красный кардиган с рубашкой

Did you like the red cardigan? This means you are a determined and courageous woman, who has become accustomed to being the center of attention. Or maybe you are tired of monochrome gray-black outfits and in the shower awake spring? In any case, such a purchase will be an excellent investment in your personal life and help you to succeed. Because bright color stimulates to activity!

Stylists of the site have already written that the cardigan became a trend and replenished the must-have lists of the season. But why exactly did the red long sweater become so popular?

Red Cardigan for Women: main features

Red color waited for its time! Therefore, it is necessary to take the opportunity to become brighter!

Unlike the gray cardigan, which our stylists have already written about, a red volumetric sweater can not be called a basic wardrobe thing, but it is perfectly suitable for everyday style. For example, create an image based on a white top, jeans with an overstated waist and a spectacular cardigan to feel attractive every day.

– In mass-markets you can buy cardigans of different shades of red. Each woman will be able to choose a model, depending on the degree of her courage.

красный кардиганWhat style to choose? There are many short sweaters that will complement the image. Bright long cardigans will be the basis of the outfit, keep you warm in cool day. Short red cardigan, a photo of which you see below, perfectly suited to polka dot dresses.

короткий красный кардиган

Despite the catchy color, any shoe is suitable for a cardigan: heels or flat shoes refined boots and massive shoes, sports slip-ons or sneakers.

– The saturated color of an elongated sweater does not mean that you need to give up all accessories. Although restraint and sense of proportion should be mandatory. From all fashionable jewelry choose large chains and necklaces. A long red cardigan can be tied with a wide belt, but a short sweater with a thin strap. Add a fashionable scarf-snood to the autumn outfit.

красный кардиган с джинсами

– Women’s cardigan is universal, that it perfectly adapts to any style: kazhual, city, youth, sports, romantic, boho and business!

красный кардиган– If you have plus size body, then choose a thin loose cardigan. A tight sweater with relief patterns can add a few pounds. If desired, you can choose a lace sweater, which will give a lot of solemnity.

Other valuable tips for choosing a plus size cardigan read in our recent publication.

кардиган для полных женщинRed Cardigan Outfits Ideas

Women doubt the practicality of red sweaters often. What to wear with a red cardigan? With what color clothes can you combine it? Experts recommend: to the red add …

+ Black. Create an image of a female vamp. We are confident that there are a lot of black things in your closet. They are very practical, but gloomy, so they sometimes get bored. You can easily make the image brighter based on the classic combination of red + black!

с чем носить красный кардиган

+ White. Pure white clothes are combined with all colors, but with red it takes on a special appeal. Unbelievably beautiful with white look bright (and not muffled) “fiery” shades.

красный кардиган

+ Milky, beige. “Relatives” of white will become a pleasant company for a trendy cardigan. Calm and natural color nude neutralizes the aggressiveness of red.

+ Dark blue. This boring combination can be a discovery for someone! Combining a cardigan with jeans will not surprise anyone, but here is a dark blue dress with a red sweater – this is an example of a super-modern outfit. Stylish images make up on the basis of blue-lilac, violet and grape.

красный кардиган с синим платьем

+ Blue. This is a very advantageous combination. And yet we recommend to pick a short cardigan of red color to the blue dress, so that one of the colors becomes the basis, and the other – a harmonious addition to the outfit.

красный кардиган с платьем

+ Gray. The duo of two trend shades is simply gorgeous! It is built on unusual contrasts. We will remind that in this season a gray shade called “shark skin” became mega-popular. And the burgundy-red and daring fiery color equally well dilutes «all gray» outfit .

красный кардиган с платьем

.+ Brown. Liberal brown is excellent to make friends with red. Especially if you choose soft colors: coffee, wheat, light chestnut.

+ Pink. Relatives of red color can make a good company if the outfit will be based on two contrasting shades. That is, it is better to look closely at the muted pink, pastel-lilac, pale purple

+ Green. And here it is already necessary to show your impeccable sense of taste. Not every shade of green will be equally good for a outfit. A good choice can be olive, green khaki, mint, emerald, yellow-green.

What to wear with a red cardigan: 11 flawless images

  1. Red cardigan, white t-shirt and jeans. Here is a simple and comfortable suit that we can see on the streets every day. To add personality, use the decoration, put on suede hessian boots or a circular snood.

красный кардиган с джинсами

красный кардиган с джинсами2. Red cardigan with a pencil skirt. Such a neo-business image will save you from boredom and monotony in those days when you need to look representative! And if you use the original black “pencil”, and a stylish skirt with a geometric or floral print, then you risk becoming a business queen!

красный кардиган с юбкой3. An elongated sweater and a dress with a print. Go beyond monotony! The dress with a print consisting of two colors (perfectly combined with red), will be an excellent composition for the festive dinners and walks.

красный кардиган с платьем

  1. Do not forget the lace dress. You already know that the seductive lace things in this season stirred up the minds of modern women. Combine relief lace and smooth mating, cardinally different in texture. The harmony of contrasts is the rule recommended for execution when creating fashionable images.

красный кардиган с белым кружевным платьем5. Red knitted cardigan and blue (or gray) dress. For the ultra-modern feminine outfit will fit dresses of different styles: sheath dress, flirty flared, tight-fitting mini, romantic midi. And if you want to demonstrate the beauty of the model (and your figure), then give preference to short red sweater.

красный кардиган с платьем6. White dress with floral pattern. An airy, light summer dress with large or small patterns (with interspersed red) start to wear as soon as the first rays of sun touched the ground. And in order not to freeze from the wind, take with you a bright cardigan. Add red heels For an even greater “wow” effect.

красный кардиган с платьем

7. A long dress. On the catwalks there are many original midi and maxi dresses, for example, striped dresses. They can also be successfully combined with a red cardigan if they are made in the colors recommended above.

кардиган с длинным платьем

8. Long sweater with shorts. Young fashionistas can create such a modern look. As it is not surprising, a cardigan is an anti-aging thing! It is with pleasure carried and adolescents, and women in their prime, and ladies in years! In a cool windy day, put on shorts with black pantyhose. You will get a catchy and interesting image that will show your knowledge in fashion! Do not forget also about super-fashionable gaiters!

красный кардиган с шортами

красный кардиган с шортами и гетрами

9.Red cardigan with a flared skirt. For lovers of comfort, we offer to wear a skirt-sun or other free model. Depending on the situation of communication, you can complement the kit with a blouse or t-shirt. To this kit is perfect for sports shoes and higt heel shoes  .

красный кардиган с юбкой

10. Red cardigan with pants. Are there fashionable trousers of 2021 in your wardrobe? A short sweater combine with short trousers 7/8 in length. Long cardigan combine with culottes – tricky trend of the year.

красный кардиган с брюками

11. Red knitted cardigan in a duet with a shirt. Stylish urban women can not do without a shirt, once borrowed in the wardrobe of men. Unbutton the top button of the shirt, put on tight jeans – and the stylish outfit is ready!

красный кардиган с рубашкой

These are the modern ideal images you can create based on the things you have. Read the trend tips of our stylists for those who decided to buy a grey cardigan or fashion coral cardigan.

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