бежевый кардиган

The sellers say that women buy beige cardigans in the spring, when it’s still cool enough, but you already want to add light colors to your base wardrobe. An elongated sweater will replace a light jacket, raincoat or jacket in windy weather!

Beige Cardigan: Main Features

At first glance, a cardigan of the color beige may seem a thing unobtrusive and even boring. It is less popularity than the main favorite of our time – the gray cardigan. On the hanger, they are both unremarkable, too simple, have no expressive decor. But it’s amazing how soon the beige sweater turns into an irreplaceable detail of the image, which is always on the lookout, as it fits perfectly to any one and warms up on a cool evening.

бежевый кардиган

– Beige cardigan has many kinds. The classical length is slightly above the knee. But you can find in modern collections long cardigans, almost in the floor, or short. Very interesting and modern look sweater with an asymmetric bottom. Look at a thin translucent or dense knitted cardigan, with buttons or without it, with a strap, with a hood, with long sleeves or sleeveless. In accordance with the fashion trends, some things are decorated with fur.

– Stylists remind that the similarity of a beige color with a natural shade of skin can play you both in favor and in harm. You can look too pale, because the pallor of the skin will increase. But, fortunately, we have many the shades of beige: from dark brown-flesh-colored to milky-white. And you can pick the one that suits you best. And if the image seems too “faceless” to you, then the situation will be saved by a scarf or a round snood that will give the freshness.

бежевый кардиган с шарфом

But beige clothing creates the illusion of a naked body, so they contain hidden sexuality and tenderness. Therefore, women in such a dress become attractive for men. In contrast to the red cardigan, the beige is not flashy.

бежевый кардиган

– Sweaters of light colors are often used for cool weather in the summer, because most sweaters have a fine texture. But by and large, they can be worn all year round. There are dense sweaters that will warm in winter.

– Regardless of your age and type of figure, a cardigan of universal color will be a good buy for you. He is equally good for a young girl-student and a lady aged.

бежевый кардиган

бежевый кардиган с джинсами

– In the continuation of the article we will describe all the most modern combinations of things with a cardigan of beige color, and now we will only say one thing: stylists remind us of the harmony of contrasting textures. This does not apply to the colors of fabrics: with a beige sweater it is better to combine clothes of calmer and no aggressive shades. But the game of contrasting textures of materials is wery well! So combine a knitted cardigan with satin, silk, tulle and dresses with paillettes.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

Outfit cardigan beige: a palette of shades

Authoritative stylists of our site described in detail the most popular types of cardigans this year. Beige is the most neutral of them. It refers to natural shades that perfectly match almost all other colors. Cardigan balances the image on the basis of dark tones, refreshing them. And in combination with light, it also makes up a holistic, harmonious look. With this, apparently, Kim Kardashian agrees.

бежевый кардиган, Ким Кардашьян

Despite the naturalness of color, a cardigan in beige shades will become the base of the onion, pulling all attention to itself.

== The beige cardigan is best suited for clothing brown-beige colors, milk and gray tones, and also for denim. ==

бежевый кардиган

бежевый кардиган с белыми брюками

– Drops of green (especially light green, emerald and olive) will add a spring mood and a special attraction.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

– Find in the wardrobe dresses and skirts of dark blue, blue, ash-gray, gray-blue. Of course, the combination with jeans is one of the simplest and most successful. However, jeans perfectly match the cardigan of any color.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

– Extremely festive and gentle image can be made with things of white color. Things of black color will add drama and mystery. Such appearance can be supplemented with more massive fashionable ornaments, for example, chains and pendants.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

– Pastel pink and scarlet color is an excellent addition to beige. Stylists do not prohibit also a combination with terracotta and orange, as well as with purple and burgundy.

Beige Cardigan Outfits: Best Ideas

What to wear with beige cardigan? What goes with a beige cardigan?
– Despite the abundance of fashion trousers, jeans remain the most loved and comfortable for you? This is not surprising! Beige cardigan, covering the hips, looks great with narrowed, shortened, shabby jeans. And with flare jeans it is better to wear a short cardigan. And in order that the image does not look trivial, choose shoes of unexpected bright color.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган с джинсами

– Business women can replace a jacket with a cardigan, and wear it with a pencil skirt. Complement the image with snow-white blouses and shirts. Beige cardigan, the photo of which you see below, is not have complex patterns and other decor. He only has small buttons! Jewelry should be selected carefully. A business woman can afford a medium-thick bracelet and a thin chain.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

– Outside the office it is not necessary to make a stylish image solely on the basis of light shirts. Suitable fashionable cage or other colorful shirts. Neutrality of beige is combined with almost any print.

бежевый кардиган

– Girls with a perfect belly may to wear tops a neutral color. Even in a gloomy day you will be able to proudly display a flat tummy, covering the shoulders of a warm knitted sweater.

бежевый кардиган с черным платьем

– Black, white or striped dresses, which are in the wardrobe of every modern lady, will perfectly play a duet with a cardigan.

бежевый кардиган

– Denim or other shorts will be a modern youth. But only with a thin viscous cardigan will look good with shorts. Heavy thick sweater to wear to the pants.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган с шортами

бежевый кардиган с шортами

– A long beige cardigan (up to the middle of the roe and below) well fits with short dresses or light trousers. As shoes fit shoes and sports shoes. For the bohemian style wearing massive shoes to refined lace dresses. A hat is suitable as an accessory.

кардиган бежевого цвета, длинный бежевый кардиган

– Dark skirts or trousers outfit can also be worn with a cardigan of beige color. To black color did not seem dull, use a belt, a massive necklace or hat of another shade. As a shoe, use anything you like, from sandals on lacing to slips, and preferably dark in color.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

– Shortened sweaters to the waist look familiar and even a bit old fashioned. And to avoid the taste of retro, it is better to wear it with modern fashionable things, for example, skirts from tulle. It is short cardigan most generously decorated with buttons, beads or always topical pearls.

We remind you that modern fashion allows you to wear almost all kinds of skirts with sneakers, even a skirt made of tulle. See other stylish images in the new publication.

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган

бежевый кардиган, кардиган бежевого цвета

– Do not forget about T-shirts and dresses with a flirty floral print, popular in the warm season. Universal beige perfectly coexists with peas, strip and geometry, too.

бежевый кардиган

кардиган бежевого цвета, бежевый кардиган с платьем

“What about festive outfits?” A cardigan can be used not only in everyday images, but also in celebration-time. It will make a good company fashionable lace skirt or dresses. For example, look Miranda Kerr image! A snow-white evening lace romper is an original alternative to a dress!

бежевый кардиган, кружевной ромпер

How to wear beige cardigan: tips and bans

– It seems that the cardigans of beige shades are universal. They will make friends with any outfit. Are there prohibitions? Disharmony can arise when it is combined with a rough knitted dress, and with a skirt made of too dense fabrics.

– If the cardigan has buttons, do not fully button them. A much more attractive image will look if the last one or two buttons are left unbuttoned.

– Girls with a figure plus size it is recommended to wear only cardigan thin mating, covering the hips. Our authors have collected a lot of recommendations for choosing a plus size cardigan for ladies. Read and be attractive!

See more fashion images on the our website!

бежевый кардиган для полных женщин
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