how to wear striped dress

Summer weather is a wonderful occasion to feel freedom, enjoy warm days, get rid of heavy outerwear. A striped dress is one of the favorite things of the summer wardrobe for women. It is incredibly simple and understandable to all, but not boring because it looks quite different with various things. Look again at the striped dress. How to wear it and how to make truly “tasty” images?

The strip can boast a stable popularity from the beginning of its appearance and up to this day. It is always on the lists of the most relevant prints. At fashion shows, designers experiment with a wide and narrow strip, change the direction of the “tracks”, change the color of the lines to red, light blue and other.

fashion striped dress

fashion striped dress

striped dress

Everyone knows that a striped dress is the basis of the sea image. This typical attribute of the maritime style can be reincarnated in absolutely diverse outfits with a touch of classics, business likeness, casual or romance.

The best ideas for a striped t-shirt outfit you probably already saw in our recent publication, which the readers liked very much. If you did not, look sooner. Now let’s talk about how to wear striped dresses.

Striped Dress Outfits (photo-examples)

Striped dress in itself is a complete outfit that can be worn with any style of footwear, depending on the situation. Therefore, the question of what to wear a striped dress in the summer may seem excess for you. But in practice, it turns out, everything is more complicated. How to create a really stylish image? We hope, photos and comments of authoritative stylists of the site will help you feel more confident.

how to wear striped dress

1. Bright accents

Describing the sea style, experts call the three main colors: white, dark blue and red. That’s what is lacking for a chic, notable image: red accents. Add red shoes and accessories. These can be heels or open sandals, not too large jewelry or a small handbag. The ideal image of a modern sailor-girl is ready!

how to wear striped dress

striped dress

2. No more than three

Is it necessary to emphasize only the red color? Not at all. You will also be adorable with pink, purple, purple, cherry “accents”. Look for in your arsenal any colors-relatives of red. Just remember that you need to combine no more than three colors in a laconic sea image. But the fourth will be excess.

how to wear striped dress

3. Add a hat

The fashionable hat perfectly fits to the simple style. Cover your head from the scorching sunlight so that you can walk around in the heat without getting tired. And do not forget to take your sunglasses.

how to wear striped dress
4. Sneakers with a dress

Put simple sneakers on. The most fashion women choose a dress with sneakers, slips or other sports shoes for long trips. And not only for walks, but for everyday shopping, meetings with friends in a coffee house. This is real freedom of movement!

how to wear striped dress
5. Fashion layering 

 In the cool evening, put a jeans waistcoat or “military” khaki color vest over your dress to look modern. Stylists approve a multilayered outfit.

how to wear striped dress

6. Jacket on a cool day

It happens that it will suddenly turn cool in the summer. It’s time to wear a light denim jacket. Both a short straight and a long striped dress looks good with a denim jacket. And in order that the fashionable outfit does not look “autumnal”, wear the jacket unbuttoned and slightly twist the sleeves as on the photo.
If you have a meeting with glamorous girlfriends or a romantic date, then put on a pastel pink or yellow jacket to surprise everyone with its feminine and original look.

how to wear striped dress

long striped dress

7. Denim shirt with dress

Wear a denim shirt over your dress to make the outfit more interesting and modern. Most likely you know that young people immediately picked up this fashionable idea with such an unusual combination of two diverse things that at first sight seem incompatible. If it gets hot, then you can tie a shirt around your waist, which will free your hands. Also, you can put on comfortable shoes to this image.

how to wear striped dress
8. Add an accessory

Add a scarf of lightweight fabric, with suitable for a summer look. Look at warm contrasting scarf for the cool days. Most likely you will have a stylish checkered scarf, as in the photo, because a cell is called the main print of this year.

how to wear striped dress
Miranda Kerr

9. Two prints

Do not doubt that mixing two different prints in one outfit is a fashionable trend, which until recently was considered a bad taste. Fashion experts allow and encourage this on the catwalks. This innovation is acceptable to a combination of checkered shirt and strip in an extreme case.

how to wear striped dress

10. Youth business style

How to wear a striped dress in the office to look both representative and stylish? Add a fitted jacket to make a business style to your dress. You can pick up a dark blue jacket for a calm strict image. And if your management encourages new business style, then you can choose a brighter color.

Striped dress with jacket

11. Striped dress with leather jacket

Combining contrasting fabrics is another fashion trend of the year. This principle is used in the attire on the photo: a black leather jacket was added to the striped dress in summer.

how to wear striped dress

12. Cardigan with the striped dress

Add a bright cardigan over your dress as an extra layer. A cardigan of a beige color is selected for this image. But black or red color elongated sweater will look as good as a beige. The most advanced women of fashion can add shoes of unexpected contrasting color, for example, violet. A modest girl prefer brown or black shoes.

striped dress with cardigan

13. Accessories for sea women

There are certain laws of drawing an image in the marine style, which our readers have already known. One of them says that one should not wear flashy and massive ornaments to the vest. But if we are talking about a striped dress, the sea style will accept beautiful “trinkets”. This means that you can move away from the rule of restraint. “Seamen” chains, necklaces with large links, pearl beads, ornaments from shells, perfectly complement the outfit as well as bracelets.

striped dress
Кim Кardashian

14. On a rainy day

On rainy days striped dress and rain boots are such a classic look which will be very handy. And in order not to freeze, you can take a cardigan or jacket.

striped dress

15. Outfit for the holiday

How wonderful is this dress! In fact, it is advertised as a graduation. But paired with sandals or high-heels and a thin chain, it becomes an excellent festive outfit.

how to wear striped dress

You have chosen some striped dress ideas for yourself? Create several outfits for your favorite marine style.