What are Mom Jeans and How to Wear It?

This trend, of course, is not the newest, but right now it is gaining momentum, as it is part of the global fashion trend in the 90s. In recent years, the world is ruled by comfort and freedom of movement. (Think about the widespread sneakers!) So Mom jeans, which never pressured or tight, just perfect for the modern girl.

how to wear mom jeans

What are mom jeans?

You’ve probably already heard about Mom jeans and the new wave of popularity this item. What shape are mom jeans?
There are straight cut jeans with a high waist. Jeans do not fit legs tightly, have a slightly informal look, so they look great in the casual image. These jeans are rolled up.

“Mother’s jeans” were popular in the 90s, as they were very comfortable and perfectly. They hide a few excess centimeters at the waist and hips.

how to wear mom jeans

mom jeans

It does not matter what your figure is – slim, stout, lean, tall or medium height – mama jeans are suitable for you. Free fit allows you to hide the fullness and all the existing flaws in the legs. High waist jeans make the waistline thinner visually. So you have no reason to abandon fashionable jeans, especially since it is so comfortable!

But such modesty looks interesting, attractive and even sexy.

how to wear mom jeans

The closed style allows you to hide a small tummy and imperfect hips and other figure flaws under your clothes. Look at the photo.

How to wear mom jeans without looking fat?

Mom jeans can help women look slimmer. This is due to the important factors:
– the high waist makes the body more elongated and slim;
– free non-tight fit allows you to hide extra centimeters without focusing on weight.
– shortened trousers emphasize the ankle. We recommend wearing shoes that demonstrate the beautiful ankles: shoes or sandals with thick or slim heels, ankle boots.
Tall girls can combine jeans with sneakers and flat loafers.

mom jeans plus size

Mom jeans make you look fat and emphasize fullness if your hips are very big compared to other parts of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to choose other clothes for plus size women.
But mom jeans fit very well for an inverted triangle body shape.

Learn about the dresses that hide a tummy.

How to wear mom jeans?

Of course, you can wear them like all your other jeans, but you run the risk of really looking like your mom in youth. Take care of a few details to make your image modern and stylish.

How to wear mom jeans in summer?

Shirt plus jeans

How to wear mom jeans with a skirt? It is one of the most successful images.

The shirt can be fully or half-tucked into the pants, as advised fashion trends. This will help demonstrate all the features of the jeans in the best possible light. And be sure of your great taste!

For a modest, familiar look, choose a white or color shirt and plain jeans.

how to wear mom jeans

mom jeans

how to wear mom jeans

For the more daring fashionistas, we offer the following image: ripped jeans that look like boyfriends. The difference is that they tightly cover the waist. Add a simple plaid shirt to your jeans. The heeled shoes are complete this image, to demonstrate other styles, full of contrasts and femininity.

white mom jeans

Vintage style

Today you feel a little retro beauty? If you want to bring a hint of vintage to your fashionable outfit, then wear a silk blouse to your jeans. Take a retro-inspired leather bag and classic high-heeled shoes, like in the good old days.

how to wear mom jeans

Simple and familiar

This ensemble – mom jeans with a t-shirt – will not cause anybody any objections. A typical plain bow can be colored in different moods depending on which T-shirt you choose. Add to all the win-win white sneakers or shoes – and you are ready for any life turns.

mom jeans

Non-standard approach

Do not think that fashion denim is presented exclusively in blue. In addition to the usual heavenly range, you can choose alternative options: mom jeans, black or gray. Particularly original looks gray (slightly faded), which allows you to instantly change the usual idea of the denim ensemble.

black mom jeans

Beauty in white

White mom jeans are perfect for summer! Free fit does not hold down movements, white color reflects the sun’s rays. And at the same time, it doesn’t look fat and doesn’t give extra centimeters on the hips. To be one hundred percent sure of your slimness and originality, add heels or wedges.

white mom jeans

Stylish Sailor girl

If you want to create a trendy marine style, then you can not do without a striped t-shirt with mom jeans. Denim will support the slight negligence of the image. As a shoe fit sandals at low speed or sneakers. But the ideal choice would be espadrilles – weightless shoes, from which all Europe is delighted.

mom jeans and striped T-shirt


The following photo is an image with a touch of officialism: jeans with a strict blouse that would look good even with a pencil skirt. Do you argue that jeans are not business clothes? If your boss thinks so, then alas … But there is a tendency to soften the strict rules of business dress code in the whole world, more and more loyal administrators appear, neo-business style comes into fashion.

mom jeans

Stylish urban style

Despite the pronounced informality of jeans, you can wear them with a blazer or long jacket. But the fashion of the new generation does not prohibit wearing this set with comfortable shoes, for example, with sneakers. Look at the image with mom jeans, the photo of which is presented below. This is a prime example of a modern urban female image.

mom jeans

Model on a walk

Owners of a perfect tummy can wear mom jeans with a crop top. Due to the fact that the pants are tight on the waist, they further emphasize the features of the female figure.

mom jeans

mom jeans

How to wear mom jeans in winter?

Rocker from a neighboring yard

Leather jacket with a shirt or t-shirt creates a multi-layer image, which is approved of the modern fashion industry. Standard thinking prompts to add sneakers to this image, but the girl in the photo chose high-heeled shoes. We get a slim and feminine light rocker style for women, which ready for new adventures.

how to wear mom jeans

how to wear mom jeans

mom jeans

Universal Soldier

Definitely, mom jeans set with a sweater is one of the typical ones for the cold season. If it becomes boring, choose a handbag or shoes of an unusual color, as in the photo. And another tip: if the sweater is not too tight – tuck it into the jeans, to mark the waistline and demonstrate the beauty of the pants style.

mom jeans

Comfort without compromise

Almost any style of the cardigan will be suitable for mom jeans, depending on the style of clothes and your own tastes. The following image shows a gray oversize cardigan for a casual look with a touch of slight negligence. The overall orientation of the image is supported by the choice of flat shoes.

how to wear mom jeans

Lady in coat

The coat is suitable as outerwear. For perfect mom jeans outfit goes long or short coat, a spacious cape.

mom jeans

Mom jeans: what shoes to wear with them?

After reviewing all the photos in the article, it is not difficult to conclude that you can wear jeans with almost any shoes. It can be:

– sports sneakers;

– ankle boots;

– slip-on and loafers;

– shoes with heels and flat shoes;

– massive boots.

The only thing that our stylists have deleted from the list of suitable shoes is high boots. Rolled up trousers cannot be tucked into boots, and if you wear jeans over boots, then all the beauty of shoes will hide under the fabric.

How to wear high boots you can read in another article on our website
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