polka dot dress

Pre-Fall 2020 Valentino

It is actually hardly possible to find an extra feminine variation of garments than a polka-dot dress. This outfit may be called common, it fits all ladies without exception. This dress with such printing can be suitable in the workplace, vacationing, and at the night celebration.

Modern professionals are also pleased to make use of polka dot textiles to make their personal styles. Not less popular are striped dresses, which we have already described on the site. Photos from fashion 2020-2021 shows verify this.

polka dot dress
Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2020
polka dot dress
Polka-Dot Prints Are Making Waves on Spring 2020
polka dot dress
polka dot dress
Anouki Tbilisi
polka dot dress

Types of polka dot gowns

It needs to be pointed out that the styles of these dresses differ an excellent variety. This may be a strict business dress, evening dress, a sundress for summer vacations. Such a variety has appeared due to the versatility of the pattern.

polka dot dress
Ulla Johnson 2020-2021
polka dot dress
Carolina Herrera Spring 2020

Polka dot may be quite varied:

– large and also little;
– round or lengthened, more like an oval;
– located on the main background thickly or not.

polka dot dress
Leal Daccarett 2019
polka dot dress

Usually, the polka-dot fabrics are two-colored, with light or dark dots on a dark or light background. But there are also multi-color models when the dots have different shades.

Selection rules

Choosing polka-dot clothes, you should follow the simple rules :
– the larger the dots, the easier should be the cut of the dress.
– Models of complex style with large dots consisted of many small details, will have a broken pattern
– large polka-dots visually add volume, and small, on the contrary, hide;

polka dot dress
Dundas Pre-Fall 2020

– if you need to stretch the silhouette visually, you should choose a fabric with oval-shaped dots. Polka dots are actually terrific for mixing, they may be integrated with plain-colored or printed components. Models made of a fabric of the same color, but having polka-dot of different size, look very interesting.

polka dot dress
polka dot dress

Using a combination of fabrics, you can visually adjust a figure. For example, for obese women who have a “heavy” bottom and narrow shoulders, a dress is perfect, the bodice of which is sewn of fabric with large dots, and the skirt is made of a fabric of the same color but with small ones. Such a decision will balance the figure.

polka dots dress plus size

It is also important to choose the right style of dress to hide the belly and hips.

plus size polka dot dress


The classic combinations are white and black or red and white. These colors are not in vain have become very popular, they are make you perfectly slim and refreshing. In addition, dresses of this color look classy.

polka dot dress
polka dot dress

But today not only classic combinations are fashionable. Options for a combination of colors can be very diverse. Combinations of emerald green with white, black with gold, gray and pink, black with silver color are considered especially fashionable this season.

polka dot dress

What to wear with a polka dot dress?

It is very important to learn how to choose accessories for polka-dot dresses. We will tell you what to wear in such clothes.

It is needed to keep in mind that the main role in the attire must play precisely the dress, and all various other details must match the outfit, and also not try to compete with it.
The shade of the accessories can be matched to the color of the dots or the basic tone of the gown.

polka dot dress

But it is better to try to break the monotony of the picture. For example, pick up a red handbag to a dark blue and white dress. Other bright colors can be used to complement black and white patterns, such as yellow, green, blue and others.

polka dots dress

Gowns must be supplemented with ordinary belts due to the fact that it helps to dilute the pattern of the dress.
Another important rule: the larger the dots on the dress, the larger the accessories should be. But at the same time, they should not be in great numbers, in order not to overload the outfit.

Choosing jewelry for polka-dot dresses is best to abide by the concept of minimalism. And in any case, do not be tempted to choose accessories with the same pattern in the kit for the dress, this will be an obvious search.

As has been already mentioned, the polka-dot pattern is universal. It can be used for tailoring of various purposes.

Casual Images

A universal option is a black and white dress in small dots of medium length. This outfit is suitable not only for young girls but also for mature ladies. To create an outfit in retro style on its basis, you should choose beige classic pumps, black narrow strap, and pearl beads.

It perfectly looks and a business dress made of cloth with dots. Sew them out of fabric with small polka dot, and the styles choose classic ones. You can sew a dress from companion fabrics. For example, a bodice may be white with black dots, and a straight skirt can be black with the white ones.

A charming summer dress can be sewn from fabrics of pastel colors. For example, a chiffon trendy maxi skirt or A-shaped silhouette dress is a great option for a date. It should be supplemented with a thin strap and accessories in the color of the polka dot.

polka dot dress

A knitted dress made of polka dot fabric is also perfect for everyday wear. It may be of medium or maxi length.

polka dot dress

For summer walks, you can choose dresses in polka-dot intense shades, and models of calm colors can be complemented with bright accessories.

polka dot dress