fashion trends 2018

This year, designers have given new life to things from the past and have managed to come up with several new products that can stand a few seasons. The outfits on the catwalks are very bright, feminine, comfortable, and optimistic. A modern woman has all the “tools” to be refined, original and unique.
What things will everyone wear in this year? You should know the 10 main trends 2018!

Women’s Fashion 2018

1. High waist

Hide your trousers with a low waist! They are not fashionable today! Experts recommend that girls show a good figure with the “right” trousers. We observe a high waist on trousers of different style, fabric texture, color and pattern.
high waist
2. Corduroy

The history of corduroy is very rich. For many people, the fabric is associated with royal clothes. And this is not only because outfits for royal women were sewn from velvet. The fabric is luxurious in texture and color. She has been on the favorites for several seasons. More and more women dare to wear dresses, trousers, skirts, jackets and overalls with this material.
Corduroy dress
3. Denim

Comfortable denim is not going to lose positions in fashion. The list of fashionable jeans has expanded. From a denim fabric sew all kinds of clothes, beginning with jeans and finishing underwear and footwear. Jumpsuits, dresses and jackets have become the most popular.
4. Cage

Many experts call the cell the main trend of the season. It does not lose its relevance until now. The secret of the popularity of the modern checkered pattern lies in its expressiveness and interesting color combinations. Buy a trendy tweed coat, trousers, a warm skirt, a jacket with such a print or a checkered trouser suit.
5. Animalistic motifs

A few seasons ago the concept of “animalistic prints” meant imitation of animal skins: leopard, zebra. Today they are also present on the catwalks. But the novelty of 2018 become clothing with animal pictures. Young girls are happy to buy dresses and blouses with images of cats, dogs, insects, giraffes and birds. If you want to be in a trend – look for clothes with parrots, owls, butterflies and others.
Animalistic print
6. Metallic shine

The glitter of silver and gold – trend 2018 – does not come off the world’s catwalks for several seasons in a row. If earlier such outfits were appropriate only at evening events, today designers use metal shine when sewing things for everyday use. Such clothing attracts the attention of others people. You can choose a silver dress, blouse, skirt, trousers or suit, and also supplement your image with silver accessories or shoes.
Metallic shine
7. Flower Patterns

 Flowers bloom on the clothes of summer and winter collections. Large and very small flowers are everywhere, they amaze with their diversity and beauty. They are so diverse that it is impossible to single out any general characteristics of the print in 2018. Bright flowers on dresses, blouses, suits and jumpsuits are associated with eternal youth and summer.
8. Trouser suits

 We can not understand what our grandmothers did without their trousers in due time. Today designers have returned to fashion comfortable trouser suits. You can choose baggy oversize style and more elegant feminine variation. Colors are diverse: monophonic or fashionable prints.
Trouser suit
9. Jumpsuit

 If you choose a festive overall for your holiday, then you show off your impeccable taste. Today in stores there are many options for any occasion in life. It can be a practical denim overall for traveling on the train and a luxurious lace jumpsuit for the bride.

Jumpsuit, fashion trends 2018
10. Transparent fabrics

Designers decided to slightly reveal the mystery of women using transparent fabrics. They do not see this as a hint of vulgarity, but only the chanting of the beauty of the female body. Clothing has inserts made of tulle, mesh and lace.