Shirtdress 2020: Fashion News with Photos

Is shirtdress still fashionable in 2020?

The answer is Yes! Women are not tired of such simple style once borrowed from men. A shirtdress is still fashionable in 2020! Having broken the boundaries of simple casual clothes, it confidently continues to gain popularity. It’s turning into elegant fashion outfit today.

shirtdress 2020 fashion

Aje Australia Resort 2020

shirtdress 2020 fashion

Carolina Herrera 2020

Designers have been paying much attention to a women’s shirtdress. They add new elements, changing successfully colors and length. Which fashionable shirtdress styles to choose? How you can make it play in your favor? Which models are the most popular?

What is a shirtdress?

A shirtdress is a complete outfit that combines elements of a dress and a shirt. It often has a collar and buttons along the entire length. The waist can be accentuated with a belt.

The most important features of the outfit are comfort as well as an ability to lengthen the figure and make it slimmer. This is one of the most successful models that hide the belly.

 shirtdress 2020 fashion

Shirtdress 2020: photos and features

The first shirtdress model was made similar to male one, the only difference was length. But modern trends have transformed it turning into a charming outfit.

Different styles, materials, colors and prints give girls an opportunity to look original choosing their own style in accordance with the character as well as individual features of the figure.

oversized shirt dress 2020

Alexis Mabille Resort 2020

Which main features does a women’s shirtdress have in 2020?

– Ample cut but the waist is often indicated by a strap.

– Knee-length is popular as well as maxi and midi. Extremely short mini are rare.

– Calm shades are popular but there are also models with intense colors. Neon hasn’t touched this kind of clothes yet. But unusual prints began to appear.

– Natural fabrics are often used, that is linen, cotton, denim.

shirtdress 2020

shirtdress 2020

Shirtdress 2020: news from the world podium

Original details

Some elements have been added to the simple model this year. For example, unusual shape of sleeves and upper part and huge pockets as well.

shirtdress 2020 fashion

Lee Mathews 2020

white shirtdress 2020 fashion

Colovos Resort 2020

Original style of collar

It’s not necessary the neck to be in a strong form. The collar can show collarbone, sometimes it’s even absent. As for detachable bottom of the outfit, it expands to the bottom. The model looks like a dress but a row of buttons allows to attribute it to clothes of a shirt style.

dress oversized

fashionable blue shirtdress 2020

Fendi’s Resort 2020


There are models with cutting parts that allow you to create something interesting. The lower part of a shirtdress may have asymmetric elements. It refers to many fashionable dresses.

white shirtdress 2020

Dice Kayek Resort 2020

Ruffle dress

Ruffles are fashion trends in 2020. They are also shown in a shirt style. The selection of the lower part and sleeves remove excessive austere of the model.

Among the latest models one can also notice pleating and drapery.

black shirtdress 2020

Dice Kayek Resort 2020

pink shirtdress 2020 fashion

A. Teodoro Resort 2020

Oversize style

These are baggy clothes that hide the flaws of the figures. They are worn without belts. If you want to see more models of oversized dresses, read the article on the site.

womens oversized dress

Carolina Herera 2019-2020

oversized shirt dress 2020

Alexander Wang 2019-2020

Shirtdresses without sleeves

Some new versions of shirts without sleeves have appeared. The same trend is observed in fashionable cardigans in 2020. Similar models – safari shirtdresses – are excellent outfits for a hot summer.

Shirtdresses without slaves

Minimalism style

Everyone knows that sometimes the best thing is the simplest one, for example, A-line dress. If pithiness is your essence, then you can feel comfortable putting on clothes which are not burdened with unnecessary details.

white shirtdress 2020 fashion

Joseph Resort 2020

Dresses and trousers

Use a modern style like a shirt. Wear it with trousers and jeans. This combination is possible with shirtdresses of different length, including maxi.

shirtdress and trousers

shirtdress and trousers

Special admirers of the shirt style are precisely the representatives of plus size figures. After all, its main ability is to correct figure with the help of clothes and to hide its flaws.

plus size shirtdress 2020

Shirtdress length: 2020 fashion trends modesty

Having carefully considered shirtdresses which are relevant in 2020 we can conclude that woman romance came on top place. Absence of any hint of vulgarity was not unique to shirt style but also to common fashion trends of this year.

Midi dress

Midi dresses have been taking the lead for not the first season. Returned from the past the trend was given a new life in shirt style. As we can see, this trend isn’t going to leave the podiums.

midi shirtdress 2020

Dice Kayek Resort 2020

Long shirt dress

It’s a great and smart look! Buttons on the shirt may be not buttoned up to the end. Fashionable floor-length dress opens slim women’s legs which draw men’s eyes.

white long shirtdress 2020

long shirtdress

Length a bit above the knee

Such styles are a bit rarer than listed above.

shirtdress 2020 fashion

We Are Kindred 2020

2020 fashionable shirtdresses: relevant colors


Most people associate the word “shirt” exactly with a pure white color which looks nice in summer and spring and it’s cooler in it. Several season ago the most relevant thing was short seductive shirt as if it was taken off a tall boyfriend for girl. Now the long interpretation sear in vogue, and they can’t be confused with the men’s ones.

white shirtdress 2020 fashion

Jil Sander 2020


Despite the see simplicity, beige color is very seductive as it creates an illusion of a naked body from the distance. However, the loose style doesn’t allow to blame its owner for the vulgarity.

plus size shirtdress 2020


There is a special attractiveness and mystique in the natural tints. Probably that’s why modest khaki colors move confidently from one season to the next to find their buyers.

Khaki shirtdress 2020

Sky blue and navy blue

It will be the perfect option for people who love minimalism. The saturation range of the tints is wide: from sky-blue to dark blue.

 shirtdress 2020

Warm Resort 2020

 shirtdress 2020 fashion


It has lots of contemporary tints: coffee, chocolate, terracotta, brick-red, chestnut, bronze, burnt clay color. Choose any!

shirt dress 2020


This is a very practical color for every day. To prevent the black dress shirt from looking too gloomy, complete it with accessories or shoes in contrasting colors.

black shirtdress 2020


Red and pink

Also, there are options for girls who are fond of brightness in clothes. These temptresses can’t see their wardrobes without it.

red shirt dress 2020

Dice Kayek 2020

shirtdress 2020 fashion

Lee Mathews 2020


Sunny yellow color can add more positively and energy to your look. Long one-color dresses which are widening to the bottom and hiding the fatness perfectly are especially adorable.

Yellow long dress 2020

Aje 2020

Relevant prints

Plaid shirtdress 2020

Plaid print keep staking the lead in the fashionable prints list. This year large colorful or black-and-white plaid or small plaid of different colors is relevant.

Plaided shirtdress 2020 fashion

Victoria Beckham 2020

white shirtdress 2020 fashion

Add fashionable handbags: crossbody, waist, hobo or tote bag.


We wrote about extra ordinary popularity of striped dresses. Similar trend continues in shirt style too. We can observe a fantasy on a topic of vertical, diagonal, horizontal stripes and even their combinations in the collections of the most famous couturiers.

Striped dress 2020 fashion

Akris Resort 2020

Striped dress 2020 fashion

Flowery print

The options of flowery shirtdresses can be described endlessly. We attribute here not only flowers but also floral patterns with leaves and branches, large or small, single flowers or their bunches on the backgrounds of different colors.

Flowery shirtdress 2020

Carolina Herrera 2020

Flowery print shirt dress

Animal prints

It may be predicted, that shirtdresses with animal prints would appear in the new collections as leopard and zebra patterns are back in fashion in 2020.

animal print shirtdress 2020

Burberry 2020

animal print shirtdress 2020

Victoria Beckham 2020

Polka dots

Big and small size polka dots are presented mainly in long models.

polka dot shirtdress 2020

Michael Kors 2020

Shirt dresses 2020: variety of styles


The standard characteristics of daily style are calm colours, classic cut, stripes and polka dots, and also monochrome styles, democratic length. Such garment can become your favorite clothes for walking around, shopping and other daily routine. Comfort is in its highest degree!

shirtdress 2020

Markus Lupfer 2020


Bright er tint patterns, midi- or maxi-length, original decorative insert ruffles, flowery print make up a nice outfit for a holiday event or a date.

white shirtdress 2020 fashion


Strict style of military gear is appropriated from men and motivated by the features of the shirt cut. Determined and self-confident women will be fond of somber but nice khaki clothes.

Shirtdress 2020 fashion

Stella Mccartney 2020


Courageous multifarious style is drawing the attention of the other people. Woman in that outfit looks like if she leaps from the pages of a glossy magazine. Remarkable accessories and jewelry are necessary to complete the look.

shirtdress 2020

Victoria Beckham Resort 2020

Sports style

Mobility, natural fabrics, simplicity of combining with sports shoes are appreciated by the modern youth especially.

Dad sneakers with dress


Business style

Dresses of simple cut and somber colours are suitable for formal setting. It is about the below the knee or midi-length garments. Too short length will not be approved by the administration of the institution.

shirtdress 2020


Long dresses with bright patterns made from lightweight material or monochrome styles of courageous tints are used for these purposes.

shirtdress 2020

Carolina Herrera 20200

Shoes for shirtdress

For different styles in clothes you can make combinations with these shoes:

  • summer open sandals;
  • stylish espadrilles;
  • sports slip-ons;
  • simple style gumshoes or sneakers;
  • comfortable flat shoes;
  • jackboots;
  • trendy mules shoes.

shirtdress 2020

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