to lose belly fat

What if I told you that you can eat whatever you like and still can remain fit for your whole life?

This is possible but you need to have some important knowledge.

Firstly, all people have abs. The person who is reading this text has abs but they are hidden under your fat on your belly so you have to burn them to make abs visible.

1. Best way to lose stomach: doing what you like

The easiest and fun way to lose belly fat is by doing what you like to do. Playing football, basketball, tennis, baseball, dancing – all these kinds of games are some of the workouts which include fat loss.

If you like a specific activity, it will not be a big deal for you to do daily and constantly. In this way, you will lose fat in a shorter period.

Time duration also matters a lot. If you are working out (doing exercise) for longer times doesn’t mean you are going to lose more fat. Specific time duration is also essential to get the maximum result.

Ways to Lose Belly Fat

2. Actively Burn Belly Fat Fast

Unfortunately, some people in the world are prone to have belly fat. Your genetics decide where your body fats burn first and last so instead of working on your belly you have to work on your entire body.

You can stay quite fit by adding only one activity in your daily life.

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Now if your ultimate goal is to lose belly fat you have to combine cardio and resistance exercises to have maximum results. Resistance exercise is any exercise that increases the muscle strength and in cardio all those exercises fall which increases your heartbeat.

While you are working out you are using your calories so that’s why you are losing fat during your workout.

Burn belly fat
Ways to Lose Belly Fat

3. Passive Burn Stomach Fat

  There is a second scenario in which you are losing fat.

After you have done your workout session. Your body is in recovery mode when you are resting (sleeping). Your body is repairing those damaged muscles so at that time your body is continuously burning fat. This recovery usually takes three to four days and during this recovery your body is burning fat continuously.

4. Calories

(Have you ever thought how much fat you put on?)

Even if you are doing this all remember diet plays 70 percent of role in your results so you must take care that too. Yes, you can have a cheat meal but not blindly.

Whenever you eat more calories than your body burns, it is stored as extra calories in the form of fat including belly fat. If you want to burn fat, there are these lazy hacks for a weight loss you want to consider.

The first thing you can do to remove that fat is to start counting your whole day calorie intake. That means how much you have eaten and what kind of stuff you ate during the day. How many calories that food contains. Count your whole day’s calories and gradually reduce them and you will lose fat.

burn belly fat

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5. Carbohydrates

There are two types of carbs;

  • Bad carbs / Simple Carbs

Now, these kinds of carbs are the enemy of your body. Bad carbs contain a lot of energy in a small packed form so when you consume them body stores them as fat because they are difficult to break, and contains a lot of energy.

White flour, white rice, sugar, potatoes all these are bad carbohydrates.

  • Good Carbs / Complex carbs

Complex carbs are very easy to break. They give very quick relief of energy. You have to take these kinds of carbohydrates.

Oats, brown rice, brown bread, wheat all are good carbohydrates so to lose your belly fat you have to exchange bad carbs with good carbohydrates.

lose stomach food

6. Drinks for losing tummy

When you’re dehydrated, your metabolic process becomes slower. It means slower fat loss. Drinking little water is one of the biggest mistakes in weight loss.

We should know the three main drinks for losing stomach fat. You will find the best drinks on our site that doctors have approved as well.

green tea

7. Protein

Protein is the only thing when it comes to making lean muscle mass, remember when you are losing fat it’s important to protect that lean muscle mass to maintain that fitness physique.

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 8. Quality sleep

Proper sleep is an essential thing if your goal is weight loss. Read more information in this article.