модные сапоги 2017, красные ботфорты

Several seasons in a row we can observe growing popularity of ladies’ jackboots. Jackboots are really bold, good-looking and sexual. They help to create a bright and original image. However, some ladies don’t buy jackboots because they are afraid to look brash and vulgar.

Ladies’ jackboots: advice for those who don’t want to look vulgar

Jackboots can help to emphasize the lady’s beauty. The lady in jackboots will surely attract people’s attention. Jackboots will look nice on ladies with slim les and, also, on ladies with thick legs. Womens hight jackboots were very popular among “night butterflies” because these boots attracted men’s attention to them and helped to emphasize the ladies’ beauty. So, if you want to be bold and beautiful, jackboots will help you. You will look beautiful, smart and attractive.

How to wear jackboots? Let’s speak about 14 main rules.

– Lacquered jackboots always look very bold. They can be combined with skirts and jeans. But if you don’t want to look vulgar, lacquered jackboots are not for you.
– Suede jackboots don’t look so bold. You can wear them to work ad to parties. If you wear right clothes, people won’t call you vulgar.

Suede jackboots are really popular in this season! 

с чем носить сапоги ботфорты

You must wear jackboots with appropriate clothes. All details of the image must be chosen very thoroughly. – Jackboots are very sexy, so you mustn’t combine them with tight décolleté blouses or tempting mini skirts. Otherwise, you will attract too much attention to the open parts of your body.

– You mustn’t wear jackboots with leather clothes and semi-transparent clothes. High boots make you look tempting and attractive. If you emphasize too much of your sexuality, it will look silly and ambiguously.

с чем носить ботфорты– Do you like jeans? Only tight skinny jeans will go well with jackboots. In this case, your louse mustn’t be very tight. The best variant is a loose monochrome shirt with a jacket or a knitted sweater or cardigan. Knitted clothes make jackboots look less sexy. It will help you to create a reserved image suitable for everyday life.

сапоги ботфорты с чем носить фото, ботфорты со свитером

– So, a loose sweater or a knitted dress will help you to create a good image!
– Be careful with jackboots up to the middle of the hip. Such jackboots won’t be good in some cases, because they look too sexy. Girls with wide hips must avoid this kind of jackboots in order to conceal this problem.

с чем носить ботфорты– Jackboots up to the middle of the hip are suitable for tall girls with slim legs. You can wear them at the evening parties with oversized dresses. Remember that high jackboots are good with a modest image.

– You mustn’t wear clothes with tinsel, rhinestones and other too bright details.

ботфорты с чем носить– You mustn’t combine jackboots with glittering clothes and lace.

Massive jewelers and accessories are not suitable.

ботфорты до середины бедра

– High stocking-like jackboots may be combined with dresses and skirts that cover the edge of your shoes.

– Your clothes must contain many layers.
ботфорты до середины бедра

– Jackboots are stylish and attractive. It is a must-wear for a bold and beautiful lady. Don’t be afraid to look silly and old-fashioned. Don’t hesitate to wear jackboots!

сапоги ботфортыThe most important thing is to follow our advice and to use your fantasy. Then, you will look original and beautiful!

By the way, don’t wear stockings with a net!!!

ботфорты с чем носить фото