fashionable bootcut jeans 2022

Bootcut jeans have made their comeback and they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Skinny jeans have been the chosen style for just over a decade now – but with styles like the boyfriend and baggy jeans of the 90’s coming back into style for the younger generations – we needed more sophisticated jeans to come back into style. 

fashion bootcut jeans
Zimmermann Denim

Enter the bootcut jean. Bootcut jeans were first introduced in the early 1960s as “The perfect cowboy jeans” because your pants could go over your cowboy boots. Soon after the bootcut came bell-bottom jeans with an extremely wide flare at the hem. Bootcut jeans have stayed on the back burner since and got pushed back when the skinny jean because popular around 2006-2010. 

Are bootcut jeans in style 2023?

Yes, they are! We predict they will be in style for a long time. The skinny jean had their moment and now the bootcut is set to return to popularity.

fashion bootcut jeans
Coach’s Spring

Women’s bootcut jeans are great because not only do most retailers carry them (they did all along, we just may not have noticed), but you can get different styles of bootcut jeans.

 fashion bootcut jeans
Coach’s Spring

Bootcut jeans do not come in a one-size-fits-all style.

You can get fashionable bootcut jeans anywhere from high-rise to low-rise, from an almost straight leg to a wider-flare leg. With any fashion jeans 2023, you will have to try them on to see what looks best on you. Whatever you feel the most comfortable in is what you should get. 

If you are feeling your best in jeans, then you are going to look your best too.

Who can wear bootcut jeans?

All slim or plus size women can wear bootcut jeans! That is the beauty of them! There are some factors that you can look out for depending on your body type, and we will go over those below.

Straight/Slim/Athletic Build

Anyone who has an athletic build is usually a bit of a rectangle shape. There isn’t much definition between the hips, waist, and bust area – they are all close to the same size. 

When looking for a pair of bootcut jeans, try to find a pair that gives a bit more flare at the bottom. You don’t want a full-on bell-bottom – this isn’t what’s in style right now. A nice flare will give you some shape when it tapers out from the knee. 

bootcut jeans 2022

You will also want to look for bootcut jeans that are either mid-rise or low-rise, preferably low-rise. Low-rise jeans will hit right at your hips, which can give the illusion that your hips are larger than your waist size. This is a good thing and will give you an hourglass look.

Apple Shape

Apple shape tends to be rounder up top – broad shoulders and a larger waist with smaller hips. Bootcut jeans are great for this shape because they can make your shape look more proportioned but give you the look of longer legs.

You will want to avoid low-rise jeans. A mid-rise that fits well and has some tummy control will be perfect for you. Also, if you plan on wearing anything with a heel with these jeans, make sure you get them at least an inch longer. This way they will sit at the right spot on your boot or heel. If you can, bring or wear the shoes you want to wear with your jeans to the fitting.

Look for a pair that has a regular flare as well – not too much but not too straight. It is a bit of a balancing act.

Learn more about flattering jeans for plus size women.

Pear Shape

Pear shape can, unfortunately, be a bit difficult to find pants for because you hold more weight in your hips and your thigh area while having a smaller waist and shoulders. The good news is that bootcut jeans are a perfect solution for your shape!

how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

Try finding mid-rise bootcut jeans, this will sit at or just below your hips, and look for a wider flare at the bottom. With a wider flare at the bottom, this helps to make your hips look smaller and even out of your shape. 

Another tip is to look for a bootcut jean that has a good amount of stretch to them. That way you won’t be getting a loose-fit mid-day in the thigh area. We don’t want saggy thighs or saggy bottoms!

Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape is just what it sounds like – your bust, waist, and hips make the shape of an hourglass. This is the shape that most women are trying to achieve when they are selecting clothes so if you have it – flaunt it! 

how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

Bootcut jeans look exceptionally well on this figure. You can wear them high-rise to low-rise, and almost straight to a bit more flare at the bottom. Just make sure that they fit well with no muffin tops. 

Bootcut jeans hit perfectly at the hip and the flare at the bottom will accentuate the curve of the hip – which then shows the smaller waist and the bigger bust. Bootcut jeans can be anywhere from sexy, and casual, to classy!

What top or shirt should I wear with bootcut jeans?

Women’s bootcut jeans can be styled from sexy, and casual, to classy! 

For a sexy look, try pairing it with a tucked-in top, crop top, or a bodysuit. If you are comfortable showing off some skin the crop top will be perfect, while a bodysuit can still show off your curves while providing more coverage.

how to wear bootcut jeans
how to wear bootcut jeans

For a casual look, go with a classic white or grey T-shirt, or you could make it a bit edgy and pair it with a graphic T. Either way, this simple and comfortable style will look effortless.

women's boot cut jeans

Finally, for a classy look, you can dress up bootcut jeans with a button-up shirt, or a blazer.

how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

You can wear your blazer over top of your white-T or graphic T for a business-causal look. Opt for a darker wash of jean if you are going for a business look.

bootcut jeans 2022

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans 2023?

In 2021, we saw the bootcut style come back to life, and we can bring these trends into 2023. 

Bootcut jeans are meant to be worn with boots; who would have thought?

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans 2022

BUT we can style so much more than just boots with our bootcut jeans. They are great for any heels to be worn underneath them. This can be a boot with a heel, some ankle booties, mules, or a chunky sandal. 

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans
how to wear bootcut jeans 2022

You can also wear your favorite sneakers with bootcut jeans.

women's bootcut jeans 2022

You can also roll up your bootcut jeans as well, or have them hemmed about 2 inches above your ankle for cute capris jeans. 

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