Long dresses for plump women

Long outfits are suitable for women of ample proportions because they hide flaws of figure and smooth out the silhouette. Long dresses for plump women differ with grace, ease, variability of tailoring. Have you already seen our publication about the best styles of dresses to hide the belly? Now learn about long dresses for plus size women in more detail. You can choose a maxi outfit for every day and going out dress. You can also find a winning variant for an evening or business outfit.

styles of dresses for plumps

Long dresses for plump women

Successful styles of long dresses for plumps ladies

When buying a dress a woman pays attention to the properties of the fabric, texture, colors. A successful tailoring will be able to beautifully beat the figure. Excess weight is easy to hide and with the help of clothes to make proportions closer to the ideal ..
 Owners of the “apple” figure should balance the massive top with a fluffy or multi-layered bottom, not forgetting to single out the waist. In the presence of large buttocks, they bet on dresses with decorated tops, as well as stock models of flowing fabric.
 Soft knitwear, falling chiffon and thin cotton are the best solution for women with curvy shapes. Difficult tailoring variants are not welcome. The simpler and clearer the model, the easier it is to hide the figure flaws. And to emphasize the originality of the look will be better with the help of jewelry and accessories.

styles of dresses for plumps


Fahionable maxi dresses of straight silhouette should be treated with caution. On the one hand, such models perfectly hide the flaws, but on the other, they can make the figure cumbersome and inexpressive. Tissues have increased value. Dense materials that keep the shape, are not recommended for women with a curvaceous figure. It is better to choose well draped models from flowing fabric.
Not the last value has a print. Monochrome models are preferable to colorful, but contrasting inserts, stripes and zigzags can improve the proportions. Lush women will love dresses with a triangular neckline, models with optical patterns, and straight dresses with a textile or leather belt.

Long dresses for plump women

The A-line style is interesting because it hides the volume at the bottom of the figure. Trapeze fits extraordinarily the owners of a wide waist and massive hips. A dress with a vertical fold looks particularly well. This technique allows you to lengthen the silhouette and hide the tummy.

Trapezium dress for plump woman
Hard fabrics are undesirable too. Otherwise, it will seem that the girl tried on a huge bell. But drape and tucks are appropriate. Dress from thin knitwear looks nice, as well as models of costume fabric with contrasting trim on the cuffs and neck.

styles of dresses for plumps

Wrap dress

Wrap dress became popular in the 70s. They are irreplaceable, because they have several advantages:

– easy to fit on the figure;

– have a deep neckline that visually lengthens the neck and demonstrates a magnificent chest;

– hide extra pounds in the abdomen; allowing you to balance the figure, demarcating the bust and hips;

– ideal for everyday, business and holiday outfit;

– good for overweight women and moms-to-be
Long models of dressing gowns and shirtdress look good on fashion women of any age. They give young ladies’ elegance, and mature women refresh.

velvet dress plus size

High waisted dresses

Dress with a high waist is an invaluable find for obese women. They will help to hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure, perfectly cope with equal parameters of the chest-waist-hip shape for the type of figure rectangle. It clearly indicates the waist line, visually making it slimmer, and chest and hips look more magnificent.

Long dresses for plump women

styles of dresses for plumps

Draped dress

Floor-length dresses are popular with drapery of chiffon and other thin fabric. Such multi-layered outfits can hide figure flaws.

Tummy will be securely hidden with the correct location.

styles of dresses for plumps

styles of dresses for plumps


For hot seasons, lightweight cotton models are more suitable. Summer dresses in the floor are common among the gentle sex. And not only fat women pay attention to the maxi length
Long dresses make every look feminine, sophisticated and tender. In the summer wardrobe there is a place for openwork dresses and layered products. Successful acquisition will be:

–  shirtdresses,

– A-line models,

– Drop-down dresses straight cut, reminiscent of Indian outfits.

plus size dress

Chiffon dress

Chiffon does not go out of fashion for many years. Modern fashion offers spectacular chiffon maxi dresses for women with a rich range, as well as printed models with flowers, abstract patterns, geometric prints. .
A good acquisition for the summer wardrobe will be dresses with a flared skirt made of translucent fabric with blurred patterns of plant-related themes. Translucent chiffon pastel gamma — the best option for a hot summer.

long plus size dress


Printed cotton dresses are considered reasonably priced, practical and comfortable in the heat. The chintz is rarely monophonic. More often it is a fabric with a small floral print. Simple designs look good on plump women, but large drawings and overly bright colors should be avoided.

Polka dot calico dresses have gained popularity. These are models with a flared skirt or detachable dresses with pleats and tiers. In the wardrobe of curvy fashionistas may be printed cotton dresses of the shirt-cut, as well as models by the type of robes. Truly, the last have not so much a noble design as everyday, informal and a little homely.

Women in polka dot, floral or summer striped dresses look amazing. Look at photo!

Polka- dot calico dresses

plus size dress

Winter dresses

Winter wardrobe of curvy women looks different. Long dresses in this case not only hide figure flaws, but also save from the bad weather. Women should pay attention to products made of thin suiting fabric and knitted models.
Ladies with overweight are not recommended to dress knitted models, however, this does not exclude the appearance of long dresses made of melange yarn, made on a knitting machine. Young women of fashion will be able to try on products with jacquard and Norwegian patterns. Mature women are more suitable monochrome dresses of smooth texture.

long dresses for plump woman


Knitwear fits perfectly on any figure. It literally wraps around the body, pleasant to the touch, does not restrict movement. There is a place for knitted dresses with tweed or melange effect in the wardrobe of obese women.
Textured patterns and unusual cut should be avoided. Free or slightly fitted models without décor are at the top. In case of a bulky figure knit dresses of the bat style will help out. They make the silhouette emphasized feminine and hide flaws. In the business image there is a place for a knitted dress by the type of case, and also models of slightly flared cut with pleats from the chest.

warm long dress for plumps


Warm are dresses from costume fabrics containing wool and synthetic fibers, as well as models from footer. In the first case we are talking about products of elegant cut, which fit into the business style. Footer dresses are suitable for everyday wardrobe and especially popular among young fashionistas.

If the figure is far from ideal, this does not mean that you need to give up youth and unusual plus-size outfits. So elongated dress in a sport style with a hood and patch pockets can be included in casual style The product range includes dresses below the knee of practical colors. Some models are complemented by interesting patterns, for example, the image of animals or advertising signs. Footer dresses will make a casual look stylish and original, and will also warm you in winter.

long dresses for plump woman


Long dresses for obese women vary not only in seasonality, but also by purpose. Of course, casual and evening dresses will be significantly different. So, for a festive look, simple and cozy fabrics, straight cut and modest decor are not enough.
Here is required an original design. Exclusively noble fabrics such as silk, chiffon, velvet are ideal for sewing evening models. Lace does not lose its relevance, but it should not be too much. Designers use textured openwork to design the sleeves, décolleté or as a finish.

Long dresses for plump women

Long dresses for plump women


Velvet dress is a great holiday outfit for obese women. Intelligent and elegant material wraps around the body, but not too thin. The best styles of plus size velvet dresses for women, see the new article from our authors.

Velvet Dresses Plus Size
With open back

If you are worried about extra kilos, do not overly bare, but dresses with an open back are not prohibited. An important rule of wearing such fashionable outfits is flawless posture. But overweight is not considered a hindrance to the purchase of such bold new fashion clothes. Fashionable women with magnificent forms should consider buying special underwear, because the back will be open and the bra straps should not be visible to others.
Many designers of evening wear offer to bare the back. Outfits with an American armhole, as well as closed dresses with a stand-up collar, sleeves and a neat drop-shaped neckline on the back will suit the textured ladies.

long dresses for plump woman

With long sleeves

Balancing the silhouette is possible with the correct length of the sleeve. Stylists do not advise young fashionable women to buy gang style dresses or models on thin straps. Evening gown with long sleeves is preferable to dresses that expose shoulders.
There are several reasons for this:

–  the long sleeve of the free cut balances the massive bottom;

–  loose sleeves combined with a flowing skirt and a clear waistline makes the figure more feminine and proportional;

– with the help of a flashlight sleeve and a narrow cuff, the wrist can be made visually thinner, which makes the silhouette easier and makes the figure more fragile.
The sleeve does not have to be free. The evening dress with lace sleeves of an adjacent cut looks successfully. Be sure to focus on the waist and leave the skirt flared and flowing.

Be sure to find out about the best skirts that hide the belly on our site.

styles of dresses for plumps

Slimming colors

If the weight is above the norm, extravagant prints and large patterns are undesirable. In a business and evening wardrobe, a dark and rich palette is preferable. Dresses in sapphire, burgundy, and marsala, violet, dark blue colors look good on fashionable women with magnificent forms. For the summer wardrobe, muted pastel colors are recommended. Nude dress is also a win-win variant.

Long dresses for plump women


It is considered that there is no more slender color than black. Indeed, this option is good for women with curvaceous forms. But do not abuse the black. It is better if the dress is monochrome, for example, with vertical inserts. Black elements on the sides will be able to significantly narrow the silhouette and improve the proportions.

Trapezium dresses for plump women


Among the prints, striped patterns are the most successful for women of XXL format. The best option is a vertical strip, but diagonal patterns and zigzag variations are not excluded. Stylists recommend discarding dresses where the strip has the same width.
Also, do not lean on the contrast strip. It has excellent modeling properties, but it is diverse and attracts excessive attention of others, from which many overweight women want to get rid of.

polka doll dress for plump woman

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