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модный образ, лук 2017

A modern woman wants to be successful, stylish, and beloved at the same time. It means to be happy! «The most beloved» will help in this! Experts of the site continue the series of publications «Fashion images and sets«, which proved to be incredibly popular among girls and women.

It is necessary to keep a hand on the pulse of time and to be well-oriented in fashion trends. Then you will always feel like a queen. Let’s look, what a stylish woman looks like in 2017 and how boldly she changes fashionable images!

образы в деловом стиле, нео деловой стиль, деловой стиль сеты

Stylish girl images: general trends

You will be surprised how from a long-known and slightly boring set of colors you can synthesize new, original shades. In 2017, such colors are popular:

— not green, but noble emerald;

— not yellow, but muffled mustard;

— not brown, but warm clay;

— not grey, but a silver shade of shark skin;

— not pink, but dusty cedar.

A complete list of ten fashionable colors of 2017 you can read in our recent publication.

Texture of fabric

The most unusual discovery of 2017, according to our experts, was the material «snake skin». Shoes made of material that mimics the skin of a reptile have been sewing for a long time. But coats, jackets and skirts made of such material look very interesting! The tinted «snake skin» palette has incredibly expanded!

In addition, it should be noted the increasing attention to translucent materials, lace, skin, denim and fur.


Revealing outfit are not in high esteem today! Podiums are full of femininity, tenderness, even modesty! The length of fashionable skirts and dresses is not limited to mini alone. More and more clothes is maxi and midi.

And we remind you that the female images of 2017 are a «tasty» mix of different styles.

Fashion Items

We have described in detail the must have clothes of 2017 in one of our articles. And now let’s name just a few fashionable things of the year.

— It is still popular sweater-oversize, as well as all kinds of capes and ponchos.

— The length of dresses and skirts can be different, depending on the shape. But most preferable — midi. Lace dresses and skirts deserve special attention.

— Popular loose trousers, especially flared trousers and cullotes. The assortment of women’s overalls has considerably expanded.

— For cool pores, fashionable townspeople choose cardigans, voluminous scarves and snood.

— Denim things are present in the collections of many fashion houses.

кюлоты с сапогами

Fashion style women’s: clothing sets

Stylish sets of 2017 are created by our stylists in view of fashion tendencies in a female fashion. Each detail of the ensemble was not accidental! It is selected from thousands of copies to form a harmonious holistic image!

Insidious beauty

The main detail of the first image is a skirt with a snake print. It is unusual, original and incredibly beautiful thing! The natural color of the snake captures the views of others.  Such beauty signals a danger in nature. But in a dress it is fashionable to admire without fear! The length of the skirt — below the knee — avoids the excessive insolence that might arise in such a mini-style.

A feminine jacket with a skirt with a large floral print, which is also fashionable of this year. A sky-blue color is included in the top ten fashionable shades of the year. This color is chosen for shirts and sandals.

Long large earrings perfectly complement the image, visually extending the neck and shape in general, which is also very important when choosing skirts or dresses of this length.

модный образ, лук 2017

Gray area

In place of the universal «all black» came the mysterious «all gray«. Typical image of 2017 is clothing of gray shades, and are dressed in it from head to toe. Only you must use different shades of gray, otherwise you will be bored! The triumphant return of flared trousers was impossible not to notice. In this outfit they have a wide cage. The shortened sweater beautifully bare the shoulders, as the fashion of 2017 teaches. This adds femininity to the image. Classical hat is increasingly appearing in fashion collections. Short boots are made of noble suede. Slightly dilutes the gray color of the coat with a fur collar. Smoky-lilac pastel shade is also among the favorites!

A full review of the fashionable trousers of 2017 is published on the site!

стильный образ 2017, модный лук

Seductive red

Red has every chance to become the main color of the year. 2017 — the year of the Firecracker. Accordingly, all the «fiery» shades from the first days of December were presented, as bringing good luck! On the question of what to meet the New 2017, fashion experts and experts of the Chinese calendar repeated: in red!

A woman in a red dress is a fatal beauty and a seductress. This image is supplemented by other elements of modern fashion: lengthening from behind, open arms, lining dresses from contrasting material, sandals on a classic heel. And in a warm fur coat of gentle feathers, Firecock will take you for a «soul mate» and endow it with life’s blessings! Of the jewelry selected golden earrings, adored by the winged symbol of the year!

More New Year images of 2017 look in our publications!

стильный образ 2017, модный лук

Fashionable Metallic

Fashionable images of 2017 are continuous contrasts. This is not only a mix of styles, but also an original combination of colors and textures of fabrics. A stylish luxurious evening overalls made of fine material perfectly blends with a black leather jacket. Both things seem to be written off from the fashion designer’s sketch! Metal shine of fabrics is more actual than ever. It is not only silver, but also «precious» gold, as on the photo. And sometimes a shiny blue or emerald. Leather items are presented in 2017 in different colors, but for such an elegant image, we still chose the universal black.

стильный образ 2017, стильный лук

Dance Mix

For a festive bow, of course, the dress is best suited. Soft mint color is incredibly refreshing. Pleated bottom is the fulfillment of the recent fashionable «laws». Warm fur coat of a muted pink color, as if covered with light dust. You will not freeze on a cool evening. Handbags and shoes are also matched in the fashionable shade «dusty cedar».

модные образы 2017, стильный лук

Freedom and comfort

This girl clothing set is created for everyday use. Denim culottes became the trend of the year. They are made in fashionable technique «petchwork», from scraps of cloth of different shades of denim.  А white blouse is selected to them, which revealing tender female shoulders and collarbones. Such an outfit does not oblige to anything, so you can wear unhealthy sandals or comfortable mules. Finish the image of several jewelry: a necklace with large elements and a boho bracelet .

If you want to study the theme of creating stylish outfits in more detail, then look at the stylish images-sets with culottes for a stylish woman and unexpected images with jeans.

стильный лук 2017, модный образ

Stylish Comfort

The next image for each day is incredibly simple and comfortable. But at first glance it is possible to recognize a stylish and modern woman. The basis of the image is a cardigan. Mass-markets offer a variety of options for cardigans, see details in our review. We advise you to look at the striped cardigans and ethno-patterns for everyday use.

Look at stylish striped dress outfit in our site.

Do not give up your favorite jeans. Denim is very popular this year. Young girls can choose shorts (not too tight or ultra-short). We complement the outfit with a simple white shirt or an elongated tunic. On our feet we wear comfortable ballet flats with butterfly wings. Butterflies on fashion shows in the new season almost as often as the floral print.

Outfits Sets For Ladies

Fashion image: afterword

This gallery «Stylish images of 2017″ did not end. The authors team KSISTYLE published the second part of the fashion series!

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