How to Wear Cardigan with Skirt?

Cardigan is universal, stylish and comfortable clothing for basic wardrobe.

It can be combined with a dress, with trousers, with shorts. But it looks especially elegant with skirt. If you manage to create a proper look.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

skirt with cardigan

Cardigan with skirt: how to wear

Strict straight skirts look good with romantic cardigans. Lace knit, light fabrics – everything is appropriate.

Layered bouffant skirt can be combined with strict cropped cardigan in style of Coco Chanel.

cardigan with skirt

Loose cardigan will perfectly match a skirt of light fabric or a tight-fitted denim skirt.

cardigan with skirt

Midi skirts can be worn with cardigans of the same length or a bit shorter.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

Classic models of cardigans create a stylish outfit with a high-waisted skirt.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

Short cardigan ( like this mint cardigan in the photo) will suit practically any clothes. It can’t be worn only with a long shirt or top.

Cardigan with skirt how to wear

Loose cardigan of middle length or long cardigan, to below the hips will suit a trapezoidal skirt.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

How you shouldn’t combine cardigan with a skirt

Rules created by designers for one collection are broken by them for the other. There are no strict taboos, only general recommendations.

Lengthen zip-through cardigan is very comfortable for sport events.

Lengthen cardigans in sports style don’t look good with layered and bouffant skirts.

Lengthen cardigans don’t match poodle skirts, if it lies above the skirt.

Cardigan with skirt how to wear

It’s not recommended to wear cardigan with a costume.

Advice: don’t wear loose knitted cardigan with clothes of the same texture.

knitted cardigan with a short leather skirt

Cardigan and tube skirt

A tube skirt will suit woman of every constitution and figure. It’s appropriate at any time of the year. You can wear it for a fest, to the office, to go for a walk or on date. Properly chosen cardigan will help to create a fashionable and complete look.

Full-figured women should better choose an asymmetrical jacket of light knitwear with a skirt of French length. Pencil skirt or midi can hide the belly.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

Wrapped cardigan without buttons is suitable for a stroll.

Middle length, light knitwear and fitted cut is perfect for an office look.

Cardigan and tube skirt

Loose cardigans of light fabrics will look beautifully with a tube skirt.

Knitted middle-length cardigan with buttons ( like this coral cardigan in the photo) will perfectly match a tube skirt.

Cardigan with skirt how to wear

  Cardigan with long skirt

A long skirt can be strict, for evening events. Or it can be light, swaying skirt for the summer or for celebration.

A cropped model of a cardigan, such as a bolero, will create a perfect ensemble with a long straight skirt.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

Trapezoidal model up to your waist will suit a strict skirt, slim women can wear it.

Straight middle-length sweater of soft fabrics or lace will suit slim ladies as well as plump.

How to choose a plus size cardigan for women, read the new article.

Cardigan with long skirt

A full skirt can be combined with cropped model.

Cardigan with long skirt

Rule: in such an ensemble cardigan shouldn’t be longer than skirt.

Mini skirt with cardigan

Short skirts are created to break all the rules and laws. They are above the knee, show your legs, their beauty.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

Long cardigans with wrapover, long knitted models or lace models of light materials will look perfectly with short mini skirts.

How to wear cardigan with skirt

Cropped or middle-lengthen models also can be combined with such skirts. You can add a striped t-shirt.

Cardigan with skirt: how to wear

A short skirt can be combined with knitted cardigan. It can be made from dense materials: drape, leather, denim or they can be knitted. Loose or laced. With knee-high boots or heeled shoes, such style is called «doll style». It’s suitable for young girls.

Cardigan and denim skirt

Color solutions

Choice of colors depends on your personal preferences. Variety of color solutions allows you to experiment.

Monochrome color will suit brightly colored skirt.

And vice versa, monochrome ensemble can be completed with bright upper part.

You can choose a color that is suitable for several outfits. Black or white. Brown or beige.

Cardigan with skirt: how to wear

Shoes should match the created style and color palette. Skirt with sneakers plus a cardigan is a trendy modern outfit.

Cardigan with skirt

Décor and accessories

  • Leather belt or waistband can limelight your waist.
  • Patch pockets create additional décor and it can also be very convenient.
  • If you use a scarf, you look will become more romantic.
  • Tastefully selected jewelry can help to get the best of the look and complete it.

The motto of modern designers is “combine incongruous,” so any experiment has the right to life.

Another postulate of modern life is «comfort and harmony». You need to listen to stylists’ advice and your own intuition. And find a compromise.

«Comfortable clothes equal harmony in your soul».
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