Do you have time to follow the fashion?  It is also necessary for modern women as to be able to cook a delicious dinner! Moreover, with the “Most beloved” Internet page, improving the style becomes a pleasant and fascinating holiday! You, most likely, have already become acquainted with the main fashion trends of 2017 and updated the wardrobe with items from the must-have list of the season. Now you need to learn how to combine things with each other, so that it’s stylish and original! The first part of the trilogy “Fashion image 2017” received a lot of feedback from our readers, so we decided to continue the topic and offer fresh versions of  image for girls.

Your unique fashionable image! The most stylish images of 2019

On the catwalks we see the triumphant return of the fashion of the 90s in a new modern solution. Feminine forms, loose cut, length of midi, oversize and petchwork, unusual decor … Fur and leather strengthened their positions. Lacy and suede became actual. Brave metallic became a novelty of the season. All the features of the 2019 fashion have already been described on the pages of our site. Now just recall the main principles of combining things.

– Contrasts. In the new season, you can play in the contrast of invoices! Light translucent skirts combine with tight knit sweaters, and elegant lacy dresses – with dark leather or denim jackets.

образы в деловом стиле, деловой стиль сеты– Unusual coloring ensembles created based on the fashionable color palette of 2019, and here was not without bold new compounds, examples of which you will see in the sets. In parallel with them quietly there is a quiet image all grey, who so loved the stylish city woman. Total denim look is also popular in the new season should.

– Accents. Fashionable images of 2019 become more interesting if you add a highlight to it. The ensemble will be much more original if you add a contrasting bag or shoes. And dresses and blouses are complemented with magnificent massive jewelry and accessories 2019.

– Oversized trends. Gone are the days when women suffered in uncomfortable, but fashionable clothes. Of course, girls with an ideal figure have to wear tight clothes . But free overweight things are very comfortable for street fashion! We have become accustomed to oversized sweaters and voluminous coats, but there are also fashionable overweight trousers! And now it is permissible to combine several voluminous things in your outfit . Stylish looks for a girl can be composed on the basis of a wide skirt with baggy sweater or loose pants with an oversized coat.

Stylish girl: fashion ideas

Lace plus denim

In the first look we see a contrasting combination of two materials: lace and denim. Recall that the lace is called trend 2019. In this case we have a lacy skirt-pencil. Jeans shirt is relevant to young girls. It is similar to the skirt in color, but is opposite in texture to the fabric. Denim handbag  is complement this outfit. High heel sandals will help demonstrate the sophistication of lace skirts and make the girl higher. Added long large earrings are inscribed in the list of fashionable jewelry this year.

Emerald velvet

Fashionable velvet has imperceptibly penetrated into stylish female images. Velvet shoes always looked intelligent and rich. And how do you like a velvet dress in deep emerald color? Of course, the best company for him will be a fur coat of a stylish sandy-yellow hue, which is also on the list of the most popular colors of 2019. A laconic look will be supplemented only by a luxurious massive necklace or a choker necklace.

Spring pastel

A gentle shade of pink powder combined with a sparkling white color forms a pure spring image. Blouse from a large lace is connected with a white skirt. It has two rows of buttons, as in a trench coat. Such an insignificant detail nevertheless unites things in the ensemble, making it integral and complete. The angel in the flesh is before us. It’s feminine. It’s gentle. This is exquisite.

Comfortable oversize

We have already said that oversize clothes became the absolute trend of 2017. A loose coat will save you in a cool time. A slightly careless style is made in a gentle shade of mint pastels. Continues the story of the fashion trends spacious classic black culottes, which for many seasons are in a row confidently hold leadership positions. This outfit is recommended to combine with high-heeled shoes to pull out the figure, to balance the proportions of the body. The yellow handbag puts the final bright accent in the image.

Harmony of contrasts

This is another variation on the topic “Oversize”. Modern women can not do without a large sweater. Experts decided to introduce innovations in the new season and significantly expanded the scope of its application. All the trendy combinations of oversized  sweater with other things we have already published in our recent publication. A stylish look is made on the basis of an inconspicuous gray sweater of dense wool and a refined white skirt made of light material. Thin heels make the outfit more refined, which contradicts the “laws” of the oversized clothes. A small emerald green bag is a contrast accent in the outfit. It is very refreshing fashion look.

стильные образы, модный образ

 All grey

The next restrained stylish image is created based on the shades of gray. We chose short pants with a small print, so the outfit is not very boring. Pants length 7/8 was identified by our experts the first place in demand in the new season. All other variants of fashionable trousers of 2019 are also described in our review. A grey long cardigan is a universal thing. It will save you from the cold in the bad weather. To this outfit it is possible to put on shoes on a flat sole or sneakers. But only the heels emphasize the graceful female ankles. In the new season, designers paid great attention to this part of the beautiful female legs. The hat becomes a part of modern female images often. Most likely, its popularity will increase even more in the nearest future.

Stylish every day

Despite the fact that the shirts have moved to the female wardrobe from the male, it can not be asserted that the image turns manly. On the contrary, it has some incredible sensuality and attraction. The greatest concentration of femininity is in fashionable dress-shirts.

The next image concentrates equal parts of style, and comfort. A traditional  shirt, a short leather jacket, tight black trousers with cuts on the knees and … a surprise! Red shoes with heels! Of course, sports shoes or short boots fit into such an ensemble excellently! But what about the unpredictability and the desire to be seen in the crowd?

Realize your inner desires, listen to expert advice and be bolder!

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