lace dress

Even the most advanced fashion experts were surprised by the explosive popularity of lace dresses! The woman which are dressed in it turn into a mysterious, gentle, desirable, elegant princess, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Lace was named the trend 2018 year. Blouses and skirts, overalls and sweaters are sewn from openwork too. Our authors surprised readers with a detailed review of fashionable lace skirts. But, of course, dresses are the most spectacular and popular among the beautiful half of mankind ! About them we will lead the narrative.

white lace dress

What are the main features of fashionable lace dresses 2018?

  • Lace can have a different texture. A thin transparent material can completely encircle the body, demonstrating the ideal shapes. Dense openwork fabric, on the contrary, hides small flaws, excess centimeters and wrinkles on the body, freely sinking down. Vegetable patterns have a relief structure, but the degree of relief can also be different.

white lace dress

lace dress

  • The level of transparency of the dress can be different. Through a thin network of beachwear, you can see a tanned body, and in business dresses under lace there is a lining of dense material, so you can not see a centimeter of skin. Sometimes only the sleeves are covered with lace or only the legs above the knee are slightly opened. So every woman will choose a dress, depending on the degree of her courage.

white lace dress

– Basically, the lace on the dresses has a uniform structure along the entire length. But there are interesting combinations of fabrics with openwork inserts. Or a combination of lace, different in texture, pattern and color.

– The color palette of dresses from guipure and openwork is extremely wide. Read more about this in the next part of the article.

Dresses with lace: actual colors

Black dress with lace

Most likely, it is the leader in sales. A black lace dress can take many forms. A translucent guipure combined with the length of a maxi and a beautiful neckline will turn you into a fatal temptress. But the restrained dresses with the length of midi will look great even at a business dinner. Picking up the universal style of a black lace dress, you will have an excellent outfit for both a theater visit, a first date, and a festive dinner. Another important advantage – black color slim and hides extra centimeters at the waist.

black lace dress

White lace dress

An excellent option for a beautiful and self-confident queen of the evening. Wedding lace dresses can be seen for several hours without rest. Elegant classic models are suitable for an important celebration. And take a short, transparent dress with you to the resort to be fashionable in the summer!

white lace dress

white lace dress

Red lace dresses

In parallel with the growing popularity of red color, the number of dresses of fiery shades began to increase. In the new season, there is no reason to be afraid of saturated colors. Most of the models are presented in pure red, not burgundy or coral shades. Moreover, the magical effect of red on the subconscious of men has long been proven. This color pushes them to love exploits!

red lace dress

Blue lace dress

Blue is the golden mean between catchiness and restraint. That’s why many women chose this one! The list of the most popular shades presents a deep, rich, dark blue color. He is superbly refreshing and does not leave a hint of impudence.

blue lace dress

Beige lace dress

Despite the first apparent calm of nuanced shades, not every woman decides to dress a beige lace dress. This dress looks very sexy, because it creates the illusion of a naked body. But the stars often choose beige lace dresses for walking along the red carpet ,battling the army of admirers. It seems that the female body is covered with a thin transparent spider web, and nothing else.

lace dress

Other pastel shades dresses with lace

In accordance with the fashionable colors of the year, lace dresses are sewn from a gently pink, shade of “dusty” cedar, purple and lilac. Of course, there are fewer of these in boutiques. But you will be sure of its originality and uniqueness.

pink lace dress

Lace dresses, the photos of which are presented on this page, demonstrate that a woman dressed in lace can keep her own style, while remaining true to her principles and character.

Fashion dresses made of lace

Of no small importance is the style of lace dresses. It can adapt your stylish image to the situation and different life circumstances.

– Long lace dresses are the most effective variant of apparel. Luxury evening dresses will make you feel like the queen of the evening. For a festive outfit, you can afford a few designer “liberties” that are unacceptable on weekends. For example, it may be a cut to the middle of the thigh or deep neckline, thin straps or bare shoulders. Lace looks very specctacular at the bottom of the dress. Choose the same exquisite accessories.

long lace dress

– Short lace dresses can have different purposes. Daring mini is suitable for a walk in the hot weather along the seacoast, and dresses a little above the knee – for a celebration in the circle of colleagues or friends.

lace dress outfit

– Dresses made of lace with a length of midi will talk only about your intelligence. For the official environment, choose the style of the dress with closed sleeves without an intriguing cleavage.

red lace dress

– Dress with lace, the photo of which is presented below, is modeled only with guipure inserts. The base of the outfit is made of dense fabric. And even small pieces of openwork material in a dress can transform an image, makе it feminine and refined. Dresses with lace at the top can wear girls with a beautiful bust and a flat tummy.


Dresses with lace on the back look incredibly tempting, forcing men to rush after the beauty. The owner of this dress should always keep her posture.

short red lace dress

– Dresses with lace at the bottom of the dress are mostly chic wedding dresses. A long dress, as in the photo, requires a woman to be careful about movement. But the image will be just magnificent!

white wedding lace dress

The combination of lace with ruffles is one of the notable trends on the podium. The outfit turns out to be magnificent and ornate. But you will agree, it looks very harmonious!

lace dress

short lace dress
Christian Dior Resort 2019

Lined dress with lace – double attack on the consciousness of men. The bends of the body become even more seductive. Оnly slender girls con afford such outfit.

white wedding lace dress
Spring 2019 Bridal Atelier Pronovias

A wide dress with lace turns a girl into a queen. In our time there are ill-wishers who call these outfits “cake”, but such dresses will still remain in demand, as they realize the child’s dream of becoming a real princess from a fairy tale.

lace dress

Dress with lace sleeves is the most practical and modest model, which can be worn for home celebration, restaurant, corporate, and even business negotiations. There is no provocation in it. And even ladies of old age will not find your dress indecent.

dresses with lace sleeves

Choose a dress: lace for every day

Were you charmed by beautiful lace dresses? Do you want to choose such a style so that the thing has served you long and faithful service? Then read the valuable advice from our experts.

lace dress

– Control the degree of transparency of the dress, evaluate the suitability of the outfit in this or that situation of communication. To create a business image, put over a dressed jacket or a stylish cardigan over the dress.

white lace dress outfit

– Keep from the styles with an open neckline and cuts. This is acceptable only for evening dresses.

– Evaluate the merits and demerits of your figure. For plump women it is recommended to buy a straight cut dress, and not tight fitting. And for the owners of the ideal figure, there are no restrictions!

beige lace dress

– The business dress must be black or pastel gray. But the color of a festive or evening dress can be anything. Lace skirts are also used for a non-ideal image, but only with a moderate degree of transparency.

gold wedding lace dress

– Do not skimp on buying a dress. Cheap lace is of low quality, it will quickly lose shape and presentable appearance. It is better to choose a dress with openwork inserts, but let the fabric be of good quality.

white lace dress

– Do not overload the image with an abundance of accessories. Lace itself is enough decoration. In extreme cases, put on a chain and small earrings. It is acceptable to use large hairpins and rims on the hair.

white lace dress