pink color clothes

Like Barbie: pink color in clothes

 Any color used in clothes can transform a person. Some people say that one of them is used only by women and that this is a favorite color of a Barbie doll. Pink is tenderness, inspiration and love. Nowadays men also wear this color but most people associate it with young women.

Pink color clothes: main features

This color is associated with kindness and lightness it brings to the appearance. But the surplus of pink makes a person look like a doll and causes disaffection. Different soft shades can make you stylish image more courageous and attract people. Anyway, you can be sure that in pink clothes you will be in the focus of attention.

There’s a variety of shades of pink.

pink color clothes

– The softest is light-pink, almost cream. It’s the most gentle of all and it’s used in summer dresses and office blouses and in informal looks. It can be combined with white, grey, silver metallic and other light shades.

clothes with a metallic effect

Crimson color looks cold but it’s very appetizing, suitable nearly for everyone. It is associated with summer berries and can be used in everyday clothes as well as in evening outfits. For example, this gorgeous velvet dress by Valentino.

pink color clothes

Bright-pink should be used carefully, the surplus of it can cause irritation. But one piece of clothes will highlight the beauty and brightness of the girl.

pink color clothes

pink color clothes

– On the other hand, pale pink can replace white color and highlights the natural beauty. Dusty pink color clothes can be matched by other light tones and beige and blue accessories.

pink color clothes

A pink A-line dresses with small polka dots suits young girls. Dresses with big ones are suitable for older women.

pink polka dots

Pink color combination clothes

What colors match with pink clothes?

Brown color will be a good match, this will create an official look and balance the brightness of pink.

pink color clothes

–  Green may seem strange but it highlights the delicacy and lightness of the outfit.

pink color clothes

pink color clothes

–  Blue can add some softness as well as pink and girl, combining these two colors, will look cute.

pink color clothes

–  Beige is universal, you can use this combination in any circumstances.

–  Red is close to pink. This combination can look brave, even a little bold. But modern fashion designers use this combination more and more often.

pink color clothes

 – White and black are a universal companions which perfectly make friends with any color. This will definitely be a winning combination.

pink color clothes

Grey neutralizes the boldness of pink, makes an outfit calmer. Such an ensemble is considered very stylish.

pink color clothes

Now you know what color goes well with pink.

Finally, we’ll give you some more advice.

–  Light shades suit blondes more and brunettes highlight their individuality with bright pink color in stock of clothes.

pink color clothes

–  Aged women are advised not to wear bright-pink not to look like a doll.

– Pink clothes are usually used with minimal décor, without ruffles or laces.

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красный кардиган с рубашкой

What to Wear with a Red Cardigan? The Best Red Cardigan Outfits Ideas

Did you like the red cardigan? This means you are a determined and courageous woman, who has become accustomed to being the center of attention. Or maybe you are tired of monochrome gray-black outfits and in the shower awake spring? In any case, such a purchase will be an excellent investment in your personal life and help you to succeed. Because bright color stimulates to activity!

Stylists of the site have already written that the cardigan became a trend and replenished the must-have lists of the season. But why exactly did the red long sweater become so popular?

Red Cardigan for Women: main features

Red color waited for its time! Therefore, it is necessary to take the opportunity to become brighter!

Unlike the gray cardigan, which our stylists have already written about, a red volumetric sweater can not be called a basic wardrobe thing, but it is perfectly suitable for everyday style. For example, create an image based on a white top, jeans with an overstated waist and a spectacular cardigan to feel attractive every day.

– In mass-markets you can buy cardigans of different shades of red. Each woman will be able to choose a model, depending on the degree of her courage.

красный кардиганWhat style to choose? There are many short sweaters that will complement the image. Bright long cardigans will be the basis of the outfit, keep you warm in cool day. Short red cardigan, a photo of which you see below, perfectly suited to polka dot dresses.

короткий красный кардиган

Despite the catchy color, any shoe is suitable for a cardigan: heels or flat shoes refined boots and massive shoes, sports slip-ons or sneakers.

– The saturated color of an elongated sweater does not mean that you need to give up all accessories. Although restraint and sense of proportion should be mandatory. From all fashionable jewelry choose large chains and necklaces. A long red cardigan can be tied with a wide belt, but a short sweater with a thin strap. Add a fashionable scarf-snood to the autumn outfit.

красный кардиган с джинсами

– Women’s cardigan is universal, that it perfectly adapts to any style: kazhual, city, youth, sports, romantic, boho and business!

красный кардиган– If you have plus size body, then choose a thin loose cardigan. A tight sweater with relief patterns can add a few pounds. If desired, you can choose a lace sweater, which will give a lot of solemnity.

Other valuable tips for choosing a plus size cardigan read in our recent publication.

кардиган для полных женщинRed Cardigan Outfits Ideas

Women doubt the practicality of red sweaters often. What to wear with a red cardigan? With what color clothes can you combine it? Experts recommend: to the red add …

+ Black. Create an image of a female vamp. We are confident that there are a lot of black things in your closet. They are very practical, but gloomy, so they sometimes get bored. You can easily make the image brighter based on the classic combination of red + black!

с чем носить красный кардиган

+ White. Pure white clothes are combined with all colors, but with red it takes on a special appeal. Unbelievably beautiful with white look bright (and not muffled) “fiery” shades.

красный кардиган

+ Milky, beige. “Relatives” of white will become a pleasant company for a trendy cardigan. Calm and natural color nude neutralizes the aggressiveness of red.

+ Dark blue. This boring combination can be a discovery for someone! Combining a cardigan with jeans will not surprise anyone, but here is a dark blue dress with a red sweater – this is an example of a super-modern outfit. Stylish images make up on the basis of blue-lilac, violet and grape.

красный кардиган с синим платьем

+ Blue. This is a very advantageous combination. And yet we recommend to pick a short cardigan of red color to the blue dress, so that one of the colors becomes the basis, and the other – a harmonious addition to the outfit.

красный кардиган с платьем

+ Gray. The duo of two trend shades is simply gorgeous! It is built on unusual contrasts. We will remind that in this season a gray shade called “shark skin” became mega-popular. And the burgundy-red and daring fiery color equally well dilutes «all gray» outfit .

красный кардиган с платьем

.+ Brown. Liberal brown is excellent to make friends with red. Especially if you choose soft colors: coffee, wheat, light chestnut.

+ Pink. Relatives of red color can make a good company if the outfit will be based on two contrasting shades. That is, it is better to look closely at the muted pink, pastel-lilac, pale purple

+ Green. And here it is already necessary to show your impeccable sense of taste. Not every shade of green will be equally good for a outfit. A good choice can be olive, green khaki, mint, emerald, yellow-green.

What to wear with a red cardigan: 11 flawless images

  1. Red cardigan, white t-shirt and jeans. Here is a simple and comfortable suit that we can see on the streets every day. To add personality, use the decoration, put on suede hessian boots or a circular snood.

красный кардиган с джинсами

красный кардиган с джинсами2. Red cardigan with a pencil skirt. Such a neo-business image will save you from boredom and monotony in those days when you need to look representative! And if you use the original black “pencil”, and a stylish skirt with a geometric or floral print, then you risk becoming a business queen!

красный кардиган с юбкой3. An elongated sweater and a dress with a print. Go beyond monotony! The dress with a print consisting of two colors (perfectly combined with red), will be an excellent composition for the festive dinners and walks.

красный кардиган с платьем

  1. Do not forget the lace dress. You already know that the seductive lace things in this season stirred up the minds of modern women. Combine relief lace and smooth mating, cardinally different in texture. The harmony of contrasts is the rule recommended for execution when creating fashionable images.

красный кардиган с белым кружевным платьем5. Red knitted cardigan and blue (or gray) dress. For the ultra-modern feminine outfit will fit dresses of different styles: sheath dress, flirty flared, tight-fitting mini, romantic midi. And if you want to demonstrate the beauty of the model (and your figure), then give preference to short red sweater.

красный кардиган с платьем6. White dress with floral pattern. An airy, light summer dress with large or small patterns (with interspersed red) start to wear as soon as the first rays of sun touched the ground. And in order not to freeze from the wind, take with you a bright cardigan. Add red heels For an even greater “wow” effect.

красный кардиган с платьем

7. A long dress. On the catwalks there are many original midi and maxi dresses, for example, striped dresses. They can also be successfully combined with a red cardigan if they are made in the colors recommended above.

кардиган с длинным платьем

8. Long sweater with shorts. Young fashionistas can create such a modern look. As it is not surprising, a cardigan is an anti-aging thing! It is with pleasure carried and adolescents, and women in their prime, and ladies in years! In a cool windy day, put on shorts with black pantyhose. You will get a catchy and interesting image that will show your knowledge in fashion! Do not forget also about super-fashionable gaiters!

красный кардиган с шортами

красный кардиган с шортами и гетрами

9.Red cardigan with a flared skirt. For lovers of comfort, we offer to wear a skirt-sun or other free model. Depending on the situation of communication, you can complement the kit with a blouse or t-shirt. To this kit is perfect for sports shoes and higt heel shoes  .

красный кардиган с юбкой

10. Red cardigan with pants. Are there fashionable trousers of 2021 in your wardrobe? A short sweater combine with short trousers 7/8 in length. Long cardigan combine with culottes – tricky trend of the year.

красный кардиган с брюками

11. Red knitted cardigan in a duet with a shirt. Stylish urban women can not do without a shirt, once borrowed in the wardrobe of men. Unbutton the top button of the shirt, put on tight jeans – and the stylish outfit is ready!

красный кардиган с рубашкой

These are the modern ideal images you can create based on the things you have. Read the trend tips of our stylists for those who decided to buy a grey cardigan or fashion coral cardigan.

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Everyday Fashion Look Ideas 2019

Everyday Fashion Look Ideas 2020

The ability to combine the clothes in a harmonized look is a true art! Even the simplest items of clothes will look creatively different and not boring. The 90s fashion comeback in contemporary contexts has formed amazing femininity of the looks; therewith the naked sexuality almost entirely has gone. Conversely, women fashion 2020 year can see the finesse of a girl shape even through the baggy oversize and flared sweatpants.

Everyday Outfits Ideas 2020

The authoritative stylists from our site have chosen the most fashionable look ideas for you, in order to help you puzzle out all the nuances of the clothes combining.

What the basic rules are taken into account in the process of everyday looks creating?

– The clothes of different fabric textures go together in an outfit. Denim clothing, velvet, leather, cashmere, fur and transparent inserts, large knitting, cashmere, tweed, fabric with sequins are fashionable.

Everyday Fashion Look Ideas 2019

– Multilayered fashion looks is approved.

– The simplicity of all the components and comfortability in the everyday wearing are compulsory, but only on the condition of the unexceptionable taste.

– The correspondence with fashion trends 2020 year is taken into account; fashion items 2020 year are applied.

– Individuality is appreciated, but not the standard approach.

We are sure, that the everyday fashion look ideas, which are presented in the photo, will inspire you to create new interesting outfits.

Fashion Ideas 2020

We present the most successful and beautiful images of 2020. Note that modern fashion clothes are very comfortable. So you do not have to choose between the beauty of clothing and its practicality.

Trendy Look 2020

Best fashion images 2020 are not a depressing apathetic, but the original look with the trendy colors and prints appliance.

Velvet & Jeans

We are seeing a return to fashion velvet. This fabric is very capricious in wearing, but it is very luxurious and spectacular. Gorgeous velvet dresses are suitable for holidays. Velvet jacket can be an excellent clothing for everyday life, if you combine it with jeans and monochrome top.

High Waist Trousers & Cardigan

Don’t forget about high waist trousers – must have of 2020 year. They can be flared or narrowed, straight, free in the hips or shortened, as in the photo. This is the absolute trend of the season! A thin long beige cardigan has been selected for them, which is well-suited not only for a slim figure, but also for a plump one. We have already wrote about this in the article “How to choose a cardigan for plus size women.

And the comfortable sneakers suit to this comfortable image!

High Waist Trousers & Cardigan

Striped T-shirt & Leather Skirt

The first outfit is based on the contrasts. The top in a fashionable sea strip is combined with a brown leather sun skirt. A voluminous detail of totally different texture – trendy knitted snood scarf in stylish mustard color is added to the outfit. The best of the look will be a pair of massive boots in unexpected emerald shade. Contrasting effect in the fabric textures is approved by stylists. Besides, the combination of the emerald and mustard-yellow shades with the brown leather looks very harmonious!

image 2019

 Check shirt & ripped jeans

Denim clothing is relevant this season! We have already published a list of fashionable styles of jeans for 2020. Among them are ripped jeans. It is surprising that now jeans with holes can be worn not only by impudent hooligans, but also quite serious ladies. To surprise others people, you can wear shoes or sandals with heels, as in the photo!  Pick a typical plaid shirt as a top, fill it completely (or only one half) in the pants. We hurry to please you that the check shirt is still fashionable.

Fashion images 2019

Сardigan & Flower Dress

Although the style boho has already been pushed back from the 90’s, but the dresses with a fashionable floral print are still popular. Nevertheless, in 2020 more and more models – midi, trendy dresses up to the floor are less common. And here, again, a thin airy texture is combined with a rough warm cardigan – an indisputable trend of the year. For a fashionable style, a gray cardigan with a belt was chosen. Our authors has recently wrote about other models of cardigans in 2020 and how to choose a cardigan for your body shape. Warm pantyhose in such equipment is not surprising. And again, the actual scarf-snood, which is an important element of fashion in the winter of 2020.

кардиган шарф снуд

Oversize & Pleated Skirt

Knitted clothes are very practical and comfortable. Sweaters large knitting became the trend of 2020. You can wear it not only with jeans in the new season, but also with high waist trousers, fashionable skirts and shorts. But at the photo you can see a stylish image with a sweater and pleated skirt. A metallic silver or golden hue is a fashionable trend of the year too.

everyday fashion look ideas 2018

 Mom Jeans  & Sweater

If you follow fashion trends, you probably heard that mom jeans came back from the 90s. Free fit supports the total idea of comfort, but does not negate femininity. The style perfectly emphasizes the waist, so the stylists are advised to wear thin sweaters or shirts to them, tucking them into pants. Any footwear will suit them, but specifically in the image on the photo, shoes of unexpected emerald green color, fashionable in 2020, are chosen.

mom jeans

Culottes & High Boots

You must have already known what the culottes are. They have been fashionable for several years. How to wear it is understandable in the summer. Stylists even offer to wear loose cropped trousers with heel shoes, but this is only in order not to shorten the growth and not too round the female form. If your height is above average, and the figure is not dense, then you can combine culottes with sneakers.

Women do not want to give up their comfortable culottes in winter. And in order not to freeze in shortened trousers – wear it with high boots, as in the photo. It is better to choose boots identical shade with trousers or top for colored clothes. Contrast boots are best suited for a monochrome image. For originality, wear a scarf of a similar color.

Detailed instructions on how to wear culottes in the winter read the review of our authors.

culottes in winter

Velvet Dress & Boots

We have described the most fashionable styles of amazing velvet dresses, more suitable for festive occasions on the site. Modern designers suggest using royal velvet for everyday image as well. Today we invite you to pay attention to a stylish looks based on a velvet dress of casual fit and comfortable shoes. You can wear black boots or universal white sneakers with a dress.

Velvet dress & boots

Cardigan & Shorts

We can argue that there are a couple of cardigans for different weather conditions in your closet . We remind you that knitted things are very relevant in the coming year. We offer you a youth image – a cardigan with shorts. Why can not you demonstrate the slimness of your legs? The elongated gray cardigan creates comfort, makes the image more modest, mysterious and feminine.

Any comfortable footwear will suit this ensemble: sneakers, slip-ons, sandals or stylish mules.

Cardigan & Shorts

Hat & Cardigan

The next image is incredibly simple and understandable: fashionable culottes plus grey cardigan. And now you can add an oversized sweater and a wide-brimmed hat that appears in fashionable looks even more often than last year.

You can combine culottes with tights in winter.

culottes with tights

Fur & Leather

A comfortable and stylish casual image is made on the basis of a warm long sweater and black shiny trousers with the metallic effect, which became an unexpected season opening and entered the list of the most popular trousers of 2020. Perfectly suitable outerwear: leather jacket with fur decor. Both the skin and the fur are trends of 2020, because attention to these materials began long before the onset of the cold season. Comfortable patent leather shoes in one color with tight trousers visually lengthen the legs. A hat with a pompon is no less popular among young people than a classic hat.

image 2019

Fashion images for every day, photos of which you saw on this page – this is only part of the topic, the development of which we started. The next part of the fashion looks to preparing for publication. In the meantime, view other original images 2020 for each day.

culottes outfit

Best Women’s Sets Clothing 2019

A modern woman wants to be successful, stylish, and beloved at the same time. It means to be happy! Ksistyle will help in this! Experts of the site continue the series of publications “Fashion images and sets“, which proved to be incredibly popular among girls and women.

It is necessary to keep a hand on the pulse of time and to be well-oriented in fashion trends. Then you will always feel like a queen. Let’s look, what a stylish woman looks like and how boldly she changes fashionable images!

Stylish Girl Images 2019

Best women’s outfits 2019: general trends

You will be surprised how from a long-known and slightly boring set of colors you can synthesize new, original shades. Such colors are popular:

– not green, but noble emerald;

– not yellow, but muffled mustard;

– not brown, but warm clay;

– not grey, but a silver shade of shark skin;

– not pink, but dusty cedar.

set clothing 2019

Texture of fabric

The most unusual discovery last years, according to our experts, was the material “snake skin”. Shoes made of material that mimics the skin of a reptile have been sewing for a long time. But coats, jackets and skirts made of such material look very interesting! The tinted “snake skin” palette шт 2019 has incredibly expanded!

In addition, it should be noted the increasing attention to velvet, translucent materials, lace, skin, silvery, denim and fur.


 Podiums are full of femininity, tenderness, even modesty! The length of fashionable skirts and dresses is not limited to mini alone. More and more clothes is maxi and midi.

Fashion Items

And now let’s name just a few fashionable things of the year.

– It is still popular sweater-oversize, as well as all kinds of capes and ponchos.

– The length of dresses and skirts can be different, depending on the shape. But most preferable – midi. Lace dresses and skirts deserve special attention.

– Popular loose trousers, especially flared trousers and cullotes. The assortment of women’s overalls has considerably expanded.

Stylish girl clothing 2019

– For cool pores, fashionable townspeople choose cardigans, voluminous scarves and snood.

– Denim things are present in the collections of many fashion houses.

culottes outfit

Women’s fashion 2019 sets

Everyday Fashion Look Ideas 2019 are created by our stylists in view of fashion tendencies in a female fashion. Each detail of the ensemble was not accidental! It is selected from thousands of copies to form a harmonious holistic image!

Insidious beauty

The main detail of the first image is a skirt with a snake print. It is unusual, original and incredibly beautiful thing! The natural color of the snake captures the views of others.  Such beauty signals a danger in nature. But in a dress it is fashionable to admire without fear! The length of the skirt – below the knee – avoids the excessive insolence that might arise in such a mini-style.

A feminine jacket with a skirt with a large floral print, which is also fashionable of this year. A sky-blue color is fashionable shades of the year. This color is chosen for shirts and sandals.

Long large earrings perfectly complement the image, visually extending the neck and shape in general, which is also very important when choosing skirts or dresses of this length.

Gray area

In place of the universal “all black” came the mysterious “all gray“. Typical image is clothing of gray shades, and are dressed in it from head to toe. Only you must use different shades of gray, otherwise you will be bored! The triumphant return of flared trousers was impossible not to notice. In this outfit they have a wide cage. The shortened sweater beautifully bare the shoulders, as the fashion teaches. This adds femininity to the image. Classical hat is increasingly appearing in fashion collections. Short boots are made of noble suede. Slightly dilutes the gray color of the coat with a fur collar. Smoky-lilac pastel shade is also among the favorites!

Gray Cardigan Outfits are published on the site!

Stylish Girl Outfit 2019

Seductive red

Red has every chance to become one of the main color of the year.

A woman in a red dress is a fatal beauty and a seductress. This image is supplemented by other elements of modern fashion: lengthening from behind, open arms, lining dresses from contrasting material, sandals on a classic heel. A warm fur coat will be for you a “soul mate” and endow you with life’s blessings! Of the jewelry selected golden earrings.

Stylish Girl Images 2019

Fashionable Metallic

Fashionable images of 2019 are continuous contrasts. This is not only a mix of styles, but also an original combination of colors and textures of fabrics. A stylish luxurious evening overalls made of fine material perfectly blends with a black leather jacket. Both things seem to be written off from the fashion designer’s sketch! Metal shine of fabrics is more actual than ever. It is not only silver, but also “precious” gold, as on the photo. And sometimes a shiny blue or emerald. Leather items are presented in 2019 in different colors, but for such an elegant image, we still chose the universal black.

Stylish Girl Images 2019

Dance Mix

For a festive bow, of course, the dress is best suited. Soft mint color is incredibly refreshing. Pleated bottom is the fulfillment of the recent fashionable “laws”. Warm fur coat or cardigan of a muted pink color, as if covered with light dust. You will not freeze on a cool evening. Handbags and shoes are also matched in the fashionable dusty shade.

fashion look 2019

Freedom and comfort

This girl clothing set is created for everyday use. Denim culottes became the trend of the year. They are made in fashionable technique “petchwork”, from scraps of cloth of different shades of denim.  А white blouse is selected to them, which revealing tender female shoulders and collarbones. Such an outfit does not oblige to anything, so you can wear unhealthy sandals or comfortable mules. Finish the image of several jewelry: a necklace with large elements and a boho bracelet .

If you want to study the theme of creating stylish outfits in more detail, then look at the stylish images with culottes for a stylish woman and unexpected mom jeans images.

Stylish Girl Images 2019

Stylish Comfort

The next image for each day is incredibly simple and comfortable. But at first glance it is possible to recognize a stylish and modern woman. The basis of the image is a cardigan. Mass-markets offer a variety of options for cardigans, see details in our review. We advise you to look at the striped cardigans and ethno-patterns for everyday use.

Look at stylish striped dress outfit in our site.

Do not give up your favorite jeans. Denim is very popular this year. Young girls can choose shorts (not too tight or ultra-short). We complement the outfit with a simple white shirt or an elongated tunic. On our feet we wear comfortable ballet flats with butterfly wings. Butterflies on fashion shows in the new season almost as often as the floral print.

Outfits Sets For Ladies

Clothing sets for women: afterword

This gallery “Stylish images of 2019” did not end. The authors team KSISTYLE published the second part of the fashion series!

Subscribe to the news, so as not to miss anything interesting. We also offer you to view other sets clothing  from our authoritative experts.

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Stylish images for You! Fashion sets. Part 2

Do you have time to follow the fashion?  It is also necessary for modern women as to be able to cook a delicious dinner! Moreover, with the “Most beloved” Internet page, improving the style becomes a pleasant and fascinating holiday! You, most likely, have already become acquainted with the main fashion trends of 2017 and updated the wardrobe with items from the must-have list of the season. Now you need to learn how to combine things with each other, so that it’s stylish and original! The first part of the trilogy “Fashion image 2017” received a lot of feedback from our readers, so we decided to continue the topic and offer fresh versions of  image for girls.

Your unique fashionable image! The most stylish images of 2019

On the catwalks we see the triumphant return of the fashion of the 90s in a new modern solution. Feminine forms, loose cut, length of midi, oversize and petchwork, unusual decor … Fur and leather strengthened their positions. Lacy and suede became actual. Brave metallic became a novelty of the season. All the features of the 2019 fashion have already been described on the pages of our site. Now just recall the main principles of combining things.

– Contrasts. In the new season, you can play in the contrast of invoices! Light translucent skirts combine with tight knit sweaters, and elegant lacy dresses – with dark leather or denim jackets.

образы в деловом стиле, деловой стиль сеты– Unusual coloring ensembles created based on the fashionable color palette of 2019, and here was not without bold new compounds, examples of which you will see in the sets. In parallel with them quietly there is a quiet image all grey, who so loved the stylish city woman. Total denim look is also popular in the new season should.

– Accents. Fashionable images of 2019 become more interesting if you add a highlight to it. The ensemble will be much more original if you add a contrasting bag or shoes. And dresses and blouses are complemented with magnificent massive jewelry and accessories 2019.

– Oversized trends. Gone are the days when women suffered in uncomfortable, but fashionable clothes. Of course, girls with an ideal figure have to wear tight clothes . But free overweight things are very comfortable for street fashion! We have become accustomed to oversized sweaters and voluminous coats, but there are also fashionable overweight trousers! And now it is permissible to combine several voluminous things in your outfit . Stylish looks for a girl can be composed on the basis of a wide skirt with baggy sweater or loose pants with an oversized coat.

Stylish girl: fashion ideas

Lace plus denim

In the first look we see a contrasting combination of two materials: lace and denim. Recall that the lace is called trend 2019. In this case we have a lacy skirt-pencil. Jeans shirt is relevant to young girls. It is similar to the skirt in color, but is opposite in texture to the fabric. Denim handbag  is complement this outfit. High heel sandals will help demonstrate the sophistication of lace skirts and make the girl higher. Added long large earrings are inscribed in the list of fashionable jewelry this year.

Emerald velvet

Fashionable velvet has imperceptibly penetrated into stylish female images. Velvet shoes always looked intelligent and rich. And how do you like a velvet dress in deep emerald color? Of course, the best company for him will be a fur coat of a stylish sandy-yellow hue, which is also on the list of the most popular colors of 2019. A laconic look will be supplemented only by a luxurious massive necklace or a choker necklace.

Spring pastel

A gentle shade of pink powder combined with a sparkling white color forms a pure spring image. Blouse from a large lace is connected with a white skirt. It has two rows of buttons, as in a trench coat. Such an insignificant detail nevertheless unites things in the ensemble, making it integral and complete. The angel in the flesh is before us. It’s feminine. It’s gentle. This is exquisite.

Comfortable oversize

We have already said that oversize clothes became the absolute trend of 2017. A loose coat will save you in a cool time. A slightly careless style is made in a gentle shade of mint pastels. Continues the story of the fashion trends spacious classic black culottes, which for many seasons are in a row confidently hold leadership positions. This outfit is recommended to combine with high-heeled shoes to pull out the figure, to balance the proportions of the body. The yellow handbag puts the final bright accent in the image.

Harmony of contrasts

This is another variation on the topic “Oversize”. Modern women can not do without a large sweater. Experts decided to introduce innovations in the new season and significantly expanded the scope of its application. All the trendy combinations of oversized  sweater with other things we have already published in our recent publication. A stylish look is made on the basis of an inconspicuous gray sweater of dense wool and a refined white skirt made of light material. Thin heels make the outfit more refined, which contradicts the “laws” of the oversized clothes. A small emerald green bag is a contrast accent in the outfit. It is very refreshing fashion look.

стильные образы, модный образ

 All grey

The next restrained stylish image is created based on the shades of gray. We chose short pants with a small print, so the outfit is not very boring. Pants length 7/8 was identified by our experts the first place in demand in the new season. All other variants of fashionable trousers of 2019 are also described in our review. A grey long cardigan is a universal thing. It will save you from the cold in the bad weather. To this outfit it is possible to put on shoes on a flat sole or sneakers. But only the heels emphasize the graceful female ankles. In the new season, designers paid great attention to this part of the beautiful female legs. The hat becomes a part of modern female images often. Most likely, its popularity will increase even more in the nearest future.

Stylish every day

Despite the fact that the shirts have moved to the female wardrobe from the male, it can not be asserted that the image turns manly. On the contrary, it has some incredible sensuality and attraction. The greatest concentration of femininity is in fashionable dress-shirts.

The next image concentrates equal parts of style, and comfort. A traditional  shirt, a short leather jacket, tight black trousers with cuts on the knees and … a surprise! Red shoes with heels! Of course, sports shoes or short boots fit into such an ensemble excellently! But what about the unpredictability and the desire to be seen in the crowd?

Realize your inner desires, listen to expert advice and be bolder!

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fashion trends 2018

10 Major Trends 2018: You Should Know This

This year, designers have given new life to things from the past and have managed to come up with several new products that can stand a few seasons. The outfits on the catwalks are very bright, feminine, comfortable, and optimistic. A modern woman has all the “tools” to be refined, original and unique.
What things will everyone wear in this year? You should know the 10 main trends 2018!

Women’s Fashion 2018

1. High waist

Hide your trousers with a low waist! They are not fashionable today! Experts recommend that girls show a good figure with the “right” trousers. We observe a high waist on trousers of different style, fabric texture, color and pattern.
high waist
2. Corduroy

The history of corduroy is very rich. For many people, the fabric is associated with royal clothes. And this is not only because outfits for royal women were sewn from velvet. The fabric is luxurious in texture and color. She has been on the favorites for several seasons. More and more women dare to wear dresses, trousers, skirts, jackets and overalls with this material.
Corduroy dress
3. Denim

Comfortable denim is not going to lose positions in fashion. The list of fashionable jeans has expanded. From a denim fabric sew all kinds of clothes, beginning with jeans and finishing underwear and footwear. Jumpsuits, dresses and jackets have become the most popular.
4. Cage

Many experts call the cell the main trend of the season. It does not lose its relevance until now. The secret of the popularity of the modern checkered pattern lies in its expressiveness and interesting color combinations. Buy a trendy tweed coat, trousers, a warm skirt, a jacket with such a print or a checkered trouser suit.
5. Animalistic motifs

A few seasons ago the concept of “animalistic prints” meant imitation of animal skins: leopard, zebra. Today they are also present on the catwalks. But the novelty of 2018 become clothing with animal pictures. Young girls are happy to buy dresses and blouses with images of cats, dogs, insects, giraffes and birds. If you want to be in a trend – look for clothes with parrots, owls, butterflies and others.
Animalistic print
6. Metallic shine

The glitter of silver and gold – trend 2018 – does not come off the world’s catwalks for several seasons in a row. If earlier such outfits were appropriate only at evening events, today designers use metal shine when sewing things for everyday use. Such clothing attracts the attention of others people. You can choose a silver dress, blouse, skirt, trousers or suit, and also supplement your image with silver accessories or shoes.
Metallic shine
7. Flower Patterns

 Flowers bloom on the clothes of summer and winter collections. Large and very small flowers are everywhere, they amaze with their diversity and beauty. They are so diverse that it is impossible to single out any general characteristics of the print in 2018. Bright flowers on dresses, blouses, suits and jumpsuits are associated with eternal youth and summer.
8. Trouser suits

 We can not understand what our grandmothers did without their trousers in due time. Today designers have returned to fashion comfortable trouser suits. You can choose baggy oversize style and more elegant feminine variation. Colors are diverse: monophonic or fashionable prints.
Trouser suit
9. Jumpsuit

 If you choose a festive overall for your holiday, then you show off your impeccable taste. Today in stores there are many options for any occasion in life. It can be a practical denim overall for traveling on the train and a luxurious lace jumpsuit for the bride.

Jumpsuit, fashion trends 2018
10. Transparent fabrics

Designers decided to slightly reveal the mystery of women using transparent fabrics. They do not see this as a hint of vulgarity, but only the chanting of the beauty of the female body. Clothing has inserts made of tulle, mesh and lace.