than a quirky, funky contemporary outfit that doesn’t speak your style.

Today, we’re surrounded by a crowd to please and many insecurities; it’s become a challenge for us to elevate our style while staying in our skin. So, a simple cardigan could become the cornerstone of your wardrobe. A little bit mid-century, a little bit grandma, with the feminine, edgy pair-ups – is all you need to break the ice!    

What do you call a Short Cardigan?

A short cardigan usually reaches below the chest area with buttons or hooks down the front, although most of them are designed to leave open or semi-buttoned. Generally, we call these women’s short cardigans – Cropped Cardigans.

women's short cardigan

Often a short cardigan is called a shrug sweater or a shrug cardigan. These clothes are similar, but there are slight differences between the shrug sweater and the short cardigan.

shrug cardigan
Shrug cardigan

Cropped cardigans have exploded in the fashion industry and have emerged to be the most preferred apparel for every single day of your life. These cardigans are in demand because people of all ages want comfortable, durable, and trend-driven clothes!

Why wear Short Cardigans?

  • Women’s short cardigans are incredibly comfortable to pair up with any of your denim, pants, skirts, or shorts.
  • As the cardigan is cropped, the higher the waist, the better it is!

how to wear short cardigan
  • The higher break around your waistline makes the short length of the cardigan a flattering focal point.
  • Short cardigans make you look slender and appealing.
  • These short cardigans are very comfy, and you can pair them up from fall to spring to enhance your outfits.
  • They give you the perfect fusion of vintage and contemporary trends.
  • If you’ve a long commute to work, these knits provide you with the ultimate comfort without letting you compromise on your style.
  • The cropped cardigans are low-maintenance pieces of clothing. You can pretty much machine-wash all of your knitwears.
Short Cardigan with Denim
  • These chunky knitwears are functional, too, and help secure heat in your arms, shoulder, and chest region.
plus size short cardigan

How to Wear Short Cardigan? Best Short Cardigan Outfits

Here, we’ll walk you through the coolest ways to wear short cardigans from our most stylish and trendy fashion women. Scroll below to choose your favorite look!

·       Tucked Short Cardigan into Denim or Trousers

The tucked style is ruling the fashion world for over a century. There’s no question, you all love tucking your shirts, tops, tees to enhance your overall appearance. The same is the case with our short cardigans here, just tuck your short cardigans into your denim or pants or skirts and make an exotic and spectacular look.

 Tucked Short Cardigan into Denim or Trousers

Here is one of our most favorite looks, the sleek buttoned cardigan tucked into jeans or pants to give an elegant and timeless look to your outfit. For making this outfit a little fancy for a night event, add on some pearls jewelry and a belt to slay this feminine look.

 Tucked Short Cardigan into Denim or Trousers

Buttoning up your cardigan will make it a sweet, simple sweater – so you get two chic pieces for one!

·       A Colorful Unbuttoned Cardigan

Another way to create a loose and edgy look is by leaving the button unopened (Not All of Them!). Here, we have a colorful, tailored cardigan paired up with bold, white sneakers to elevate the whole outfit to the next level. There is nothing stuffy here. Strategically, fasten the upper few buttons and leave the lowers ones undone to showcase a little skin dramatically.

how to wear short cardigan
short cardigan

This pink short cardigan outfit is a wholesome alternative to cropped jumpers and looks brief and loud when offset by slouchy silhouettes on the bottom.

·       Off Shoulder Frizzy Cardigan

Do not wear neatly! Wear it off-shoulder and create a bold and baggy aura around with your outfit. Off-shoulder is the most popular way of expressing femininity among fashionistas. For Instagram, this is an effortless fashion girl vibe that is perfect for you to style your short cardigan.

The lighter tone of the cardigan here is adding to the classy and sober monochrome dress underneath, giving you a perfect combo! 

women's short cardigan
how to style short cardigan

For a perfect street style, pair this outfit with a simple black handbag and carry it over the shoulder. This whole outfit is our favorite as it is an ideal example of serenity, peace along with sensuality, and warmth.

This outfit gives you everything from comfort to style, baggy to chic look. Pairing this with a nude pair of heels gives you more confidence.

·       Bold Knit Styled with Fancy Pants

The scruffy tailored cardigan here with the shimmery pink pants is purely a delight for the eyes. This outfit speaks confidence and femininity both at the same time and makes a perfect fashion woman outfit.

The quirky, bold buttons over the white cardigan are elevating the whole outfit! To showcase some rich athletic vibes, a pair of white sneakers is always good to go.

how to wear short cardigan

Short cardigan with wide leg pants or jeans

Wear your short cardigan alone with the wide leg jeans as a top for a perfect balance of casual and sensual. This fashion outfit makes you stand out in the crowd and speaks your style out loud!

skater jeans outffits

·       Angelic White Fuzzy Cardigan and Shorts

You want to look expensive and bold? There’s no other way, just go Monochrome!

Pairing up a white cozy and fuzzy cardigan with white bottoms makes all eyes on you! The purity of white here is spiced to another level with the sexy revealing bottoms. Don’t button up your cardigan down to the bottom.

short cardigan with shorts

Leave the few buttons open to reveal some skin; it will give you a baggy look that is incredibly comfortable. What else could be better than this snow-whitey Show-Stopper! To add a little bit of chunk, wear some sparkling gold pendant necklace and show your fashion personality confidently. Wear it with a pair of colorful sneakers when you’re out with the girls!

how to wear short cardigan

·       Sleek Chequered Cardi rocking All-Black Look 

BLACK & BOLD! This is the minimalist downtown look that you can opt for rocking the street style. A chequered cardi is the perfect cold-weather pairing for that all-back outfit. This is a clean put-together look that is not Stiff.

women's short cardigan

Do you have a non-standard body shape? We’ve already given our readers a helpful cheat sheet on plus size cardigans.

Look low-key sexy and even leaner by tucking this latte brown cardigan into your black pants, fastened with a classic black belt. Complete the whole look with a classic black boot and emit the warm waves around you.

Styling Short Cardigan Like Celebrities

When we talk about slaying any look, especially street style, some names like – Kendal Jenner, Hailey Baldwin are on the top of our list! These celebrities are the trendsetters for these fashion bloggers, influencers, and the fashion industry as a whole!

celebrity short cardigan outfits
celebrity short cardigan outfits

In this second outfit, a textured white cardigan is worn as a top with the sky-hue denim, elevated the look with a classic black belt. The cardigan is tucked into the denim smoothly and finely, accessorized with a shoulder bag.


celebrity women's short cardigan outfits

Kendal is the perfect chic for the street style. She rocks it every single time. Here, she has gone all dark and classy. The cropped grey cardigan is paired with slouchy black jeans. This outfit and a white pair of sneakers always work together. If you’re petite and want to look taller, then pair this outfit up with white boot heels!

Carry a baggy bag along for a sporty and athletic touch to your short cardigan outfits. This outfit is perfectly paired by her!

Final Verdict About Short Cardigan Outfits

Back in the days, cardigans were seen as a piece of clothing only for teachers and grandmas. Whenever you think of a preppy outfit, these knitwears come to your mind at first. However, this is no longer the case as fashion women’s cardigans have found their way from grandmas’ closets to fashion streets.

From the above suggestions, you might have got the picture that women’s short cardigan outfits are versatile that will make you stand out at various places! 

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